August 30, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 22]

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After some time, Shizuku has just taken a bath. She looks at the calendar and February 14th is encircled. She blushes and continues with her schoolwork. At an okonomiyaki restaurant, holding a brochure on chocolates, Asako happily asks Shizuku if she knows what day is it on next Saturday, February 14th. While cooking an okonomiyaki with Haru, Shizuku tells Asako that it is her birthday. Asako freaks out and tells her to forget it, she has to re-do her plans. When Asako is preparing to leave, Shizuku tells her to forget it because she is going to spend the day with her family so there is no need for Asako to prepare anything. But, it seems that Asako didn’t hear it. Haru asks if it is Shizuku’s birthday next week, then happy birthday to you. Shizuku thanks him. Title: Girls∙Cooking∙Chocolate After school, holding a magazine on making chocolates, Shizuku tells Asako that they are going to make this chocolate together today so on that day, Asako is not to do any thing like going to her house and do some sort of ‘Surprise’ kind of thing. Asako timidly cowers and pretends not to know that it is Shizuku’s birthday on that day. Shizuku nervously tells her to look at her and say that. Sasayan overhears that it is Shizuku’s birthday on the 14th. While Shitayanagi is wondering if he’ll get chocolates from Asako, Sasayan asks Haru if he knows what Valentine’s Day is. Haru tells him not to look down on him for he generally knows about it, it is the day when girls throw chocolates to guys. Sasayan says that is generally wrong. Shitayanagi tells Haru that it is a day when girls give chocolates to guys they like. Haru looks surprised by this. While getting to run after Asako who kept saying that she doesn’t know when Shizuku’s birthday is, Shizuku calls out to Haru that she is going to make V-day choco today so does he want some. After looking surprise, Haru says that he wants [it]. Outside, after Shizuku trips flat on the ground from chasing Asako, Asako tells her that she understands because it is rare for Shizuku to be this persistent as if her life depended on it and speaking of that, it is a rare-to-come-by reunion so how can she just barge in Shizuku’s place. Sitting up, Shizuku tells her that doesn’t matter but rather, it is because her mother will come back tomorrow so she wants to show off how outstanding she is this year, by reporting it all to her mother. Asako says is that so. At the chocolate store, Shizuku and Asako meet with Chizuru and Yuu. Yuu asks them if they are also going to make chocolates. At Shizuku’s house, Asako, Chizuru and Yuu exclaim, ‘Sorry for interrupting’. Asako says that she is excited over making chocolates together with everyone. Chizuru says that Shizuku is a big help to them because they don’t have the utensils. Yuu says that’s very good and everyone should do their best. Shizuku invites them in. They greet Shizuku’s father who is reading a newspaper. Shizuku’s father prepares to leave and says that having girls there make things lively. He wishes them ‘gambatte’. Shizuku tells Yuu that she has already told her father that they are coming. Asako apologizes for interrupting him on his vacation day. Shizuku darkly says that for his father, everyday is Sunday. Yuu notices a boy peeking out of the door. She exclaims that it seems that there is something there. Shizuku introduces them to her younger brother, Takaya. Takaya greets them and wishes them to have fun. Asako comments that Takaya is very similar with Shizuku. Blushing, Shizuku says that isn’t he very charming and cute. [<- dotes on Takaya] Asako is puzzled by that. Later on, Shizuku brings out the utensils. Holding a heart-shaped box, Asako thinks that it has been such a long time since she done this and this year, she won’t be giving choco to her father again. With her own hand-made choco, she is going to give it to Micchan. Chizuru exclaims how cute the cookie/choco cutters are. While getting some wrapping papers, Shizuku says that it is because she makes chocolates for her father and Takaya every year. Looking at the wrapping papers, Shizuku tells them that she will make choco for Takaya, her father, Haru, Sasayan and Sameshima [鮫島; Micchan?] though it seems that wrappers are not enough so it would be okay for her to use the leftovers from last year. Asako tosses the papers around and reminds Shizuku that this is V-day, not some end of summer generosity. Holding a heart box with the words ‘like’, Asako tells her that if Shizuku is going to give choco to someone like Sasayan then it doesn’t matter if she uses last year’s leftover wrappers but this year, they are doing honmei [for lovers] chocolate.

