September 26, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 33]

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Cover page: “Let’s go! Leaving for Photo Koshien!!” In the clubroom, Chiaki tells the girls that the preliminary results are out. “..Sorry, everyone, I said some things without thinking that made you guys anticipate..” Anna is already crying ala waterfalls. This utterly shocks Chiaki. Nanoka exclaims that she’s already crying and that is too quick. Aya nervously tells Anna that is right, and the teacher hasn’t finished telling them the results. Anna tearfully says that it is because from that opening statement, she knows already that they weren’t chosen. Aghast Chiaki nervously tells Anna not to cry, it’s her fault for she only wants to put them in suspense. Crying Anna asks, “Suspense?” Chiaki says right. Flashing a v-sign, Chiaki exclaims that they smoothly pass through the preliminaries. “Congratulations, you got into the finals!!” While the other two girls exclaim if it is true, Nanoka sighs in relief and tells Chiaki not to recklessly make them nervous. Scratching her head, Chiaki sheepishly apologizes for maybe she went over the top. Teary-eyed Anna is utterly relieved and delighted that she manages to get in the finals, and she’ll be able to see Hinata. Thinking that she can see Hinata, Anna feels a bit fidgety and Aya notices this. Aya winks at Anna and tells her that today, they can already go home, and she thinks that Hinata would also want to learn early about the news. Anna is touched by what Aya-sama said. To the other’s surprise, Anna shouts that she’s going ahead. Anna runs out and mentally tells Hinata that she managed to get in the finals. While walking on the street, Anna is talking on the phone with Hinata. Anna exclaims out loud after Hinata informed her that he also managed to pass through the preliminaries. This made Hinata ask what happened. She tells him that it is nothing, she just cannot calm herself down. Hinata comments that she’s quite lively. Anna asks if they can really see each other at the competition. Hinata smiles and confesses that actually, he heard that Anna and the others are novices so he was a bit uneasy [but you guys are] really amazing. Anna is really happy and says that is true, she didn’t expect that they’ll smoothly pass through the preliminaries, so could it be that this competition is actually easy. Hinata calls her stupid for what she is saying, for how could it be [easy]. Anna is surprised when Hinata tells her that in this year’s contest, there are 400 schools that participated in the preliminaries. “Only 18 schools can go into the finals. Not only that, every year, the finals are shown on the television. And, I think that a lot of people will go and get news [/interview] about it. This isn’t a conveniently created convention by some mangaka.” [<- reality check by the author =P] Anna’s brain has gone blank that she mutters, “400.. Television..” Hinata sweatdrops and tells her that later on, she’ll know [what he is talking about].

The next day, Anna is surprised to see a huge banner hanging down at their school building. The banner is a ‘congratulations’ to the school for its winning entry into the finals of the Photo Koshien. Then, at the auditorium, the principal calls out to First year section 1’s Aso Ayane, and First year section 5’s Koshiro Anna and Saeki Nanoka, to go onstage. While the three girls timidly stand in front of all the students, the principal shouts that this is a ‘congratulations’ since it is the first time their school got into Photo Koshisen [finals]. Holding up his fist, he shouts, “Everyone in school, let us give them a supporting response as we anticipate an even more outstanding performance!!” The whole place echoes with the students simultaneous shout of ‘Yo-☆’. Anna tensely thinks that they even shout ‘yo’ that it makes her think that they did something really amazing. At the faculty room, Chiaki asks what is it, is it only now that they realize how ‘heavy’ this is. Aghast Anna asks if it is really okay for them to compete since they are totally novices. Chiaki asks what she is talking about, there isn’t time for them to get cold feet because they will be so busy before the competition begins, but first, she’ll give them something. Anna asks her what this white t-shirt with a small logo in front, is for. Chiaki tells them that this t-shirt is given to schools that have pass through the preliminaries. “Everyone will wear this t-shirt at the competition. Each school can freely decorate it. Using this t-shirt, you can write words on it or perhaps dye it. It’s no problem. Since this is a team-type thing, compared to just wearing it, how about you guys re-design it together!” While Nanoka tells Aya that is a good idea, Anna asks if they can really change it on their own. Sweatdropping Chiaki says yes, but the principal already put something on it so it might be limited on how they can re-design it. “At the back, look at the back.” At the back of the t-shirt, there is a huge kanji ‘喝’ [which means ‘shout’/katsu is a type of shout that is used in Chán and Zen Buddhism to give expression to one's own enlightened state (Japanese: satori) and/or to induce another person to move beyond rationality and logic and, potentially, achieve an initial enlightenment experience. Source: wiki]. While walking at the hallway, the girls look at the t-shirt. Aya asks if that is written by the principal. Anna comments that their principal is very enthusiastic and he was quite amazing in that morning assembly. Nanoka sighs and says that if they are going to re-design it, she would want to make it look cuter.
