September 1, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 85]

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Looking at the beautiful girl in front of them, Towako wonders who this Rina is. Somewhat flustered, Yuuga asks if she is Rina, that’s impossible. To the couple’s surprise, Rina laughs and says that no wonder he couldn’t recognize her because she had plastic surgery. She sweetly says that she is really Hirose* Rina whom he went steady before. [*guesswork from 廣瀨]. Towako looks surprised about this because Rina is Yuuga’s ex-girlfriend. She starts to imagine that Yuuga used to happily poke and laugh with Rina <- flirt, looked at the stars together <- date, kissed and probably way! Looking suspiciously at the two, Towako wonders why the ex-girlfriend would sudden appear here, could it be that she wants to become friends [/lovers] again. Yuuga sweatdrops and thinks that Towako’s imagination is going wild again. Rina asks if she is his girlfriend. Yuuga says yes. Towako quickly grabs Yuuga’s arm and says that she is. Rina happily smiles and says that she [Towako] is very cute and the two of them are a match. This made Towako blush. Feeling a bit guilty, she wonders if this Rina is a good person. Yuuga calls out Rina’s name but Rina apologizes for disturbing them. She says that it is really good that they get to see each other again. After Rina bid them goodbye and left, Towako notices that Yuuga looks really thoughtful. The next day at school, Reimi asks Towako, what the matter with her. Towako is pouting in anger. Poking Towako’s cheek, Reimi exclaims what she is unsatisfied about when she is surrounded by handsome guys. Towako thinks that it started yesterday after that Rina left..Yuuga has always been acting strange. After going home yesterday, Yuuga has been absent-minded when Towako happily wanted to tell him something, and when watching a television show of Yuuga’ favorite performer. He also quickly went to sleep ahead of her without any lovey-dovey. Towako knows that it is something that had happened before with that Rina girl. “Since Yuuga didn’t tell me, then I cannot go and ask him about it.. This is a wife’s calmness. Anyway, it is something from the past and they won’t see each other again. Very soon, Yuuga will be back to himself again..”

Ring..Yuuga is surprised to read a message on his cellphone. Ring..Towako got a message on her cellphone. Towako is surprised that it is from Yuuga telling her that Rina is waiting for him at the school’s gate. “I’m going to see her, you go home first. Sorry.” At the gate, the students are wondering who that girl [Rina] is waiting for and from which school is she. Looking out the window, Towako is totally freaking out over this. Reimi wonders who that girl is and she is surprised to see Yuuga talking with the girl then leaving together. Then, Himeno notices the guys murmuring that he asks what’s happening. He is surprised to see Yuuga with that girl and wonders who the girl is. Upon seeing Rina smiling at Yuuga, Himeno looks shock. While Towako has imaginary white hair from shock, Himeno calls out to Towako and exclaims that the person with Yuuga is.. Towako asks if he knows that girl since he went to the same junior high with Yuuga. “She’s ‘Hirose Rina’.” Himeno is shock by this. Flustered, Himeno quickly grabs Towako’s hand and says that they are going. She asks where. Himeno shouts that they are going to follow those two. While covering their heads with a hood and following the two, Towako tells Himeno that for them to do that, those two will definitely be angry if they are discovered. Himeno asks what she is talking about when Yuuga also followed them before during their date. Towako says that is true. Towako is worried over what’s between Yuuga and Rina because Yuuga has never gone alone with some girl before. Towako asks Himeno how he recognized Rina. Slightly flustered, Himeno says that of course, he’ll know. Towako remembers that she was told that Himeno likes Yuuga’s ex-girlfriend. Towako wonders if Himeno is hurt that Rina now looks different from how she looked before. When Yuuga and Rina went in a store, Himeno tells Towako that they should go in. Towako is a bit hesitant. To their surprise, Ritsuki, who is standing behind them, says that ya, let’s quickly follow. Towako screams why he is there. Flustered Ritsuki tells her that he is just walking around, and he isn’t following Towako. Towako and Himeno don’t believe him because it is so obvious that he is following Towako. While the three were arguing, Yuuga calls out to them and asks what the three of them are doing there.
