September 17, 2011

Chitose, Etc. [Chapters 32-33]

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At her bedroom, Chitose is really gloomy over her ring taken by Subaru. “Huhu.. the ring~~ What am I to do.. *bites fingernail* No matter what, I should also go and see Subaru first. Which school does he go to? Should I ask Saaya about it, and get her to introduce me to Subaru’s co-worker who knows of his affairs? And then, conveniently ask which school he goes to and what his contact information is. pretty much won’t do.. for how can someone simply tell an outsider about a celebrity’s private information. Also, Saaya will definitely ask me for the reason. Ah-- *troubled; holds head; calms down* ..but, if I think of it in detail, no matter what, it isn’t like he isn’t going to give it back anymore. Isn’t that a bit too much? That’s right! For things to end up like this, also cannot be helped but, isn’t it like being robbed? He won’t let it become like that! Yes, yes, *confident* he is only teasing me! He’ll definitely give it back! *realize something* And, he’s wearing our school’s uniform, so even if that is a somewhat puzzling.. Ah, there is a possibility that he’ll transfer into our school! It’s definitely like that! *relieved* There’s no need to worry, I’ll just wait for him to return it. I’m worrying too much. *feeling uneasy and starts praying* I pray that it will definitely be returned back to me.” The next day, while walking to school, Chitose tells Yuki that today’s bento is friend chicken which he told her that he likes. Yuki is happy about. Chitose tells him to list down the food that he likes to eat and she’ll make it for him. Yuki says okay. Then, he hesitantly asks her if it would have been better if he had given her a necklace. Chitose is puzzled. To her shock, Yuki says that it is because she isn’t wearing the ring. Chitose mentally panics for she didn’t tell him what happened to it, and she thought that he won’t notice that she’s not wearing it. Chitose tells him that it isn’t so, for she always looked forward to a ring given by someone she likes. “And, the design is really cute! I really like it! It’s true! Bu..but.. about it.. I might lose it.. when I have to take it off during PE class.. I might lose it if I weren’t careful.. so I won’t dare wear it while going to school. Because it is very important, I plan to wear it during dates or special occasions..” Yuki smiles at her and says that it is true. Chitose looks flustered and guilty. In the classroom, Chitose gloomily puts her head on the desk because she had lied to Yuki. Shun asks her, what happened and why she looks quite listless [/no energy]. Sitting in front of her, Shun asks her if she is hungry, so go eat breakfast. After sitting up, Chitose says that it isn’t so, she is just dismayed. Shun asks why. Chitose blushes but won’t tell him.

Then, a male student tells her that someone is looking for her. She looks at the door to see Subaru smiling and waving at her. Shun is surprised when Chitose suddenly stands up and rushes out. Chitose angrily calls out Subaru’s name but Subaru just says hi, it has been a long time. When some girls had noticed Subaru and they are wondering out loud that it seems he is from their school, Chitose decides to bring Subaru somewhere else so that they won’t catch anyone’s attention. Chitose holds Subaru’s arm and tells him to go with her. He asks why but she tells him to shut up. As they walk away, Shun is watching them from the doorway. Behind the school building, Chitose shouts what is this, when she had gone to all of the classrooms trying to look for him. “Weren’t you a fake student of this school!?” Subaru says that she realized it. Chitose exclaims that someone knew him and what if he is found out, this is a huge thing. Subaru happily says that it is alright, he doesn’t go to class. “I’m only borrowing this uniform just to have fun~~” Chitose protests that he isn’t an ordinary person so if he isn’t careful.. Subaru smiles at her and thanks her for worrying about him. Chitose gloomily looks at the side and thinks that is right, why is she foolishly worrying about him? Holding out her hand to him, Chitose shouts, “Enough of that, quickly give it to me. Quick!” Smiling Subaru says, he knows already and he brought it. He gives her a small jar of candies. Holding the jar, Chitose is puzzled. He tells her that it is a return gift from Valentine’s Day because today is White Day. Chitose remembers giving him a heart chocolate last time. Chitose tells him that there is no need to return that gift, for it is just a leftover from the activity, though she’s happy [about this]. Subaru tells her to take it for he specially came there today to give it to her. Looking at the candy, Chitose thanks him and thinks that it looks delicious. She then shouts that’s not right. “It’s not about some return gift! Give my ring back to me!” Subaru says that is right, it is with him. Scratching his head, Subaru apologizes that he forgot to bring it with him. Chitose is shock by this. Trembling, Chitose tells him not to wear it anymore, and just give it back to her. Subaru answers that he isn’t wearing it and it really cannot be helped that he forgot to bring it. “Okay, see you later next time!”