To Asako’s shock, Shizuku picks up the wrappers and tells her that even so, the insides [/chocolates] are the same. Then, Yuu is wishing Chizuru ‘gambate’ but Chizuru is hugging her tight to keep quiet. To their surprise, Asako has realized that the two of them are planning to give away honmei choco. Chizuru tries to reassure Asako that she isn’t going to give it to Haru, but rather, she is just helping Yuu out. Yuu tells Chizuru that she is still saying that. Tearful Asako apologizes and says that she only thought that it would be fun if they make choco together [but she didn’t consider this]. Then, Asako looks surprised. She asks Yuu if she plans on giving choco to someone, is there someone she likes. Yuu says her boyfriend. Asako’s smile freezes that Yuu repeats that it is for her boyfriend. Flashback: Miyama Yuu..15 year old that summer. Sitting on the stairs with a young boy, Yuu looked surprised. The boy repeated that he likes her. This surprises her. Tokita is someone whom Yuu got along with whether it is during in school or cram class. Among the guys, he is the one whom Yuu got along best so she hasn’t thought of that [possibility]. Yuu blushed over this. At school, Yuu is so embarrassed that she would quickly look away whenever she saw Tokita in school. Chizuru asked her if it is okay for her not to give an answer back to Tokita all this time. Yuu said that it is because she doesn’t know how to talk with him anymore. Chizuru asked if she want to always keep on continue being like this [and nothing will change]. Yuu looked thoughtful and told her that she will try giving Tokita the answer. She emailed Tokita for them to meet at the usual place. At the place, Tokita smiled and told Yuu that next week, he is going to moving away so forget what happened those few days and just act like the usual. Yuu just said, is that so. At that time, she is relieved because after all, she is just a junior high schooler. It is also because the distance is quite far so there is no way for them to go steady like that. She told Chizuru that Tokita is moving to some place. Yuu thought that compared to how far the distance is, it is more unbearable that she won’t be able to watch anime together with him, can no longer play arcade games with him and not being able to see him again. To Chizuru’s surprise, Yuu started to cry. At Narita airport, Yuu ran around, looking for Tokita. Tokita saw her and went to her as Yuu bend down to catch her breath. Crying and blushing, Yuu confessed that she likes him, she will be lonely without him, and she really likes him. Tokita hugged her and shouted her name. End flashback. Yuu tells the other girls, that is how they had gone steady. Asako is really moved by that little love story. Chizuru asks Yuu if her relationship with Tokita is still quite good. Yuu says that is true because everyday, they are hunting in a computer game ‘Monster Hunter’ as comrades. Shizuku apologizes and asks wouldn’t it be best for Yuu to just call Tokita on the cellphone rather than rushing to the airport. Asako shouts that right now, they should not talk about that. Yuu tells Shizuku that it is because she wants to tell it to Tokita upfront rather than on the phone. Chizuru asks Asako to whom she is going to give her choco. Asako timidly says that it will be for Micchan. Realizing that it isn’t Sasayan whom Asako likes, Chizuru says that it turns out that Asako already likes someone and she had that idea during the hatsumode [/shrine visit]. Chizuru wishes her ‘gambatte’. Asako remembers their conversation wherein she asked Chizuru to like someone else but Chizuru cannot take Haru out of her mind. Asako just nervously smiles and thanks Chizuru.

Soon, they finished chopping the chocolate and start to prepare the boiling water that will be used to melt the chocolate [<- indirect heat]. Yuu mentions of the group date that she initiated with Mabo and the others by inviting four other girls. Shizuku and others are curious when Yuu mentions that the competition is quite astonishing. From there on, she[/they] notice a lot of surprising things and she didn’t think that Yamaken unexpectedly.. Then, the phone rings. Yuu tells Shizuku about it but Shizuku’s hands are dirty with chocolate so she asked Yuu to answer it. The person on the line says that he is Yamaguchi [山口] and is Mizutani-chan there. [<- hehe, speaking of the devil, it’s Yamaken.] But, Yuu didn’t hear that because Asako is shouting that there is chocolate on Yuu’s socks. This surprises Yuu and she apologizes to Shizuku. ‘Yamaguchi’ overhears this so when Yuu asks again who it is, ‘Yamaguchi’ says that he got the wrong number. =P After ‘Yamaguchi’ hung up the phone, Shizuku asks who it is. Yuu smiles and says that it is a wrong number. At the game center, Haru calls Shizuku and asks how the progress of the chocolate is. She tells him that they are melting it. Blushing Haru tells him that it is okay, it is no big deal, even if it is small. Shizuku says okay and tells him not to keep on calling because she is busy. With that, she promptly hangs up on him. Micchan asks him what he is fussing about. Haru happily tells him that Shizuku is making chocolate for him. He accuses Micchan of tricking him about V-day being just a day when girls throw choco to guys. He happily muses that the world is beautiful and he would like to thank within his heart the person who created this kind of activity. Micchan thinks that it is rare for young guys to be like Haru who is intoxicated by V-day. Haru tells him that Asako asked him what he [Micchan] likes as a filling and he [Haru] told her that it is ‘salted fish roe’ which Micchan likes, is that okay. Micchan says that it will be quite a problem if it is a chocolate filled with fish roe. Haru looks at Micchan and tells him not to make Asako cry because if she cries a bit, it is quite problematic so Micchan should be careful. Micchan is teary-eyed that Haru’s speech had become arrogant. Sasayan arrives and asks Haru what he plans to do on Shizuku’s birthday. Sitting beside Haru who is playing on an arcade, Sasayan takes out a bag of chocolates and eats it. While reading a note within the choco, Sasayan asks if Haru is going to celebrate it. Haru remembers the time when it is his brother’s birthday. Flashback: There is an announcement for today’s main star to come on stage. A bouquet of flowers is given to Yuuzan. Smiling Yuuzan happily smiled and thanked everyone. Haru looked awed by this that he started to happily clap for his brother. End flashback. Haru mutters that Shizuku shouldn’t like that kind of celebration. Sasayan glances at Haru’s playing and comments that he is amazing. Back to the girls, Chizuru is shock that she had unconsciously made a chicken-shaped choco. She thinks that it is such a waste if she just throws it away and it isn’t easy to make such a cute choco. Shizuku made ordinary round chocolates. Yuu made beetle larva and bettle shaped choco because Tokita likes insects. Asako made a sunglasses-shaped choco. Shizuku looks thoughtful over her four boxes of choco which has 5 pieces of choco except for Takaya which has more than 5 pieces. She remembers Asako telling her that they are making honmei choco. Shizuku dismiss that thought and just put one more choco ball from her father’s to Haru’s box.

