August 22, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 106-109]

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Flashback: Kento asked Damien about what he mentioned before, regarding the White Butler. Damien seems to be clueless about it that Michael told Kento that if it is things about Damien himself, he tends to quickly forget about it. Michael said that in order to gather intelligence about things that are going on, he can eavesdropped in a larger range, within the school. A note says he can do it because he is a robot. Then, he had overheard those two butlers, Xiang and Fei talking about Mei -> ‘It is precisely like what the White Butler said.’ And, that is the report he gave to Damien. Damien seems to have forgotten about it but he still asked Kento if he can think of someone who was referred to as the ‘White Butler’. Kento said, no, he cannot think of anyone.. End flashback. Back in the room where Kento is thinking, he is standing by the window. Somewhat smiling, Kento mutters that aside for ‘him’, who else could it be.. Xiang enters and calls out to Kento about Fei’s report that Tami and Kanzaki have left the academy’s premises. Kento just says, ya. Xiang apologizes to Kento for talking too much but does Kento really plan on looking for Mei’s whereabouts. To Xiang’s surprise, Kento asks him how old he and Fei are. Xiang answers that they are 16 years old this year. Smiling Kento says that they are a year younger than he is, and yet he wasn’t able to distinguish it [from their appearance]. He asks where they were born. Xiang asks why he is suddenly interested in those kinds of things. Kento approaches him and says that surely they had already investigated everything about him, so it is unfair. This made Xiang smile and say that on the suitable time, he will naturally tell Kento about it. Kento says that is good, they should leave. Xiang asks where they are going. Kento tells him that before they rush after Tami, they should search out[?] the location. If ever Mei had encountered something, right now, she can only depend on are those guys from Lucia. In some computer monitor, Tami’s car is being monitor while it travels at some highway. While eating some chips, Tami scolds Kanzaki for being stupid because it is very obvious to use a car. “It absolutely won’t do!” Kanzaki tells Tami to relax because he did it deliberately. It’s a samurai’s consciousness [/probably gut feel]. To Tami’s surprise, Kanzaki says that perhaps Mei isn’t at the hotel anymore because just now, there is a man who appears to be Rihito, who left away with Mei. “Where could they have gone to..”

Back at the ship, Rihito sees his lookalike. Irritated Rihito asks if he made him walk around the place just to make him see this miserable charade. ‘Rihito’ smiles and asks aren’t they quite alike. Rihito tells him not to use that kind of voice [like his] again. ‘Rihito’ laughs and says that Mei wasn’t able to distinguish it though. This surprises Rihito that he asks if he had.. ‘Rihito’ tells him that he brought Mei there so that he would be more at ease. Just when Rihito is about to shout at him, ‘Rihito’ says that he’s very shock over Rihito because he is a recognized S butler and yet, he would suddenly commit the biggest taboo of eloping with the ojou-sama. “No wonder you are the grandson of legendary butler, Shibata Hideto. The blood that flows within your body is the same. *Rihito didn’t answer back.* Did Mei-ojousama cried and asked you to bring her along?” Rihito angrily tells him to shut up and in accordance to the agreement, Shinobu is to quickly tell him about those two butlers, Xiang and Fei. ‘Rihito’ asks shouldn’t he say it more pleasing manner. Rihito glares at him then turns to leave. ‘Rihito’ says that Mei is currently very safe but that is only for now. Turing towards ‘Rihito’, Rihito asks why he is planning. ‘Rihito’ says that it is nothing much, but rather, he is very happy to see Rihito looking very uneasy. Rihito tells him that he has bad taste. ‘Rihito’ just smiles. Then he says that lately, his mood isn’t that happy because for four years wherein he has been copying everything about Rihito, he manages to deceive Shiori who is infatuated with Rihito. “I’m already close to perfection. No, it is already perfect, compared to anyone who is similar to you. That includes you. So, I have an idea. In this world, there is no need to have two Shibata Rihito.” Surprised, Rihito asks what he meant by that. ‘Rihito’ throws a scalpel at Rihito. Rihito manages to evade it but ‘Rihito’ has another scalpel. He throws it again but Rihito manages to flip it away and kick ‘Rihito’ at the abdomen. ‘Rihito’s wig falls off. Pointing the scalpel at Shinobu, Rihito asks him where Mei is. Rihito gets irritated when Shinobu just laughs. Rihito asks him again but Shinobu manages to kick Rihito’s ankle hard that it made Rihito drop the scalpel. Shinobu tells him that he already said. “I already know everything about you. Your weakness is Mei-ojousama. And in the past, you were slashed by me on your left foot, right? *getting ready for the final blow* Farewell, Shibata Rihito.”
[While that is happening between the butlers, this is what’s happening with the ojousama-s.] There is a scene of a girl holding a ragged rabbit doll She is standing in a messy room. Narration: “A long, long time ago, there is a pitiful girl. Everyday, her mother will always tell her, ‘I don’t have a child like this’. Because she is always in pain and sorrow [from physical abuse], she tells herself that she is in a dream and in her reality, she lives in a different world wherein she is always happy. Then, after a long while, there are some strangers who had rescued her. She is relieved and thought, ‘Finally, I’m going back to my own world’. But, the girl is brought to a place which is like her former house. It is a cold and dark place. In that place, there are other children who are strangers to her. They would glance at her then turn around as if they didn’t see anything. Hugging her rabbit doll, she tells herself that this is a lie, for the real her.. And thus, the little girl falls deeper into her fantasy [/delusion]. Then, one day, all of a sudden, a raccoon-like old man appeared before her. He asked her if she wants to go to his house. So, the little girl is washed up to become neat and tidy. Her hair is fixed. They put perfume on her, and she wore the prettiest clothes. After a car ride, she is told that from today on, this is her house. The little girl is surprised to see the grand house in front of her. That is the ‘real house’ in her fantasy. After she entered the house, the servants bows to her and greeted her ‘Welcome, Shiori-ojousama.’ This made the little girl think, “See, in the end, this is the real me! The me before, is just a dream!” The little girl curtsies and thanks everyone, she’ll be under their care. Because the little girl fantasized about it for numerous times, she can do the things that an ojousama can do, in accordance to books. From that day on, no one were suspicious about her past. And like that, she passes the days as if it is like in a dream.
