September 22, 2011

Black Bird [Chapters 54-57]

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Misao and Kyo have returned to the human world. Misao is busy with her exams. Misao remembers the night at the village when they had non-stop sex. It seems that they are very worried about what Shou said that he won’t be like Kyo, who will kill Misao. They assume that Shou had read whatever it is in that immortal fruit records. [Sorry, I’m lazy to look up for the proper term. ^^; and I forgot what it is.] Kyo theorizes that something will change with either one of them that will lead up to that tragedy. Kyo fears for the possibility of Misao dying while Misao fears of the possibility of him leaving her. But, they decide to gamble and be strong. Then, finally, it seems that Misao manages to attract a male classmate though she thinks that Kyo will be angry if he knows about it. At home, Zenki mentions that there is a certain smell coming from Misao. This made Misao worry that she is changing. At school, Kyo had overheard some male classmates about being strangely attracted to Misao. He was furious that he went home to confront Misao but she already left. The others mention to him about that strange scent on Misao. Back at school, some baseball student wounded his wrist but Misao manages to treat it a normal way. So, when Misao is walking at the hallway, Kyo pulls her in a room and starts to lovey-dovey. She stops it by saying that her body scent is strong that she is changing. Soon, she relents to his advances. He tries to tell her to be strong then, he sees her blushing really red. Soon, he is asking her if she went out with that kind of face. Then, they have more lovey-dovey. Kyo’s friends are still talking about that scent which humans cannot smell. Later on, Misao wears a yukata and wants to show it to Kyo. She heads out to find a demon pestering her. Just when it is about touch her, Misao tries to get it away with her hand. To her surprise, it disappears.

It made her think that now she has demon powers. She goes to see Kyo and others. Kyo is pretty proud that the outfit suits her because he was the one who chose it. At first, Misao plans not to tell Kyo for maybe she is just mistaken but Kyo notices her looking somewhat depressed that he asks her what happened. Misao goes out and the demons are disappearing. Kyo tells her that she wasn’t mistaken over what happened. Misao is very nervous because she is she becoming a demon. Kyo seems to put back that protective necklace back to her. He confirms that there is a power emitting from her and it is protecting her. Kyo tells her that they observe this situation for a while. She fears that this power would become so strong that Kyo might kill her like that. She snaps out of it when Kyo assures her that it will be okay, do not be afraid. Going to Kyo, Misao thinks that she isn’t afraid of becoming a demon, she is afraid that things with Kyo will end up like this. [<- they will have to end their relationship.] Then, people are gathered around the river to watch the fireworks. Misao’s father is worried about Misao looking unhappy but her mother teases her that it is something about Kyo. Her father comments that a lot of people are there and they aren’t advancing in the queue. Misao looks up to see a blank whirlpool on the sky. She thinks the demons are gathered but they are not laying a hand on her. She has always wanted to have some power and now, she got it but can it be used to protect her important people. Not to be protected by Kyo but she protecting him. Then, someone bumps into Misao that made her fall down. The man apologizes and Misao’s father asks if she is alright. Misao senses something. It seems that she had created some invincible barrier around her that no one can get close to her. The people behind cannot walk towards her. Since the queue suddenly stops, people are pushing and pulling. [<-Recipe for a stampede] Misao thinks that this is happening because of her..the power is protecting her.
Misao’s mother worriedly goes to her but the barrier repels her. It pushed Misao’s mother backwards and she is about to fall downstairs. Misao panics that she shouts for it to stop. The barrier is suddenly released and her mother is saved but the people are being pushed away. Kyo flies down to her and everything is calm again. He tells her that he got rid of those demons above, and he heard her voice so he came. After Misao’s mother greeted Kyo, Misao is worried about people seeing him fly but Kyo tells him that no one saw it. Misao cries because everyone is safe and sound. Kyo hugs her and tells her to relax, everything is alright. She starts crying over her inability to control that power. Misao’s father is totally freaking out since they are hugging in public. Soon, Kyo carries freaking out Misao as he flies to a tall building. Then, they watch the fireworks. Misao runs to the side and almost falls because of the wind. ^^; Fortunately, Kyo caught her. ^^ Sitting together, Kyo is hugging her from behind while watching the fireworks. He asks her why she isn’t wearing the yukata. She tells him that it is because she didn’t know he is coming. She thanks him for without him, she would have been very afraid. Kyo assures her to not be afraid, she can control that power for what’s supporting power is ‘heart’. He tells her that she wants to protect someone so she becomes stronger. Misao realizes that Kyo became strong because he wanted to protect her. She wanted to protect him and this happiness so she doesn’t want to lose to anyone. They kiss. Then, the fireworks are over. Misao is uneasy over having to fly back with Kyo. Then, Kyo notices that Misao seems to weaken that he asks if she is feeling sick when they aren’t flying yet. He notices that Misao is trembling. To his surprise, she suddenly faints.