To Chizuru’s surprise, Yuu exclaims that her chicken-shaped choco is so cute and does her father likes chicken. Chizuru is blushing and tries to deny it. Then, Shizuku asks Chizuru if she isn’t going to give one to Haru. Yuu and Asako freak out that they quickly hide, fearing over the possible reaction. Chizuru tells surprised Shizuku that she won’t give Haru, that is for her father. Shizuku says is that so. Yuu can only sigh for Chizuru. Soon, the girls have a tea break. While washing some strawberries, Shizuku thinks that she really thought that Chizuru has a thing for Haru, could it be that she is mistaken though it isn’t about something [/choco] that cannot be given. Then, she wonders what Haru’s reaction will be if Chizuru really gives Haru chocolates. She becomes tense and just dismisses that thought. After some time, the hardened choco are wrapped up. Soon, they bid each other goodbye. While walking home, Yuu asks Chizuru if she really won’t give Haru chocolates. Chizuru says that she won’t give it for didn’t she tell her earlier, she doesn’t want to be a hindrance between Shizuku and Haru. Yuu asks if she is afraid of being awkward, and is it because Shizuku and Asako are her good friends. Chizuru admits that she likes those two. Yuu tells her that she is too apprehensive, just like when she is still in junior high, always ‘gambatte’ to other people but in the end, not thinking of oneself, when she is obviously popular with guys. It isn’t easy for Chizuru to like a guy so she [Yuu] wants to wish Chizuru ‘gambatte’. Chizuru tells her that she is mistaken for she [Chizuru] isn’t apprhensive about it. Then, they notice Asako calling Chizuru. Blushing and looking down, Asako tells her that Haru will definitely be happy if she is to give that chocolate to him. Asako admits that she had said some cruel things to Chizuru during the hatsumode, about if other guys, other than Haru, are okay with her, when she obviously understands Chizuru’s feelings [like her feelings for Micchan]. Asako wishes Chizuru to gambatte. She and everyone did their best to make the chocolates and if Haru doesn’t know the feelings that she imparted in making the chocolates, then those chocolates she made are very pitiful. Asako smiles before running off. She mentally apologizes to Shizuku but Chizuru also really likes Haru. Yuu is puzzled then she looks at Chizuru. To her surprise, Chizuru is crying. Chizuru sobs that if she gave Haru the chocolate, he will definitely refuse it. She should already give up on him but she still wants to give them to Haru, because she also wants to see Haru’s smile. Yuu comforts Chizuru not to cry anymore and reminds Chizuru about what she told her [Yuu] during the time when Tokita is moving away. That is if she doesn’t do anything, things will always remain like that. Yuu tells her to ‘gambatte’. Chizuru removes her glasses and wipes her tears. In Shizuku’s house, Takaya glances at the side and thinks that his sister is making her own birthday cake. Shizuku is icing and putting strawberries on the cake. There is a chocolate sign = happy birthday Shizuku-chan at the side. She asks Takaya if there is anything he would want to eat. Takaya says no, he would eat anything. Shizuku tells him that she will cook their mother’s favorite food and tomorrow, their mother is coming back so it ought to be very fun [/happy]. Takaya says ya. While Takaya is drinking some juice, ding dong, the door bell rings. Shizuku goes out and says that it is Chizuru, did she forget something. Chizuru tells Shizuku that tomorrow, she wants to give the chocolate to Haru. She specially came back to tell Shizuku this and she doesn’t know how Shizuku will react to this, but she feels that she should tell Shizuku. Shizuku asks her if she likes Haru. Blushing Chizuru admits that she likes Haru. Omake 1: While making chocolates, the girls wonder how they will shape them. Asako says that they ask a guy’s opinion. She calls out to Takaya and asks what guys like. Takaya bluntly says, ‘Chest/bosom’ then opens the television. =P Omake 2: They finished molding the chocolates. Shizuku tells them that they have to put the chocolates in the refrigerator for around an hour. Asako suggests that they look at Shizuku’s room while waiting. Takaya is thirsty so he opens the refrigerator. He sees the ‘sun-glasses shaped chocolate and thinks that it is bra/brassiere. =P

Scans by PF@lj

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