August 27, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 20]

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Title: Two days, One Night It is still dark when Haru calls for Micchan to hurry up because Shizuku and others are already there. He also tells Micchan to take care of things at home including feeding Nagoya. And thus, it is the start of their 2 days 1 night, ski trip. At the ski hill, Mabo tells everyone that Yamaken might reach his ‘future life’ [in Buddhism] so everyone is to keep a close watch on Yamaken. =P Yamaken tells them to be careful else he’ll slaughter them. While preparing, Sasayan notices that Shizuku isn’t carrying a book to study. Shizuku says that this time around, she wants to have fun. The trio thinks that Yuu is Chizuru’s younger sister. To Chizuru’s dismay, Yuu is pretending that is true. Fixing her goggles, Shizuku thinks that the goal of this trip is to make Haru have fun and be happy. Haru and Yamaken had started their rivalry on fussing with Shizuku. Shizuku had brought fried chicken since Haru might be sad that he wasn’t able to bring Nagoya. =P To Asako’s dismay, Micchan isn’t going to stay with them because of his work but he’ll come back tomorrow to pick them up. Asako thinks that without Micchan, there is no meaning for them to go there. Later on, Haru and Asako are awed at how high they are in the snowy mountain. They quickly jump down with their ski board and instantly crash. ^^; Sasayan reprimands them for being reckless and teaches them how to ski board. Shizuku chickens out and decides to just wait for Haru below. Yuu suggests to Chizuru to ask Haru to teach her to ski. Chizuru is hesitant about it because she believes Haru won’t teach her and Shizuku is there. Yuu says that it is fine because Shizuku doesn’t treat her as a love rival. Chizuru tells her that even if she likes Haru, she doesn’t want to be a hindrance to their relationship. To Chizuru’s surprise, Yuu says that she is worrying too much and anyway, there is a wall between Haru and Shizuku. Yuu exclaims that she’ll cheer for Chizuru to do her best. Then, Yuu pushes Chizuru backwards that made her bump on to Haru. Yuu suggests that Haru help accompany Chizuru down the slope. At the other side, the trio wants to teach Asako to ski but she tells them to try to catch her. To her shock, they think that she’ll go steady with anyone who catches her. Then, Haru overhears Yamaken asking Sasayan where Shizuku is. Sasayan tells him that she must have gone down to practice. This made Haru stop Yamaken who is going to see Shizuku. Haru accuses him of liking Shizuku but Yamaken says that it is a kind of ‘like’. This puzzles Haru while Yamaken is frustrated that he becomes a fool whenever he talks with Haru. Soon, the two race down to get to Shizuku. Sasayan mutters what’s up with those two. While Chizuru is dismayed over what happened, Yuu laughs and exclaims that won’t do. Later on, while lying on the snow, Shizuku is reciting some historical dates. She couldn’t stand up even if she obviously studied how to ski before going there. If she knew this early on, she would have brought lots of books but because Haru is having so much.. She muses that it is good that those two guys didn’t go after her and aside from studying, there isn’t much she is good at. She starts to think of historical dates again when Sasayan passes by and asks why she is there and where are those guys. Shizuku tells him that no one came there. Wondering what the heck those two are doing, Sasayan exclaims that it has been some time since Yamaken and Haru went after her.

Sitting up, Shizuku finds Yamaken pitiful because Haru is very jealous of him. Sasayan sweatdrops that she obviously knew, and yet she misses on the crucial point [why Haru is jealous]. Sasayan asks if she has always been there practicing. Shizuku says yes thought right now, she is resting and reviewing the stuff she studied last year. After Sasayan asked about why she is still studying, Shizuku tells him that it help makes her feel at ease. This made Sasayan comment that it is the first time he has seen her without a book. Shizuku tells him that she didn’t brought it because it would make her want to read it and the goal for going there is to make Haru happy, and this is because she hasn’t done something for Haru since then. She thinks that she should do something occasionally to make Haru happy. Sasayan smiles over this and tells her that if she wants Haru to be happy, it is actually just for her to be really happy, and that is what makes Haru feel happiest. Helping Shizuku up, Sasayan says that at least, she can ski together with Haru. Shizuku smiles and says, ya. Then, Asako sees them and shows them the snow sled that she has. She tells them to have fun with it later on. With everyone gathered, Mabo tells them that it is time to eat lunch. Then, they realize that both Haru and Yamaken are missing. Soon, the two arrive while quarrelling. There are some leaves on their clothes. It turns out that Yamaken got lost and Haru has to chase after him at some strange place. They blame each other for what happened. Haru angrily points at Yamaken and says that they almost died because of him. Hitting Haru’s head, Yamaken shouts that Haru made things worst. Mabo and others sweatdrop over what those two guys were doing. After lunch and more fun in the snow, they arrive at the villa. Asako and Sasayan are amazed over it while Yamaken complains that it is small. Mabo tells him that it is because his father is using the other villa. Chizuru is shock that he has another villa. Mabo tells the girls that their rooms are upstairs. While the others are talking about how rich Mabo and others are, Shizuku is happy to see a bookcase filled with books. Yamaken goes over to talk with her but Haru interrupts them by putting his hand on the book. Shizuku thinks that she has to be careful or else [she forgets her goal]. Both Sasayan and Asako had seen this. While at the grocery to buy some food and snacks, Asako complains to Sasayan as to why Yamaken is always destroying Haru and Shizuku’s relationship. Sasayan says that it is alright because the right to decide on it is with Shizuku. Asako accuses Sasayan of siding with Yamaken which Sasayan denies. He tells her that the most important thing is Haru really likes Shizuku. Asako exclaims what he is talking about and of course, Haru likes Shizuku the best. Sasayan says that even if one is to say that, he still feels that Haru doesn’t consider Shizuku’s affairs. Even if Haru likes Shizuku, he is too rigid with her and when they are studying for the exam, Yuuzan said that Haru is a coward. That is something which he [Sasayan] can kind of understand as to what Yuuzan meant. Asako shouts that Sasayan is always acting like an adult and he doesn’t understand this feeling because he has many friends. Sasayan says that these are two different things. Asako shouts that it is related and she really hates it when he [/someone] says those kind of things about Haru.
