September 11, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 24]

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One of the captured assassins shouts that the one who ordered them is Ryu Gikou. Yuulin becomes nervous as she wonders if Gikou would do such a thing just to make sure that Han Shisei won’t be the one chosen to host the Spring Banquet. Reishou calls out to Jun. Pushing up his glasses, Jun says that this confirms it as to who the criminal behind this attack towards the Queen Consort. [<- Note: I’ll be changing Yuulin’s title of ‘Princess’ to the more proper title of ‘Queen Consort’ from here on.] “The possibility is extremely high that Chancellor Ryu IS NOT behind it.” Puzzled Yuulin goes, “Huh?” Reishou looks glum and Jun just sighs. Somewhere else, the man, who is against the Queen Consort going to Kouju’s residence, exclaims to Gikou that it is unforgivable this time for that Queen Consort to go visit the Han residence again. “It is just what the people are thinking, that the Queen Consort is for the ‘Han faction’!” As he drinks wine, Gikou tells him not to be noisy for he heard of it already. The man nervously says yes. He thinks that Gikou can only be arrogant for now. “But this time, whether or not the ‘assassinate the Queen Consort’ plan succeeds or not, I’ve already arranged for everyone to say that the culprit is ‘Ryu Gikou’. Later on, Han Shisei will be blamed for irresponsibility, since such a thing had happened within the Han residence--.. If this is done well, this time around, I can annihilate these two powerful figures--!!” Back to Yuulin and others, Reishou says that this incomplete assassin plan and admitting the existence of a mastermind, the situation is too tidy [/convenient]. “..he [Gikou] also has many enemies. ..ah, forget it, since they were easily get caught like this, then there won’t be much work from my side.” Back to Gikou, Shisei comes into the room and comments that the topic they are talking about is very interesting to him so can he join them. The man is aghast that he asks why Shisei is there. Gikou says that it is because Shisei said that there is something that he wants to discuss with him no matter what and it is something that he [Gikou] has to hear him out. “Even if I’m displeased, this is inevitable.” Shisei tells him not to say it that way. “The day before yesterday, a very important visitor went to my residence. ..And, I’ve heard that on the way home, the carriage has encountered some danger. Anyway, it was a very, very important visitor that for the Han family, it is something that we cannot just not put aside, so we did some investigations.. Then, I’ve learned that LATELY THE PERSON CLOSEST TO CHANCELLOR RYU has been doing some suspicious things.. so I only wanted to inform you that you should carefully choose your friends.” Gikou replies, “Is that so. I’ve noticed that there is a very noisy fly lately, and I didn’t expect that there is already a bad gossip.”