While studying with Kyo, Misao is very sleepy. Kyo touches her forehead with his and says that she doesn’t have a fever. He asks if she isn’t feeling well or is she very tired. Misao remembers waking up in bed after the fireworks..after Kyo brought her home. She finds all of this really strange. Kyo tells her to lie down. She refuses for a while until Kyo offers his arm as a pillow. Kyo asks her if she fainted again. She says no..she just get easily tired. They assume that it is because of the summer heat or maybe it is because of her ‘power’. While Kyo is talking to her about eating, Misao has fallen asleep. ^^; After waking her up with a flick on the forehead, Kyo tells her that she cannot study if she is sleepy. Then, he asks her about that aspiration form..what does she want to do after she graduates. Later on, Misao is feeling sleepy and tired again. Her mother tells her to eat dinner by herself since she is coming home late. After her mother left, Reiko calls and comes to visit. [Iirc, Reiko has a demon boyfriend and she is into archery. Tell me if I got the name wrong. ^^;] They talk about Misao’s power and talk about what to do after graduating. Misao is entertaining to become a kindergarten teacher since she likes kids but other than that, she has no other thoughts except to be Kyo’s wife. She fears that Kyo will be displeased if she doesn’t think of herself. Reiko tries to cheer her up. Later on, Misao wakes up and it is already around 6:38pm. She decides to cook dinner since her mother would be late. She looks at a cookbook and becomes teary-eyed upon seeing a note from her that she wanted Kyo to taste that. She thinks that what’s in her brain is mostly about Kyo. Suddenly, Kyo is standing behind her and telling her that recipe looks delicious that he wants her to cook it for him someday. After shouting for her to lock the door, Kyo is bugging Misao about her, cooking for him. She asks him why he is angry. Kyo says that she promised him to always go to his house during summer break. Misao tells him that Reiko came. Kyo replies that it isn’t for the whole day. Misao says that she feel asleep. Kyo tells her to sleep at his house. Misao cannot believe him because he gets angry when she falls asleep in front of him.
Then, Kyo got her to go out and buy some sweets to eat. After buying some dessert, Kyo notices that Misao didn’t chose the one she usually eats. While walking, Misao feels that he is walking too fast. Kyo ends up pulling her that Misao exclaims. This made Kyo ask if she is alright. Misao says no, but her hand hurts. Kyo didn’t let her go. He admits to her that he has always been thinking of her the whole day whether she will come and if she didn’t, he wonders if something had happened to her. He wasn’t able to concentrate that he couldn’t get his duties done. And, today, his mood is really messed up. Blushing Misao looks at flustered Kyo, and realizes that Kyo’s whole world revolves around her and that is why he is doing all this, just to be with her. Misao tells him that she wants to be his bride when she graduates. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to study, she wants to know how to become a wife though he might think that it is too early. Kyo asks her if she really wants that or she is just doing it to match with he wants. He tells her that she is quite patience to be with him so if there is anything she wants to do, he can wait for her. Misao repeats that she wants to be his bride. This surprises Kyo. After calming himself down, he holds her face and tells her that this time around, do not make him wait for nothing. They kiss with the hope that after graduation, Misao will ‘go into his house’. Misao thinks that her everything is all given to Kyo. After they kiss, Kyo asks when her mother will be back. She says she doesn’t know. Kyo invites her to do it but she refuses. After Kyo recovered over the disappointment, they are about to kiss again but their mother sees them. It made Kyo drop the cake on the floor while Misao’s mother is asking what Kyo is doing. At home, Misao wakes up in a start for falling asleep when she is supposed to take a bath. She wonders why she is so tired, is it because her menstruation is coming soon. She looks surprised as to when she last has it. Flustered Misao realizes that she could be pregnant and it happened while they were in the village. Reiko arrives home to her boyfriend to tell him what happened with Misao. He tells her that Misao didn’t have a power but rather, something living inside her has power. He muses that Kyo wasn’t able to change this karma.
