September 1, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 25]

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Title: Two People in Love Looking at the Mont Blanc pen that Haru gave her, Shizuku talks with her mother on the phone. Her mother says, so you’re in love. Shizuku tells her mother that she is a bit afraid and her heart beat has always been beating intensely. “If this continues, it might also perhaps cause trouble with my schoolwork. Even if before, someone told me, ‘it would be good if you can neglect neither one.’ I still do not know if I can do it..” Her mother calls her stupid for acting spoiled. This surprises Shizuku that she apologizes. Her mother tells her that if one wants to eat rice toppings, but one wants both sea urchin [uni] rice topping and fish eggs [tobiko] rice topping, thus it will be twice as many rice toppings. So if one wants two of them, then, one has to only invest twice as much effort into it and it will be okay.” Shizuku is surprised by this. Her mother continues to say that women are extravagant living creatures so if she want something, she should go and get all of it into her hands. Her mother adds that she also really likes to eat rice toppings. Shizuku is flustered and trembles over this as she thinks that she should do her best. The next day, while holding some review tags, Shizuku looks at Haru, who is sitting on the fence. She greets him a good morning. Shizuku is puzzled when surprised Haru falls down into the snowed ground. She asks him what he is doing. Puzzled Haru asks where the Shizuku of yesterday went, and was he just dreaming. Shizuku looks at him and says, that ‘she’ [of yesterday] is here. “..that’s right, Haru. you still remember what I said yesterday?” Blushing Haru says that he still remembers. Looking away, blushing Shizuku says that is good. “The..then, if it is possible, during lunch break, can you accompany me. If it is possible, just the two of us.” Sparkling Haru is totally freaking over what Shizuku is saying. While he walks with her to school and his heart is beating loudly, Haru asks her what the two of them are going to do. Shizuku timidly tells him that they are going to study at the library. <- just like before =P. Shizuku thinks that she will do her best and if she does so, she can do it.

At the classroom, Haru opens the window and goes out. He exclaims that this world is filled with happiness. It is time for the guys to change clothes [after PE?]. Sasayan tells him to quickly close the window because it is cold and it snowed. Haru is still on his monologue by telling himself that cannot understand that feeling he had yesterday, but he won’t forget it throughout his life. Flashback: Shizuku pulled his collar and kissed him on the lips. Flustered, she exclaimed, “I like you, Haru. Understand?!” Then, Shizuku ran off and tripped that Haru saw her bloomers [/underwear]. End flashback. Haru exclaims that no, it isn’t that. [<- remembering the bloomers.] Sasayan called out to him that it is enough and just close the window. Climbing back into the classroom from the window, Haru curses that he wants to be soaking in the happiness yet since yesterday, evil thoughts are going in his mind. He mutters as to why until now, he is the one who is always restraining. Sasayan asks him what he is murmuring about. Pulling up his collar, Haru happily tells him that Shizuku is infatuated with him. <- acting pretentious. Sasayan tells him that is very good and that is reciprocal [/mutual] love. Haru looks at him in surprise then he becomes speechless and flustered. It made Sasayan is puzzled over his reaction. Suddenly, the door opens and Shizuku enters the classroom. Shitayanagi tells her that the guys are still dressing up. Unfazed Shizuku apologizes and says that it is because the bell has already rung so, they can continue what they are doing. Haru is still blushing and his heart is still beating fast and loud. Then, while blushing Haru changes clothes, Shizuku looks flustered with her ponytails jumping up. Sasayan watches them and wonders about what he said that made him conscious about it right now. Natsume quietly sits down on her seat. Sasayan asks her why she looks so glum. Natsume tearfully tells him that she was just told by the teacher that if her grades in the term exams are still in the red, she would have to repeat the year. Sasayan nervously asks if it is a joke. Soon, the snow is falling again. In the library, Haru is quietly making origami. While holding a book, Shizuku looks at him. She thinks that she always study alone no matter whom is with her. Haru drops the crane origami that he is making when Shizuku sits close to him. Thinking that she should do her best, Shizuku opens the book that she is going to read. Haru looks nervous. After a while, the two steal a glance at each other. Blushing Shizuku faintly smiles at him. Shizuku continues to do her schoolwork on the floor, beside Haru. Still reading an origami book, Haru steals another glance at her, then he smiles.

