August 27, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 84]

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Ritsuki tells Towako not to worry, he is only going to tell her something. Towako looks tense. She asks him what he wants to say. Towako becomes puzzled when Ritsuki blushes really red. Covering his face, embarrassed Ritsuki exclaims that she must have already felt it. “Stupid! And also! Don’t stare at me!” Walking towards the door, Towako asks what’s up with him and she’s leaving. Surprised, Ritsuki shouts, “—it’s.. it is.. like! I like you..!” Towako turns to him and blushes. Thinking, “What?”, Towako asks what nonsense is he talking about. She stops what she is saying upon seeing blushing Ritsuki looking at the side. This made Towako wonders if he is for real. Ritsuki mutters, “So.. I.. *looks at Towako* Absolutely! Will take you away [from Yuuga]! I’ve finished, with what I have to say. I’m going ahead..” Towako is still stunned. Ritsuki heads to the door which suddenly opens. Yuuga and other love rivals are angrily glaring at Ritsuki. This made Towako sweatdrop and realizes that all of them had heard the confession. Unfazed, Ritsuki tells Yuuga that is how it is. The girls are going crazy over the confession as to how amazing it is. Someone says that it is her first time to hear it, and is this okay since he is a teacher. Blushing Towako wonders what’s going on. Behind the building, Yuuga angrily shouts why Towako didn’t refuse Ritsuki then. Towako timidly asks refuse what. Yuuga angrily exclaims that guy had confessed to her and could it be that she doesn’t need to answer it a bit or perhaps, she plans on going steady with that guy. Sweatdroppping Towako tells him to calm down. “How.. how can it be possible for him to truly like me..” Yuuga asks her if she thinks that he is lying and if it is like that, he, kind of, pities Ritsuki. Towako says that she also doesn’t know, though, during that time, his eyes really look sincere. “I am only a bit startled.. After all, it is still the first time that someone said that he likes me..”

Yuuga has a blank look. He then asks, “Ah.. before, no one has told that to you? Like Setuna? Or Renjou?” Towako asks why it has to be those two. “The one who, foremost of all, should say it, is you, Yuuga!” Yuuga is stabbed by those words. =P Yuuga exclaims that it is too troublesome, mentioning about this. Towako asks, why, when he is the one who is fussing about it with her..until now. Yuuga tells her that he is fussing because of that guy. Pointing at Towako, Yuuga tells her that next time that guy goes near her again, she should directly refuse him. “Remember that!” Towako pouts and thinks, “What! And even ordering me around! As if it is all my fault! Yuuga really doesn’t want to say ‘like’ to me..” Yuuga looks flustered and thoughtful. In the classroom, the girls are gossiping about Towako who was confessed to by an intern teacher. They wonder why she is so famous that the gorgeous guys are after her. Towako is tense that the gossip had already spread. Reimi asks her if she did something foolish again. The teacher comes in and tells the students to sit down. Looking out the window, Towako thinks that she had forgotten to ask Kaoru about Saho. Then, she sees Ritsuki at the tennis court with Kaoru and some students. She thinks that Kaoru really went to teach PE. “Even if he [Ritsuki] seems to be very impatient but he still would sincerely become a teacher. *‘I like you’* Even if I already have Yuuga, and he [Ritsuki] had did so many cruel things to me. But, hearing someone saying ‘I like you’ to me.. in the end, I’m still very happy [about it]..” Then, Towako notices that Ritsuki has seen her. She is surprised when Ritsuki drops the tennis racket and throws the ball towards her direction. The ball crashes into the window behind Towako. Towako is trembling in shock as to what’s going on for he suddenly threw the ball at the window.
Ritsuki enters the classroom and apologizes that his hand slipped. Freaking out, Towako thinks that he obviously aimed and threw it. Upon seeing Towako, Ritsuki goes to her and holds her hand. He asks her if she isn’t hurt. Aghast Towako tells her no, it is the guy standing behind Ritsuki, who has a glass shard on his head, is hurt. =P Yuuga shouts for Ritsuki to stop while he’s ahead. Ritsuki darkly asks, ha, he didn’t come there for him. Grabbing Ritsuki’s hand, Yuuga tells him, ha, why don’t you scram, idiot. Kaoru appears and grabs Ritsuki’s back collar. Seething in anger, Kaoru asks Ritsuki how come he ran to that place. While Kaoru is dragging him away, Ritsuki exclaims, “Goodbye [/see you later], Towako!” While the others are asking what’s going on and about the window, Towako is aghast for she feels that Ritsuki is deliberately provoking Yuuga to anger. Yuuga angrily thinks that it would have been better if it is ‘farewell’. Then, Yuuga overhears the girls talking. A girl says that Ritsuki is quite gutsy because he doesn’t mind his status as a teacher and would bluntly declare his love [for Towako]. The other girl says that she would want to be treated like that, too. The teacher tells them that is enough. Yuuga becomes thoughtful again over what they’ve said. During lunch break, Yuuga stands by the corner and drinking a beverage. He thinks that it has been a complete mess. Scowling, Yuuga remembers Towako telling him that it is the first time someone told her that he likes her. Yuuga spits out his drink when Himeno happily exclaims what he is thinking. “I’ve heard about it! That intern teacher ran all the way to your classroom, right!? He’s really passionate! Totally unlike you, Yuuga!” Yuuga is shock and aghast by that. He angrily asks if Himeno has also become irritating.
Himeno giggles and says that Yuuga is really bothered by it. “Before, you’ve never thought of how to get along [/deal] with a girl, right? Right now, it is also quite hard for you to suddenly become gentle, right.” Yuuga looks at Himeno who is taunting him to get angry and to fight with him. To Himeno’s surprise, Yuuga admits that he is right that is why he is very fidgety. “..I know. The me who is like this.. has hurt a lot of people.. from the start, I’ve..” Trying to diffuse the mood, Himeno says that it is alright, for doesn’t Towako super like the him, who is like that. “For you to know about that, is already a step towards progress. Then, I’m going!” Just as Himeno is leaving, Yuuga calls out to him and says, “..Just. Regarding that thing during junior high.. I’m sorry.” Himeno looks surprised and asks why he is apologizing. “You also didn’t do any cruel thing to me. *turns to Yuuga* The one whom you should be apologizing to, is Rina.” Then, Himeno walks away. Later on, standing by the street, Towako and Yuuga are waiting for the car to fetch them. Towako notices that Yuuga looks dispirited. She wonders if Ritsuki has tired him out. Towako tells Yuuga not to worry, the person who is going to fetch them will be there soon. Yuuga says, ah, ya. To her surprise, Yuuga lightly holds her face. This made Towako blush and wonder what’s with this situation, does he want to kiss her in that place. “Normally, we shouldn’t be kissing in public! But, but! Go ahead..” Then, they were interrupted when a girl calls out, “Yuuga-kun?” They see a pretty light-haired girl. Towako wonders who this very beautiful girl is. Yuuga asks who she is. The girl says, “ Rina.” Towako and Yuuga are surprised and she obviously doesn’t look the same as in that old picture.
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