August 30, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 23]

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Then, during club activity, Sasayan is observing a guy getting chocolates from a girl. The others are complaining over wanting to have choco, too. Someone calls out for the freshmen to quickly level the field. Sasayan says okay. At a cafe, Yamaken reads a message from a certain Yukari on his cellphone. Yukari is telling him to quickly come already because it is cold. Yamaken thinks that no wonder some girls are quite persistent on meeting with him on that day, because it turns out to be V-day today. He curses that he called Shizuku yesterday and the one who answered it is that Shorty. After sending back a message, Yamaken looks surprise to see Haru standing at the side, looking at him. They look surprise to see each other. Title: Birthday (Part 1 of 2) Haru asks Yamaken what he is doing there, is he lost again, does he want him to accompany him to the bus stop. Yamaken tells him to be careful else he’ll slaughter him. After insisting that he is waiting for someone, Yamaken tells Haru to go away from him, not to come here and get lost, you idiot. Haru snubs him and takes a sit even if Yamaken protests. Haru tells him not to be like that, and even if he detests him [Yamaken] but he is already doing his utmost best not to be angry. Yamaken angrily says that is what he should be saying. Some girls at the side are infatuated with the two guys by saying that they look handsome and they are their type. Haru happily asks Yamaken if he knows what Valentine’s day is all about. He happily says that he cannot wait to get Shizuku’s handmade truffle chocolates. And, even if it is a kind of mushroom but it is alright, he’ll just cook and eat it. [<- Haru is mistaken about truffle chocolate with truffle mushroom]. Then, he hears something dropping. Irked Yamaken has put out all the chocolates that he received and sarcastically asks what kind of thing is Valentine’s day. Haru is shock that Yamaken got all those chocolates from girls. Yamaken laughs and says that it is nothing for every year, he gets at least 10 chocolates and today, he got 7. Haru angrily curses as to why he has a feeling of having fire on his belly. Drinking his coffee, Yamaken tells Haru that he [Haru] is still too inexperienced to talk about V-day with him. He asks what now, is Haru going to Shizuku’s house to get his choco. Haru says no, Shizuku will give it to him tomorrow, at school because she said that she is very busy today, and he [Haru] is not to go to her house. Yamaken exclaims loudly that Shizuku had put Haru as something to be handled last. A couple of girls ask each other if it is okay that two guys chose V-day to meet each other so why don’t they approach them. The two happily ask Haru and Yamaken what they are doing but Haru put on his defensive ‘angry’ stance and shouts what’s up with them, what do they want. Yamaken smiles and apologizes that he is waiting for someone. The frightened girls timidly walk away.

While muttering that those girls are still looking at his direction and they are suspicious, Haru says that this is bad, he should also get going. Yamaken says that Haru is the suspicious-looking one and is he also going to meet someone. Yamaken is surprised when he said that it is Chizuru who called him out. There is a short flashback of Shizuku saying ‘is that so’ after Chizuru confessed that she likes Haru. Takaya quietly looked at his sister then the phone started to ring. End flashback. Almost at the meeting place, Chizuru is really nervous over giving Haru the chocolate. She worries about her appearance and what are the possible reactions of Haru about the chocolates. She tells herself that if she cannot give it now, she cannot give it throughout her life. She panics upon seeing Haru already sitting and waiting for her. She hides behind some bushes and wonders what to do for he looked more handsome and right now, the only one whom he is waiting for is her. She thinks that since it is still early from their appointed time to meet, she’ll steal a glance again. She peeks out the bushes to find Haru there, saying that she’s here. Chizuru says that he startled her. Haru replies that he saw her going there, at the corner of his eye. Thinking that the time for herself is over, she comments that his eyesight is really good. While Chizuru is apologizing for calling him out and that there is something she wants to give him, Haru interrupts and asks her if he can buy hotdogs first. After buying, Haru also gives one to Chizuru. While Haru is eating, Chizuru blushes at how big Haru’s mouth while eating the hotdog bun. She is nervous because she doesn’t know what it tastes like. After a bite, Chizuru coughs that it is too spicy and what’s in it. Haru happily says that he added chili sauce, mustard and chili ketchup so it’s super spicy. To Chizuru’s surprise, Haru asks her why she called him out. While taking something from her bag, Chizuru apologizes and says that Haru must be busy too, but no problem, her business with him will soon be over. Finishing his hotdog, Haru tells her not to mind, because there is also something that he wants to consult with her. When Chizuru asks what it is, Haru happily says that it is Shizuku’s gift. Chizuru is aghast over this. Sweatdropping, Chizuru thinks that she should have quickly gives him the choco so that things won’t progress this way. She apologizes to Haru and says that Haru and she cannot talk together about that thing. Throwing the hotdog wrapper, Haru naively asks why. Thinking that there are many complicated reasons, Chizuru says that she thinks that Shizuku will like whatever it is that Haru chooses for her. Chizuru also says that as long as it is only Haru who chose it, no matter what it is, Shizuku will be happy. Haru says is that so. Chizuru assures him that it is so.
