September 11, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 110]

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Two years ago: Shinobu tells Shiori that from today on, this place will be her temporary residence. Shiori ‘looks’ around and ‘sees’ the beautiful living room surrounded by roses on the pillars. She says that it is amazing and it smells of roses. Shinobu asks if she is satisfied. Shiori happily turns to Shinobu and says that she is very satisfied. Touching his chest, Shiori says that anywhere will do, as long as she can be with Rihito-san. In reality, that place is in ruins and some roses scattered on the floor. Shinobu tells her that he’ll go prepare dinner. Shiori holds his hand and tells him that there is no need. “Just leave dinner aside for a while. *putting his gloved hand on her lips* Starting..from now on..I would always..” Shinobu smiles and carries her ala princess. He says, “..then, I’ll accompany you to the bedroom.” Soon, the scene changes to Shiori’s clothes that are all over the floor. Shinobu and Shiori are sleeping in bed. Then, Shinobu wakes up as if he noticed something. After dressing up, he walks out and looks around the mansion. Standing on top of the stairs, Shinobu notices two young butlers standing downstairs. Young Xiang and Fei are smiling. Shinobu also smiles and says that he wants to thank them for what they did at the train station earlier. “Shiori-ojousama is also very thankful to you guys.” Xiang says that there’s no need [<- being polite] and they are lucky to have met such a beautiful ojousama, so it is their honor. Shinobu tells them that it is quite rude of them to come and visit at this time. [<- late at night] Xiang apologizes and says that it is because they are in a rush. “Speaking of that, did you know? I heard that train had exploded due to some unknown reason.” While walking downstairs, Shinobu says that it seems so. Xiang says that all of the passengers in the train perished except for an ojousama and her butler. Shinobu says that also includes two youngsters. Xiang smiles and says yes, and it is thanks to him.

Standing in front of the two, Shinobu seriously asks them to speak up, what they want. Xiang asks Shinobu to please give Shiori to them, and the reason for that is because they are searching for the ‘world’s no. 1 ojousama’. “She’s filled with mercy and purity, her whole body is emitting a divine and stately brilliance.. Upon laying my eyes on her for the first time, I believe it without a doubt. She is the one whom we are searching for.. Even if, until now, we have already seen multiple numbers of ojousama, they cannot be even mentioned on equal terms with Shiori-ojousama. She’s simply perfect.. so, please, definitely give Shiori-ojousama to us. *Shinobu chuckles* What are you laughing at?” Shinobu apologizes for his rudeness. He tells them that he admires their good eye [/opinion on things] especially since they are quite young. “But, you guys still do not know your manners. So be prepared to accept your punishment, okay?” Xiang comments that Shinobu is going to depend on violence. Fei says that the enemy is only one, so they’ll win. Just when they are about to attack, Shiori wrapped in a blanket, comes out and asks if they have guests. The two blushes a bit as they call out to Shiori. Shinobu tells her that it is the two youngsters who assisted her in ascending the train. “They had specially come here to visit and see you.” Shiori giggles and says that she is happy to be able to see them again. “Rihito-san, treat our two guests properly.” Shinobu looks slyly at the two and says, “As you wish.” Fei looks defensive while Xiang looks surprised. Walking towards the two, Shinobu asks Shiori to sing a song for their two guests. Shiori smiles and says that is right, as a way of welcoming them. Letting go of the blanket which convenient wraps around her lower naked body, Shiori starts to sing. Shinobu takes out his scalpel and attacks the two boys. Shinobu thinks that those two are the ones who made that train explode. “I won’t ask the reason [of their search], nor am I interested in it. No matter how many people dies, it doesn’t matter. ..but then, you guys do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Suddenly having such an absurd thought of taking Shiori-ojousama from my side-- That’s--” Shinobu mutters, “A mortal sin.”
Shinobu pushes Xiang down for the final blow but Xiang shouts, “No..stop--” This made Shiori stop singing. As the bandage from her eyes falls down, she asks if they do not like her singing. While towering over Xiang, Shinobu tells her no, she had misunderstood. “For who in this world, would not like Shiori-ojousama’s song? He is only.. *Shinobu slashes Xiang’s right eye as Fei tries to go to him* ..enchanted by your singing voice.” While Xiang is holding his bleeding right eye, Shiori smiles and says is that so, then she is relieved. “Rihito-san, after you send off the two guests, come back to my room. ..let us continue what we are doing just now. Hihi” Shinobu says, “As you wish.” Xiang tells them that there is no need to see them out. While Shinobu and Shiori look at his direction, Xiang says that there is only one question that he would want to ask Shiori. “For you, so-called ‘happiness’.. the ‘happiness’ within your heart..what is it..” In her naked glory, Shiori answers him, “To be with Rihito-san everyday, to be with Rihito-san every second, to be with Rihito-san’s love, to be with Rihito-san’s..everything. Except for that, everything is meaningless filth. It would have been better if all other things just disappear.” Xiang is speechless surprised by it. Fei laments that once again, they were mistaken. “Does the ojousama we seek truly exists?” Shinobu praises Xiang as amazing, for enduring the pain from the wound. “As a reward, I’ll give you a glass eye for you to wear. ..oh that’s right, that’s right.. I know of someone who is very much like you guys. Right now, he and ‘the world’s number 1 ojousama’ in his mind, are living together.” Xiang looks surprised and asks, “..where is he?” Shinobu smiles and says, “Okay, I’ll tell you guys. Both of you have high prospects. As a ‘butler’, this kind of fantastic living creature..” There is a scene of a S butler button.
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