And, finally, the school year exam grades are out. Number 1: Yoshida Haru 795 points. Number 2: Mizutani Shizuku 789 points. Shizuku looks totally displeased. Shitayanagi exclaiming in shock that Haru is in the first place. A friend calls him stupid for not knowing that Haru is always first a lot of times this year. The others exclaim that Haru is amazing for he is better than Shizuku who is always studying. While holding Nagoya, Haru sheepishly smiles and tells Shizuku that it isn’t a big deal.. Shizuku darkly glares at him and tells him that he is right, for fundamentally it isn’t a big deal. Leaving Haru and Sasayan clueless, Shizuku angrily stomps away and grinds her teeth. At a separate list on the board, Natsume is looking gloomy. Haru glances at the side and sees Chizuru. Chizuru looks surprise to see him. Haru is calling to her when she quickly walks away. Later on, slightly flustered Chizuru is walking at the outdoor corridor. To her surprise, Haru looks down at her from the roof and calls out to her. After recovering from her surprise, Chizuru exclaims what he is doing and what he’s doing is dangerous so quickly go down. Swinging down, Haru says that it has been a long time. There are some things that he wants to ask her something so he is looking for her, but then, she is always not around. He laughs and tells her that he obviously had seen her yet she would always look away that he thinks that she is running away from him. Chizuru timidly apologizes to him. Seeing that Haru is looking at her with anticipation, blushing Chizuru looks away and says, “..sorry, I’m afraid of hearing the answer to that thing on Valentine’s Day so I’m running away from you. *Haru looks surprised* But, it is already alright. Because, right now, because right now, I’ve already prepared [/be conscious of it].. ...Yoshida-kun, I like you..!” Haru looks at her. Chizuru is blushing. Her heart is pounding loudly and she won’t look at him. Suddenly, Haru blushes. He quickly backs away from her. The two look surprised at each other. Then, Haru turns around and runs away. Chizuru sweatdrops and wonders if right now, Haru had finally become aware of it. “But.. I’ve said it. *remembers surprised Haru blushing* I’ve said it out.. Conveyed it to him..!” Outside the door, Shizuku is standing and wonders what those two talked about. “What am I to do if Haru has fallen for Ooshima. But, then, it cannot be helped. Just like me, who cherishes my own feelings, Haru’s feelings are his. Ah, it’s like that. I fundamentally had always been afraid of this. Even if I were to strive harder, and yet, I wasn’t able to attain it. I cannot control other people’s feelings. That kind of pain. ..I should.. do with my outmost ability to do the things that I can do.. and just do it.” Meanwhile, blusing Haru is sitting behind the bushes. He wonders why he ran away.

Soon, the couple heads to the game center. Shizuku tells Haru that Natsume went to buy donuts. She wonders out loud why Haru won’t look at her. Haru didn’t reply. While Micchan welcomes sweatdropping Haru, Shizuku notices that the Kaimei guys are there. The trio greets her as bookworm and it has been such a long time since they have seen each other. She hasn’t changed at all, still has that ‘staring off’ expression. Shizuku asks what they are doing there. They tell her that today, they are going to determine as to who is the most popular among them, through a baseball game. Shizuku comments that they are still the same, doing such unessential things. Yamaken arrives and seems surprised to see Shizuku. After Shizuku greets Yamaken, the trio asks Shizuku what she is doing there. Shizuku tells them that she is going to study together with Natsume because Natsume might not make it into second year. With the condition of three donuts per day, Natsume asked Shizuku to help her with the make-up exam. The trio happily asks if Natsume is coming. Shizuku tells them not to disturb Natsume today for even if she’ll receive a commission, she has a commitment to supervise over Natsume’s studies. Just when Yamaken is calling out to Shizuku, Haru goes between them. Haru darkly tells Yamaken that this time has finally arrived, and if Yamaken dares harass [/disturbs] Shizuku, he is going to kill him. Composed Yamaken says so what, last time Haru dated with that glasses girl. Haru looks tense over this. The two watch Haru backs away and exclaims that he didn’t do anything wrong. Yamaken wonders if there is a problem with Haru. Micchan calls out to Haru and tells him to watch the store for he is going out to change some money. Haru pouts while sits at the cashier table. Micchan warns him not to have that kind of face towards the customers or else, he’s going to send him flying. He also tells Haru that he’ll also buy dinner, so what does Haru want to eat. Haru complains that Micchan is annoying and he knows already. He wants takoyaki. Micchan asks why Haru is irritated and did something happen in school. Haru admits to him that Chizuru confessed to him. Haru tells him that he isn’t allowed to tell it to anyone. While wearing his coat, Micchan tells him that he won’t tell, and how did Haru answered. Haru tells him that he ran away and for a moment there, he was a bit shock. “..and perhaps, before, I did a lot of cruel things to Ooshima. The more I think about it, the more I wondered.. as to why she liked me. I totally don’t understand.” Micchan says that is true.

