September 8, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapters 29-31]

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While Caesar is walking at the hallway, Nakaba is following him. He turns around and asks why she is following him. Nakaba is startled that she couldn’t answer. Caesar tells her that he told her to go back to her room to rest because he still has something to talk about with Belias. Nakaba tells him that she only wants to walk around a bit so she’ll accompany him for a bit before heading back. After looking at her, Caesar says that she can do whatever she wants. Afterwards, Caesar tells her that they are already at Belias’ room so she can go back. Nakaba says okay, see you later. As she heads back, Caesar watches her. Later on, Nakaba is following Caesar again. He shouts at Nakaba that he still has many things to prepare so why doesn’t she go back to her room. He then touches her face and tells her that just from looking at her face, he knows that she wasn’t able to sleep at night so go back and rest. Nakaba just says ya. She tried to say something but Caesar is already walking away. Looking at him go, Nakaba thinks that it feels that Caesar isn’t in a good mood and could it be because he is troubled and uneasy over that decision he made. “One day, the preparation will be completed.. Caesar would then go back to Belquat.. Leaving me all alone in this place.. *in her bedroom* preparing what.. I hope that it will forever never end.. it would be good if Caesar doesn’t go back.. if there is sand storm then he won’t be able to go.. Perhaps there will be a stormy sea everyday that the ship cannot set sail.. Even if Caesar said that he would want to go back to Belquat and advice his father, the king [about what happened?].. but what if upon return.. Ceasar will be accused of something? I really feel uneasy, very uneasy, it is as if my chest is going to be crushed! *teary-eyed* So.. I want to see Caesar’s future! *Vision of Caesar bidding Nakaba goodbye* I cannot see what happens afterwards! *standing in darkness* I cannot see anything.. It’s only pitch dark.. There’s nothing at all? Wait.. there’s a door..? There’s a door here. *approaches door* Right! I want to see what’s behind this door! But.. the door is locked, it won’t open.. Please..” Loki calls out to Nakaba and tells her not to sleep there [sitting down] for she won’t be able to rest properly that way. He informs her that it will be dinner soon so right now, can she go eat. Nakaba says ya, she’s fine.

At the dining place, Caesar comments that the strong wine is very delicious. Ahkil says that it is good that they like it. Lito offers something to Nakaba and tells her that it is delicious. Nakaba tastes it and says that it is indeed delicious. Nakaba decides to offer it to Caesar. A bit uneasy, Caesar tells her that he doesn’t want to and tells her to eat what she wants to eat because these past few days she didn’t eat much. Nakaba is disappointed and Loki looks dark over Caesar’s reaction. Loki decides to take the bun Nakaba is holding and says that he’ll help himself then. Loki offers Nakaba some fruits and says that it will be beneficial to her body. Nakaba thanks him. Caesar and Loki glare at each other. Nakaba apologizes to Caesar and tells him that from today on, she will properly eat. Caesar complains what’s up with each and everyone of them, don’t look at him with that kind of expression. Nakaba is surprised. There is an awkward silence. Caesar suddenly stands up and says that he’s going ahead. Nakaba looks a bit flustered. That night, Caesar complains that he couldn’t sleep even if he drunk a lot [of wine]. Then, the door opens. It is Nakaba. Caesar asks if something is up. Nakaba asks if she can sleep with him. Surprised, Caesar asks why she suddenly says that. Nakaba asks if she can’t. Caesar says that she can do whatever she wants. In bed, the two are lying in bed but Caesar is facing away from Nakaba. To his surprise, Nakaba snuggles at his back and mutters his name. This made Caesar shout for her to get away from him because it is hot. This made Nakaba on the verge of tears. Nakaba shouts what kind of expression does she have when looking at him, what kind of expression should she have, she’s very uneasy. Holding her shoulders, Caesar tells him that she can just ‘get rid of him’ and let him go for he is already very afraid that he wasn’t able to give her happiness and fundamentally, this is a marriage that is against their wishes. “Our time together isn’t that long.. That day.. Wait for the day when the disturbance between Belquat and Senan quiets down.. it also won’t be necessary for you to be the wife of a Belquat prince! This is a place that is far from Belquat and Senan.. It can give you a lot of opportunities.. in such a far place, you can freely live a peaceful life. So, please.. do not let me deepen my feelings for you.. You should also not deepen your feelings for me..”

