September 11, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 47]

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And, it is already time for third year high school student, Kaji Fumino to face the exam seasons that comes out after another in succession is a rest day because she went with Teppei to kindergarten swimming lesson. Fumino praises Teppei on how good and fast he learned to swim. Ryuu asks Fumino why she is wearing her school’s swimsuit uniform. The mothers are swimming together with their kids and how come she isn’t wearing the swimsuit they prepared for her. Fumino angrily tells him how she could wear those swimsuits. She says that those are used for vacations and are quite exposed = two piece swim suits/bikinis. Ryuu teases her by saying that she already wore them, showing it to Kazuma. Blushing and pouting Fumino thinks that of course, he had seen it, and he had that kind of reaction. Flashback: While Fumino is wearing a bikini, Kazuma is hugging her tightly. He screamed that he couldn’t bear it, she’s so cute. “I don’t want to you to be seen by some other guy! Don’t go anymore!” Fumino angrily asked him what he is talking about. End flashback. Fumino thinks that they are already quite close, isn’t it enough. While playing with some kids, Ryuu asks her where Kazuma is. Fumino tells him that he’ll come later on because it seems that he is still preparing their bento box. Fumino remembers Kazuma telling her that it isn’t good for the body to be always studying so occasionally, how about they go out and eat. She thinks that as a teacher, Kazuma is very caring towards her, and as a husband, he is very considerate. She feels that she should also do her best in learning how to cook. Teppei tells Fumino that he wants to pee. Fumino accompanies him. While walking, Fumino warns Teppei not to run there because it is slippery. As she is still explaining it to Teppei, Fumino is shock to see someone falling towards her. After a lot of screaming, Fumino catches the woman and tells Teppei that this will happen if he runs. The woman apologizes and thanks Fumino for saving her. After a while, Fumino recognizes her as Shoma’s mother. As Teppei goes to take a pee on his own, Shoma’s mother tells her that she had just finished her pregnant woman swimming class. Fumino angrily scolds her to be careful for right now, she is heavy with child. Later on, Fumino and others have already dressed up. While Fumino is drying up Teppei’s hair with a towel, Shoma’s mother says that they haven’t met since summer and is her name Kaji Fumino. Fumino asks how she knew about it. Shoma’s mother tells her that Meg told her, and her relationship with Shoma is pretty good. While Shoma’s mother is talking with Teppei to learn his name, Fumino realizes that Meg didn’t tell Shoma’s mother about her relationship with Kazuma, and it is a secret that she didn’t mention it.

While walking out, Fumino asks her when she is due. Shoma’s mother says, next week, and she’s happy that it is a girl. Then, Fumino overhears Ryuu calling out to her and says that Kazuma is there, they can go eat. Upon seeing Ryuu with Kazuma, Fumino wonders if Kazuma doesn’t have plans to introduce her to his family. Shoma’s mother blushes and suddenly screams that it is Kazuma. Kazuma is surprised to see her. Since Ryuu asked about it, Kazuma introduces Shoma’s mother to Ryuu. Kazuma and others are speechless when Ryuu suggests that Shoma’s mother to come and eat with them. Soon, beneath a tree, where a picnic blanket is spread, Shoma’s mother praises Kazuma’s cooked food. She happily eats Kazuma’s hand made onigiri and says that she is so happy that she feels like giving birth. Kazuma becomes nervous as to what kind of praise is that. He then calls Fumino as ‘Kaji-chan’ to help him bring a water jug. Shoma’s mother asks why they are all gathered there, are they friends. After some hesitation, Kazuma tells her that Ryuu is his neighbor, and Fumino is his student who lives with Ryuu. Fumino realizes that since Kazuma called her ‘Kaji-chan’ and how he explained his relationship with her to Shoma’s mother, Kazuma plans to keep it a secret. Then, Teppei has dirtied his shirt from eating hamburger. Fumino quickly grabs him and shouts that she’ll clean Teppei up. Regarding the siblings, Shoma’s mother muses that their relationship is really good. She apologizes to Kazuma for not personally telling him that she is pregnant. She is flustered when Kazuma tells her that it is okay because he is no longer a part of the Ojiro family. Shoma’s mother says that it has already been 10 years and surely, the feelings are not the same anymore between him and his father. While she is cleaning Teppei’s shirt by the sink, Fumino is shock when one of the boys suddenly kick the soccer ball towards Shoma’s mother and Kazuma. Shoma’s mother is in shock to see it coming at them but Kazuma pulls her to him to protect her and fiercely catches the ball. He throws the ball back to the boys who apologize. Fumino and Kazuma ask if Shoma’s mother is okay. Shoma’s mother says that she is okay, thank you for the concern but she was really shock that she feels that the baby is coming out. Then, Kazuma and others were in shock. =P Kazuma starts freaking out. He is holding a cellphone and shouting about calling an ambulance. Fumino tells Kazuma not to fret. She asks Shoma’s mother if it hurts. She replies that it hurts a bit. Fumino orders Ryuu to go and hail a taxi cab. She tells Kazuma to help up and support his mother. In the taxi, she calls for the driver to drive straight to the hospital.
