August 22, 2011

Queen's White Rabbit [Chapter 1]

Originally posted @ on August 9, 2011

Queen's White Rabbit or Joousama no Shirousagi is by Oto Hisamu of Hana to Akuma. [Edit:Special thanks to mya for the correction of the names.] Nishina Yukito [from 白兔 which literally means White Rabbit] is living a peaceful and seemingly boring life. One day, the teacher made him stay behind with his friend, Nanatsudo [from 七戶] to do some school work. It is already night when they finished. Then, there is an unidentified pyramid on top of the building. They investigate it. Yukito arrives first to see a girl with a crown, coming down from a spaceship, along with a couple of servants. Lacey, the girl, wonders if Yukito is the ‘White Rabbit’. Nanatsudo arrives and calls out to Yukito. Lacey kisses Yukito on the cheek. A bubble envelops them which pops and stars come out from it. Then, there is a huge white rabbit. Lacey exclaims that her wish came true because Reps came. She then declares that Yukito will be her servant. She introduces herself as the imperial princess, and her other servants, Poeniko and Kaena from the planet Kraura. By the way, Kaena is her childhood friend. Yukito doesn’t like being ordered around so he pokes Lacey’s forehead and tell her to ask properly when she needs his help. Lacey is shock that it is the first time she had been lectured. Lacey and others start following Yukito back home. Yukito and Nanatsudo are living at Sevendoor, a share house. The caretaker of the house is an old man named Imota [guesswork name from 芋田] whom Yukito helped to cook. Soon, everyone had dinner and Yukito is amused that Lacey doesn’t know how to use chopsticks. It turns out that Yukito belongs to a family wherein all of his siblings are female = two older sisters and one younger sister. They always order him around, bully him by making him wear girl clothes, and take his things at will. One day, he finally called it quits and wanted to move out when they don’t care about making noise that is making it difficult for him to concentrate for his exams. That is why he and Nanatsudo, who wants to accompany him, live at the sharehouse.

Poeniko explains to Yukito that he has been designated as ‘White Rabbit’ who can fulfill wishes through kisses. Planet Koraura [<- different spelling from scans so I don’t know which is the right one ^^;] has some sort of affinity with Earth so this works even if Yukito is an ordinary earthling. Lacey will soon inherit the throne but in accordance to custom, she is to go to Earth and find White Rabbit. And, then fulfill 10 wishes of earthlings. When Nanatsudo comments that she just wants to inherit the throne, Poeniko tells him that he thinks that Lacey just wants to meet her father’s expectations. That night, Yukito is bothered by what he told Lacey earlier about the commoners being pitiful if they have a queen like Lacey. He is surprised when Lacey sleep walks to his bed and lies beside him. Thinking that he is her father, Lacey tells him that she will show him that she can live independently so please.. In the end, Yukito sleeps on the floor. The next day, Yukito decides to help Lacey with her mission. He apologizes to her for snapping at her before, because she reminded him of his sisters. He sneaks her in his school and shows her his teacher who keeps on looking at his head using the mirror. They think that he is worried about going bald so they should put some hair on him. Yukito gets ready for Lacey to kiss him on the cheek but she ends up kissing him on the lips. Yukito is narrating that he wanted a peaceful life that is why he moved out of his house but it seems that he isn’t satisfied, and still wanting something more..which is probably why he went upstairs to check on that UFO. A bubble forms and burst. They look inside and the teacher had long hair now. While the teacher is thanking God for this miracle, Lacey hugs Yukito and exclaims that it is great for the first wish has been fulfilled. She tells him he did a ‘good job’, which irritates Yukito for she should at least say ‘thank you very much’. And that’s it. Scans by 水銀工作室.