August 22, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 31]

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Cover page: “The start of days which are like a dream..” [<-Dating with Yuki] On March 1st, Chitose arrives at the clubroom and apologizes for being late. She is surprise when everyone pulls their party poppers and shouts, “Happy Birthday! Chitose!” While Chitose blushes, they tell her that they want to surprise her and they prepared a birthday party. Chitose thanks everyone and says that she is surprised. Chitose asks Shun if this is the reason why he asked her to borrow some books from the library. Shun says that it is for them to have time to prepare. Kanata tells her that they even bought cake. Chitose blows the candles and everyone claps. Saaya gives Chitose a wrapped gift and tells her that it is from everyone. It is a blouse. Chitose thanks them and says that it is cute. Gesturing to Yuki, Midoriko happily says that it is now for the important part, the gift that her boyfriend will give her. Embarrassed Yuki tells Midoriko that if it is possible, he would want to give it to Chitose privately. He says that it is their first celebration of Chitose’s birthday since they’ve gone steady so why does it have to be in front of everyone.. Kanata tells him that there’s no need to hide it. Midoriko agrees and says that it would be more fun if everyone is there. While everyone else is chanting ‘Give the gift’, Yuki finally gives in to them. Yuki gives Chitose a small box and says that he hopes that she likes it. Chitose opens the box and says that it is cute, it’s an apple. Yuki says no, it is a box so why doesn’t she try opening it. Chitose opens the apple and sees a cute ribbon ring. While blushing Chitose looks at it in surprise, everyone is saying that it is a ring except for Midoriko who says that it turns out to be a ring. Yuki covers Midoriko’s mouth and tells her to be quiet. Yuki tells Chitose that his sister helped him choose it. “How is it.. Do you like it?” Chitose nods and says that she really likes it. “Thank you, Yuki-kun!”

Chitose puts the ring on her left hand’s middle finger. Saaya and Midoriko say that it is cute and suits Chitose. Saaya tells Chitose that Yuki has never given her a ring so this is Yuki’s first time to do so. Shun asks if that is so, then he’ll buy her a ring. To Shun’s irritation, Saaya says thanks but she doesn’t need it because wearing a ring is such a hindrance so she didn’t ask Yuki to buy her one. Shun angrily mutters that she’s not cute, even a little bit. Saaya holds on his arm and says that if it is a lovers’ ring, she will consider wearing it. “Next time, let’s buy it together.” Shun blushes a bit and says, ya. Midoriko and Kanata look at the two couples. Midoriko says that in both sides of the room, it is lovey-dovey. Kanata tells Midoriko that they gamble their hope on the new club members, the first year new students. Midoriko says that she still likes guys who are older than her and maybe, she should seriously go on an offensive on Tadashi. Holding a knife, Midoriko exclaims that it is now time to cut the cake. Later on, at the apartment, Chitose and Yuki are kissing each other. Chitose bids him goodbye and see him tomorrow. Yuki says ya. Before she goes in, Yuki calls out to her again and says, one more kiss. Yuki kisses Chitose and finally goes to his own apartment. Sitting on her bed, Chitose happily looks at her ring. She kisses it and thinks that in her 16 years of life, right now is her happiest moment. “I hope that I can.. forever, forever, happily live together with Yuki-kun..”

Next day at school, after PE class, Chitose tells her friends to go ahead because she is going to wash her face. She removes the ring and puts it on top of the sink. After washing and drying her face, someone comments that it is a cute ring. She looks up to see Subaru holding her ring. Chitose happily greets him and asks if he is Subaru, she saw him on the television. Subaru just smiles at her and asks if her boyfriend gave it to her. Chitose blushes and says yes. He asks her how long they have been going steady. Chitose says that it is almost a month. Subaru comments that they have just started. Chitose asks him to give the ring back. Subaru says that a girl’s ring is quite small but his finger is slender so perhaps he can wear it. Wearing it on his left hand’s ring finger, Subaru smiles and says, see, he can wear it. After sweatdropping, Chitose asks him to give it back because it almost time [for the next class]. Subaru apologizes and to Chitose’s shock, he claims that he cannot remove it. He says that he needs some time to remove it so he asks Chitose to wait for a while and he’ll return it. Chitose exclaims how can that be and how can she allow that. She runs after him and tells him to wait. Subaru grabs the trash can and throws it in front of Chitose. The bottles inside are spilled all over the ground. Chitose calls out to Subaru who casually walks away. Then, a couple of guys tell Chitose to quickly pick and clean the trash up. Chitose did as told, but when she looks up, Subaru is gone. Aghast, Chitose wonders, what the heck.
In section 1-E, acting division, Saaya is surprised to see haggard Chitose breathing hard. Chitose had hastily dressed up and ran to that place. Saaya asks what’s happened to her and her hair is messy. Chitose tells her to call out Subaru. Saaya didn’t know him. Chitose says that it is Subaru-kun, he should be in this class, quickly call him out. Puzzled Saaya asks if Subaru is a surname or a name because there is no one by that name in her class. Chitose is shock by that. Chitose says, no way, but he is wearing the school’s uniform so could it be that he is a higher year. Saaya tells her that she has never heard of this name. She asks Chitose if she is sure that he is from the acting division, perhaps he is from the ordinary class. Chitose tells her that he is an actor, acting in that 9pm drama. Saaya says that she doesn’t know because she doesn’t watch television lately. Saaya asks a couple of guys about this Subaru, who is in the 9pm drama. One of the guys knows Subaru and says that he is a new star who is starting to become famous. It seems that he is from Star Fish Acting Company. Saaya asks if he is from their school. The guy says no, even if he doesn’t know which school Subaru is attending but anyway, he doesn’t go to their school. Saaya looks at Chitose who must have looked pale. Saaya asks her what’s with that person, did he do something to her. Flustered Chitose says no, it’s nothing, this isn’t a big deal. Chitose bids her goodbye and left. Saaya still looks puzzled. Chitose thinks that she couldn’t easily say that she was unexpectedly been deceived and her important ring has been taken away. “So stupid! That guy.. why is he pretending to be a student of our school.. What’s going on? What about the ring..!”

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