Soon, back at the villa, dinner is either curry or creamy [meat] stew. To Sasayan’s irritation, Asako gives him a small serving of food. This made Chizuru asks him if something happened between him and Asako. While angrily eating, Sasayan says how should he know and Asako is acting too childish. Shizuku and Haru got a lot of serving and Yamaken also got a small serving of food. =P Then, while Sasayan go to get some more food, everyone freaks out when Yuu asks Shizuku which one she likes. Shizuku says that she likes creamy stew. Just when Yuu is about to say that isn’t what she meant, Chizuru covers her mouth, even as Yuu whispers that she is asking for Chizuru’s sake. Then, while Sasayan and Asako are looking nervous, the trio notices Yuu and learns that she is from a different school. They ask her to introduce some girls to them. To their surprise, Yuu tells them that they are popular in their school. Asako invites Shizuku to take a bath together. Shizuku is surprised by this and Haru wants to join. =P Later on, Yamaken is sitting at the porch. He thinks that right now, Shizuku would definitely choose Haru, regarding that question earlier. It is inevitable because he has not yet stand at the battleground and at least, he would be at ease. He thinks that Shizuku will not understand if he beat around the bush because she is slow-witted. While Yamaken is wondering about going for a straightforward approach, Shizuku calls out to him and says that it turns out that he is there. She tells him that the others are playing hide and seek. He asks why she is there. She says that she was easily found and it is too noisy inside. She is also a bit tired so she came out for some air. Just when Shizuku is about to leave, Yamaken asks her if she knows what a ‘torque’ is. While wondering what kind of stupid question is that, Yamaken is relieved that Shizuku answers his question. Soon, Shizuku is sitting with Yamaken and telling him about circumference not being hard. Yamaken asks if she is into physics for college. She tells him it isn’t like that but she is interested in it after the mock exam. Yamaken thinks that it is rare for her to take the initiative to talk though it doesn’t matter if it isn’t about that kind of topic. Then, from the window, Haru sees the two of them. Sasayan is telling Haru to hide else he’ll be found. Sasayan is surprised to see how angry Haru looks as Haru mutters that Shizuku seems to look very happy. Haru says that he’ll go out for a while. Sasayan stops him and asks what he plans to do. Haru grabs Sasayan’s collar and asks if he plans to hinder him. Sasayan tells him that he fundamentally doesn’t understand Shizuku and didn’t he say before, he [Haru] should properly think of things. Sasayan asks him if he doesn’t know about the reason why Shizuku came here and, if he doesn’t, he should go and know about it, otherwise, he will go back to being alone again. This made Haru push Sasayan on the wall and Sasayan hit his head. While Sasayan winces in pain, Haru quickly leaves. Chizuru is about to say that she found Haru but Haru ignores her and leaves. Chizuru says that she found Sasayan and what happened to him. Sasayan quickly asks her where Haru went. She tells him that he went to the second floor. Sasayan sighs in relief. Chizuru sweatdrops then looks thoughtful. Haru remembers what his brother told him that in Haru’s heart, Haru is the only one important and that is why he doesn’t trust anyone thus no one can accept someone like him. Haru angrily curses.
