September 17, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 86]

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Towako shouts at Rina what she meant by ‘revenge on him’. “Didn’t you like Yuuga..!?” To Towako’s surprise, Rina says that is true that is why she is quite angry at him. “Don’t you know? Yuuga-kun chooses girls based on their appearance. That is what he told me.” Flashback: Younger Yuuga apologized to Rina and told her that they are breaking up. Plain looking Rina exclaimed why, what did she do wrong. Yuuga said no, her character is very good. “But..I do not want others to see us together.” Rina asked what he meant by that. “Were you very ashamed when you are with me? You are judging someone just based on appearance!? I’m sorry but I’m always been ugly! Ha?! You even dare say it! You really don’t understand my heart even for a little bit!” Yuuga exclaimed that it’s mutual. End flashback. Rina tells Towako that it is shocking, isn’t it. “At one side, he’s praising my character, and at the other side, he wants to break up. Am I that ugly? If he hates ugly people then how come from the start, he would go steady with me..” Towako interrupts by saying that it’s too cruel. “That’s too mean! What the heck is that!? Not only basing it on one’s appearance! He unexpectedly rejected your feelings for him!” Rina says that it seems that Towako can understand logic. “I urge you to quickly break up with him.” To Rina’s surprise, Towako bluntly exclaims, “No way! Because, Yuuga would absolutely not say those kind of words!” After recovering from her surprise, irritated Rina says that didn’t she just told her. Towako shouts that she will not let Rina carry out her revenge on Yuuga. Rina angrily tells her to listen to what someone is saying. Towako exclaims that Yuuga absolutely isn’t like that, wherein he’ll ignore other people’s feelings. “Even if he really said it, there’s definitely some other reason for it! (That’s right! Because Yuuga, he is always concerned about Rina-chan..)” Rina says that perhaps.. “But even if he has some reasons, it has nothing to do with the current me. Because, I’ve already changed. *Towako thinks that Rina really had plastic surgery* seems that you really trust Yuuga-kun, but Yuuga-kun will definitely believe me. *smiles* Because he only praised my character.” Aghast Towako sweatdrops and calls for Rina to wait but Rina had already gone out. Towako wonders what Rina is plotting to do.

Timid Rina approaches the guys and apologizes for the wait. Yuuga asks her if she has already calmed down. Rina says yes. “About that.. Yuuga-kun, I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.. I won’t call you again to talk about things.. nor would I come to see you again.” Surprised Yuuga asks what nonsense she is talking about. Towako shouts not to be deceived by Rina. Pointing at Rina, Towako exclaims, “She is just pretending, like that! Just now, she told me about ‘getting revenge on Yuuga’!” The guys look somewhat surprised and Yuuga looked a bit guilty. Himeno asks what Towako is talking about for Rina won’t say those kinds of stuff. Towako is aghast-shock by that. Rina apologizes and says that a while ago, she told Towako that before she and Yuuga were at loggerheads with each other and right now, she wants to do something to make up their relationship. Sparkling Rina says, “It seems that Towako has misunderstood. I’m sorry, what I’ve said had made it a bit complicated.” Towako is totally shock by this and mutters that isn’t right. Himeno says that it turns out that Towako misunderstood. Yuuga mutters Rina’s name. Rina tells Yuuga not to mind because it is all in the past. “Towako really loves you. *sparkling and kind* She’s just jealous over some other girl, right?” Yuuga looks at aghast Towako, then he blushes and says that she is almost at the line. [<-meaning ‘Ah, it’s okay but don’t cross over the line?’] Towako is shock that Yuuga believed Rina. “Even if I usually like to be jealous.. is this a punishment from heaven?” Rina says that she has to go. Yuuga calls out to her and says that if there is anything up, just call him. Rina mutters his name as if she is touched by his concern. Towako is shock again for Yuuga made a promise [/commitment] to Rina. Rina looks at Towako then whispers to her, “Gambatte. Protect your husband well.” As Rina leaves, Towako is shock as to how did she know that they are married. As Towako goes back to the others, she wonders if Yuuga told Rina. Yuuga and Ritsuki seems to be looking at each other [/or at Towako].
Outside, Himeno goes after Rina and says that he’ll walk her home. Rina keeps on walking and tells him that there is no need because her house is nearby. Himeno tells her not to say it like that and they can chat a bit. To his surprise, Rina tells him that she doesn’t want to involve him so please go far away from her. Himeno stops following her and looks somewhat worried. When she is alone, Rina’s cellphone is ringing. Rina answers it and someone says that it seems everything went smoothly. Rina looks across the street to see Kyousuke on the phone. Kyousuke smiles and tells her that about the doctor she mentioned, he has already arranged for it. That night, Towako is looking at Yuuga’s album. Yuuga, who had just taken a bath, asks her what she is looking at. Towako quickly covers the album and says that it is nothing, she is just wants to look at Yuuga who was in junior high then. Teary-eyed Towako pouts that after that incident, she told Yuuga many times about Rina but he doesn’t believe her. Towako insisted that Rina said those things but Yuuga just said, ya, ya, didn’t she admitted it. End flashback. Towako mentally calls Yuuga an idiot. She is surprised when Yuuga is leaning on her back. He tells her not to be stubborn [/difficult] with him anymore, for didn’t he already apologize. Towako retorts back that she isn’t being difficult and who told him to always side with Rina. She couldn’t answer back when Yuuga asks isn’t she being difficult, being like that. “Before.. I had deeply hurt Rina. So I want her to attain happiness.. If right now, there is anything that I can help her with, I would agree to do it. *Towako wonders if Yuuga truly said before, that he doesn’t want others to see him with Rina, but..* --the past me would absolutely have not think of it, this much. I would never, even be considerate towards other people.. Nor understand this so-called, to like someone. Right now, I know it because I’ve met you.” Towako blushes over this. She turns to look at him and shouts, “What, what! Don’t think that because you said some nice words, it is all over! Today, I had been gravely wronged! Yuuga, you’re a big idiot, huge idiot, colossal idiot..” Yuuga holds her hand and kisses her. Towako thinks that Yuuga is so cunning for he knows that she absolutely cannot get angry. “That’s right.. He’s the only one who can show me that kind of expression--”
Yuuga breaks the kiss and smiles at her. Blushing Towako scowls at him. Holding up both her hands, Towako stubbornly tells him that she said it already, that she won’t just forgive him so let go, for he is going to sleep all by himself tonight. Yuuga tells her not to be like that, let’s sleep together. Towako thinks, “I will definitely protect Yuuga! No matter what kind of method she uses--” At a plastic surgeon clinic, the doctor tells Rina that someone had already informed him about it. “Are you the one who want to have a plastic surgery? In what area are you still unsatisfied..” Holding out a picture of Yuuga, Rina says, “Not me. This face. Can you make it become ugly?” Scans by

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