September 8, 2011

Skip Beat! [Chapter 179]

Originally posted @ on September 3, 2011

Kyouko anticipates how Ren will carry out this scene. Everyone is surprised when Mursame throws away the wooden stick and prepares to punch Cain. Cain manages to dodge it. Murasame tries to kick him but BJ does a backflip. Everyone is shock because they aren’t doing what was talked about and BJ is being suppressed. They think that those two are fighting for real. BJ jumps backwards again when Murasame tries to hit him again. While doing so, BJ shows Murasame how he shifted the knife’s position on his right hand. After BJ has landed, Murasame and Kyouko are shock to see BJ suddenly having a crazed smile. Murasame becomes tense because Cain is coming. Murasame grabs BJ’s right arm to stop him but he notices BJ’s right hand is empty. The director shouts for it to stop. Murasame freezes upon realizing that from his left hand, BJ’s knife is already at his neck. BJ withdraws. While the director is praising Murasame’s skill, etc, he notices that Murasame wasn’t listening. The director starts waving his hand in front of Murasame which made him snap out of it. He apologizes for doing it differently but the director says that it is okay. Then, Setsuka approaches Cain. Later on, Murasame buys a drink from the vending machine. He remembers the director saying that he doesn’t look good, can they start the filming. Murasame thinks how he can be okay because he still couldn’t calm himself down after what happened.

He then wonders how BJ had suddenly shifted the knife to his other hand and was it deliberate for BJ to make him mind the knife on his right hand, when he showed off the shifting of the knife’s position on his right hand. Murasame feels really uneasy when he realizes that BJ is used to fighting that is how he managed to do all that. This creeps Murasame out especially because BJ’s knife is real. He starts exercising to calm himself down because he had a bad feeling that BJ is for real. Back at the set, the director plans to do scenes that don’t directly show BJ because he doesn’t have special make-up. They will start to film the scene where a certain actress is going to be attacked by BJ. The actress is freaking out over this while the others feel sorry for her. =P While Cain is drinking water, Setsuka calls out to him but ends up not saying anything. She couldn’t ask him if that ‘smile’ is not part of acting. She thinks that he is acting too passionately about it and seems to have forgotten that it is just acting which he doesn’t do before. She thinks that it doesn’t fit the role of BJ to have that smile. It wasn’t Cain nor Ren. At that time, she wonders who is moving Ren’s body. Next chapter on Sept. 20th. Scans by 红莲汉化组

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