September 22, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 93]

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It is 7:16am in the morning and Tsubaki is standing outside the school gate to wait for Kyouta. She thinks that today is when Kyouta is coming to school again. Because she had cancelled their date yesterday, she wants to be early than anyone in seeing Kyouta. Soon, some students are coming in. In the end, the bell is already ringing and Kyouta hasn’t arrived yet. This forced Tsubaki to go to class. In the classroom, Tsubaki looks at the empty seat beside her and wonders what happened. The PE teacher is telling everyone about the upcoming sports [balls] competition and he would want the class to win. It is around this time when tired Kyouta arrives in class. Tsubaki is calling him midway when two fangirls ‘cover’ her up by saying that they thought he won’t be coming when they eagerly anticipated his return. Just when Tsubaki is about to say something again, the PE teacher is shouting at Kyouta for being late on the first day and he is way too relaxed. Kyouta’s attendance record is already on the line and it will be over for him if he is late one more time. While some girls are surrounding him, Kyouta tells the teacher that he went out of his house early but he is walking slow like a turtle that even old people pass him by, so could he be more lenient with him. The PE teacher says that rules are rules so tomorrow, he should leave the house at dawn. Kyouta is speechless over that. He sits down and thinks that the PE teacher still has a grudge on him regarding what happened last year. Blushing Tsubaki greets Kyouta a good morning and says that it must be tiring to walk without the clutch. She asks him if he is okay, his foot doesn’t hurt. Without looking at her, Kyouta says, ya. This surprises Tsubaki. She apologizes about yesterday for not able to go with him to the planetarium but she can go today. Kyouta tells her that he already went to see it, so he doesn’t want to go anymore because it is super boring. Tsubaki becomes tense as she realizes that Kyouta is angry at her. She thought that she had become relaxed since she got his message that it was fine, but apparently, it was not.

After class, Tsubaki stands up and offers to go with Kyouta to some other place because she wants to compensate him for what happened. She is interrupted when Nishiki calls out to Kyouta as his comrade and he had always been waiting for his recovery. Another guy asks if his right arm is already okay, too. While stopping Nishiki from hugging him, Kyouta says that his arm is okay thought he is having difficulty in moving his foot. A girl says that it must be tiring. Someone asks what he’ll do in today’s ball competition. Kyouta says that he will be responsible for the penalties [referee?]. Someone asks what about him having to repeat the school year. Kyouta tells them that while he was absent, he studied a lot and did a lot of reports. Someone says that he shouldn’t be absent again. Tsubaki clenches her fist because those are the questions that she would want to be asking Kyouta but unexpectedly, it became this kind of inquisition. Nishiki happily says that they will celebrate this whole week over Kyouta’s recovery. To Nishiki’s shock, Kyouta refuses because he has to work to pay the hospital expenses but, they can go out today. This made Tsubaki realize that he meant that after school, he totally doesn’t have plans to date with her. While the guys and some girls are rejoicing and wondering where they will go, Tsubaki calls out to Kyouta and tells him that even if it is just for a moment, she wants to tell him something. Kyouta looks at her and remembers seeing her with Hiro. To Tsubaki’s dismay, Kyouta looks away and snubs her. Flustered Tsubaki just stands at the side as Kyouta continues to talk with his friends regarding their plans. Then, Kyouta looks a bit flustered. So, Tsubaki went by her lonesome to the planetarium. She overhears the saleslady mentioning about the polar bear statue. She quickly looks at the polar bear statue [that Kyouta wanted to buy for her], and thinks that it is so cute. She notices a poster of ‘Northernmost Memories’ regarding a North Pole film. So, she happily watches cuddly polar bears. Then, she starts to cry that Kyouta chose this movie to watch even if he is obviously bored with it. There is a scene of Kyouta sleeping through the movie. Covering her eyes and starts crying, she thinks that she was mistaken over what she should prioritize yesterday but then, if she didn’t go to that lecture, she will also definitely regret it.
After the movie, Tsubaki wipes her tears and thinks that she doesn’t know which side is right. While walking out of the theater, Tsubaki remembers Hiro telling her that there will be many choices like this later on. Tsubaki thinks that she doesn’t have the capability of balancing both sides, so simply, there will be more [times] when she cannot return to Kyouta’s side. As she heads out, she sees a poster on watching shooting stars at a certain place. Tsubaki gets excited over it because it is at a nearby place and ordinary people can go there. She quickly takes out her notebook to write the details. She wonders if Kyouta knows about it. Then, she stops writing and thinks for a while. Cheering up, Tsubaki takes a brochure and thinks that possibly, later on, there will be wrong choices. And, possibly, one day, she can no longer continue to walk together with Kyouta but those kinds of things, she’ll just wait for it to happen, before thinking [what to do] about it. “Right now, from my heart, there is only one thing that I wanted to convey to Tsubaki-kun.” Kyouta sees a brochure and a note from Tsubaki in his shoe locker. Tsubaki wrote that she learned about this shooting star viewing so can he come with her. It is okay for him to come late because he has work and whatever that needs to be brought, just leave it up to her, because she will research well about this. Then, at some open field, Tsubaki is carrying a lot of things. Looking at her notes, she thinks that the gathering will be done here tomorrow. She is amazed that shooting stars can be seen in that place without having to climb up a mountain. Determined, she thinks that this is her first star viewing so in order for Kyouta not to be unsatisfied, it is necessary for her to do proper research. She goes off to verify the place. Soon, Tsubaki has spread out a blanket on the grassy field. There are even two blankets, probably as pillows, the props, as well as the things for notes, and her schedule. Tsubaki writes on her notebook that it turns out to take longer to prepare than she anticipated so tomorrow, she should go there early by 30 minutes. She happily takes out her cellphone and says that everything will be perfect if Kyouta can come tomorrow. She then becomes depressed for there is no message from Kyouta on her cellphone.
She thinks, maybe not because it has already been a week and there is no reaction from Kyouta. There is a scene of Kyouta looking away from Tsubaki as they play volleyball. She remembers Hiro telling her that it seems Kyouta is the type who thinks that it is okay even if she doesn’t want to reconcile. Tsubaki tensely closes her cellphone. Throwing away the cellphone, she laughs and says that there is still plenty of time. Taking out a portable ‘easy’ planisphere, Tsubaki tells herself that first, she should learn how to use this. While trying to use the planisphere with difficulty, Tsubaki tries to convince herself that it isn’t so [what Hiro thought] and everything will be alright, because Kyouta chose that film to watch. She keeps on twisting and turning the planisphere that she ends up crumpling it. After looking at it in aghast, Tsubaki puts the planisphere on her face and starts to cry. She is surprised when Kyouta takes the planisphere from her and calls her an idiot. He smiles and tells her to relax, he’ll help her see them right now. He takes the compass to learn where the north is. Then, from the direction, he adjusts the planisphere. Pointing up to the sky, Kyouta says that this will make it easy to find it, the Big Dipper. Kyouta is telling her that afterwards, she can find the other star constellations. Tsubaki interrupts and asks why [he is there] for wasn’t the viewing tomorrow. While holding up the planisphere, Kyouta says that is right, but she wrote on the note about doing some research, so he thought that if she is going to investigate the place, she will do it today. “Then, afterwards, I’ve really found you here. The things that you’ve brought far exceed my expectation. Haha. *looks at notes* And, what’s with this schedule. Didn’t I tell you before not to write this kind of thing again? *smiles* Tsubaki, you totally haven’t changed.” Tsubaki suddenly holds Kyouta’s hand with both of her hands. With a flustered expression, she says, “ you.”
Scans by 水银工作室.

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