To Anna and Nanoka’s surprise, Aya says that she still would like to change it. Anna tensely says that even if she said that, it is something designed by the principal [so how can they change it]. Pointing to the t-shirt, Aya says that they can still write something else at the side of what’s written in the middle. Aya suggests that the club members writing some encouraging words which was also an example mentioned by the teacher. Brightening up, Anna says that is a good idea. Aya says that since their members are too few, they can get their classmates to write on it and the result won’t be that bad. While Nanoka hugs Aya for her great idea, Anna becomes nervous about getting classmates to write on it. In class, some girls are shouts if it is the Photo Koshien, the one mentioned in today’s morning assembly. Another girl asks if it is the one shown on the television, wherein the competition will be held in Hokkaido. While someone is mentioning that ‘katsu’ is quite amazing, Nanoka tells everyone to write some supporting words on the three t-shirts pinned on the blackboard. Anna timidly tells them that they hope that everyone would give them a part of their strength.. Some students gamely say that they will write something. While they are writing on it, Anna is nervously looking around. Then, the door opens. Sou and his friend come in the room. Sou’s friend asks what the ruckus is all about. Anna looks tensely surprise at Sou. While Sou also looks at her, Sou’s fangirl tells them about writing some supporting words on the t-shirts. To the envy of two other fangirls, a fangirl holds out a marker pen to Sou and tells him to use it to write. Sou bluntly tells the girl that there’s no need. While the fangirl is aghast by the rejection, Sou tells Tokiwa [his friend] to write. Tokiwa whistles and says that he’ll be the one to write in place of Sou. While a friend comforts the rejected fangirl, Anna wonders if that girl is alright. She thinks that Sou refused because she is part of the photography club. Scowling, she looks away and thinks that it is fine with her if he doesn’t write. Pause. “It doesn’t matter..” Then, Anna ends up being depressed. Nanoka goes to Hinata and tells him that it is okay if he wants to go write something on the t-shirt. Hinata angrily asks why she is saying it like she’s ordering him. That night, Sou with glasses, stops studying and looks at the messages on his cellphone. On June 20, 2011 at 13:02, Hinata wrote to him that he passed the preliminaries- and he doesn’t know if Anna also did. *beep* [<- not sure if it is the sound of reading a different message or deleting the message.] Hinata wrote again that he was planning to write a message to Anna but she already called. “Anna and the others had also passed the preliminaries.” Sou looks serious. *beep* “Sou, what you are saying is the same with Anna. (´_`) This isn’t a simple competition=3 How about you, Sou, are you also going to Hokkaido?” Then, Sou drops his [closed flip] cellphone on the floor. Then, he looks thoughtful.