Irked Nakaba gives him a slap. Nakaba shouts if this is the reason why he has been giving her the cold shoulder the whole day. “Do you want me.. to forget about you!? Do not belittle me..! I..even if I cannot see you from today on.. even if it is such an unbearable pain and uneasiness.. even if I’m not able to attain happiness.. I am still your wife..! You’re too much.. You’re so cruel!’re..” Caesar hugs her tightly. Then, Nakaba cries on his shoulder. Later on, they are lying in bed again but this time, facing each other. Caesar is surprise when Nakaba snuggles to him. He tells her not to be too close because it is hard to sleep comfortably like that. Nakaba hugs him tighter and says that she doesn’t want to. “I want to stick.. really close to you.. at this time.. my sanity.. will..” Nervous Caesar exclaims no, it’s nothing. “Do you.. know.. that? You look like you don’t have experience..” Nakaba tells him that she knows because she read about it in books. Burying his head on the pillow, blushing Caesar mutters really..from books, huh. Caesar timidly looks at her. Nakaba bends down and kisses him on the lips. Flustered Caesar sits up and shouts for her to be careful else he’ll violate her. They look at each other then kiss. Nakaba takes his hand and puts it on her face. She tells him to make her his true wife. This surprises blushing Caesar. They kiss each other. Soon, Caesar is lying on top of her. He looks at her and sees her expression which seems like she is forcing herself. This made Caesar sit up and apologize that he might not be able to do it. Seeing Nakaba’s flustered expression, Caesar quickly shouts that isn’t what he meant. “I..right now.. am very nervous.. just by looking at you.. I’m embarrassed and at a complete loss on what to do.. Every time it is like this.. *looks at frowning Nakaba* I’m not deceiving you..!” Caesar pulls her to him and makes him listen to his fast pounding heart. Nakaba says that his heartbeat is beating quite fast. Then, they were interrupted by Ahkil who calls out to Caesar to inform him that another town has been attacked by snakes, and this time around, it is a town that is close to the royal capital. At their hideout, snake Ajin comments that those guys opposing them didn’t come out this time around and it is quite rare for them to attack a town near the royal capital. One of the thieves say that is true and those slow witted humans would even vainly attempt to capture them. Snake Ajin says that is right, it seems that she has overestimated them. “Then, next time.. how about we go for the royal capital as our goal?”

At a meeting, some people are troubled by the thieves recent attacks since it is already at the foot of the royal capital and yet, they weren’t able to catch even a hair of those thieves. “This incident is making the royal family lose face. What are those guards doing? Shouldn’t the surrounding area of the royal capital be safe? Is it because they are lowering their guard?” To Azhar’s surprise, Baatar [<- invented name based on 巴塔爾], his brother, asks him what this is all about for didn’t Azhar took the initiative to gather the troops, saying about protecting the masses and will suppress the thieves. Baatar says that he whole-heartedly agreed to this - eliminating the thieves for everyone’s safety, and relentlessly doing it, with all of one’s effort. Azhar couldn’t answer back. Baatar continues to say that some days ago, Azhar seems to have encountered those thieves and yet, he let them slip away so, until when is he going to let things lose out of control. Nervous Azhar says that is because.. but he couldn’t answer anymore. Outside the palace, Caesar, together with Belias and Emilia, is bidding the others goodbye. Caesar apologizes to Ahkil for leaving at this crucial time. Ahkil says that it is okay for as a prince, he only has to do his best for the peace of Belquat and that is a prince’s responsibility. Ahkil tells him that the ship is already prepared so he can peacefully go back to his country. Looking at Caesar, Nakaba calls out to him. Ahkil tells Caesar that because of the thieves’ incident, he currently cannot leave the palace but when Caesar is going to set sail, they will be there. Calling out to Caesar again, Nakaba wants to be always with Caesar, before he set sail. Ahkil says that there is still something that he wants to ask of Nakaba. “Even if I know that you wanted to go with Prince Caesar, but I’m very sorry, I cannot make you leave the palace..” Muttering Ahkil’s name, Nakaba thinks that he is right, she still has to use the Arcana to capture the thieves so it is necessary for her to stay there and help Ahkil and the others. Nakaba tells Caesar that he will set sail in 10 days time, she will surely be there. She hopes to surely find the thieves’ whereabouts before then. Hugging Emilia, Nakaba tells her and Belias to take care. Caesar tells Nakaba that they will see each other again. “Take care of yourself, Nakaba.” Soon, they have left.

