August 22, 2011

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 1]

Originally posted @ on August 9, 2011

Sugar*Soldier is by the author of Momo, Sakai Mayu. The story is about a girl named Makoto [guesswork name from 麻琴] who is determined to be cute to get out of being known as famous model Rika [guesswork name from 莉華]’s younger sister. Then, she literally bumps into Iriya who is playing ball on the hallway. Her coat got dirtied that she is forced to not wear it during the opening ceremony. Everyone is talking about her being Rika’s younger sister which makes Makoto really uncomfortable so Iriya lends her his coat. Then, on the way home, Makoto made new friends along with Iriya. But, Rika is there at school to greet her. The others start to murmur on how prettier Rika is compared to Makoto. Some of the friends want to go out with Rika. Iriya notices that Makoto is leaving. He calls her but she said that even if she left, the others think that her sister is more interesting. She is surprised when Iriya says that he also wants to hear more about her. This made Makoto run off. Iriya’s friend told him who Makoto’s sister is because apparently, he doesn’t know. From some distance, Makoto thinks that she had run away from shock since it is the first time someone told that to her, while she with her sister. Then, a senpai greets her and seems to be interested in her. When he gives her his email, she learns that he wants her to give it to her sister. Makoto is already on the verge of tears over her false expectation but Iriya appears and tells the senpai what he did to his girlfriend.

Makoto tries to protest but ends up agreeing to give the email. After the senpai left, Iriya amusingly has to convince her that not all guys are idiots like that so don’t be too disappointed. =P To her shock, Iriya has seen through her that she is forcing herself and doing her best to compete with her sister. When asked why she has to do that, Makoto tells him about the time in junior high when her classmates tell her that a guy named Watase [guesswork name from 渡瀨] had a crush on her. But, Makoto kept thinking that it is impossible and surely, he likes her sister. So when Watase is about to confess, Makoto shouted that her sister already had a boyfriend, before running away. Then, after three days, Watase transferred school and it turns out that Watase indeed likes her. She always regretted that and decided to be cuter in order to have more self-confidence so that she won’t hurt anyone again. To her surprise, Iriya says that he’ll also do his best to be cool [/handsome] and strong so they should do their best together. She thinks that isn’t what she meant but even if he didn’t become cooler, he is already.. Iriya takes her hand so that they can go. Makoto hopes that one day, she’ll be stronger and from the heart, like herself and someone. Scans by 離境漢化組.


  1. I have been skipping over this series because I just can stand weak characters like the MC that needs a GUY to justify her existence even if she is being compared to her sister. But I will give it a shot because I have heard that it gets better. thanks for the summaries.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^ does get better later on and I'm assuming the end goal is for her to 'grow' and have more self-confidence.