Rubbing Haru’s head, Micchan says that this is a good opportunity for Haru so he should properly think of how he is going to answer Chizuru. Haru asks, “Answer!?” Micchan tells him that Haru is bound to say it since it is a rare for someone to confess to him and isn’t Haru very happy [about it]. Haru looks slightly flustered about it. Walking outside, Micchan thinks about what he told Haru about properly thinking [/considering] Chizuru. “Even if I’m just blowing my own trumpet [/self-promoting] but what’ve I said is not bad at all.” At the baseball batting practice machine, the trio are noisy quarreling. Yamaken asks Shizuku what’s up with her dark looking face, is it because she is angry over Haru dating with that Ooshima girl. Shizuku says no, for she already knew about it. While Yamaken thinks that she knew everything, Shizuku says that even if she isn’t told, it doesn’t matter to her. As referee for the trio, Shizuku commences the competition. Yamaken looks at her and thinks that during Christmas, she would still thoroughly say ‘it has nothing to do with me’ so this is now such a huge change. To Yamaken’s surprise, Shizuku asks if he likes someone or was he ever jilted. Yamaken laughs and asks, “Me? That is impossible.” After a pause, Shizuku says that although she likes to be number 1 in grades but regarding the ups and downs of emotions, it seems that she is a bit cruel. Yamaken looks at her then asks if she wants to let him teach her on how to deal with guys. “It’s very simple. You just have to let your hair down. Closely gaze at the other person’s eyes. Then, when your eyes meet, it is okay to just smile a bit.” Yamaken looks at Shizuku and smiles at her. Shizuku copies him but Yamaken says that is the wrong feeling and why does it seem like she is from some horror film. Yamaken tells her to forget for the ones that she can deal with, are probably the Haru-type ones. Shizuku comments that he isn’t an expert in encouraging others. She smiles and thanks him. Yamaken looks surprised. While blushing blushes a bit, he mentally curses that she had easily done it. Shizuku asks him what’s up before, during the ski trip, when he told her that he would call her. Yamaken says who knows, and did he say those words. Yamaken watches his friends goofing around while playing baseball. Then, Yamaken says, “--Mizutani-chan, right now, how about we, the two of us, secretly slip out of here?” Shizuku looks at him.

Meanwhile, Asako is buying 3 chocolate donuts for Shizuku, 2 Devil french style donuts for Haru and 1 bittersweet donut. Carrying her box full of Master Donuts, Asako wonders if she can properly do it wherein she’ll greet and smile upon meeting Micchan. “I must do it naturally.” She walks through the crowd and thinks that she obviously ought to be happy about seeing him yet, why does she feel a bit afraid of seeing him. To her surprise, Micchan comes out of a Deli shop with some food, and greets her. He tells her that Shizuku is already at the store. Asako stutters that Shizuku is waiting for her there because they will study there. Micchan says that is bad because he didn’t know. He didn’t buy her share of the food. Asako exclaims that there is no need because she already bought donuts and, she also bought his share. As Asako shows him the box of donuts, Micchan thanks her. While they walk together, Asako asks if he ate those [Vday] chocolates. Micchan says that he did and they were delicious with a salty taste. Asako giggles and says that they made it at Shizuku’s place even if she only shaped it. Asako reminisces out loud that during that time, she saw a lot of vacation pictures in Shizuku’s room. “Fishing is really fun. I really would want to go there one more time.” Micchan says that isn’t bad, everyone should go there together, again. Asako looks at him and thinks that every time it is like this, they are gradually drifting apart. Asako thinks that she shouldn’t allow an awkward silence, and she should keep talking. Ever since she likes him, their distance with each other is growing farther away. Micchan nervously thinks that Asako is too gloomy and listless that it is too deliberate. “Whether I say it clearly or I don’t say it, it will still hurt someone. Which ever path I choose, it is the same. Sigh.” Realizing something, Micchan then suggests to Asako that they go on a long cut [/route back to the store]. Asako looks at him in approval and they walk together. There is a scene of Haru thinking while sitting at the cashier. Blurb: “If you didn’t say it clearly, there will be no future.. All sorts of important moments, are approaching..”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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