Worried, Nakaba wonders if she will still see Caesar again. “I will capture that group of thieves. Help Prince Azhar ascend to the throne. Then, sign a contract regarding the shipment of the Retina ore. Then, afterwards, I can save Lito’s mother, Lina. Then, if we have enough of the Retina, we will be able to oppose Belquat’s most feared weapon. Perhaps, there are still many urgent things that I have to do. Since what’s confronting me is the vortex of a great war, my both legs might weaken in fear. But, I can see the future.. So in this way.. *turns around to see the hooded thieves hanging around some ruined-type building* It’s just some shattered images.. *iris turning red* Where is this? Is it the past? Or is it the future? *someone enveloped in snakes* I do not know.. Perhaps.. It is only a dream? *darkness* Or is it a vain attempt? *blood splatters on her face*” Nakaba snaps out of it when Ahkil calls out to her. She finds herself at the library. He asks her if she has seen any clues. Looking ill, Nakaba apologizes and says that she wasn’t able to see it clearly. Ahkil begs for her to try to see it again. “Your power is our only hope! There is no other way.. Although I know that this is forcing you..” Nakaba shouts she knows what he is saying. “ isn’t like I can just see what I want to see! You said that I’m [your] hope? Where is hope!? Depending on this power, who had I saved!? Who can I save!?” Ahkil is surprised by her outburst. Nakaba also surprised. She quickly excuses herself by saying that she wants to rest for a while. After Nakaba went out, at some place, Baatar asks someone to know about the history of Ahkil’s guests. The man says that it isn’t clear yet. Baatar says that during this time, Ahkil will not invite some ordinary visitors. “There’s definitely some sort plan but then, it is a waste of energy.” Sitting at the courtyard, Nakaba is lost in thought. She snaps out of it when Lito calls out to her and asks if she is alright because she is just sitting there and staring off. Nakaba tells him that she is alright, it is only because lately, she hasn’t been able to sleep well. Thinking that she needs lots and lots of time to think things through, Nakaba mutters that she wants to forget everything and perhaps, run away from that place. Lito calls out to her so Nakaba assures him not to mind her, she is just venting her frustrations a bit.

Flustered Lito exclaims for her not to abandon his mother and not to say things like running away. Nakaba quickly hugs him and apologizes. She exclaims that she won’t, she will definitely save his mother. While still apologizing to Lito, Nakaba thinks that she is afraid. “Even if being swallowed by this vortex, even if how scary it is.. didn’t Caesar just set out into the middle of the vortex.. I’m so weak, cowardly..” Nakaba is surprised to see that Lito has already fallen sleep on her lap. Just then, she notices someone behind her. She turns around to see a guy but the man has hit her nape that she has fallen unconscious. Later on, Nakaba wakes up and finds herself in a bedroom. Someone calls out and asks if she is awake. She is surprised to see a long haired guy [Baatar]. Baatar tells her that before he tells her his name, what’s her name and what’s her motive in coming to his country. Nakaba looks tense. Taking a cup, Baatar says that they are Ahkil’s guests. “Currently, a group of thieves is causing havoc within the country. It is a bit chaotic so guests who come here at this time are definitely not ordinary ones. I advise you to honestly explain it.” Nakaba is hesitant to tell him. Baatar lifts up her chin using the cup he’s holding. He tells her if she doesn’t want to say, then it is more suspicious. “Are you a spy from some other country? Or are you a spy from that group of thieves?” Nakaba shouts that she isn’t. Baatar asks again who she is, and what reason for a girl like her to come here in Lithvanel. Nakaba thinks that since this guy has black hair, he could be the brother of Azhar, the first prince who stole the right to the throne. Baatar suddenly twist her arms behind her and says that if she won’t say it then he would always bind her like this. After Nakaba’s hands are tied behind her, Baatar says that for such a trivial young girl, no one would be suspicious if she gets lost in the desert and lost her little life. Nakaba’s eyes widen as she realize that she is going to be killed. “No.. I cannot die.. There are still many things that I still have to do.. I have to find the whereabouts of those thieves.. I’m going to see Ceasar.. I still have to send him off.. If things kept on like this.. perhaps, I won’t be.. able to see Caesar again!” Nakaba’s expression becomes distorted over this possibility. Baatar muses that is boring. Nakaba thinks that she wants to gaze on Caesar’s eyes again, want to hear his voice again, and once again feel his warmth.

