August 13, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 28]

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At Belquat, King Guran and others are having a meeting. They assumed that it is Ceasar who killed Cain. Douglas, Louise’s father, says that there are soldiers who saw with their own eyes that Caesar is the one who brought back Cain’s body. “So, if we are to make the assumption, then, it is possible that they were fighting over the throne..” Rosetta, Caesar’s mother, interrupts and exclaims for them to stop, for there should be some sort of misunderstanding. “Maybe, it is someone else, who fabricate all of this, in order to frame up my Caesar.. Caesar will absolutely not do anything to Prince Cain..!” Without much reaction, Guran asks her if she is saying that the princes’ relationship with each other is very good. “That is impossible. Because you taught Caesar since he was young, to hate his own brother..” Rosetta is aghast and tense over that. While wondering ‘why’, Rosetta suddenly shouts why he always looked down on Caesar and even making him marry a red-haired princess. “He is a perfect heir, Your Majesty! With the same noble black hair like mine! Could it be that you do not consider him as Belquat’s future hope! He’s more superior than some blond prince!” Guran says, “In my eyes, the most beautiful color in this world is.. gold [/blond].” This irks Rosetta that she quickly takes her leave. After she left, Guran coughs and says that according to the investigation, it is suspected that Caesar is among a certain travel group which they detected near the country’s border. “And within that group, there is one who can use fire through an ‘Arcana’.” Guran looks thoughtful and mutters, “Arcana.. that is a power that attracts disaster..” In her room, Rosetta angrily throws a glass of wine on the wall. The maid tensely calls her but Rosetta shouts for her to leave. While wondering why, Rosetta remembers Guran telling her that it is because she taught Caesar to hate his own brother. On the verge of tears, Rosetta mutters, “Why.. Why would you even take notice of those kind of things.. But you never look straight at us [her and Caesar] even once.. It’s like that before.. It’s still like that now.. His Majesty’s gaze would forever look attentively at.. is that golden hair..” [<- Cain’s mother, Sara]

Back at Lasik, there are dead people and snakes all over the place. One of the thieves seems to be dead while the other one is badly injured. Ahkil comments that this is beyond their expectation, for it turns out that there are that kind of Ajin-s. Snake Ajin says that they are being belittled for they thought that they can capture them with only 1 or 2 Ajin-s. “I suggest that you go find some more help.” With that, she and the other remaining Ajin thieves leave the place. Upon seeing the dead people, Nakaba sobs over her helplessness even if she obviously had seen it. Loki comforts her. Caesar just quietly looks at her. The next day, back at the palace, Azhar tells the others that he dispatched new troops to the town that has been robbed to help them recover. “Even if this time, we weren’t able to catch them.. but in the end, we found out the true motive of that band of thieves, and it seems that Snake Ajin is their boss.” Azhar asks Leo if there is any obstruction [/limitation] on his body in using the Arcana of Fire. Leo says none. Azhar says that is good and without his power, the loss would have been greater. He thanks Leo for his help. Then, they ask Nakaba to stay behind again. After everyone left, Caesar stands outside the door and asks Belias what he can do to help. He thinks that even if he is a prince, if he leaves the castle.. Caesar mutters that he’s useless. Belias says that is true, he wasn’t able to help a bit. Just when Caesar is about to protest, Belias reminds him that Cain is no longer around and Caesar should know it, what he should do right now. Caesar thinks, “But..if that is so--” Then, his thoughts are interrupted when Nakaba comes out of the room and asks why he is still there. Tense Caesar thinks that if he goes, and do what he should do right now, then.. Belias excuses himself. After he left, Ceasar hugs Nakaba tightly and thinks that he would have to leave Nakaba. This made Nakaba asks him what happened. Caesar breaks away and says that it is nothing. He asks her what Ahkil told her, and is she okay. Nakaba smiles and says, ya, he just discussed a bit about some things regarding the aftermath of what had happened. Caesar says is that so, then she should quickly go rest since she must be tired.

Later on, Ceasar is busy thinking over what Belias said. He then mutters, “Brother..” Flashback: Young Caesar called out to Cain and asked him to teach him in practicing his swordsmanship. Cain agreed to do so. While fighting with sticks, Cain told him that he did well, he got stronger. Caesar happily thanked his brother’s praise. While Caesar is practicing with someone else, Douglas told Cain that Caesar has the material to become good in fighting that he cannot wait what would become of him when he grows up. Then, Caesar asked Cain to practice fighting with him. This time around, Cain refused and said that he is leaving. Caesar had always been clueless as to why he is hated by Cain. However, from the gossips of the people there, Caesar learned that his mother had stolen the position of Cain’s mother. There are factions quarreling between him and Cain. His existence is an obstacle for his brother to inherit the throne. This made Ceasar thought that if he has a normal [/bored] expression and do not meet everyone’s expectation, would this stop him from becoming a hindrance to his brother. “This way.. can you now like me?” From then on, while Belias is teaching Caesar, he would say that he doesn’t understand the lesson. End flashback. “‘I’m tired’, ‘Too troublesome’, ‘I cannot do it’, ‘I can’t’, Even if I pretended at all costs, but I cannot escape from Belias’ eyes. Why do they have so much expectation from me? Why are you people, around me? I cannot do anything! I don’t want to do anything! But.. brother is no longer around..” In her bedroom, lying in bed, Nakaba’s Arcana starts to activate again. Dream: Ahkil begs Nakaba to use her Arcana again. “What is their next target? Where are they hiding? We shouldn’t let them slaughter so many people again! We need more information.. We’re relying on your miraculous power! Quickly see it for us!” Nakaba doesn’t want to see anymore yet she ‘sees’ a man attacked by a snake. The Snake Ajin with her snake. With one hand trying to ask for them, someone is enveloped by snakes. “This isn’t some kind of miracle, Ahkil!” Nakaba ‘finds’ herself standing on a town wherein the ground she is standing on, is filled with snakes. Nakaba screams. End dream.

Nakaba wakes up to notice that someone is in her room. She turns around and sees that it is Caesar. She is surprised when Caesar suddenly pushes her back down on the bed. He calls her name then notices that she has been perspiring. Wiping her forehead, Caesar asks if she had a nightmare. Nakaba hugs him and thinks that yes, it will be alright because with Caesar by her side, she can do her best. To her surprise, Caesar apologizes to her and says that he will be going back to Belquat. “I have always been running away from a prince’s obligation. I do not have that kind of strength which only that dog has.. and I also do not have a special ability or intellect.. The me who is like this, cannot protect anyone.. and I’m Belquat’s prince. Ever since before, my obligation is to assist my father, the king and my brother. ..right now, I still need to fulfill my own obligation. Even if.. I am being made into a conspirator [/rebel] by them.. I still have to complete my duty, as the prince..” Nakaba thinks but if he did that, and go back to Belquat at this time then.. Nakaba shouts that if it is like that, then bring her along with him. “It is because of my fault that Prince Cain was killed.. It’s my responsibility..” Caesar holds her face and tells her that she still has to help Lito’s mother. “And, it is because of that, you came to this place, right? *closer to Nakaba; nose-to-nose* And there are still a lot of things that you need to do.. and only you can do it..” Nakaba thinks, “But! But, I-- I'm your princess--” Nabaka starts crying and says, “No.. I don’t want.. Caesar.. if you go back..” Holding her to him, Caesar sadly smiles and says, “..I love you.. Nakaba..” Nakaba thinks, “You are going to be put to death [/executed] by them!”

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