August 22, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 32]

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Cover page: “This year’s summer is summer’s duel [/decisive Battle]” In the clubroom, Chiaki has chosen 8 pictures for the competition. Aya asks if it is okay that they’ll use black and white pictures. Chiaki happily says that either colored, or black and white pictures are allowed. Nanoka tells Aya that black and white pictures have a feel of being professional. Anna blankly asks if there is really no problem for them to use these pictures. “Are there no other improvements need to be made? Using these pictures, can we really get in the Photo Koshien’s finals? *hyper* Please do not have this ‘right now, you are still kids so this is already the limit’ type of thinking! Because the limit on the other side is infinitely huge!! There’s no need to have too much misgivings!! Please, strictly guide me!!” Chiaki asks what’s up with her. Aya asks if Anna doesn’t like the picture/s. Nanoka says that it isn’t so, since reason for Anna’s ‘cerebral hemorrage’ is that guy. Anna nervously thinks that she had promised to meet up with Hinata during the finals and this time, he said that he is going to tell her everything. “But, now that I think of it properly, I totally don’t have any guarantee that I can get in the finals, right?” Nanoka mutters that it is good that she finally notice that. Understanding the situation, Chiaki points at Anna and shouts for her that since it is like that, she should properly think of the picture’s theme. She tells Anna to think of the theme for all 8 pictures. “The theme is very important!! Embodied by a theme, it can be considered as one work.” Nanoka says that even if she say that but isn’t the pictures the most important part. Waving her finger, Chiaki tells her not to belittle it. She takes one picture and says that they use that as an example. It is a picture of an ink bottle. She ask them if one is to use a theme [/title], won’t one simply use, ‘ink bottle’. The three girls say that is true. Chiaki says, “But what if the title is ‘It starts from here’. Using this ink bottle to draw something, how to go about in drawing [something], don’t you think that the person who looks at the picture will think of its back story? The feeling that you had when you took the picture, try to recall what you wanted to convey. Then, pass to me this assignment on the day after tomorrow☆” The girls are shock and exclaim that it is too early. Chiaki asks what they are talking about, the registration deadline is already very near.