The man got scared and denies that he knows something. Just when he is going out, Houen, who is waiting by the door, tells him that it is still too early to leave. Smiling Gikou tells the man, “Sit down, for weren’t you an expert regarding ‘rumors about the Queen Consort’?” Shisei smiles and says, “If that is so, then I also want to listen attentively.” The man looked terribly scared. Back to Yuulin and others, Reishou tells Yuulin that those guys would not let anyone to harm them or their family. “Even if they would often quarrel, they will completely crush any enemies. If that Chancellor Ryu really wanted to attack the king’s doted Queen Consort, he won’t do it in such an incomplete way. If he would come, he will definitely come and do it thoroughly.” Yuulin shudders at that thought especially since Reishou said it so confidently. Reishou tells Jun to take the assassins away for investigation. Jun says yes, and calls out to Dai to confirm things. After they left, Yuulin feels uneasy of this stinging painful relationship whrein Reishou is treating all of this as something normal. Semi-bowing, Suigetsu appears and tells Reishou that if he needs manpower, he will go arrange for some. “—Her Highness has suddenly come to visit and regarding the family’s guards’ instructions and so on, as to what had happened here, I have decided that it is better not to let Kouju handle it. I will be responsible for whatever had happened here tonight. ..Please give your instructions.” Reishou commends Suigetsu’s for his skill. “Then, there is only one thing I ask. You are to make what happened tonight as ‘something that no one knows nor had seen’. Suigetsu answers that it will be as he instructed, everything that happened tonight, will be handled as if ‘nothing has happened’. Yuulin looks surprised at how calmly Suigetsu has handled this situation, even if he is afraid of the Wolf King. She said it too soon because Suigetsu is already trembling and his eyes look dead. Suigetsu has returned to his original state of fear. Reishou says that it is a good opportunity but until when does Suigetsu plan to live in seclusion. Aghast and trembling, Suigetsu tells him that it is already until now but he would want to try, up to when he can do it. Yuulin is freaking out because that is not the right answer. “He’s angry. He’s angry. The Wolf King is furious! This is not good!! If this continues on, he will be more afraid of going back to his post!” Yuulin nervously tells Reishou that even if Suigetsu is a bit weird but he is a good person. Suigetsu looks surprised over what Yuulin is saying for him. Yuulin continues to say that while she is there, Suigetsu play music for her and it is so good, that it calms her. “That’s right, that’s right, *smiles* He also knows the Spring Banquet quite well.” Yuulin is mentally waving in her hopes to temporarily shoo away the angry mood.
To her shock, angry Reishou glares at Suigetsu and says, “..the two of you are quite close, huh.” While she is wondering why, Yuulin clings on to Reishou who is darkly glaring at Suigetsu whose soul has already come out, in fright. =P Yuulin exclaims, “No, it isn’t like that. He was talking with Ryu Houen then.. (Wai..wait a minute, why, why!? How come you’re getting more furious than you were a while ago?) The two of them had a very good idea. *nervous* It’s really amazing! Even if he wasn’t assuming his post, he can even compete together with that Ryu Houen in talking about it. (Please, Your Wolf Majesty, repress a bit that angry mood. He definitely needs this chance.) *Reishou silently looks at Yuulin who tightly grabs his sleeve* Those two sides can bring about a very good Spring Banquet and--” Reishou sighs and looks towards Suigetsu. Reishou says, “Han Suigetsu, before, I had heard of your contribution.. There are a lot of people who were praising your capability. *smiles* To be able to make the Queen Consort pay attention to your outstanding [ability], I would also want to see it for myself.” Surprised Suigetsu says, “I’m truly honored-- Your Majesty--” After some days, due to Chancellor Ryu and Chancellor Han consolidated testimony and evidence, the king managed to uncover the true mastermind who plotted the ‘assassination of the Queen Consort’. The man has been captured and Jun comments that those two worked fast on this. And very soon, this thing regarding the attack on the Queen Consort has been quickly resolved. Then, the other problem left is who will be in charge of the Spring Banquet. At the throne room, both Chancellors are called to Reishou’s presence. They ask Reishou why the Queen Consort is also at this place. Reishou smiles and says, “The Spring Banquet is also a flower banquet so my harem’s flower has also some opinion that she wants to say.” This surprises both Chancellors that they put on their best ‘pretend’ smile and ask Yuulin to say out what she has to say for they would want to listen to it. Yuulin tenses up for she felt their electrifying aura towards her. Yuulin nervously thinks that the people around Reishou are people whom one, would not know what their hearts [/minds] are thinking.
Putting on a smile, Yuulin tells them that undoubtedly, if the position is given to either of them, it will become a very beautiful Spring Banquet but a few days ago, she got an opportunity in encountering a meeting between those two. “And, I thought, for this Spring Banquet, how about letting both Ryu Houen-kun and Han Suigetsu-kun be in charge of it.” Gikou and Shisei are surprised that it will be their children who’ll handle it. Yuulin smiles and says, yes, because those two had a concrete plan for the Spring Banquet. “Ryu Houen mentioned about firm security and safety type [of banquet] while Han Suigetsu mentioned of beautiful and elegant type. These two things, are necessary for the people to admire [/appreciate] His Majesty’s Spring Banquet--.. Unlike their fathers, those two young men are not accustomed to handling this kind of assignment so those two will mutually help each other. Assisting in the other’s deficiency. There will be no competition nor arguing. It will only be unity in a common effort for His Majesty’s Spring Banquet. *Chancellors look surprised while Reishou smiles* ..that way, it will definitely become a showing off His Majesty’s Spring [/Youthful] strength, as well as, for it to become a very beautiful thing. That is what I thought.” At the harem, aghast Yuulin mutters if that is okay. Her heart is beating fast. She tells Reishou that fundamentally, it is sudden thought. There is a scene of Yuulin bluntly told Reishou of this and that while Reishou attentively listened. Reishou smiles and says that he thinks that it is a very good idea which he dubbed as ‘Idea of the Kind Queen Consort in thinking of His Wolf Majesty’. He wearily tells her that even if those two [chancellors] might be thinking of something [when they are speechless then] but occasionally, they will restrain themselves and compromise. Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that Reishou has accumulated a lot of exhaustion.
Reishou smiles at her and says that lately, Suigetsu is also reporting to work and he is going to make Suigetsu do the work which he left while on vacation. Yuulin thinks that is right, after that night, Suigetsu has been stealthily going back to work and she even got praised by Jun. Jun had asked puzzled Yuulin as to how she managed to convince Suigetsu and she did quite well. Yuulin wonders if there is a way for Suigetsu to [work] together with that serious Houen. She lets go of that thought and thinks that this way, it is peaceful again that she also successfully returned to her duty. She is surprised when timid Puppy Reishou asks her if things are really okay on her side. “Afraid.. of the Wolf King.. something.. even if talking about it right now is.. About work.. can you properly do it..?” Yuulin looks at dejected Puppy Reishou and thinks that he is afraid because he bit her and she ran away. Flustered Yuulin shouts, “’s already alright! I have totally calmed down! *tense waving* It is just a feeling of total shock like being bitten by the wolf. Really-- I really won’t waver that much [anymore]..” Narration: “Running away to escape.. In the end, wasn’t able to escape. The bride had brought back a secret.” Yuulin exclaims, “From today on, I will have a really huge awareness in doing this ‘temporary bride’ job! So, Your Majesty, there is no need to worry and you can go on and do that ‘Wolf King’ acting! I will do my best!” To her surprise, Wolf Reishou holds her hand to him and says, “--..if only you can be like this [and stay] by my side.” This made Yuulin blush really red. She thinks, “Because I want to do my best ..I want to continue [this] so please do not notice..” Trembling, Yuulin says, “This...this quick you want to test me!? I won’t run away! I’m not escaping!” Smiling Reishou sweatdrops and tells her not to force herself. Yuulin shouts that she isn’t. Narration: “The ‘bride’ has already fallen for the ‘Wolf King’”.
Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.

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