At Wcdonald Hamburg restaurant, Towako is sitting between Yuuga and Ritsuki while Himeno is sitting beside Rina at the other side. Yuuga asks if they are together. Towako sweatdrops and says that he is right. She says that she should be the one who ought to ask why he is with Rina. Rina apologizes to Towako. Towako is surprised that Rina is directly addressing her. Rina tells Towako that she took the initiative to ask Yuuga out because she is afraid that Towako would be worried so she asked Yuuga to keep it a secret. “I only want to talk with Yuuga-kun about my boyfriend. So, please don’t blame him..” Towako and Himeno look surprised by this. Towako asks if she has a boyfriend. Rina says that she does. To Towako’s delight, Rina doesn’t have any plans to be friends [/lovers] with Yuuga again. Towako becomes nervous when Yuuga asks if she is suspicious of him. Towako tensely denies it and says that he is thinking too much. She uses Ritsuki’s alibi that they just happen to be at that place. Yuuga sweatdrops and looks angry. Towako thinks that ya right, maybe she is thinking too much when isn’t necessary for her to be worried. They just went ahead to follow them and, it is a good thing that those two aren’t on a date. Himeno says that of course, it is very suspicious because a boyfriend would secretly meet with one’s ex-girlfriend. “Anyone who encounters such a situation will feel uneasy. *looking at tense Yuuga* Could it be that you don’t even understand such a simple justification?” Towako is a bit nervous by what Himeno said. Yuuga couldn’t answer back. Ritsuki says that girl [Rina] is also very suspicious. This surprises Rina. Ritsuki continues to say, “From the outside, she is saying that she doesn’t want to make Towako worry but fundamentally, she wants to sow conflict [between Towako and Yuuga], right?” Towako asks how Ritsuki could say that. Yuuga exclaims that Ritsuki is talking nonsense, for that has nothing to do with Rina. Himeno exclaims that Rina isn’t that kind of girl. Towako is speechless over that. Himeno blames Yuuga for all of this. Yuuga exclaims that this has nothing to do with them. Ritsuki says that even if it has nothing to do with them, but right now, they are already involved in it.
While Towako tries to break it off, Rina tells them not to quarrel. Crying, Rina says that it is all her fault. “I shouldn’t have gone to see Yuuga-kun.. I’m sorry!” The guys are surprise by this. Himeno tells her not to cry anymore for fundamentally, they aren’t blaming her for this. Ritsuki says that actually, Rina is pretending to cry. Yuuga shouts for him to shut up. Ritsuki says that Rina seems to be that kind of girl. Himeno shouts that Ritsuki is annoying and don’t say bad things about Rina again. While they are quarreling, Towako feels really distance from the foursome as if she is an outsider. Aghast, Towako wonders if she is just narrow-minded but isn’t Yuuga a bit too agitated. They were surprise when Rina shouts for them to quit fighting and she’s going to the toilet to wash her face. Telling herself not to get angry and to calm down, Towako tells the guys that she’ll go with Rina to comfort her. Towako thinks that even if she is a bit angry at how Yuuga protected Rina but she doesn’t think that Rina is a bad person. In the toilet, crying Rina calls out to Towako. Thinking that when looking up close at Rina.., Towako says that she is very beautiful. To Towako’s surprise, Rina suddenly slaps Towako’s face with both hands and then, stretches Towako’s eyes. Towako shouts for her to stop because it hurts when Rina pulls and pinches her nose and mouth, too. While Towako holds her reddish and hurting face from all that pulling and pinching, Rina says that she [Towako] didn’t repair [via plastic surgery] her face. Towako asks what she meant by that. Rina says, “You said I’m beautiful? Haha! That’s really hilarious! To be told beautiful by you, who is naturally beautiful, do you think I’ll be happy by that!? Foolish girl!” Shock and puzzled, Towako asks, what is the matter with her. With a sinister smile, Rina says, “It seems that Yuuga-kun still likes beautiful looks.. That stinky guy has really not changed one bit.. but then, this is okay, for this way, I can carry out my revenge [on him] without any restraints.” Towako is shock by what Rina just said.
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