August 13, 2011

The One [Chapter 80]

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Still scantily dressed in the street with her luggage, Feidna begs for Eros to answer the phone. Then, she overheard a couple of guys talking about Lele’s new advertisement. Lele is popular and she quickly rose up the ranks in the model world, thanks to Glenn. A few years ago, it was Feidna who dominates, and she was also made popular by Glenn. They say that Feidna had disappeared for such a long time, she is already a ‘has-been’. One of the men laughs that Feidna used to be his no. 1 goddess at that time. Feidna looks at the billboards and recognizes Lele. While Lele is happily cleaning the window, Eros throws down a magazine and says that he’s bored. Lele comments that the young master is throwing a tantrum because he cannot go out. She wonders where he can go since his body is currently like that. Lele has an idea. They went to the roof and Lele spreads out a blanket. Eros asks what she is doing. Lele happily tells him that they are going to have a picnic on the roof. She tells him that she always ‘energizes’ on the roof while she’s at home. When she is sad or practicing alone, she only has to stand on a high place to feel that her difficulties cannot overcome her. Lele holds out her hand to Eros and tells him to come, isn’t he bored [/depressed]. He is surprised when she tells him to practice ‘stage walk’ with her. Then, they walk together with Lele ‘teaching’ him. Later on, Lele is eating a sandwich she made which luckily taste good even if she didn’t haphazardly made it. Eros comments that it seems that she is too free and doesn’t she have work especially since she is popular now. He tells her that even if he left that work but he still know what’s happening in the industry and she should be very busy. Eros says that Glenn will not just leave his new model without a care so did she do something idiotic. Lele becomes nervous. Eros asks her if it is because of him. Lele denies it and claims that she is on vacation. She tells him not to worry. Eros is relieved about that. He tells her that she should absolutely not give up anything for him. Lele didn’t answer and just tells him to look at the beautiful sunset. Eros looks at her before looking at the sunset with her. It seems like the time when they look at the sunset together at Taiwan.

Later on, Lele puts Eros in bed. Ding dong. Lele wonders if Taylor forgot to bring his key or it is Leo. She opens the door and sees Feidna. The two women are shock to see each other. Feidna asks why she is there and where is Eros. Lele wonders what she should do and why Feidna suddenly appeared there. Feidna wonders if Lele had [--] with Eros while she is away. Feidna pushes Lele and asks where Eros is, she wants to see him. To Feidna’s surprise, Lele pushes her back and blocks the door. Feidna tells her to move. Lele tells her that Eros isn’t at home. Feidna says that she’ll wait for him to come back. Lele pushes Feidna off and apologizes that it isn’t convenient so please leave. Aghast Feidna asks what she is, to dare hinder her. She is only gone for some time and yet, Lele became really audacious. She accuses Lele of becoming arrogant just because she is the new Devereaux girl. She asks if Lele knows what her relationship with Eros is. Lele tells her that she knows that they are lovers in the ‘past’ but right now, the one staying there is her. Later on, Lele asks Taylor if she was right about doing that. She shouldn’t have done that since it might cause a misunderstanding and Eros might also want to see Feidna. Taylor assures her that it is alright, she did well. It is better if fewer people knows Ero’s current situation. Lele asks him what Eros’ relationship with Feidna is. To Lele’s surprise, Taylor asks her if she likes Eros. Lele admits that she does. He tells her not to mind [/take offense with] Feidna since their relationship isn’t like what Lele and the outside world thought it to be. Feidna is someone whom Eros ‘brought home’ from the streets. Before, when Eros is acting as his assistant, Eros brought back a dirty girl to the workplace. The girl has been caught stealing because of hunger so Eros gave her some money. Unexpectedly, the girl becomes attached to him. From what Taylor knows, Feidna is such pitiful girl. She is an illegitimate child. Her mother abandoned her at age 13 in order to pursue her own happiness. Her rich businessman father doesn’t recognize her either so that is the start for Feidna to start living on the streets as a bum.
Because of his life history, Eros pitied Feidna and asked Taylor to give Feidna a job. After washing up, they found Feidna to be a beautiful girl so Taylor got her some commercials and it set her up on the path of becoming a model. Because the two are together night and day, they soon become lovers but according to Eros, Feidna is more like a family member whom he pities [/feel tenderness towards] her, more than love. After making a name, Feidna wanted to have a proof of her existence. She started to make friends with famous celebrities, politicians, businessmen, etc in the hopes that they can bring up her self-worth as well as hoping that this will make her parents who abandoned her to turn back and look at her. So, it starts and ends without her being able to fulfill what she desires. In this complex love game, she always ends up hurt. Since Eros saw all this, so he is more tolerant with her. End flashback. Lele starts to cry and wonders if this is ‘misery loves company’ since they encountered the same thing – losing love when they [/he] are young but then, she won’t yield. Lele takes Eros’ cellphone and erases 36 missed calls from Feidna. Lele thinks that is because she has confidence that she is the person who can give Eros happiness. At some building, Feidna’s manager cries in surprise to see Feidna. Feidna goes back to work and everyone is talking about her again. The manager happily claps and says that compared to the new brats in the industry, no one can compare to her. She asks him what about Lele. He whispers to her about the rumors that Glenn has let Lele go because she is not satisfied with his plans for her thus, they had a falling out. Since Lele is rarely seen on stage and she has no new commercials, the rumor could be true. He calls Lele stupid for letting go this huge opportunity to become famous. Feidna tells him to get her a ticket to Paris because she wants to meet up with Glenn. While flying to Paris, Feidna remembers Lele telling her that Feidna is ‘past’ lover and now she is staying there. Feidna angrily thinks that Lele is a brat who doesn’t know how far the sky and the ground is. She is going to make Lele pay the price for stealing her most precious person. Next chapter on Sept..5, I think because I cannot see the blurry scan. Blurb for the next chapter: Eros gradually get used to Lele’s companionship that the always high barrier of his heart had started to collapse. From the weakness of the heart, Lele’s presence starts to emerge.
Scans by Blacknight.

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