August 30, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 48]

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Sumi looks tense because Nozomu plans to make her his tonight. Just when Nozomu bends down to kiss her, Sumi asks her where Miu is. This surprises Nozomu. Sumi tells him that he hasn’t divorced with Miu, so she cannot become his as long as the issue with Miu has not been resolved. Nozomu sits up and says that she is right. “So, until a line is drawn between me and Miu, I will not touch you.” Before going out of the room, Nozomu tells her that he’ll sleep downstairs, good night. After he left, teary-eyed Sumi looks at the huge heart ring then, glances out the window. She starts crying again upon remembering Nozomu throwing out her ring given by Soichiroh. Soon, it is morning. At some building located far from the city, Nozomu visits Miu who is lying on the bed. He asks how she is but she doesn’t respond. He takes out a bag and throws bundles of money on Miu. He tells her that he is going to get married to Sumi so he hopes that she would give her consent on divorcing him. Miu didn’t react. Before leaving, Nozomu tells her that if the money isn’t enough, she can go see him. Miu still doesn’t move an inch but her expression look somewhat dark. Back at Ashida residence, Sumi is frantically looking for the ring among the flowers in the garden. Her thoughts are all about Soichiroh. Komai goes to her and tells her to stop this because she will be pricked and hurt. Trying to help her to get up, Komai tells her that there might be a problem if she continues to stay in the rose garden. Sumi pulls her arm from him and shouts that she doesn’t want to listen to what a traitor says. Komai calls out to her but Sumi continues to search and tells him not to mind her. Then, Sumi overhears the maids welcoming Nozomu back. Komai tells her to quickly head back in the house or else. Sumi shouts that she knows. As she quickly runs off, Komai looks somewhat worried.

During dinner time, Sumi looks glum while eating. Nozomu asks if she has no appetite. Sumi says no. To maid A’s surprise, Nozomu declares that they re-do the food to what suits Sumi’s taste. This quickly made Sumi eat a lot. =P Sumi tells maid A that it is delicious, can she have a second serving. Maid A is teary-eyed and happy about this. Nozomu looks pleased. He informs her that he went to see Miu today to talk so in a few days time, the procedures for the divorce will soon be done. Sumi seems surprised by this. While in bed, she is worried that if Nozomu and Miu’s divorce pushes through.. She couldn’t sleep so she gets out of bed and starts looking for the ring again. While looking for the ring, she thinks that she couldn’t see a thing. If she knew this earlier, she would have brought along a lamp. Komai appears again and calls out to her. Sumi shouts for him not to hinder her. To her surprise, Komai tells her that the ring has already been found. He takes out the ring from his pocket and tells her not to let Nozomu notice it. Teary-eyed, Sumi happily thanks him. Komai tells her that he prayed within his heart in the hopes that no matter how poor they have become, Soichiroh can still be a family with his beloved Sumi and that they will be able to live their lives happily together. Sumi starts crying that she wasn’t able to do it, and apart from this, she couldn’t think of any other way to protect them. She feels remorseful about it and even gave Miu such painful memories. She then realizes something. She tells Komai to accompany her to see Miu.

The next day, at the place where Miu is staying, the doctor tells Sumi to keep the visit short because the patient hasn’t been doing well since yesterday. Carrying some flowers for Miu, Sumi says okay. Then, Sumi tells Komai to wait for her outside the door. After calming herself down, Sumi knocks and enters the room. She is surprised at how Miu looks that she timidly calls out to her. Upon hearing her, Miu asks if it is Sumi. Miu sits up and says that it has been such a long time and she didn’t expect her to come there. Sumi asks her if it is okay for her not to lie down. Nervous Sumi says that today, she wants to say some things to her. Miu asks her how about they talk outside, the scenery there is very beautiful. Soon, Sumi follows Miu as she leads her to a cliff overlooking a nice sea and mountain scenery. Miu asks isn’t it beautiful. Sumi says that it is. She tells Miu that she and Nozomu are getting married because of money. “I think that you should know that my family is really poor and I have a lot of siblings. So, I specially need money. Even if it is like this.. but I do know, that I had actually given you problems.” Sumi is surprised when Miu starts going near the cliff’s edge. Sumi chases after her. Miu tells her that if she knows of the bad thing that she did, then she should jump off from here. This made Sumi’s face look pale because Miu wants her to jump off the cliff. Miu tells her that it wasn’t easy and she has always been looking forward to getting married to Nozomu but in his heart, it is only Sumi. Crying Miu faces Sumi and exclaims that if Sumi wants her to forgive her, then she should jump off from here. Sumi looks determined. To Miu’s shock, Sumi walks fast towards the edge and jumps off.

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