August 22, 2011

Ouji ka Prince [Chapter 1]

Originally posted @ on August 9, 2011

Ouji ka Prince is by Toumori Miyoshi of Akuma no Love Song. In Chinese, it is ‘Imperial/Crown Prince’? Prince?’ The story is about Tsunagu Fujimoto [藤本つなぐ] who is always told that she’s ‘too dependent’ and ‘follow others blindly’. Her grades are also not good. Yet, she never dreamt in her 16 years of life that she will be burden on a mission to choose the next successor. She and her mother like watching a show regarding royalty. They are fans of Crown Prince Takahito Ninomiya [二宮高仁] who arrived back to the country. Her brother is a NEET isn’t into royalty yet he cannot say bad things about them being a waste of taxpayer’s money because their mother will say that he doesn’t pay taxes. Tsunagu also has a younger brother who took her food since she couldn’t decide what to eat. Her brother ends up giving her some ‘alien food’ which is some drink. She happily thinks that it taste good and she thinks all food are delicious. While walking to school, she thinks that even if people think she doesn’t have a ‘self-ego’ and she is too ‘weak willed’ but she really thinks that ‘it’s really good’. Then, she overhears some girls saying that Takahito is handsome but he doesn’t have any expressions as if he is a doll, and as if he has no self-ego. Tsunagu thinks that it isn’t true for she and Takahito aren’t alike. Because as the country’s royalty who doesn’t have any political power, he still has to act to bring about national pride. She believes that he has to hide his self-ego in order to match everyone’s expectations because everyone’s ‘ideals’ are different. Then, in the classroom, Tsunagu overhears that they will have a new transfer student. A handsome light haired guy enters and Tsunagu notices that he looked a lot like Takahito. She shouts, “Crown..” but quickly covers her mouth. The new student looks flustered and asks how she knew he’s a prince. He tells them that he is called prince after acting at a cultural festival play as a prince. He asks them to please call him Ichinomiya Haruhito [一宮晴仁] while he’s there. Tsunagu wonders if he isn’t the imperial prince but then, that’s true for how could he be in that place. The name and hair color isn’t the same. Her classmates say that Haruhito is still super handsome that they would want to call him ‘Prince’. Tsunagu thinks that unlike Takahito, Haruhito has a lot of expressions. Yet, they are very similar. She wonders if the others do not notice this. To their surprise, Haruhito wants Tsunagu to be his guide to familiarize himself about the school. On a side note, there is a black haired beautiful student in her class whom I think might be a Tsunagu’s rival or friend later on. Soon, Tsunagu is showing Haruhito around the school. Then, she trips that Haruhito catches her. Tsunagu quickly apologizes and thinks that she is acting too formal. Haruhito says that it is okay. While she is still wondering if he is the Crown Prince or not, Haruhito asks her if she is always nervous upon seeing someone for the first time or is she suspicious if he is the Crown Prince or not.

Then, Haruhito starts to become nervous and says that he is joking for occasionally, people do say that he is the Crown Prince though it is the first time someone will say that, upon meeting him the first time. Thinking that Haruhito is acting so nervous, she thinks that he is Takahito himself and he is just wearing a wig. He is hiding himself in order to observer a commoner’s life and it will be very troublesome if he is exposed so she’ll pretend that she doesn’t know. She tells him that she is just mistaken for he is fundamentally not the Crown Prince. This made Haruhito ask if he is really different from the Crown Prince and why did she change her tone. Thinking that Haruhito is worried if she has realized that he is the Crown Prince and she should make him at ease, she tells him that he is a fairy tale shiny prince and even if he is like a prince, but he isn’t like the real noble Crown Prince. Haruhito holds her face and tells her that even if his appearance is like that, he is a real Crown Prince. This surprises Haruhito that he starts to backtrack by laughing and saying what he is saying about being a Crown Prince. Nevertheless, Tsunagi is convinced that he is the Crown Prince. To his surprise, she bows and apologizes to him as the Crown Prince. This made Haruhito deny that he is the Crown Prince but she insists that he just said that he is. As if having a headache, blushing Haruhito asks if she is too trusting that she easily believed it what someone said. She thinks that she is being told that again by someone but even if she has no ‘own opinion’ but she thinks she can understand him. Tsunagi apologizes to him and says that she should pretend not to notice but she is very nervous. She then tells him that she really respects him for he acts as an ‘ideal’ for the masses and she thinks that he’s really amazing. “So, I like you [Crown Prince Takahito] and I hope that you’ll stay in this school so I’m doing what you say [pretending/ want to get to talk with you].” This made the two blush. Tsunagi tries to clarify to him that the ‘like’ is respect and what she wants to tell him is that she won’t tell anyone about him. To her surprise, flustered Haruhito suddenly carries her ala princess and put her in the car. Tsunagi asks where they are going. He tells her that she bravely confessed yet she is mistaken. Then, Tsunagi sees a familiar building which she saw on the television show about the royalty. Haruhito tells her that the one whom she wants to confess to is that detestable, conceited ‘emperor relatives’ [= idiom for person with powerful connections] over there. In the office room, while reading a book, Takahito tells Haruhito that without permission, he is not to talk with him. And it isn’t ‘emperor relatives’ but ‘royalty’ [/imperial family]. “Stupid [older] brother.” Tsunagi goes into shock. And so, that is the start of Tsunagi’s story with the twin Crown Princes. Scans by defer