In her room, Anna wears the t-shirt and tries to look at it’s back where a ‘sun-like’ words of encouragement in written around the middle of the word ‘katsu’. She happily says that it looks good. While spacing out, she felt really happy for everyone from the classroom wrote on it. “Ah..except for one person who didn’t. *sigh; looks sad* Forget it, if I put all my effort on the shortest route..” [<- to attain her goals?] Then, someone says, “You are wearing at home, the t-shirt that will be used for the contest. What am I to do about that? Hm..” Anna is surprised for it is Sou. Holding a marker pen, Sou is leaning by her door. After removing the pen’s cap, Sou points the marker to write. He says that he’ll just do whatever he can. “Lend me your back for a while.” Aghast Anna shouts that this is too strange. “You are just going into someone’s room at will and isn’t this a normal conversation!!” Sou tells her to consider it that they are both only, talking to themselves. Anna says that is too forced. Sou tells her not to move and also her hair is quite a hindrance. After gathering her hair and putting it in front of her, Anna says that she didn’t think he would give her supporting words but then, why is he so arrogant. Twirling the marker, Sou tells her to relax, he isn’t giving her supporting words. Angry and aghast, Anna asks to whom is he giving it. Then, Sou holds her shoulder and starts to write on her back. Looking semi-sad [/probably nostalgic], Anna says that his hand is quite warm. Sou asks if it is so, it’s very normal. Anna wonders if being like this is something normal. Later on, Sou says that he’s finished writing. Trying to look at it, Anna asks what he wrote, she wants to see. Sou sighs and says that even if she doesn’t see it, it is okay. “Ah, but let Hinata see it because it is supporting words for Hinata.” Anna is fuming mad. “Hey!! Forget it if you don’t want to give me supporting words. But, you better remember that agreement!” Sou asks, “Agreement?” Looking energetic, Anna shouts, “Didn’t you say that if I make Hinata believe in you, then there’s no need for this ‘maintain distance from each other’!! I’m definitely going to convince [/talk over] with Hinata, so you just properly wait for it!” Then, the door opens and Anna’s mother comes in. After greeting Sou, she says that he came by, and it has been such a long time. Sou says that he’s interrupting. [<- being polite] Anna’s mother says that he still quite thin, has he been eating well. Anna tearfully shouts at her mother that right now, they are talking about something important. Anna’s mother pouts and leaves, muttering that it is only for a while.

Anna asks Sou if he has been listening. Sou asks what she is talking about. Surprised, Anna exclaims that she is talking about that agreement. Sou says, ah, yes. “That’s right, I heard it. *getting ready to leave the room* It’s okay [for me] to nicely wait, while waving my tail. *sighs*” As Sou leaves her house, Anna imagines doggie Sou waving his tail while waiting. Then, she remembers to look at what Sou had written. She takes off the t-shirt and reads it. After glaring at it, she sweatdrops and thinks, “?, What is this..” Narration: “Preparation is already done. *plane flying* Let’s go! Leaving for Photo Koshien!!” Then, at some lodging area, Anna shouts, “We- Are- Here--~~ Hokkaido--!!!” Nanako screams, “Higashikawa--” While the two are shouting ‘Oh ya-!!’, sweatdropping Aya looks at the two and says that they are really in a high mood. Sweatdropping Chiaki calls out to the two that they are leaving them, and didn’t they already do that at the airport. While walking, Chiaki says that they are now going to the villa that has been designated as the competition’s living quarters. Aya asks if she is going to stay with them. Chiaki says yes, and because eight people can stay at that villa, so some people from another school will use it. While someone is saying ‘ah, other people, huh’, Anna spots a familiar figure standing in front of her, together with [what seems to be] two girls. Anna’s eyes widen. She shouts, “Hinata!?” While Nanoka peeks from Anna’s side to look at Hinata, Anna cannot believe that it is really Hinata. Hinata seems surprised to see her. Just when Anna is saying that no way, could it be that we are in the same villa.., someone says, “Koshiro-chan?” Peeking out from Hinata’s back, Mari exclaims, “So it is!! Why is Koshiro-chan here?” Anna looks aghast. While the two teachers introduce themselves, Anna backs away and thinks, “Already appeared-- That's right.. in Hinata’s high school, this person exists.” Hinata quietly looks sideways at Mari. With a smile, Mari says that Anna is also in a photo club, it’s rare for them to see each other and regretfully, they are enemies here. “But, it’s a competition so everyone should be fair and square in doing our utmost best to win the first prize ♥ Right, Tokura-kun.” Somewhat tense and glum, Hinata just looks at her. Then, Anna remembers Mashiro telling her that to know Hinata’s feelings, she has to defeat Mari-sensei. Looking determined, Anna shouts to smiling Mari, “That is what I also hope for!!”
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