Chitose quickly shouts at him and asks when this next time will be. “For you to be like this, making things really difficult for me, please--” Subaru turns to her and tells her that he thinks that it will be soon. “Go ask your brother and you’ll know!” Chitose is surprised by this. Then she becomes flustered over her helplessness to get the ring back. At the clubroom, Midoriko happily tells Yuki that today is White Day so what did Chitose gave back to him in return. Sweatdropping Yuki answers that he didn’t have it yet. Midoriko lectures him that this isn’t good for it should be given early on. “Quickly go!” Yuki asks if it will be in front of everyone, then it would have been better if he got it early on. Later, Chitose happily gives Yuki a small bag and tells him that it is just ordinary fruit candies. Taking the bag, Yuki thanks her. Midoriko compliments Chitose for being good at choosing gifts. Midoriko ribs Yuki that unlike a certain male high schooler who needs his sister’s help to choose a gift. Embarrassed Yuki shouts so what, he doesn’t know what to give. Looking at Yuki, Midoriko asks him what he gave Saaya then, when they were together. Saaya happily tells Midoriko that before, she is always the one who will decide what Yuki will get for her. “Today, after this, on our way home, Shun will go treat me to eat cake at a cafe that I wanted to go before.” Shun says yes, and like this, it is quite relaxing, for Saaya decides on it. “About that, Kaneshiro. What’s up with that guy early on?” Chitose is surprised while the others shout in disbelief, “Guy!?” Shun continues to say that some unknown guy called her out and when she returned, she is holding what seems to be candies. Midoriko exclaims if Chitose has been confessed to. Nervous Chitose says no, it isn’t so. “That is.. during Valentine’s Day, I had dropped the forms and that guy helped me pick it up. As a thank you gift, I gave him one of the chocolates for the club activity and in the end, he came to give her a return gift.. He’s such a well-mannered guy..” Yuki asks her who that person is. Chitose looks aghast but she lied by saying that she doesn’t know. Midoriko tells Chitose that guy really knows about her that he even went to her classroom. Chitose says that she had told him that she is a member of the Matsuri club. Chitose assures Yuki that guy didn’t confess and he shouldn’t mind it. Yuki says ya, but more or less, he is bothered a bit. Flustered Chitose insists that he doesn’t need to be bothered. “I’m going to give that thing back to him!” Yuki sweatdrops and tells her no, no need to do it to that extent. He smiles and tells her, okay, he doesn’t mind it. Chitose is slightly relieved. Midoriko teases Yuki about still bothered by it but Yuki just tells her not to be annoying. Behind them, Chitose laments over lying to Yuki again.
Deciding that she must quickly do something to resolve this issue, Chitose goes in the living room and calls out to her brother. She asks him if she remembers Subaru, the one in that Moon[/month] 9 program that they watched before. She wasn’t finished talking when Tadashi tells her that Subaru will appear on a television drama this time around. He says that he told her before, about ‘level eleven’ being made into a television drama adaptation. There will be a special broadcast on it for two nights. “He went to the audition, and I’ve always been watching that Moon 9 program. I thought that he is the actor I’m looking for so I gave my recommendation to the filmmaker. He really suits in acting the lead role.” Flustered Chitose holds her brother’s shoulders and shouts for him to please, let her go there [at the set] to look around tomorrow. Tadashi says okay, he’ll ask the filmmaker. After a while, Chitose realizes that this is what Subaru meant about asking her brother. “But, how did he know that my brother is Mikami Yui [Tadashi’s pen name]? What is his business at Haisawa [school]? What..kind of person is he?” The next day, serious Chitose walks to the set to where Subaru is sitting. Holding a script, Subaru comments that he told her to come and she really came. Chitose says of course. He tells her that it’s good that she came right now because he is still waiting for the filming of the next scene. He asks her if she came together with Yui-sensei. Chitose says yes. Standing up to walk away, Subaru asks where he is, he would want to meet him. Chitose holds his arm and tells him to stop talking nonsense and just give back her ring. She is shock when he asks, “Ring?” Holding up the ring to her, Subaru says that he is just kidding. “Is this it?” Chitose is relieved, that finally.. Subaru looks at her then to Chitose’s utter shock, he tosses the ring into his mouth. Chitose shouts if he ate it. Subaru sticks out his tongue with the ring and says, how could he. Flustered and clenching her fist, Chitose shouts what he meant by that. “Up to.. Do not tease me anymore! Quickly give it back!” Pulling Chitose to him, Subaru says, “..Okay, if you use your mouth to get it, then I’ll give it back to you.” Chitose is stunned as she wonders what he just said. “He is just kidding, right?” Loosening his hold on her arm, Subaru tells her to be quick or else he’s going to eat it. Chitose tells him to wait. After a pause, flustered Chitose says that she still cannot do such a thing. Subaru tells her that then, he won’t return it.