Nakaba quickly stands up from the bed and hits Baatar with her body. [<- attempt to push him down?] Baatar asks what she is doing. He slaps Nakaba hard that it made her lose balance. She bumps on the small table before falling down. The cup on the table falls down and shatters into pieces on the floor. Using her teeth, Nakaba takes a piece of glass shard. Baatar tells her to be more serious. To his surprise, Nakaba uses the shard to slash and wound her thigh. Nakaba somewhat smiles as she sees the blood coming out. The irises of her eyes are starting to turn red. Then, Nakaba finds herself in a dark place – like a hallway, surrounded by doors. She wonders where she is. Baatar looks down on unconscious Nakaba and calls out to her. She didn’t respond. He lightly hits her face to wake her up. He keeps on doing this but Nakaba isn’t moving at all. After a while, Baatar carries her and throws her on the bed. He just looks at her. Back to Nakaba, she wonders what place is this. It’s dark and there are only doors. Touching the floor, Nakaba thinks that aside from it being pitch black, there is nothing else there. She remembers using the Arcana but where is this, is it a dream. She goes to a door and touches it. She thinks that it is a normal door. The door won’t open when she tried to pull it. Then, Nakaba feels that someone is watching her from behind a door. She quickly turns around but no one is there. She starts to feel uneasy. She calls out if someone is there. Then, she starts calling out for Loki. There is no answer. She starts running in front. Once again, it seems that someone is looking at her from behind a door. Outside, Loki seems to have dozed off. He opens his eyes to see Ahkil standing beside him. Ahkil asks what he is doing in that place. “It’s quite rare to see you unexpectedly lost in your thoughts.” Loki sadly smiles and says that is true. “I have thought.. of some things from the past..” Back to Nakaba, she is running around the place. Tired from running, she tries to pull the door open but it won’t budge. She thinks that the door here also won’t open. “Here, too. And this door, too. And this one, too.” Nakaba is becoming really tense when she finally manages to open a door. She goes through a door and wonders where she is. Then, she realizes that she is in Senan’s castle.

Then, she hears footsteps behind her. She turns around to see Prince Adele. She tries to call out to him but to her surprise, Adele just walked passed through her. Noticing that Adele didn’t see her, she realizes that she is in the Arcana of Time. She quickly follows Adele. She thinks that Adele looks young so he should be around 14 years old. She realizes that Adele is going into her room. The door opens and Nakaba sees her old self looking out the window. Adele had a smirk on his face. After past Nakaba looked at Adele, she looks out the window again. Adele complains about that boring expression and why, it isn’t like how she happily greets that Ajin. Past Nakaba says that she learns to differentiate it. “The sound of footsteps isn’t the same. Your footsteps are very forceful and crude. Loki’s footsteps are very quiet and feel very comfortable.” Adele stiffens over this. He exclaims, “Hmph, forget it! *points at past Nakaba* The ball is going to start soon, but you cannot go out!!” Past Nakaba bluntly tells him that she won’t be going. Adele is going to tease her that if she is going..but he stops. Pulling past Nakaba’s long pigtail, Adele shouts that it will just cause trouble if she appears there, because of her shabby looks and hair. Past Nakaba just looks cold. Adele shouts if she isn’t going to say anything, if she wants to humiliate him then why don’t she trouble herself and just go home. Irked, Adele starts to leave and complain that she is really such a boring girl. After Adele left, Nakaba looks at her past self, who is holding her pigtail tightly. Past Nakaba flips her hair on her shoulder and seem to curtsy with her plain outfit. Nakaba looks somewhat sad over this. She passes through the door and follows Adele. Nakaba thinks that it feels strange to be able to see what’s happening outside that room. She looks at Adele and muses that he is very similar to Caesar, like the time how Caesar pulled her hair before, when she just came to Belquat. She lightly laughs and wonders if Caesar will get angry if she told him that they are similar.

