August 30, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 24]

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Chapter 24: Birthday (Part 2 of 2) Haru gives Shizuku a Mont Blanc fountain pen. Blushing Shizuku says that it is amazing for she didn’t expect him to give her something truly useful. Haru happily says that it is because he thinks that it really suits her. He tells her that Micchan’s deceased mother used to have the same kind of fountain pen but afterwards, he broke it and it made him always feel guilty about it. Shizuku says that upon hearing him say that, it makes her think that this gift is very important. She thanks him and says that she will treasure it. Thinking that she’s very happy, Shizuku looks at Haru and repeats to him that she’ll treasure it. Then, she gives him his V-day choco. Shizuku wonders what’s wrong with her because she is acting shy about this when she obviously makes chocolate every year. Noticing that Haru looks very happy over it, Shizuku is glad that she added one more choco for him from her father’s share. Holding up a bag, Haru happily tells her that he also got Chizuru’s choco. To his surprise, Shizuku quickly takes back her choco and exclaims that she won’t give it to him anymore. She asks him if Chizuru said something to him. Haru says that Chizuru said something about liking him. He tells Shizuku that giving choco to guys is a kind of wooing but after taking it, Chizuru said gambatte so he thought it is about the gift he’s going to give to Shizuku. Shizuku explain this to Haru since Haru is confused over what Chizuru meant but he decided to just ask Chizuru about it tomorrow at school. While Shizuku wonders if Haru doesn’t mind about her wooing him [with choco], her father and brother are looking at them from the door. Her father apologizes for interrupting but the birthday party is starting. Haru goes inside and looks around at the decorations and food. Shizuku tells him to take off his coat so that she can hang it for him. Haru tells Shizuku’s father that he heard that it is a party that he thought everyone will be wearing formal attire but it turns out to be just a mini-scale party. Haru asks if it is really okay for him to join them. Shizuku’s father says that whether it is okay or not, he is already inside. Haru says that he has seen this on the television. It seems that Shizuku’s father asks him if he does not have/experienced a birthday party at home before. Haru says that it isn’t held at home. During his father and brother’s birthday, it will always be a grand celebration at a hotel but he never had one. Because, before he was called into the main residence, he thought that he is an orphan. Shizuku’s father exclaims that it is like some drama plot that he saw yesterday. [The scans are really blurry here but it seems that] Haru doesn’t mind that his birthday isn’t celebrated which shocks Shizuku’s father as to why Haru can still happily mention that.

