September 11, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 50]

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Holding her hand, Yukito asks Kotori if she knows. Kotori wonders what he meant by ‘thinking of that’. Blushing, Kotori thinks that he is talking of that.. Kotori tries to laugh it off as to what he meant, but she stops upon seeing Yukito’s serious expression. This made Kotori apologize to him. Yukito says, “I..want to do it. *Kotori is surprised by how bluntly he said that* Even..even if it is a bit blunt..but I really think of it.. think of Kotori.. *shy = covers face* I only feel that it isn’t enough just to be together.. I want to understand more.. there are times when I cannot endure it.. (ah, what am I saying, it’s getting more and more baffling.) So, that.. *looks away* If I were to do some ‘wishful thinking’ kind of stuff, or if I were to do something that you detest, so better say it first.. what are you thinking? In the end, you want to cower away, right? After hearing these kind of stuff.” To his surprise, Kotori says, ya. Kotori quickly explains that isn’t what she meant but rather, she is just a bit shock by it. Yukito tells her that it is okay to bluntly tell him if she doesn’t want to. “Even if I would be depressed, but I also do not want to be hated by you..” To his surprise, Kotori says that she doesn’t hate it at all. “When you say it like that, it is quite embarrassing, but for you to ask me of my opinion first, I’m very happy [about it].. (I like Yukito, and if it is with him..) If.. if it is with you, doing that kind of thing would perhaps be alright..” Yukito asks if what she means is.. Kotori says ya. After more blushing by the two, Yukito asks what happens now.. Kotori is puzzled. Yukito asks when they will do it. Kotori is taken aback by that. Yukito asks again when they can do it. Kotori is surprised that she has to decide on it now. Yukito thinks that it is necessary to strike the iron while it is hot, and make an agreement [/promise]. Yukito asks again, when. Kotori says that this is so embarrassing, that it is making her nervous and it is better for it not to be so fast because she also has to prepare her heart [/mental state]. Yukito tells her that it is the same with him, and she shouldn’t think too much. Kotori says that what’s next is, preparing for their cultural festival. She tells him that they are very busy then, and it should be when they have more leisure time. Yukito asks how about they agreeing to do it after the festival. Yukito looks at Kotori and Kotori agrees.

She is puzzled when Yukito is pouting his lips to her. To her surprise, Yukito says that it is a promise kiss. Pushing his face from her, Kotori exclaims how they can do that in this place and what if Abe and others see them. She then apologizes. Yukito suggests that they do a pinkie promise then. They locked their little fingers. Yukito widely grins over this, while Kotori wonders if this is really okay. Kotori goes to her bedroom. She pats Kenken then jumps into bed. To his surprise, Kotori hugs the pillow and starts rolling sideways on the bed. After she stops, Human Kenken pats Kotori’s head and asks her what happened. She tells him that she made a promise with him..agreement with Yukito to do H. Kenken goes into shock. After recovering, Kenken asks if she will carry it out. Kotori says, ya. Holding her shoulders, Kenken asks if she is serious. Kotori admits that she is a bit afraid but after hearing what Yukito said, she thinks that he really is thinking of her. “Even if he said it so bluntly that it shocks me but at most, I’m happy.. so I wanted to return Yukito’s feelings.. Ab..about that, honestly speaking, it isn’t to say that I’m not interested at all, it’s just that I’m overly concerned at all aspects. But that is because of Yukito, right.. if it isn’t Yukito, I fundamentally won’t go think [of these things].. at that time, I felt that Yukito is really good.. Am..Am I too naive? In thinking this way..” Kenken smiles and says that is right, she is very naïve. “But, if you really think that, if you really want to do that kind of thing, then go do it.. but until then, if you only have a little bit of confusion, just stop.. because if you aren’t conscious of [/ready for] it, *touches Kotori’s face* the one who will be hurt afterwards, is you..” Kotori holds his hand and thanks Kenken. Later on, Kenken is drinking sake on ice. [Lol] Kotori is already sleeping. Kenken smiles then muses that his [Yukito] reaction is quite stronger than he had imagined. “Regarding that thing between me and Kotori.. in the end, already make a firm decision, right? That guy.. right now, he definitely has a foolish smile..” Dog Kenken looks glum while lying on the floor.
At school, Yukito is smiling by the window. <- Note says, guy with a foolish smile. =P Abe and friend look at Yukito who is smiling and giggling by himself. Abe asks him what it is, for he looks really happy. With a silly smile plastered on his face, Yukito says that it is nothing and he knows his [Abe] feeling of wanting to know but right now, he has to keep it a secret. Abe sweatdrops and tells him to forget it. Walking away with his friend, Abe wonders out loud what’s up with Yukito, and that guy is really scary, could some omen be happening. Abe’s friend tells him not to mind Yukito and maybe he got such a huge blow. [<- thus acting strange] Yukito is rejoicing, “Finally.. finally with Kotori! Yes~~~ After the cultural festival.. I pray that it will be a good weather by then--” <-Note says that it has nothing to do with it. =P Then, Yukito notices Kotori, together with Natsume, walking towards him. Blushing Yukito says, hello. Blushing Kotori says, hi. After a pause and watching the two, Natsume asks Kotori what happened. Blushing Kotori denies that something had happened. Blushing Yukito also tells her that nothing shocking had happened. Natsume still feels that something definitely happened. Natsume says that it is very suspicious and apparently it is a good thing so she’ll let it be. Kotori keeps on insisting that it is nothing. Natsume tells Kotori that she will leave early so can she borrow her notebook for tomorrow. Kotori tells her that she can, and is she going to work. Natsume says yes. Yukito also offers to lend his notebook but Natsume declines. Then, Yukito and Kotori are going lovey-dovey teasing and ‘something is on your hair’. Natsume looks at blushing Kotori and thinks that she [Kotori] is really cute like that, and being in love changes one into that. Natsume tries to imagine what it is like for her to be in love but in the end, she gave up because she couldn’t imagine it. Then, Natsume gets a message, presumably from her mother, on her cellphone that she will be late so Natsume can eat ahead of her. Natsume looks somewhat sad about this.
At the train, Natsume sees Masaya reading a review book. She frowns then approaches him. She thanks him again for yesterday. Natsume is irked when he greets her as yesterday’s ‘Miss Thank You’. He asks her what she is early, did she skip school. Natsume asks isn’t he the same. Masaya tells him that he is an exam candidate so this is his free time. With one eyebrow raised, Natsume frowns. She then shows him a supermarket discount flyer. With a forced smile, Natsume tells him that he dropped it yesterday and he even put some detailed notes on it. Taking the flyer, Masaya says that it doesn’t matter even if she throws it away because anyway, it is already past the date of sale. “Or perhaps, I should say that you wanted to see me? *Natsume surprised and flustered* For you to always carry this thing around, there’s also something cute about you, huh?” Natsume is frowning. Then, she suddenly grabs Masaya’s collar and pulls him to her as if she is going to kiss him. Masaya looks surprised and mutters, “Wha-”. Natsume giggles and says, “You’re that worried? You got too excessive self-awareness, it isn’t a kiss. Did you think that I want to kiss you?” The two end up smiling at each other with an annoyed aura around them. Scans by

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