September 8, 2011

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 2]

Originally posted @ on September 4, 2011

A female high schooler wakes up early. That will be at around 5:30am. Then, she would jog around for 40 minutes. Return home and take a shower. Then, she will eat breakfast and start fixing her hair and putting on make-up. And, she’s ready to leave home. But, that isn’t our female lead..that is the female lead’s older sister, Rika who is a model. Makoto, our female lead is still asleep in bed, hugging her bunny stuffed toy. After her mother calls out for her to wake up for the nth time, Makoto finally wakes up and freaks out that she will be late. While hurriedly dressing up, Makoto eats a toast with jam for breakfast. She quickly runs out of the house without combing her hair properly. Narration: “And that is how the second high school day of Kisaragi Makoto, an ordinary girl who wants to strive hard to become cute. It has started pretty awful.” She arrives in class to see popular guy, Iriyan [Shun; 入谷瞬; I’ll be using his surname] looking at her. She greets him a good morning. To her surprise, Iriyan suddenly holds her face and angrily asks how come her hairs are standing up [from not being combed] and didn’t she say that she wanted to become cute. Makoto nervously apologizes and says that she overslept. She wonders if he was serious about him doing his best too, to become handsome and both of them are going to compete. Iriyan let out a giggle and lets her go. He tells her that he’s teasing her and this way is also okay. Makoto tells herself that definitely tomorrow, she’ll wake up early. Then, her friend [Morinaga] Uki [森永雨季] greets her and mentions about her bed hair. Narration: “Correction, the second day of high school seems to be not bad at all..I think.” After Makoto fixed her hair, some girls are talking about the picture with Rika that she has on her cellphone yesterday. They ask why Makoto suddenly disappeared and Iriyan came back late. Thinking that she won’t lose, Makoto apologizes that she suddenly has something that she has to do. When the girl is about to say that next time, together with Rika.., Iriyan tells her not to keep on talking about what happened yesterday and shoo..shoo.

The other students are envious that they weren’t informed about this so they decide to exchange sms/text address. Soon, they are exchanging addresses with Iriyan and others via infrared. Makoto looks at Iriyan and thinks that it is good to exchange addresses. Then, Iriyan notices that she is looking at him. He happily says that he still doesn’t know her address so how about they exchange. Makoto takes out her cellphone but she hesitates because her sms address has the words ‘rabbit’ and emoticon ‘ouo’. She wonders if it would seem like she is trying to be cute. She also put her birthday on it so won’t it seem like she is asking for a birthday gift. She nervously thinks that she is such an idiot for just randomly choosing her address before, instead of carefully thinking about it. Iriyan calls out to her. Makoto keeps on hesitating while thinking that she wants to know Iriyan’s address but is her address okay. Seeing her nervous, Iriyan tells her not to force herself, it is okay and he isn’t some deadbeat pervert. Iriyan joins his friends who were teasing him. Makoto can only mentally try to tell him that it isn’t so, and she doesn’t want to because of the rabbit and the ouo. During lunch, Makoto is depressed so Uki advices her to just ask Makoto’s address and it will be okay. Makoto asks if it would seem that she is up to no good. Uki says no. Makoto muses that Uki is so blunt and she likes that. While Uki starts to eat Makoto’s lunch, she tells Makoto that Iriyan had already asked about it so it is okay. Makoto still has apprehensions about her strange sms address that Uki tells her that her own address has her own birthday. Uki says that even if she knows that it is more difficult for Makoto to ask but if she gives it up now, won’t it be just like when she is in junior high. Makoto decides to do this because she had already resolved that she will change to become stronger. She thinks that if she cannot do it now, she cannot do it for the rest of her life. Makoto notices that Uki is somewhat smiling at her that she asks what it is. Uki says that it is nothing.
And so, Makoto thinks that it should be easy to ask because they are classmates. Makoto tries to ask Iriyan about his sms address but he is always busy chatting with his friends. To her dismay, the dismissal bell has rung and she wasn’t able to butt in Iriyan’s chatting friends to ask him. Makoto sees Iriyan with his friends chatting at the hallway. Makoto realizes that Iriyan always have people around him and he is everyone’s central figure. She thinks that he only helped her during the opening ceremony because she was in an awkward situation and if that is so.. Soon, Iriyan and others are bidding each other goodbye. To Makoto’s surprise, Iriyan happily pats her head and tells her not to oversleep tomorrow. Just as Iriyan starts to walk away, Makoto thinks that she wants to know his address because he is Iriyan, not because he is her classmate. She suddenly calls out to Iriyan. This surprises Iriyan and the others. Holding her cellphone, she walks towards him and ends up tripping. ^^; After an awkward silence, Iriyan quickly goes to Makoto who is lying flat on the floor to ask if she is alright. Iriyan asks if her head hurt but Makoto tells him that she is okay. Iriyan gives Makoto her cellphone back. Holding her cellphone, Makoto thinks that she shouldn’t run away and she should do her best. Starting to cry, Makoto asks him if he can give her his sms address. Putting his hand on his pocket, Iriyan apologizes and says that he left it in the classroom. This shocks Makoto and tells him to forget it. She thinks that Iriyan is just politely turning her down. Iriyan stares at her then asks among his friends if they have a pen. After his friend lends him one, Iriyan starts to write his sms address on Makoto’s left cheek. Iriyan smiles and tells her that it is a gel [/water-based] pen so it will disappear if she cries. Makoto quickly stands up and looks up in order for her tears not to fall on the writing. She starts asking someone if they have a mirror and a pen. While looking at Makoto, slightly flustered Iriyan smiles. Makoto realizes that she can take a picture of herself. She takes out her cellphone and holds up the camera. Just when she presses the button, Iriyan holds her shoulder and poses with her. Narration: “Another correction. My second day of high school has the highest record of nonstop heartbeat in my whole life.”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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