August 13, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 82-83]

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After apologizing to Ristuki that she cannot stay at his side, Towako deliberately falls down backwards from the balcony. While Ritsuki is shock by what she did, Towako looks at the side to see a plane coming towards her. On top of the plane are Yuuga and Tsubaki. Yuuga calls out to Towako. Then, Towako bounces on a large soft cushion on top of the plane where Yuuga and Towako are. The two hold Towako to keep her from bouncing. After some meaningful look between the three, Yuuga calls Towako an idiot for why did she jump, does she want to die. Towako tells him that no, she already saw the fighter plane earlier [when she is climbing down] so she jumped. While Yuuga is telling her that even so, she shouldn’t.., Towako had already hugged both Yuuga and Tsubaki. “Thank you.. thank you guys for saving me..” Towako happily cries and smiles at them. This made Yuuga hug her tightly and calls her stupid again. Tsubaki interrupts them by saying that they are still in mid-air so how about they go inside the plane first. Surprised, they say okay. Towako turns to look at Ritsuki who is still looking at her. Yuuga tells Towako to let him get that guy. He orders Tsubaki to get the plane there. But, Towako tells him to forget it, there’s no need for that. The couple hugs each other while sternly looking at Ritsuki. Looking really dejected, Ritsuki bends down to the side of the balcony. Then, Kyousuke goes out the balcony and says that Ritsuki’s there. He tells Ritsuki that he followed the others to find this place. Holding his neck, Kyousuke says that it is outside of the plan so he also almost got caught but, what should they do next. He is surprised when Ritsuki isn’t answering. He becomes worried because Ritsuki has a spaced out expression. Shaking Ritsuki, Kyousuke shouts for him to snap out of it. Ritsuki mutters, “[She] left.. At my side.. as always.. there’s no one [there]..” Kyousuke worriedly grabs Ritsuki’s collar and shouts what he is saying, what’s wrong with him, what did that brat do to him. Dejected Ritsuki still didn’t answer. This made Kyousuke angry. He lets go of Ritsuki and exclaims, “I know.. Even if it is like this! I’ll go and make your wish come true!”

At Kanmitsuki residence, Utsugi informs Setsuna and Mioko that that Towako has been safely rescued. Setsuna is relieved to hear that and thanks Mioko for her help. Mioko tells him that it wasn’t really.. [<- being polite]. Utsugi is glad to have been able to contact Tsubaki earlier to inform her about it. Setsuna also thanks Mitsuya for his huge help. Mitsuya happily smiles and says that it is nothing, it’s good that he was able to help. Setsuna and Utsugi quietly look at Mitsuya. Utsugi whispers to Setsuna if Mitsuya has a dual personality. Setsuna tells him no, he is simply ‘haraguroi’ [/malicious; like Black Mitsuya]. Utsugi sweatdrops and thinks no wonder they are brothers. Mitsuya is surprised when Setsuna bends down to him. Flashing his most brilliant smile, Setsuna tells freaking out Mitsuya that he is really helped them a lot. “Thank you.” The other men are muttering that it is ‘brothers’ love’. Still smiling Setsuna also praises the other men for their work, which they did well. The men say, ‘not really, not really’ [<- being polite] Cat Setsuna tells Utsugi that if it is about acting cute, who can win against him for his standard is much higher. Utsugi sweatdrops over this. The scene changes to the couple’s room. Yuuga asks Towako if she is alright. Towako smiles and says, yes. Holding her face, Yuuga asks how she can be alright, just rest up for today. There is a small scene that earlier, Tokiko is relieved that her daughter is safe and sound. When Yuuga is about to kiss her, Towako remembers that Ritsuki kissed her. Thinking that she should tell Yuuga, Towako looks away and tells him that she Ritsuki. Surprised, Yuuga asks if Ritsuki laid his hands on her. Towako says yes. Yuuga angrily hits the floor with his fist and curses. Then, Towako says that she had been forcibly kissed. Yuuga looks at her and asks, “Only kiss?” Towako says yes. Yuuga is quiet because he doesn’t know if he should be relieved that it is only a kiss but of course, he should be angry since it is a kiss.
