September 11, 2011

The One [Chapter 81]

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Leo is shock that fickle Feidna came. Lele tells him that she already chased her away and even lied that she is living together with Eros. Leo asks if Eros knew that Feidna came. Lele says that he doesn’t and Taylor approves of what she did. Leo praises Lele for getting Taylor’s trust and it seems that he likes her. With Taylor to back her up, Leo says that Lele will get an opportunity with the silver-eyed prince. Leo then asks why Lele is packing things up. Lele tells him that like what he just said, Taylor gave her an opportunity with Eros. Lele sly asks him if he is jealous, because from today on, she is going to invade the silver-eyed prince’s home. Leo is shock that Taylor is letting Lele take care of Eros 24 hours by staying at his house. =P Leo nervously asks what if Eros protests because he is already refusing to let her stay overnight. Lele tells him to relax for she now controls his stomach. If it isn’t something she cooked, he cannot eat it. Eros also knows that if Taylor isn’t there, there is no one whom he can ask for help except her. If he opposes her, she will leave a beautiful ‘mark’ on his body <- Lele with a whip. She tells shocked Leo that Eros has no way of resisting her. =P Later on, Eros wakes up in a startled to see Lele’s face right in front of his. He screams why she is there again and did Taylor went out to buy something. Lele tells him that Taylor already went back because he is very busy. Eros mutters that Taylor deceived him about always staying at his side. Lele tells him that ‘grandpa’ cannot always take care of a young master and she has been asked to stay and take care of him. Aghast Eros complains that she is an eye sore that is always appearing at his house, and now, she unexpectedly wants to stay there. Lele tells him to just resign to his fate for how told him to be a weak and sick bishounen [beautiful guy]. Then, Eros is freaking out that Lele is unpacking in his room. He shouts for her to do it at the guest room. Lele tells him that Taylor told her to not be far from him while taking care of him. If Eros were to bite his tongue, she cannot save him if she is in the other room.

Infuriated, Eros decides to threaten her about being conscious since he is a normal guy. He suddenly pins her on the bed and asks if she needs him to show her proof. Lele bravely tells him that she isn’t afraid. Eros is surprised when she told him that what he is doing won’t work anymore. Whether it is that ‘fake lovers’ thing or what happened at ‘Zac’, he is doing all that to push her away. She tells him that she already knows and it is okay if he doesn’t want to accept her, but she can no longer deceive her own heart. “I like you! Even if you are a bastard, I still like you!” This unnerves Eros that he let go of her and shouts if she has gone mad. He has never met such a thick faced woman who would confess as if her life depends on it, even if she has been rejected. Lele sternly tells him that she just told him that he only needs to know it and she isn’t forcing him to accept it. Flustered Eros calls her an idiot and what the heck is she saying. Eros sweatdrops when Lele tells him that it is strange for she was the one, who confessed and got rejected so how come he is feeling uneasy, is he feeling guilty. She tells him to relax for she was the one wanted to take care of him and there’s no need for him to be feel burdened. She sweetly asks him what he would want to eat. Three days later, Leo is totally shock at how awful Lele looked. Lele calls Eros bad names and about underestimating him. Leo asks her what Eros did. It turns out that Eros is acting like some spoiled brat by keep on ordering her around to clean the house and do all sorts of chores, even to just open the television or give him a glass of water, in the middle of the night. Lele shouts that she’s sure that Eros is deliberately doing all that. Leo puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort and empathize with her. Soon, her cellphone is ringing. It is Eros asking where she is, and she should be in front of him within 5 minutes. He wants her to give him some hand cleaning soap in the bathroom and claims to not be able to get it from where she told him to because he is weak. After hanging up, Lele doesn’t believe he is weak if he can get angry that much. Leo suggests that she go back.
Upon return, she finds him sleeping on the sofa. She wonders if he is really weak. After refilling the liquid soap[?], Lele looks at Eros again and wonders if he is trying to make her leave by treating her that way but sorry, she has a very high endurance. Later on, she watches him sleep and thinks that he is still sleeping after she finished her chores. She is surprised when Eros is talking in his sleep by calling out to his mother to ‘stop’/ ‘no’. Lele lightly slaps his face to wake him up for he is having a nightmare. Eros wakes up and looks awful that she asks him if he is okay. He asks her if she heard. She tells him that he is calling out ‘mama’ many times and it seems like a nightmare so does he wants to talk about it. Eros starts to shout that he is hungry and he wants Nathan’s Hot dog. Aghast, Lele protests that it is already 10pm and it will be closed by the time she arrived. Eros shouts for her to get there in less than an hour and buy it for him. He kicks out protesting Lele out of the house. Later on, Lele got lost because she only ate at that place once. She cries if that guy is sick for doesn’t he know how dangerous New York is at night and yet he made a weak girl to buy him something. Then, she asks someone where is Nathan’s Hot dog store. It is already around 11:25 pm and Eros thinks that Lele should have come back by now. Then, it is already 12:35am. Eros is becoming nervous as to where she went. He remembers the time in Japan when crying Lele told him that she got lost. Soon, Eros rushes outside to look for her. The restaurant should already be closed. After running around, Eros starts to vent his frustration and anger on the wall. He is surprised when someone calls out to him. Holding a paper bag, Lele exclaims that it is really him, she thought she is seeing things. She asks him how he got out. Eros suddenly grabs her hand and calls her an idiot for what time is it, why did it take her such a long time to buy hotdogs and he is already hungry to death. Lele apologizes and says that it is because she asked a Taiwanese woman for directions. The woman is very passionate that she even showed her the way and also the store that she opened. Lele nervously asks if she should have refused. Lele is surprised when Eros suddenly hugged her tight. He tells her that it is her fault that he is hungry and has no strength. Lele apologizes again and says that she’ll help him go back home. He tells her that she should have called so that he won’t be foolishly waiting for her. Lele says that her cellphone ran out of batteries. As Eros calls her idiot again, Lele wonders if he is really worried about her since he is hugging her really, really tight. Sitting at the train, Eros is leaning on Lele’s shoulder. She wonders if he really has no strength but she is feeling a bit nervous. She tries to push him away so that she won’t blur between illusions and reality. She is surprised when Eros asks her if she believes that if a person becomes crazy, the person will selectively lose one’s memories. Eros tells her that when her mother got sick, she forgot about him. She obviously had two children but she only remembers Long/Angus. According to medical books, it is an ‘ego protecting mechanism’ so it is about choosing beautiful memories and losing the painful ones. But, she only remembers Long and ‘that man’ took Long away. She cannot see him [Eros] who is always by her side. It has become his nightmare that he cannot break free from. He totally couldn’t understand it that it made him the world’s loneliest person in the world. So, the happy memories of the past have no meaning to him. The moment she forgot about him, what’s left of his life is just a blank. He asks her if she knows the feeling of being forgotten by one’s most beloved and most trusted person. Lele looks tense and flustered by this. Next chapter teaser: Lele is shock by what Eros’ confessed and it makes her heart ache more. It also made her become determined to find the antidote to stop Eros’ ‘forever nightmare’. Next chapter will be out on October 5th..I’s quite blurry ^^;
Scans by Blacknight for BW.

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