September 8, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 92]

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Cover Page: “Tsubaki and Kyouta promised to meet again. Finally--!?” On the third day of the term exam, Tsubaki is answering her exam papers in school. The bell rings and it is finally over. Miho exclaims that it will be very bad if she fails but then, it cannot be helped anymore because it is over. She asks if Tsubaki has any plans to go out. She is surprised to see Tsubaki smiling happily. At first, Miho thinks that it is because she did very well at the exams. “Ah, no, it is because Kyouta is going back to school tomorrow!” With clasped hands, Tsubaki says that is true but before that, today after work, she had agreed to meet with Kyouta to go to the planetarium together. Miho exclaims if that means, today they are going to reconcile. Tsubaki happily smiles. Miho gets teary-eyed and says that it’s really good because she really worried if things will be okay when they separated. She commends Tsubaki for doing her best and doing it well. The others are surprised when they hug each other and cry. At parfait parlor, Tsubaki is called to sweep the floor. Carrying the broom, she says that she’s going. Someone calls her name but she has already prepared the things needed to curl the hair. The manager comments that Tsubaki is more enthusiastic now than she normally is. Hiro laughs and says that something good has happened. Hiro calls out to Tsubaki and asks if she had smoothly reconciled with that good looking boyfriend [of hers]. Tsubaki is shock that she drops the rollers. Picking them up, Tsubaki apologizes and asks how come he knew about it. Hiro tells her that it is because she told him during the school festival. Tsubaki had told him that she can finally go back to his [Kyouta] side. Tsubaki tells him that they still haven’t reconciled but later today, they have a date so, at that time.. Hiro smiles and says is that so and it is still quite difficult. Since Tsubaki is puzzled, Hiro tells her that they are going to close the store early today because afterwards, the store’s boss is going to do a special lecture. Hiro informs her that their boss is Daiki-san [guesswork name from 大槻] who in charge of fashion hairstyling in Paris. Hiro says that Daiki-san is an amazing guy and every year, he would show them the technique once. Hiro laments that every time he watches Daiki-san, he feels that his [Hiro] technique isn’t that mature that he is quite frustrated. Tsubaki is discouraged when Hiro mentions that there are limited staff members allowed to participate but this time around, workers are specially accommodated to join.

Tsubaki exclaims is that so. Hiro says that it is too bad that she has a date with her boyfriend today. Tsubaki seems startled by that. He apologizes and says that it would have been better if he had told her about this earlier. “It’s really inconveniencing the BOYFRIEND. It will be good if it doesn’t influence the reconciliation.” Tsubaki tells him to wait because his tone of voice sounds like.. Hiro says that of course she will participate in the lecture, right. Tsubaki says that she didn’t say that. Hiro is surprised and asks if she isn’t going to join. “Didn’t you want to become a hairstylist? It is a once a year opportunity. You can change the time to date your boyfriend, anytime you want, right?” Tsubaki hesitates but she thinks that today is when she will renew her relationship with Kyouta as lovers and it is a very important date. Tsubaki smiles and apologizes that today, she is going home. Someone calls Hiro that he shouts back that he’s coming. When Tsubaki is about to tell him that she’s going ahead, Hiro says that she is free to do whatever she wants. “It’s good that if it is what you like. ..only that later on, there will be a lot of choices like this.. In our line of work, someone like you who can easily waste an opportunity will find it impossible to make a living.” Tsubaki is surprised by that comment, and then she looks flustered. At the planetarium gift store, Kyouta gets a small statue of two polar bears. He puts the bracelet on the polar bear that is standing. He giggles that it is like Tsubaki. Then, his cellphone rings. It is a message from Tsubaki apologizing that she cannot see him because she just learned that there will be a lecture on hairstyling which happens only once a year, so no matter what, she wants to participate in it. She apologizes again for not being able to make it. Then, a saleslady asks Kyouta if he is going to buy that statue. He ends up tossing it to the saleslady’s face and says, “Who is going to buy that, idiot.” The saleslady is angry to be treated that way, when he is even handsome [presumed to be nice]. While walking out, Kyouta takes out the two tickets to the planetarium show. He crumples the tickets but after a few steps, he turns back to watch the show. Meanwhile, Daiki-san shows how to cut hair using some wigs. Tsubaki even raised her hand to ask questions. Soon, the lecture is over. Tsubaki is on a trance that Hiro has to wave his hand in front of her and calls her name. After she snaps out of it, he asks if she is still sweeping. He offers to help her. Tsubaki says that it is alright, she’s almost finished. Hiro apologizes that she is being made to sweep up after the lecture. Tsubaki exclaims no, if she didn’t, she would feel guilty about it. She tells him that the lecture is really amazing and she thinks that workers should not have the right to join but she is really moved to see it. She happily says, “It made me look more forward to do this hairstyling profession!”

Hiro asks if in the end, shouldn’t [/didn’t] she choose her boyfriend. This surprises Tsubaki. In the locker room, Tsubaki takes out her cellphone. She thinks that Kyouta didn’t reply to her message when the lecture is starting already that she just totally listened to the lecture. She notices that she has a message. She looks away while presses the button to read it from fear of what’s written. Kyouta writes that it is okay, not to mind too much because this is something inevitable. “Anyway, I’m going to school tomorrow. It’s okay for us to see each other by then. Properly learn, okay.” While Tsubaki is in the car that he is driving, Hiro comments that her boyfriend isn’t angry and he has such a high tolerance, so is he really a high schooler when it is obviously a date to reconcile but she stood him up. Tsubaki mutters ya, and it seems that there is no problem. Hiro asks could it be that it is okay for him [Kyouta] even if they didn’t reconcile. Trembling Tsubaki looks aghast. Surprised Hiro asks what’s with that reaction. “I’m just kidding so don’t take it seriously!” Tsubaki says that Kyouta probably understands her because he also has an important goal. Hiro says is that how it is and it will be good if it is like that. Tsubaki looks surprised again. Aghast, she asks him why he says things that make her feel uneasy. Hiro says that it is because her reaction is so amusing and since her boyfriend isn’t angry, there’s no need to worry about eating out. Tsubaki is surprised by that. Hiro says that it is a place where their boss frequently eats, and the food is delicious. Later on, Kyouta comes out of a restaurant. He decides to go home. While walking, some kids and people pass by him. Aghast, Kyouta wonders if he is a turtle. He rests on a small metal street barrier. He takes out his cellphone and gets ready to call Tsubaki. Then, he hears someone saying, “Tsubaki..?” He looks up and looks around. He wonders if he was mistaken. He gets up to walk again. He hears muttered voices that she’s embarrassed. Kyouta looks to the side to see Hiro walking together with Tsubaki. Hiro is touching her hair while Tsubaki tells him not to touch it as he pleases. Tsubaki gave up on protesting as Hiro kisses [/smells] her hair and says that lately, her hair had become really nice. Angry Kyouta is about to call out to Tsubaki when Tsubaki asks Hiro if he noticed it. Tsubaki blushes and smiles over this. Kyouta is surprised by this. He remembers Hiro telling him that during the time that he didn’t know, Tsubaki has already changed. While Tsubaki and Hiro continue to walk away, Kyouta just stands there and clenches his fist. Blurb: “Seeing for himself, the smile that he doesn’t know, Kyouta will --!?”

Scans by 水银工作室.

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