Then, he shows her a huge Tanuki statue which costs 39,800 yen. He laughs his head off that it is really big and idiotic-looking. Sweatdropping Chizuru timidly agrees. To her shock, Haru plans to buy it for Shizuku. She shouts for him to wait. Haru asks what the matter is, won’t it do. Chizuru says that not really but isn’t it very heavy. Haru says that he can carry it with one hand. Chizuru nervously suggests that he choose something else. Haru asks why, when it isn’t easy to find such a huge thing. Chizuru tells him that just because it is huge doesn’t mean that it is good. She suggests that he should also consider his budget. To her shock, his budget is around 100,000 yen. At Shizuku’s house, Takaya looks in the living room and thinks that his sister is decorating the place by herself for her birthday party. He offers to help her but Shizuku asks him if he has finished his homework. She asks him to buy some things for her since she has already finished decorating the place, and she has to air out [dry in the sun] the futon [/comforter]. Holding the list, Takaya tells her that yesterday, their mother called and.. Suddenly Shizuku starts screaming that he asks her what the matter is. It seems that she has hit her head. She just tells him that it is nothing. Outside, while beating up the futon, Shizuku thinks that around this time, Chizuru should have already given Haru the chocolate. She wonders what Haru will say about that, and would he accept it. She is really curious. She thinks that Haru will definitely be happy about it and given how Haru easily told her that he likes her by just giving him something [<- as a friend choco], he would have definitely say that he likes both she [Shizuku] and Chizuru after knowing that Chizuru also likes him. This infuriates Shizuku that she starts beating up the futon over the high probability of Haru saying that. She ends up tripping and rolling over into the blanket. She sits up and tells herself that Haru can do anything he wants, and besides, right now, she cannot do anything. In the room, Shizuku is hugging the comforter. She thinks that this feeling of jealousy is really troublesome and thinking of these kind of ‘no choice’ things is also meaningless. She hates this but then, is this love. She thinks that Asako and Chizuru looked dazzling when they’ve told her about the person they like. She looks displeased when she imagines Haru happily telling Chizuru that they go steady. Shizuku wraps herself around the blanket and starts rolling all over the floor. Blushing, she thinks that Haru told that to her before, and he’s a cheater. A note says that it is a repeat of before, she cannot get out. ^^; Takaya has arrived home and asks his sister what she is doing. She says that he’s home and can he help her get out, she’s stuck. After helping her out, Takaya notices that it is their mother’s futon. Shizuku says that it is because it has been a long time since their mother came home so she wants her to properly rest at home. Takaya tells her that this is something hard for him to tell her but their mother called and said that she might not be able to come because of things that suddenly came up that she has to handle.
While walking in the streets, Haru says that it is really troublesome to choose a gift for a girl. He tells Chizuru that before on Micchan’s birthday, he gave him wine and food to go with the wine but in the end, Micchan told him to take it away for he won’t touch it till he dies. [<-saving it] Then, Andou [Yuuzan’s driver] came and on his own [/without permission], he drank it all up. ^^; Walking behind him, Chizuru is tired because all the things that Haru chose are weird things. Thinking that she had already missed her chance, Chizuru tells Haru that she’s going to call it a day. Chizuru is surprised when Haru tells her if she has a problem, she can just tell him. If it’s Shizuku or Asako, they will mention it to him so he can pretty much understand them, but Chizuru is different from those two. She would keep things to herself. It would be good that if he is like Sasayan, even if it is a bit difficult. He smiles and tells Chizuru that she cannot cheer up if she always keep on lowering [/bowing] down her head. This made Chizuru asks if she is always doing that just now, and Yuu had always told her before that she often does that. Haru tells her that she is like that from the start that she looks a bit gloomy. This surprises Chizuru. It made her realize that it is because of that, Haru would always cheer her up. While Haru is saying that he thought from the start that Chizuru is always looking at ants until someone told him that it isn’t so, Chizuru thinks that Haru is really such a good guy. Even if he is quite scary at times, he is truly a kind person. Strange yet he will do things with his utmost best, and he is also very sincere with his feelings for Shizuku. Chizuru tells him that she thinks he should choose something that Shizuku will like rather than choosing what Haru would want to give her. She suggests that he imagine what kind of gift will truly make Shizuku happy. After thinking for a while, Haru exclaims that he thought of something, and it’s something good that suits Shizuku. He smiles at Chizuru and tells her that he has decided what to buy. Haru is surprised when Chizuru tells him that she likes him. Haru happily smiles over this. Haru is somewhat surprised when Chizuru gives him a bag. Smiling, she tells him that it is V-day choco, and ‘gambatte’. Haru still looks somewhat surprised as Chizuru walks away. He just looks at the bag of choco. Flashback: Shizuku’s father told young Shizuku that her mother will come back this weekend. Shizuku asked if it is so, for there is something in her lessons that she doesn’t understand. Her father offered to help her because after all, he did study in college. In the end, he does not remember studying that question on 4 squares in a circle. Later on, after Shizuku took a bath, she had overheard her father talking on the phone with her mother about not being able to come home. Her father tried to tell her to be go on leave [/be absent] since she did it while studying, and even if the children didn’t say it, they are very lonely. In the end, he lost the debate because it is his fault that his wife has to work.