At the hospital, Fumino says that it is good that they arrive there before the second stage [= pushing stage]. Shoma’s mother thanks her and says that she is amazing for knowing a lot. Fumino tells her that it is because she has a younger brother. When Teppei is going to be born, it is quite chaotic since they have to go back and forth at the hospital. Her mother would say that she is going to give birth but upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor will say that it is still ‘too early’ then, when they get home, her mother will say that she is going to give birth. End Flashback. Fumino says that even if it is chaotic, it is quite happy = seeing her baby brother. Shoma’s mother smiles and says that it is such a bliss to add another member to the family. Kazuma looks a bit flustered and thoughtful. Teppei tells Shoma’s mother to ‘gambatte’ and she thanks him. Later on, Shoma and Meg have arrived. Ryuu was the one who fetched them. Upon seeing Fumino, Shoma suddenly turns beet red and exclaims why all of a sudden. [<- because of what happened in the last chapter] Fumino says that it is good that he is there since just now, she plans to contact him. She informs him that his mother is now in the delivery room. Shoma and Fumino look a bit tense when Kazuma asks if ‘he’ is coming. Shoma says if he is referring to their father, well, he just contacted him and he is currently at an overseas trip. Kazuma just says, is that so. Carrying a bag of his mother’s things, Shoma thanks them for bringing his mother to the hospital and they should first leave before his father arrive. Fumino thinks about ‘he’ and a secret that she doesn’t know. Kazuma says okay and they are going ahead. Just when he is going out of the door, a nurse comes in and asks Kazuma if he is Emma’s family member. Kazuma says no. The nurse says that Emma got into a dangerous stage so they need to operate on her. They need a relative to sign the consent to operate. Shoma is badly stunned by that, so he doesn’t move even if Meg urges him to go. To their surprise, Kazuma quickly gives Shoma a hug and tells him that it will be alright. “Mama will be okay!” Holding Shoma’s hand, Kazuma tells the nurse that they will quickly go. Shoma seems to be wiping his tears. The nurse asks if he is the husband. Kazuma smiles and says, no, he is the eldest son of the family.
Then, they all nervously wait outside the operating room. Fumino thinks, “Right, sensei. Meeting each other. Knowing each other. Being interdependent. That is.. fate’s bonds. A family member will forever be a family member--” Then, they all are relieved to hear the baby cry. While their mother is resting, the brothers talk while looking at their baby sister at the baby ward. Kazuma says that it was a Caesarian-section. Shoma affirms it and says that even if their mother looks young but she is actually quite old to have a baby so, she is at high risk. Kazuma says that it is good that everything is alright with their mother. Shoma says that he didn’t expect for him to say that he is the eldest son. Kazuma laughs and says that it is all of a sudden. Kazuma admits to him that he had been soul searching that the grudge between him and his father, has no relation to his new born child. “ has nothing to do with this child. *holds Shoma’s shoulder* Shoma, it also has nothing to do with you. Up until now, I’m sorry.” Flustered Shoma takes Kazuma’s hand off him and shouts what he is talking about. Kazuma asks if he is crying. Shoma denies this. Narration: “You’re the one who taught go and cherish..” Kazuma walks back to see Fumino buying some drinks from the vending machine. Fumino asks him if he went to see his baby sister. Kazuma smiles at her then suddenly hugs her tenderly. He asks her, “Fumino. ..Am.. I able to give you happiness?” This made Fumino blush. After looking around to see no one is there, she slightly lowers his head and kisses him on the forehead. Looking straight at his eyes, Fumino says, “..of course!” Narration: “This worthy of pride’s precious fate. I found it and will treasure it throughout my life. I will make you happy.” Later on, a car is parked outside the hospital. Emma wakes up and someone asks her if she is okay. Waving, Emma says that she is and did he go to see the baby. He says that he did. He is surprised when she said that today, Kazuma has always been helping her. The man asks, “Kazuma..?” Emma exclaims, “Geez-- You're son! And also..together with his cute student.” While Fumino is walking ahead, Kazuma tells her to say it again. Embarrassed Fumino calls him an idiot. She tells him that Ryuu and Teppei, are already waiting for them at the car. Narration: “I will properly protect you--” The next day, Fumino is shock over a list of names which mostly means ‘won’t stop [and just came out]’ or ‘being pulled out’. Emma says that those are the baby’s names and she is choosing which one would be good. Shoma asks Fumino to make his mother stop that.
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