Then, she sees Loki walking across the hallway. Nakaba starts to follow him and wonders where he is going. Loki stops at a door and knocks. Nakaba wonders whose room this is. Loki enters the room and a black haired beauty complains that he’s very slow. Facing the woman, Loki apologizes to her. Nakaba recognizes the woman as Crown Princess Bella. She wonders why Loki went to her room. Bella says, “Forget that. Come over here.” Loki bends down to her. Looking pleased, Bella holds out her hand. Loki kisses her hand. Bella then touches his face. This made Loki look away. Bella holds up his face to her and tells him to look at her. As Loki looks at her, Bella touches his face again and says that his eyes are very beautiful. “They are beast-like eyes. Your good looks stand out among the Ajin-s.” Loki tells her that her good looks are incomparable. This made Bella comment that he is really brave [= dash into something in total disregard for his own personal safety]. With that, Bella slaps Loki. [<- I think Loki said it in such a sarcastic way because he obviously doesn’t look like he meant what he said.] Bella then tells Loki to get out. Loki quietly walks away and goes into, past Nakaba’s room. When the door opens, past Nakaba happily turns to greet him. Loki smiles and greets her. Past Nakaba welcomes him back. Loki says, ya, I’m back. Then, Nakaba’s stomach starts to growl loudly. Loki smiles and says, okay, he’ll go and get her dinner. Loki heads down to the kitchen and asks the cook for Nakaba’s dinner. The cook gives him a small serving of food – small bowl of soup, small piece of bread and two small slices of what seems to be ham. Loki tries to call out to the cook but the cook apologizes and says that is all they have for today. He tells Loki that because of the war against Belquat, there is not enough food stuff so they need to decrease unnecessary expenditures. Loki looks sad about this.

While he walks at the hallway, a fox Ajin servant looks at the food Loki is carrying. He asks that cook only gave Loki such a tiny bit of food again. Loki says that is right, and on contrary, the food, that Pluto [guesswork name from 庫鲁托 Ku-lu-tuo] is carrying for Bella, is quite plentiful. Pluto mutters that woman obviously don’t eat too much. Loki tells him that his voice is too loud. Then, Pluto has an idea. To Loki’s surprise, Pluto starts to toss some of Bella’s food into Nakaba’s. Pluto tells Loki that it is okay, it is just a little bit so it won’t be noticed. “Anyway, you tend to say something like, you are fine, and then, you would give that fundamentally measly food to that Princess, right? *Loki looks surprised* Well, happily taste that and goodbye--” Loki tries to call Pluto but he already left. In the room, past Nakaba is surprised that their dinner that night is quite a lot. Nakaba has more servings of food than Loki. Loki says yes. Loki is smiling as Nakaba praises the food. She exclaims that this meat is so fresh and tender unlike the dried type of meat she used to eat, and also, there’s no bone/tendons. The taro is also sliced thick unlike before, it is so thin. To Loki’s surprise, past Nakaba puts some of the food on his plate. Past Nakaba tells him that he has always forced to endure hunger because of her. “You would say something like you’ve already eaten but that is obviously, impossible. But, if I would say that I do not want [the food], you would have such a troubled expression again.. Thank you for always taking care of me.. Loki.” Loki is touched by what she said. Past Nakaba tells him to quickly eat. Loki says okay. Nakaba watches them and smiles. Somewhere in the desert [real time], Caesar is washing his face at a body of water in an oasis. He complains that it is hot. Emilia calls out to him and asks if this is okay, parting from Nakaba. “That child.. Nakaba, she.. is always feeling very uneasy.. It seems that she is afraid of something.. As if she is being forced by something.. *Flashback of Emilia looking at Nakaba who feels/thinks ‘I’m afraid, I’m so afraid, It’s alright, It’s painful’.* It’s the same with you, Prince Caesar. You obviously do not want to part with..” Caesar admits that he doesn’t want to part from Nakaba. “But she said.. she is my wife. (Even if we cannot see each other again.)”