Crying Towako apologizes to him. Yuuga wipes her face and calls her stupid, for it isn’t her fault. Yuuga kisses her and comforts her by saying that it is alright, he will quickly make her forget that unhappy incident. They kiss again. Towako tells him that she hasn’t taken a bath yet. After a pause, Yuuga pushes her down on the floor. Embarrassed Towako tells him not to be like that. Yuuga says that nothing matters as long as it is her. As Yuuga kisses her cheek, Towako thinks that it is the same with her, with only him, anything will do. “Except for Yuuga, I don’t want anyone else..” After a while, Towako says that even if she is very happy but in the end, she cannot do it. Towako pushes him away. She apologizes that she cannot do it since this is her room, it’s daytime and she is still wearing her uniform. He sighs and tells her that it is his bad so quickly go take a bath. Blushing Towako pulls the back of his jacket then gives him a kiss on the cheek. She goes out and says that she’ll go take a bath. This made Yuuga blush and thinks that he really lost to her. Later on, happy Towako thinks that all her uneasiness is gone and just like what Yuuga told her, she forget it all. She goes back to the room to find Yuuga sound asleep on the floor. She thinks that he’s definitely tired but then, it’s no wonder because he had always been worried about her. Lying beside him, Towako thinks, “Even if, before, I’ve always thought that it is something inevitable that I get married with Yuuga. But.. to be able to stay at his side like this, it is definitely a miracle bestowed by the heavens.” Later on, aghast Yuuga wakes up and calls himself an idiot for falling asleep. Towako is already sound asleep.
At the school, Reimi reprimands the couple as to where they went, that they are not attending school. The couple says that they are just passing a quiet and peaceful time. Embarrassed Reimi is about to shout that she.., Yasumochi happily says that she was lonely. Reimi tries to deny it but Yasumochi tells her to admit it because Saho is also always not there. This made Towako wonder what happened to Saho, who was lending her house to Ritsuki. She decides to ask Kaoru about it later on. At the teacher’s room, the couple overhears some ruckus by the girls over a teacher – how old he is, he’s so beautiful, don’t reckless touch him, what’s wrong with touching him a bit, do you have a girlfriend? The freaking out couple wonders if there is some mistake for the new teacher is none other than Ritsuki. The two quickly goes out of the room. Yuuga asks what’s with this situation, why is Ritsuki there, and as a teacher. Towako tells him that she also doesn’t know and couldn’t this be a dream. Ritsuki goes out of the room and calls out to the two. He tells them that thanks to money, he is an intern teacher in that place from today on. Towako asks if he has another plot again and do not bother them again. Looking down, Ritsuki says that he doesn’t have any plot, he only.. Yuuga becomes tense because he has a bad feeling. Blushing, Ritsuki says that he wants to stay at her side, this is something that he had never thought of. Yuuga sweatdrops and thinks that he is doing a tsundere. [<- a Japanese character development process which describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. Source: wiki] Puzzled Towako tells him that she doesn’t understand what he is saying. Yuuga mentally wonders how slow-witted Towako is and just look at Ritsuki’s sparkling eyes. “He’s serious with Towako!” Kaoru appears behind Ritsuki and angrily looks at Ritsuki. He says that it seems that they are having fun. Ritsuki is irritated. The couple sweatdrops. The girls are going ‘ah--’ and hearts all around.
Kaoru tells Ritsuki that he doesn’t care how much money he has but here, he won’t tolerate his recklessness, and during his internship, he is the one in charge of him. Ritsuki tells him that the subject he is teaching is Physical Education. Kaoru insists that it is him. Ritsuki says that Kaoru is teaching Japanese history. Then, Setsuna arrives and gets angry since he was wondering what’s the fuss about but what’s going on there. Someone [probably Ritsuki] whispers that there is no need to tell him since he doesn’t attend PE classes so it has nothing to do with him. This angers Setsuna and whispers that he doesn’t suit to become a PE teacher. Then, Himeno arrives and asks what’s going on, can he join them. Yuuga angrily tells Himeno not to join when things are already complicated as it is. Flustered Himeno asks what he meant by that. Yuuga tells the guys [aka his rivals] to no longer do as they please. “No matter what you guys do later on, I and Towako won’t separate!” This made Towako blush but angered the other guys. Ritsuki asks him what he’s arrogant about. Yuuga shouts what about it, did he say something wrong. Himeno says that it irritates him that Yuuga is showing off. Setsuna says that he still doesn’t approve [/acknowledge] of him. Kaoru tells him to re-study on being cute. Thinking that it has become a complete mess, Towako tells the guys not to quarrel. The guys look at her and ask, “Huh?” While the other girls are going gaga over the guys, Towako is speechless for at this phase, she cannot fix it, but they look spectacular. To Yuuga and the other’s surprise, Ritsuki grabs Towako’s wrist and takes her away. Towako shouts for him to wait and let her go. At the clinic, Ritsuki lets her go and it seems he is going to talk with her. Elsewhere, Kyousuke is using his laptop computer. He mutters, “-Ritsuki, it doesn’t matter what you wanted to do with that girl. I will- I will [find] Takatou Yuuga’s weakness-” He then clicks on the picture of Yuuga’s ex-girlfriend which is beside Yuuga’s picture on the monitor.
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