Then, Shizuku is startled that she had doze off. Since it has become colder, she decides to head inside. Just when she is going in, Yamaken holds her wrist and asks her cellphone number, so that he can call her next time. Shizuku tells him that she doesn’t have a cellphone. After a pause, Shizuku asks him to let go of her hand. Yamaken stands up and asks her what if he says that he doesn’t want to. Shizuku looks tense. Yamaken says, “I..” Then, he lost his courage upon seeing Yuu looking at them from the glass door. Mabo shouts that he has found Yuu and it turned out that she is hiding there. Yuu says that she has always been there. Yamaken ends up blurting that he is a guy who won’t do this kind of thing with anyone. ^^; Shizuku says is that so. Inside, Mabo and Tamio are saying that Asako and Joji are still not found. Chizuru is helping Sasayan with an ice bag for his head bump. Sasayan asks Shizuku if she is going upstairs and he would suggest that she doesn’t. Shizuku says that she is only going to change clothes, because she feels she needs another one on her. When she asks him about his head, Sasayan says that he wasn’t careful and got bump on the head. Shizuku is puzzled when Sasayan apologizes for perhaps he is being meddlesome. In the room, while changing her clothes, Shizuku wonders where Haru is. He and Asako are in a high while playing around this morning and right now, he ought to be hiding in some place. She thinks that in the end, she didn’t do anything good and perhaps this is good. To her shock, she sees Haru sitting on the floor between the two beds, looking at her. Covering herself with a shirt, blushing Shizuku shouts for him to make some sound that he is there. Blushing Haru says that he plans to but she started to undress. While putting on her clothes, Shizuku wonders if Haru has seen it or not. After telling Haru that he can now turn around, Shizuku asks him if he had fun. Haru says that he did, he had lot of fun, and he’s very happy. Shizuku says that is good, and that is her goal for coming there. Haru remembers what Sasayan told him earlier. This made Haru quiet. She asks him if he is cold and he should come to the heater. Approaching her, Haru asks for her hand. While touching each other’s hands, Haru says that it has not happened. Shizuku asks what. Haru tells her that the first time she touched him, there is a surge of warmth coming from his heart and at that time, he always thought of wanting to have that kind of feeling, because it had made him feel really happy. Shizuku wonders if this is what Haru came to confirm with her, those few days before. Haru says that is why, at that time, he thinks that it is definitely love because his heart is beating fast. Bending her fingers on Haru’s hand, Shizuku asks him if right now, he feels that this and love isn’t the same. This made Haru blush and exclaims that it isn’t so. Shizuku asks if touching hands won’t do, what should she do in order to meet his expectation. Haru says that there is no need to do that. Shizuku insists because it is something important to him. Haru happily says that there is no need for it. Shizuku looks at him and says that she feels very at ease just from seeing Haru’s smile. Then, she leans on him. Soon, Shizuku is sound asleep on his lap. Haru blushes and thinks that he has no way to keep calm.
Downstairs, the others had found Joji. Haru goes to where Sasayan is and sits by his side. When Sasayan asks about Shizuku, Haru says that she is already asleep, and he bundled her up in the blanket. He asks Haru if he had quit the idea of making a fuss. Haru says that temporarily, yes, because the most important thing is to make Shizuku feel at ease. Sasayan looks surprised by this. Chizuru is relieved that Haru is back to normal because she caught a glimpse of him being in a bad mood earlier. At the side, at the sofa, Yamaken is looking at the contact number [at home] that Shizuku gave him with specific times when he can call. Yamaken angrily thinks that no matter what Shizuku is really attentive with details and it’s problematic, calling her at home, though seeing that expression on her, asking him to let her go, he wonders if he expected it. While putting in his Iphone the contact number, he thinks that the most important thing is for Shizuku to be conscious of his existence. He quickly stops what he is doing when Yuu is looking at him. She offers him some hot drink. Haru tells Sasayan that it is a bad situation and thanks to him [Sasayan], he didn’t go there. Sasayan smiles and says that it is okay, they are now even. Haru is puzzled by this but Sasayan changes the topic and says that it seems the trio is playing some other game and they totally forgot about one person. It turns out that Asako has been hiding in her room with Shizuku. She has seen everything but doesn’t want to tell it to anyone else she be scolded. And right now, she doesn’t know what she should do in this difficult situation because Shizuku is tied up in her blanket and is asking for someone’s help to release her. =P Omake 1: It seems that for Haru, going downhill with Chizuru means carrying her on top of his head instead of holding hands going down. Omake 2: What Haru saw while Shizuku is undressing is only her sleeveless shirt and a haramaki [belly warmer]. He is happy about this but then, it isn’t that kind of thing. Omake 3: While playing cards, Yuu tells the trio that they are known as the 3 idiots and the girls will only choose them if they are hungry. The trio is angry that they are being used for girls to eat as if they are bargirls, and no wonder that is what girls had always been inviting them for. Joji has a more favorable comment from the girls and some had a crush on him. Yamaken has a fan club wherein the girls say that he is a fox spirit who just won’t just ‘go die’. Mabo and Tomio whine over why it is like that with Yamaken and Yamaken laughs that everyone is in a bad position. Chizuru wonders if this is because of rivalry among them and why should Yamaken be proud of that. Elsewhere, Shizuku and Asako are taking a bath together and are quite shy. They got Haru to guard outside.
Scans by kiri for BW

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