Shizuku’s father nervously thinks that Haru’s family matters are really complicated. Shizuku thinks that Haru must be in an exceptionally good mood to talk about his family. While blushing Shizuku glances at Haru, Haru is laughing over the party hat that Shizuku’s father is wearing. Holding Takaya upside down, Haru shouts that he finally caught the Zashiki-warashi [child ghost]. Takaya mutters that he was careless. Shizuku exclaims what he is doing with Takaya. Haru asks if he Shizuku’s younger brother. He introduces himself. With Shizuku’s prodding, Takaya also introduces himself. Haru laughs and says that cold look on Takaya is very similar with Shizuku. Takaya and Shizuku’s father are speechless when Shizuku tells Haru that Takaya is quite shy. While glancing at Shizuku then looking at the cake, their father wonders if he should be saying something when his daughter brought a ‘friend’ on her birthday. Just when he is about to remove the candles from the cake, Shizuku’s father freaks out when Haru asks where Shizuku’s mother is, because that is the sensitive topic of the day. Shizuku tells Haru that her mother is working. While taking out the food, she says that it is good that Haru came because there is an extra portion of food for one. Haru smiles over this. Then, to her embarrassment, Haru suddenly flips up her skirt. ^^; Blushing, Shizuku exclaims if he is an idiot and why did he suddenly do that. Aghast, Shizuku’s father tells him not to do that in front of one’s father. Takaya quietly watches them. Somewhere else, Sasayan is biking while listening to some music. After he parks his bicycle, he starts walking until he sees someone familiar behind the building. He calls out to Asako who is sitting by the emergency stairs and asks what she is doing there. He guesses if she is contemplating about whether to give Micchan choco and that is why she is looking down. Asako tells him that even if he is observant but he guessed wrong for she already gave it to him and Micchan accepted it. When Sasayan asks isn’t it good, she says that she isn’t happy with his reaction like how nice of her to give an ojisan [uncle] like him. Thus, he wasn’t thinking of her as some love partner. Sasayan asks her if that is why she is moping there, hoping that Micchan would call her. Asako tells him that he’s so nasty. She says that she is very confident because she is very cute and right now, even if she didn’t ask for it, guys would just come to like her so.. There is a flashback of Asako giving Micchan choco and he slightly smiles at her. Flustered, Asako says that she doesn’t know what to do to make Micchan like her. Sasayan seems to suggest that she go back to the game center but she stubbornly doesn’t want to even if she wants to see Micchan. In the end, Asako shouts that she won’t give up before running off.
In the game center, Yuuzan is really delighted over the choco that were given to Micchan by customers and working students. While eating the chocolates, Yuuzan says that women are like snakes and how knows if they add something else on those handmade choco. Micchan says that it isn’t so. When Yuuzan is about to eat Asako’s choco, Micchan tells him that he cannot eat that. Yuuzan is amused by this and tells him to go after her, for there is a little snake downstairs. He asks if that is Micchan’s kindness, but he is quite cruel or does Micchan think that there is nothing bad with a high school girl confessing to him. After a while, Micchan starts to happily say that a high school girl isn’t bad. This irks Yuuzan as he mutters that it isn’t fun to tease Micchan. Soon, Yuuzan got a call so he left. Micchan lights up a cigarette and remembers Asako telling him that it is honmei [for lovers] choco, that she’s giving him. Then, Sasayan arrives and is happy over the half-price discount because the other guys are doing some other special thing on that day. After some chit-chat, Sasayan tells Micchan to reject Asako if he really doesn’t have any intention with her because if he doesn’t, it will be a huge blow for Asako. Then, Sasayan proceeds to go and play. Micchan calls out to him and says that he is such a busybody. Micchan smiles while Sasayan looks thoughtful. Back at Shizuku’s house, her father is drunk and sleeping on the floor. While tying his shoes, Haru happily says that he had so much fun over the cabaret and three star game. Shizuku tells him to wait for her because she is going to buy something at the convenient store. While Haru is waiting outside, Takaya comes out to give him his scarf that he had left. Haru takes off the paper chain necklace and says that he doesn’t plan on stealing it so, he’s giving it back. Takaya tells him that he can have it. He says that is something Shizuku made herself for their mother. Haru is amazed that Shizuku made it and comments that she’s really talented. He tells Haru that Shizuku made everything – the cake, decorations and the food. His sister will always tell him that whenever their mother wasn’t able to come home that ‘she has no choice’, ‘it isn’t a big deal’, ‘do not be angry’ type of stuff. During those times, she will tell that to him while hugging him tightly. Takaya tells Haru that he thinks that Shizuku is very disappointed today that their mother wasn’t able to come but he feels that it is really great that Haru came. After bidding him good night, Haru asks him if he isn’t lonely. Takaya says that he isn’t because his sister is beside him. Haru looks surprised by this.
While walking, Shizuku says that vacation is over and soon, it will be term exams. She tells him that after her birthday, it feels like the year has ended. She asks him if he’s studying for the exams. Haru says no. Shizuku is irritated how easygoing he is. Since she doesn’t want to lose to him, Shizuku tells him that she didn’t take some special time to study either. Haru tells her that he wants to meet with her mother. Holding his cellphone up, Haru asks her about trying to call her. Shizuku apologizes to him and says that he is the number one person whom she doesn’t want her mother to meet. Haru tells her that he isn’t going to call but rather, Shizuku is going to call or could it be that Shizuku doesn’t know the number. Muttering that Haru is doing baffling things again, Shizuku tells him that she knows but how can she call her mother when there is no reason for her to call. Haru tells her that there is, for today is her birthday. The person whom she really wanted to come isn’t him but rather, it is her mother. Haru smiles and tells her that he is currently at her side so how about trying to call her mother, and her mother will tells her ‘Happy Birthday’. While dialing the number, Shizuku is really nervous as to why things ended up like that. What is she doing when she never called up her mother like this before. She wonders what would she say, would she apologize for disturbing her when she’s busy, and calling her mother right now will be a bit.. She looks at Haru who is quietly sitting at the side. Thinking that she isn’t alone because Haru is beside her, Shizuku holds his sleeve and listens to the other line ringing. When her mother answers it, Shizuku nervously says, mom, that it is her, Shizuku. While looking at some paperwork, Shizuku’s mother says that it is quite rare and did she buy a cellphone, what that guy is doing again. Shizuku says that it isn’t about something bad, their father didn’t do anything and this is her friend’s phone. Her mother asks her why she called. Shizuku nervously says that it is nothing, it is just her birthday. Her mother says that it is so. She apologizes to Shizuku because she is currently very busy. She’ll call her after an hour after she has dealt with all of her work. Shizuku blushes over this then she bids her goodbye.
Haru happily asks her how it went, that was fast. Shizuku tells him that her mother will call after an hour so that they can take their time to chat. She admits to him that she is very nervous. Haru smiles at her and says that’s great. Putting on her ear muffs, Shizuku tells him that since that has been decided by her mother, she has to hurriedly go back home to tidy things up before the call. She thanks him for letting her borrow his cellphone. Haru says that he’ll see her tomorrow. Shizuku thinks that she is quite surprised for Haru unexpectedly smiled at her, and he looks so happy. While quietly walking downstairs, Haru remembers how startled and nervous he was when Shizuku suddenly pulls his sleeve while calling her mother on the phone. To his surprise, Shizuku has followed him and suddenly grabs him from behind. He nervously asks what it is. Holding some boxes of choco [which she seems to take from Haru’s pocket], Shizuku tells him that it is V-day choco, not some year end’s generosity, it’s V-day choco. Puzzled, Haru says ya, it is. To his surprise, Shizuku grabs his collar and kisses him near his left eye. She shouts to him, “Haru, I like you!” Haru is taken aback by this. Looking determined because it seems that Haru didn’t get it, Shizuku pulls him to her and kisses him on the lips. Then, she shouts, “I like you. Understand?” Blushing really red, Haru says, okay, I know. Shizuku is also blushing really red. She quickly runs away but almost trips on her way up that Haru sees her bloomers [<- underwear]. Shizuku thinks that a feeling is born from her beating heart, wherein she wants to share body warmth with Haru and she wants to convey back to him this warmth that he gave her. Haru still looks stunned and his heart is also beating fast and loud. At home, Shizuku is telling all about her life to her mother including her friends at school. While thinking that she wanted to always feel this hot [/passionate] feeling and could this be love, Shizuku tells her mother that she likes someone. Haru happily runs and jumps down the stairs. Then, he looks up with a smile. The omake is about how Shizuku is happy if her mother compares her to being like her and how depressed she is if compared to her father. Elsewhere, Yuu is on video phone via internet with Tokita who is holding her chocolate. Yuuzan is eating chocolates while Andou is driving him some place. Yamaken looks bored while stuck with the trio at a bowling center.
Scans by Amyangel19910323 for BW.

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