Back to Nakaba, she is sitting outside the door. She’s trembling with a look of disbelief and aghast. Inside, Loki says, “--Your Highness, Bella. Tonight’s ball..” Bella says that she knows. Touching naked Loki’s face, who is sitting on bed, Bella says that red haired girl’s evening gown is already prepared. Loki looks at her that Bella asks if he is uneasy. Touching his lips, Bella says that, he would really dash into something with total disregard of himself, just for that girl. “Relax. Do you think that I’m lying? *looks at the side* What do you think? Pluto.” Holding Loki’s clothes, Pluto is standing at the side. After a pause, Pluto says that Her Highness Bella is really kind and good-natured. Loki is surprised when Bella says that is right. “So, do not attend to that girl and come to me. *Nakaba stands up and heads back in the door* It must be very hard for you to serve that girl. Like this, food and clothes aren’t given to you, and you are living such a miserable life in that moldy tower. If you come to my side, you will be more relaxed [/free]. I will properly dote on you.” Loki takes her hand from his face and says, “I’m very sorry. I’m only Princess Nakaba’s dog servant.” Bella says is that so. Loki gets out of the bed and dresses up. Then, Bella says, “—then, go cut off Pluto’s tail.” The two Ajin-s look at Bella in surprise. Sitting on the chair, Bella continues to say, “Cut it off. I always wanted a fox fur shawl. Loki, I only have to get that, then I’ll let you off. *Loki tries to protest, that for him to do that.* Loki.. could it be that you are mistaken about your position and your plight [/unfavorable situation]? This isn’t something that I’M ASKING YOU to do.” Loki looks at Pluto then starts to take out his knife. Pinning Pluto down on the ground, Loki prepares to cut off Pluto’s tail. Pluto shouts for him to stop. Just when the knife is on Pluto’s tail, Bella starts laughing out loud. She exclaims that it is such a delightful play for Loki to not hesitate to attack his brother [/same species] just for his master. “Hihi.. Really. You want to stay at that red haired [girl]’s side? *cold look* It really puts me in a bad mood. It would be okay for that girl to just be killed. *turns around* That girl living in that tower, even if she is gotten rid off, no one will discover it. Or maybe.. I should go and give her to the soldiers for their pleasure. Then, this way, her existence would be more valuable! *Loki’s expression darkens* Don’t you think that is a good idea? *turns to Loki* This way, you also won’t have any misgiving in going to my side..”

Bella seems to look surprise as she realizes that there is a knife protruding on her back. With a slightly crazed look, Loki tells her, “Do not worry. I will throw your corpse within the forest where the wild beasts will eat you up until there are no remains of your skeleton. In my opinion, it is easy not to let anyone discover what fate has befallen on you.” As Bella falls dead, she says, “Wha.. Loki.. I love.. you.. I..” Surprised Pluto says, “Loki.. you..” Loki tells Pluto that there is no need for him to give food to him again. “I have already severed off your tail.” [<- I think he meant it figuratively like he is free from Bella because from the pictures, Pluto’s tail is still intact.] Loki spreads out the blanket and covers it on dead Bella. Flustered Pluto calls Loki a fool for that woman doesn’t plan on preparing some evening gown from the very start. Carrying the wrapped corpse, Loki says, ya. Then, he jumps down from the window. Pluto calls out that Loki is really a fool. Nakaba looks sad as she watches this scene. In her room, past Nakaba looks out the window and mutters that it has become noisy so the ball is already starting. The door opens. Nakaba welcomes him back and says that he’s very late today. Loki apologizes to her since he wasn’t able to prepare an evening gown that she needs for the ball. After looking surprised, past Nakaba smiles and tells him that thing is no big deal. “Anyway, even if I have an evening gown, I’ll just be laughed at by Prince Adele. ..and, *holding Loki’s hand and twirls herself* we can even dance while we are here. *smiles* Let’s dance together, Loki..” Past Nakaba is surprised when Loki hugs her tightly and says that she’s beautiful compared to anyone else. Loki thinks, “Even if you do not have an evening gown and shoes, you are still beautiful. *holding her head* One day, you will dread these hands filled with filth. Then, at least, for now--” Nakaba looks at them. She thinks, “Not knowing anything, the young me who was protect by him..I’m really.. *cries in anguish* (Loki, you are really such a fool).” [<- the ‘I’m really’ and ‘You are really’ are side by side so Nakaba seems to also call herself a fool.]

Scans by phybie and 藤间丽吧汉化.