September 22, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 49]

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Miu screams in shock because Sumi really jumped off the cliff. She starts to panic for Sumi has not surfaced from the water. Trembling, she wonders what she should do. Then, Komai arrives and asks Miu what was that scream just now. Komai becomes nervous when Miu tells her that she did something unforgivable. The two immediately go down the cliff by the seashore. Komai calls out to Sumi. Then, from behind some rocks, Komai sees Sumi’s head surfacing. Sumi stands up and starts coughing. Komai is really relieved that she is okay. Trembling and flustered Miu starts to cry and mutter that Sumi really did jump off. Wet Sumi tells her that it is because Miu is hurt because of her, so until Miu doesn’t mind it anymore [/forgive her], she will jump off the cliff no matter how many times [Miu wants her to do it]. This made Miu cry even more. She starts to apologize to Sumi. Sumi tells her that if Miu loves Nozomu, she shouldn’t divorce him. Sumi says that always until they divorce, she will make Nozomu treat her [Sumi] as a stranger. After thinking a bit and calming down, Miu says that she understands, she won’t divorce Nozomu. Sumi is very happy about this. While riding the rickshaw with Sumi, Komai asks if she isn’t cold. Sumi says that she is fine and asks him if they can go on a detour. At the old shack, Sumi and Komai see the landlady giving some yams to Sumi’s younger siblings. The kids thank the landlady. Sumi is relieved and happy that everyone went back to their old house. She wonders out loud if Soichiroh is out in the streets but then, she is glad that they are all healthy and fine. Soon, it is dark at the pier. Soichiroh and Eisuke are working as stevedores. After piling up a huge cargo, Eisuke asks Soichiroh if he is alright. Soichiroh says that this is better than having no job. After finishing their work, the one in charge tells the stevedores to line up to get their pay for the day. After Soichiroh got his pay, he starts to count the money. He tells the man that he made a mistake with the computation for how come he is only given that much money when he worked the whole day from early in the morning up to nightfall. The man shouts what he is talking about, if he doesn’t think it is enough then don’t come back tomorrow.

Soichiroh tries to protest but Eisuke stops him and tells the man that Soichiroh isn’t used to how things work there. After the man scoffed at him and left, Soichiroh asks Eisuke why he stopped him for it isn’t fair to have this much commission. Irked Eisuke shouts at him that this is reality for even if the money isn’t much, it can feed the children. Soichiroh is frustrated but finally relents. Eisuke comforts him and they walk home. From the corner of the building, Nozomu is watching them. At some posh restaurant, Nozomu treats Sumi with some high grade steak and delectable dessert. Nozomu tells her that it is nice to occasionally eat out during lunch. As Sumi lamely says yes, Nozomu looks at her while drinking his champagne. Then, while riding the rickshaw, Sumi finds herself at the pier. She asks Nozomu about this. He tells her that it is a nice day so they should go on a different route home. Then, Sumi sees Soichiroh carrying a huge bucket-shape container along with three other men. While covering her hand [probably that huge heart ring], flustered Sumi thinks that it is.. Nozomu calls out that if it isn’t Soichiroh. Sweating Soichiroh looks at the couple then he looks away. Nozomu comments that this is something new, to see Soichiroh sweating it out at work. Soichiroh tells him that if he has no business then why don’t, he just leave since he’s a hindrance. Nozomu glares at him and asks who does he think, he’s talking to. To Sumi and Soichiroh’s surprise, Nozomu says that he already bought this shipping company so Soichiroh better be careful about what he says. Then the man in charge arrives and asks what Soichiroh is doing. The man recognizes Nozomu. After addressing him, the man asks Nozomu if Soichiroh did something rude to him. Nozomu says that it is nothing. The man suddenly hits Soichiroh’s back with his elbow and shouts at him that Nozomu is a very important chairman of Ijuin Financial Group. Sumi screams for him to stop. The man tensely apologizes and asks her to forgive him. With a smile, Nozomu says that they are going. After they left, Sumi looks really flustered. Nozomu says that he didn’t imagine that Soichiroh will do that kind of work, and Sumi’s choice is correct. Trembling Sumi is already bowing down and restraining her tears that are already falling down. That night, Sumi couldn’t sleep upon seeing Soichiroh having a hard time working.
The next day, Nozomu sees Sumi making onigiri at the kitchen. Wearing the heart ring he gave her, Sumi greets him with a smile. Nozomu looks surprised and asks what that is. Sumi tells him that if it is okay with him, he can taste some of it. Blushing Nozomu takes one of the onigiri and happily says that now, at any time, he can eat Sumi’s homemade onigiri. [Hehe, no need to keep it until it rots =P] Sumi just smiles. After Nozomu left for work and [probably] Komai told him to be careful on his way, Sumi tells Komai that she wants to go to some place. Komai looks surprised for Sumi is wearing her ring from Soichiroh. Komai says okay. It is around lunch time when Eisuke asks if he isn’t going to eat lunch. Carrying some cargo, Soichiroh tells him that he’ll go later on. Eisuke says that he’ll go ahead. After a while, Soichiroh looks at the side to see a lady approaching him. It is Sumi who is holding a wrapped bento box. Sumi smiles and says that he found work. Soichiroh quickly turns around and walks away. Sumi walks after him and tells him to wait. She exclaims that what she said before [about a poor guy like him is useless to her] wasn’t her real intention. Sumi runs and overtakes Soichiroh. Holding the bento box to him, Sumi tells him that it’s lunch food, and it is just like before, some plain onigiri. Soichiroh notices that she is wearing his ring that he mentions it. Sumi says ya. After lovingly looking at it, Sumi says, “I’ve asked Nozomu-kun.. Until he divorces with Madame Miu, he will temporarily not touch me.. So, I’m.. still the same as before. The person I like is only you, Soichiroh-kun..” Soichiroh bites his lip then suddenly hugs her and gives her a kiss. This surprises Sumi. After breaking the kiss, Soichiroh tells her, “It should be..”, then he kisses her again.
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