In the classroom, Anna looks at sleepy Hinata and wonders what she felt then, when she took his picture. “I simply felt that he’s really amazing- How cool-- And.. I, why do I have that kind of feeling..” Then, Anna whispers to Hinata that there is a piece of screentone sticking on his wrist. This wakes Hinata up. While thanking her, Hinata immediately remove the screentone. Then, Anna asks him when will the manga he drew before, be published. With twinkles in her eyes, Anna says that she’ll absolutely go buy it. “So tell me ♡” Hinata looks at her and asks if she wants to see it. Later on, at the stairs, Anna reads Hinata’s manga wherein Namikaze, black haired protagonist, manages to break the defense of the opposing team during the soccer match. Kyouto, light haired protagonist, exclaims to leave the rest to him. Female lead is praying that they score a goal. Anna praises the script is very engaging. “Really amazing~ It turns out that Kazami-kun can really draw!!” Hinata tells her that it is messy. Anna exclaims over the part of the manga where she helped him. Holding the pages that has been stapled, Anna asks why only Hinata’s manga are in there, did he cut it out from the magazine. Hinata tells her no, it is a separate print since he can get several copies of his own manga. “You were my model and you also helped me with the manuscript so you should want to see it.. That’s why I brought it..” Anna exclaims is that so, he specially brought it for her. “Sorry for the trouble~~” Hinata nervously says ya, but don’t say it too loud. Anna happily tells him that she still wants to buy the magazine. “It’s really amazing!! The thing that Kazami-kun wrote at home can be conveyed to the people throughout the whole country!!” Hinata says that is true and honestly, he feels that it is a miracle. Since she is puzzled, Hinata tells her that he draws a manga which he thinks is interesting and somewhere in Japan, someone will read it. “There are also those who give their responses to me if they find it interesting. It’s a miracle, right. The people whom I don’t know their voice or appearance, yet truly, there is a moment when the feeling/s is connected.” [<- He’s drawing and people reading it].
Anna looks touched by what he said. To Hinata’s surprise, Anna suddenly holds his arm and says, “Kazami-kun, isn’t that--..” They were interrupted when someone says, “What are you two doing?” It’s trembling Nanoka looking really aghast as she looks up to where they are. To the two’s surprise, Nanoka gloomily says, “I can’t believe it.. Taking advantage of the time when Nanoka goes to wash her hands, you’ve used manga as an alibi again to get close to Anna.. *angrily shouts; Anna lets go of Hinata* You’re such a beast!” Hinata nervously says that it is that again, enough already. While Hinata is walking away, Nanoka angrily tells Hinata that the model thing is already over so do not be too familiar with Anna. Scratching his head, Hinata just says, ya, ya, I’m really sorry. Anna is watching them from behind. She giggles and thinks, “Nanoka.. That kid, could it be that she.. If I can, I would want to once again, talk with him, some more.. *Nanoka calls Anna* But.. *looks happy* ..I’ve seen it.” Later on, Chiaki says, ‘Entrusting one’s thoughts through ink’. She happily thinks that it is a good proposal from Anna so they’re going to use it. Anna happily asks if that is true. Aya praises Anna that she’s amazing and she hasn’t thought of that. Chiaki compliments Aya that hers is also quite interesting. Then, Chiaki says that Nanoka’s is a bit deplorable. Nanoka wrote, ‘Die [hard] Otaku High School Student’ as her suggested title. Nanoka just snorts without a care. Flashing a v-sign, Chiaki happily tells them that their preparation is complete so she’ll go and register them for the preliminaries. “If the results come out, I’ll inform you guys immediately, so look forward to that!! *Aya seems happy while Anna is tense* The results will be published on the middle third of June.” Anna thinks, “I’ve done what I can do, and what’s left is to say one’s prayers. God, Buddha, [Shining] Star, let me advance in the Photo Koshien’s finals--”
At her apartment, Anna wipes her perspiration and thinks that it is late because after the club, she went on a detour to visit a shrine. Then, to her shock, she sees a notice on the elevator’s door. The sign says that the elevator is on its regular inspection so hope everyone would cooperate [and understand the situation]. Anna thinks that it cannot be helped that she has to climb the stairs. At the stairs, she looks up to see Sou trying to pick up some instant ramen bowls that had fallen down. Thinking that Sou’s plastic bag has broken, Anna asks if he is okay. To her irritation, Sou just turns around and keeps on walking with a high pile of instant ramen bowls which he had already picked up. Anna angrily thinks, “What.. At times, he’ll ignore me.. At times, he’ll start a conversation.. Even if I’m also like that, but..” Then, Sou’s pile of ramen bowls had fallen all over the place again. Sou quietly picks them up. Holding one of the bowls, Anna holds up her cellphone to Sou which says, “Buying so many all of a sudden, that is why you are now in this difficult situation!” Carrying four ramen bowls, Sou writes back on his cellphone, “After the notebook, you are now using a cellphone. You really have brains--” Carrying three ramen bowls, Anna is irked by that. Anna writes, “Is that the kind of attitude you should have, towards someone who is helping you!!!” Sou writes back, “Even if you ignore me, it is also okay.” Anna writes, “Hey, how can I just ignore it!!” Sou writes back, “It’s no problem for me to carry it all by myself.” Anna writes, “You obviously couldn’t carry [them all]!!” Then, she tosses the bowls and exclaims that it is too much of a hassle [to talk using the cellphone]. Sou sweatdrops and thinks that she is the one who started it. Anna shouts, “Sou! Before, I’ve always wanted to ask you so let me take this opportunity to ask you clearly. Sou, even if you said before that ‘temporarily let’s keep some distance from each other’ but, that ‘temporarily’, is too vague!! So clearly tell me the specifics!!” Sou goes, ‘Huh?’ After picking up the bowls again, Anna tells him that it isn’t about how many months but like what is the longest time or shortest time for it. Aghast Sou tells her that she totally doesn’t comprehend that kind of question and he’s scared of her being ‘short circuit’ [<-simple-minded]. Anna is puzzled by what he meant by ‘short circuit’. Sou shouts that she obviously doesn’t understand so she shouldn’t get herself entangled in something strange. “Just don’t mind me, and it is okay to just let me live a normal life.” To his surprise, Anna tells him, “Wha.. Isn’t it because I cannot do it, that is why I came to ask you?” Anna thinks that she is a bit surprised by herself. “Obviously, so near but I still cannot talk with Sou, I..”
Sou looks at her and sighs. Aghast, Anna apologizes to him and tells him to forget what she just said. She’ll also go look at the dictionary as to what ‘short circuit’ means. Sou sweatdrops and says that it is too late to say that now. “Then, let me tell you--.. The shortest time limit is ‘when Hinata believes me’. *Anna looks surprised* I also do not know why that guy started to not believe what I’ve said before. What is that tactic.” Sou asks her that weren’t she and Hinata going to appear in that Koshien-something competition. Walking behind him, Anna asks how come he knows.. Sou tells him that Hinata told him and his relationship with Hinata is really good. Irritated Anna tells him that he’s saying childish things again, her relationship with Hinata is better than his and Hinata’s relationship. Sou asks her if she wants to compare. Anna insists that her relationship with Hinata is better. Sou tells her not to talk about that. “If you are going to see Hinata, help me tell [/persuade] him, ‘There is also a time when you should believe the thing that Sou said. Stupid. Idiot.’ That type of stuff. *looks thoughtful* Generally, that is the quickest way.” Surprised Anna asks if it is okay if she just to say those things to Hinata. “Just tell [/persuade] him then, there’s no need to keep this distance!?” Sou didn’t answer. Sou is surprised when Anna happily climbs up the stairs faster than him. She says, “If that’s it, then it’s too simple ♪” Sou asks her how come she knows. To his surprise, Anna exclaims, “I know!! *turns to Sou* Because how is it possible for Hinata not to believe you [Sou]! *points at Sou* But!! You already cannot take back what you’ve said!! Mie- hahahaha” Anna happily whistles while going up stairs. Sou looks up at her then sighs. He mutters, “Totally doesn’t understand.” Narration: “Riding on with everyone’s thoughts, summer starts. In order to reach the goal, I[/we] should absolutely get in the finals!!” At the clubroom, Chiaki tells the girls that the preliminary results are out. She apologizes to them for not thinking since she had said some things that made them anticipate.. The three girls braces themselves for the news.
Scans by all★wink汉化组.

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