And, blushing Misao tells Kyo that she could be pregnant because her menstruation didn’t arrive this month and from what she researched on the internet, she is showing symptoms of pregnancy. They realize that Misao’s power is coming from the baby that is protecting its mother. They realize that it is when, they had nonstop sex on the night when Shou was killed. They wonder what to do, to give birth to it or not. Kyo tells her that he will support her with whatever she chose to do. He will assume responsibility and she doesn’t have to answer right away. Misao tells him that she will be away during the weekend for a family outing. Kyo tells her that he will send someone who would accompany her in case the power becomes violent. She can also take that time to think things through. At the hot spring inn, Misao’s father apologizes to her that they can only stay for a night there because he hasn’t finish writing his book. Misao’s mother notices that Misao’s facial color doesn’t look good. Misao assures her that she is fine. Her parents prepare to take a bath but Misao says that she would go strolling for a while. Looking out the balcony, Misao wonders if Kyo is happy or not that she is pregnant. She thinks that Kyo ought to want to have this child but then, she would have to drop out of school. She doesn’t have to worry about money and a lot of people will help her. She thinks that she can no longer stay in the human world if she gives birth to it. For it to have such a strong power, the baby is obviously not an ordinary child. She fears how her parents would react upon knowing that Kyou isn’t human. They will oppose them but then, this is something that she cannot hide. She wonders what to do for even if she said that she wants to marry him, she didn’t thought of the important stuff. Just when she thinks of going back to the room, she senses that someone is behind her. [It is the Tengu kids] After seeing no one there, she wonders if she was just mistaken. In the room, her parents already had a dip in the hot spring and are talking about the guys they’ve met. They notice Misao who tells them that she is now going to the hot spring. Her parents start to worry about Misao who is acting strange. In the hot spring, Misao felt relaxed then wonders if the baby also felt the warmth. She doesn’t want to go back to her room because she couldn’t look straight at her father’s eyes. Then, she notices a curly haired kid on top of the fence. To her shock, Saburou jumps down from the fence and calls out to her. Kyo is shouting that they should be hiding. Misao is totally embarrassed then faints. Soon, she wakes up in a room with Kyo. Seeing herself wearing a robe, she comments about him going to the female’s bath. Kyo tells her that she should thank him for saving her. He tells her that it is cliche to say but her body isn’t only hers anymore and he cannot sit still, if he wasn’t the one protecting her. He backtracks over it since Misao has not decided if she wants to give birth to it or not. He asks flustered Misao what she plans to do.
Then, the door opens and Sagami and others come in. They are asking what this ‘giving birth’ is all about. The kids are already congratulating them. Sagami seems to be overcome with joy. This made Misao laugh and tell Kyo that of course, she is going to give birth to the baby since it is the baby of her most precious person. Of course, she will be happy over it but she fears over what the baby will be like. Would it have wings and what would her parents would say. That is what she is afraid of. She apologizes to Kyo that she still hasn’t.. Kyo asks her why she knows the baby will be a winged demon. She calms down and says that the baby is like Kyo. Kyo comments that she used to be afraid of him. Misao says that nevertheless, in the end, she likes Kyo, and everyone else. Kyo calmly tells her that her parents will one day understand/accept them, and he will do his best for that to happen. Putting his head on her abdomen, Kyo tells her that he would want her to give birth to their child. While the guys are smiling over this, Misao hugs Kyo and mentally tells her parents that this is the person she likes. To Misao’s shock, Kyo decides that they inform her parents today that she is pregnant but they will temporarily keep it a secret that he is a demon. Then, the two goes to see Misao’s parents. Misao’s father is shock to see Kyo there. He tries to tell him to go home and don’t interrupt their trip. Misao’s mother pacifies him and asks if something is up. While Misao is hiding behind him, Kyo tells them that there is something he has to tell them. After everyone is seated, Kyo informs them that Misao is pregnant and he would want them to allow her to give birth to it. After looking shock, Misao’s mother exclaims what about school and how Misao could bear such a heavy burden. Kyo tells her that it is his entire fault. Misao protests that it isn’t only his fault, for how could only one person make her pregnant, it is also her fault. Surprisingly, Misao’s father tells them to take the responsibility of giving birth to this child. He says that he understands why his wife is against about repeating this [<- I think it happened to her parents, too] but because they have a cute daughter, their lives are happier so there is no reason for him to object if this will make Misao attain happiness. Misao is teary-eyed over this. Kyo bows and thanks him. Misao holds his sleeve then they hug each other. Misao’s father is also crying over his angel, and his wife sweatdrops over his reaction. Later on, Kyo, who is with Misao, is fussing about some public bath with Zenki and Houki. They didn’t notice that on top of the roof by the tree, a man, with a fur shoulder coat, watching them. The man tensely says that it is the immortal fruit [whatever Misao’s title is] and the Tengu. He never thought to see them there and he will make them taste his clan’s hatred/grudge.
Scans by flavia for BW and 红莲汉化组, and Mercury Studio.

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