Then, Shizuku called out to Takaya that they go sleep together. She told him that their mother is very busy so they shouldn’t give her any trouble. When she grows up, she would want to also do that kind of work, like their mother. That way, their mother can come back home and stay for a longer period of time. Then, while her brother is already sleeping, she had already solved the problem. When Shizuku is a bit older, she came out of the toilet looking really ill. Holding her lower abdomen, she thought that this day has finally come. After coming home, her chef father asked her if she is okay because she looked pale. Flustered, Shizuku said that she is okay. Shizuku told herself to calm down, she knows about this and she had learned about it at school. She re-read the stuff regarding menstruation and its symptoms. In pain, she wants to call her mother about it but decides against it because she doesn’t want to bother her mother over this small thing. While enduring it, she told herself not to be afraid and this isn’t something to be embarrassed about. Then, later on, Shizuku served her father and brother some red bean rice [<- for celebrations]. While her brother complains about not liking beans, her father asks if she is alright but blushing Shizuku denied that something is wrong. Soon, much older Shizuku told her father about the high school that she is going to go into. Her father said that she doesn’t have any objections to it but given her grades, should she aim for a better school. Shizuku said that this Shouyou school is closer at home and she can prepare for the college entrance exam on her own. She said that when Takaya is in junior high, it would be necessary for her to prepare for his bento. Her father asked if she told this to her mother. Shizuku said that right now, she will. Her father said that Shizuku is amazing to have thought of this all by herself but then, it also doesn’t matter if she isn’t amazing. Since Shizuku misunderstands what he meant, her father explains that he is saying that she shouldn’t force herself. Shizuku denies that she is and she is considering a school that has a good studying environment as something better. While Shizuku preparing a snack [to give to her father?], her father told her that isn’t what he meant to say but rather, one day, he would want to tell her the joy of sharing together. Shizuku thought that she knows that even if it isn’t done. She knows what to do to make herself happy, what to do to dispel her uneasiness, how to deal with things upon meeting with difficulties, and how to endure sadness.. End flashback.
After blowing the candles, Shizuku’s father opens the lights and says that he is quite moved that Shizuku is already 16 years old. Takaya gives her his and their father’s birthday gift for her. While opening the gift, Takaya apologizes to her for not telling her earlier about their mother. She tells him that she’ll prepare the things he likes the next day so for today, it is all that her mother likes. They gave her some squid foodstuff. While preparing the food, Shizuku thinks that luckily, she can keep herself calm. Earlier, she is so intoxicated with joy over her mother coming home that she now feels kind of down even if this obviously always happens. Her father calls out to her that he’ll put the cake in the refrigerator. Her brother asks her if they can drink juice for today’s dinner. While Takaya is pouring the juice in glasses, Shizuku slightly smiles at them. Holding two boxes, Shizuku calls out to them and say that she wants to give them their V-day’s choco. Then, she looks surprised when she looks out the glass door. It is Haru, in the middle of climbing over their wall. Shizuku asks him what he is doing. Haru smiles and says that he brought a gift for her. He tells her that he fundamentally plans to secretly put it in her room because she said that she is busy but now, he is caught in the act. Still smiling, he greets her a happy birthday. After looking surprised, Shizuku blushes. She thinks that she’s very happy. Omake 1: While Chizuru is walking around to shop with Haru who is happily choosing weird things for Shizuku. Chizuru thinks that he is happy because it is about Shizuku. She wonders if it is okay to think of this as some sort of date. Then, Chizuru wonders how come wherever they go, she would see Yamaken going here and there. Omake 2: Later on, irritated Haru asks Yamaken why he is there. Yamaken says that Haru is annoying when he [Yamaken] is just looking for the place where he is going to meet with someone. Thinking that it turns out that Yamaken is lost, Chizuru tries to tell Haru not to fight. Chizuru offers to help Yamaken regarding where he should go but Yamaken declines her help by saying that he has a map. Chizuru apologizes for this. Looking at his Iphone, Yamaken complains that it is always pointing to that same area but he couldn’t find this OX building. It turns out that OX building is right behind him. ^^; While Chizuru is freaking out and mentally thinking for Yamaken to do his best because he is almost there, Haru bluntly tells Yamaken to look behind him. =P Omake 3: [Guesswork from raws ->] Haru and Chizuru meet up with Yamaken’ three friends who seem to be complaining over the lack of dates. When they heard from Haru about Yamaken, the trio start chasing after Yamaken.
Scans by Amyangel19910323 for BW.

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