He turns away to leave but Chitose calls out to him. He stops and asks her what she is going to do. Chitose thinks that she hates doing this kind of thing. “But, that is the first gift that Yuki gave to me. Definitely..I definitely have to get it back--” Chitose looks determined and walks toward Subaru. She tells herself that it is just a little bit so she only has to bear with it a bit. Flustered Chitose is about to kiss Subaru when she quickly turns away and exclaims, “No! I cannot do it!” Subaru asks her if she doesn’t want it anymore. Chitose angrily shouts, no. “How could I not want it! Why are you bullying me like this? If no matter what, you do not want to return it, then it is inevitable. I’ll just tell him the truth and apologize! *pointing at Subaru* Do not come back to our school! Idiot!!” To her surprise, Subaru suddenly grabs her hand. He leans towards her and kisses her. After being caught by surprise, Chitose breaks away from him. She holds her mouth and finds the ring inside. Subaru tells her that he also no longer needs that thing. Teary-eyed Chitose looks at him then runs off. Holding the ring, Chitose thinks that Subaru is just too mean. “Why? Why is he treating me this way? How depressing!” She then passes by a light-colored wavy haired girl. The wavy haired girl asks Subaru if that girl earlier is from Haisawa. Subaru calls out to the girl as, Alicia Amika [<- invented name from 亞未伽 = ‘Ya wei jia’]. Amika tells Subaru not to have a dispute with a girl at the workplace for it will be problematic if someone saw it. Subaru says that no one saw it and anyway, even if it was seen, so what. Amika says that it seems that poor girl is crying. Unrepentant Subaru says that it is her fault for who told her to go steady with that kind of guy. At her bedroom, Chitose has polished her ring clean. She is pleased with the results. Remembering Subaru, she thinks that no matter what, she got the ring back and she should just forget what happened today. “That’s right! Saaya said before that it isn’t a big deal if I got kissed by someone else other than the person I like! Aside from Yukito, I did it with Saaya, Kanata, Midoriko and Akaishi-kun! *pause* All of the club members.. *gloomy* Now that I think of it in detail, what the heck am I doing..” Her cellphone rings and it is a message from Yuki. He wrote that his sister bought pudding so does she want to eat it together with him[/them]. Chitose writes back that she will go and wait for her outside.
Chitose goes out and immediately hugs Yuki tight. He asks her what’s up. She tells him that she had encountered something awful so give her a change of mood. Yuki asks what this awful thing. Chitose tells him that it is no big deal. “Just hug me tight and I’ll be able to cheer up..” Yuki hugs her and asks if it is like this. Chitose smiles and says yes. As they walk to his house, Chitose tells him that she thinks that it is better that she wear the ring everyday. “I will be careful, and would absolutely not lose it!” Yuki smiles and says, ya. Chitose smiles back. As they hold each other’s waists, Chitose tells him that she likes pudding for it is soft and yet a bit hard. At school, Chitose angrily hopes for Subaru not to come back because she doesn’t want to see him again. Narration: “--Is it because I prayed? Afterwards, he didn’t come back to our school. He also didn’t come during the graduation performance. *The girls are in gowns and it seems that they are responsible for celebrating and sending the third year students off* Basically, I think he will come, and I’m a bit worried! After the closing ceremony, everyone went together to Disneyland to see Mickey and Minnie. Then, Midoriko said..” Midoriko tells Chitose that she heard that ‘level eleven’ will be adapted into a television drama. Chitose freezes while Yuki asks if it is true. Chitose stutters in saying, is that so, she isn’t very sure. Midoriko mentions that she eagerly anticipates it and Subaru, who is playing the lead role, suits that high school era. She also comments that the person acting the other role is also cute. Chitose is nervous when Saaya says that it seems that she has heard this Subaru name before. “Where could have I heard it? I forgot.” Chitose is semi-relieved yet anxious. Narration: “During Spring break, I’m always together with Yuki-kun everyday. I’m so happy-- I had totally forgotten about that Subaru issue. And soon, it is another new school year.” At the clubroom, Midoriko welcomes everyone and says that right now, there are students who are going to join their club. “Of course, it’s first year students! And there will be two of them!” Shun says that is quite fast when they haven’t advertised about it yet. Chitose happily says that is great, the more members, the more help they can get. Chitose’s happiness is short lived when Midoriko introduced their new members as the two lead actors of ‘level eleven’. “They are Satou [佐藤; gueswork] Amika-chan and Subaru-kun of first year acting division!” Chitose is totally shock that she drops her pen. Subaru happily smiles and says, “Nice to meet you, I’ll be under your care!” Narration: “Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road--” [<- idiom meaning unavoidable conflict]
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