But actually, the little girl’s heart is filled with dread and uneasiness. She thought that she cannot trust grandfather because he had easily took her and her to stay by her side, so in the same manner, he can also easily discard her. “If that is so then, I’ll once again..” During this time, a young boy appeared in front of the little girl. The boy said, “My name is Shibata Rihito.” This boy has an interesting job which is called ‘butler’. His dream is to serve the world’s number 1 ojousama. This made the little girl to secretly promise to herself that she’ll show him and become the world’s number 1 ojousama. And afterwards, a lot of things had happened. The little girl would always live together with the young boy. Right now, they are free from troublesome rules and detestable hindrances and live their lives very happily together. Truly blissful and happy. Then, let’s talk about another story. A long time ago, in some place, there lives a happy little girl. Her father, mother, friends and everyone likes her. She passed the days happily but one day, the little girl’s beloved father and mother left her. As this goes on, the orphaned girl thinks that she will also lose her friends. During this time.. a young man introduces himself and say, “My name is Shibata Rihito.” This man has an interesting job called – ‘butler’. Afterwards, a lot of things happened and yet the little girl still lives together with this young man. Right now, they are finally from troublesome rules and detestable hindrances. Living very happily and in utter bliss. End narration. Shiori says that they are very alike. “Close relatives, friends, even if [I/we] were to lose everything, it doesn’t matter. With only Rihito-san staying by [my/our] side, I’m fully contented. I’m so happy.. in a world where there is only the two of us, I and Rihito-san.. Aren’t you the same with me? So, you’ve run away together with your butler, right?” Mei mutters, “No.. it isn’t.. I only..” Shiori tells her not to be afraid here and there is no need to be concerned about other people, so she can speak what she truly thinks. “Looking forward to a world where there is only the two of them, oneself and one’s lover.. this is a girl’s inner instinct.. Come..”
Thinking that ‘she only..’, Mei exclaims ‘no’ repeatedly. Shiori asks why, then why did Mei commit that taboo of eloping with her butler. Mei didn’t answer. To Mei’s surprise, Shiori asks, “Mei-ojousama.. you.. do you really love him? Are your feelings real?” Mei then let her head fall on Shiori’s lap. Shiori pats her head and says that she’s pitiful and she’s tired. Mei asks her what she will do if her Rihito-san dies. Shiori smiles and says that of course, she will follow him and afterwards, the world will also end. Mei thinks, “That kind of love..” Shiori tells her not to worry because she’ll ask ‘Rihito-san’ to use the ship to bring her and her butler to a safe place. She apologizes to Mei and asks her to bring her to ‘Rihito’. Mei wonders what the feeling of ‘true love’ is. She remembers Kento admonishing her that she only cannot stand that her numerous friends aren’t at her side. Mei snaps out of it when Shiori calls out to her again and repeats her request for Mei to bring her to ‘Rihito’. While Mei is wheeling Shiori at the hallway, Shiori tells her to be careful because it is dark and she thinks that ‘Rihito’ is definitely at the dining hall – the room where there is a double door. Mei lightly knocks and says, “Sorry for disturbing..” She is surprised to see Rihito struggling to stop Shinobu from stabbing him. Mei blurts out, “Ri..” Rihito is surprised to see the two. Shiori calls out, “ *Mei and Shinobu are quiet* You are here, right, Rihito-sama.” Mei wonders if Shiori can feel Rihito’s presence or is it.. Shiori calls out for Rihito to answer her. Rihito didn’t reply. She calls out again. Then, Shinobu replies, “Yes, Shiori-ojousama. Shibata Rihito is at your side..” Shiori happily smiles and says that is good, because she thought there is some accident since there is a slight smell of blood. Shinobu apologizes and says that he’ll open the ventilation. Shiori says that before that, there is something she wants to ask of him – to please bring Mei and her butler to a safe place. Holding the scalpel at Rihito’s throat, Shinobu says, that it will be as she ordered. “Then, Mei-ojousama. Please bring Shiori-ojousama to another room to wait. *pointing scalpel closer to Rihito’s throat* Please..”
Mei thinks that Shinobu is serious and if she leaves right now.. Rihito smiles at her. Mei thinks that he is telling her not to worry, he is okay, so she should quickly go to a safe place, please. Shiori tells Mei that they should go. To everyone’s surprise, Mei leans to Shiori and says, “Shiori-sama.. let us have a duel.” Shiori asks if she meant ‘duel’, as the Italian meaning of ‘duel’. Mei says yes, but this time around, it is only a game. “Actually, standing in front of us are two Rihito-sama. Can Shiori-sama distinguish as to which one is the real one?” Shinobu tells Mei to quit kidding around. Mei continues to tell Shiori that if she guessed right, then she is the winner. “I will give my most precious treasure to you. But, if you guessed wrong, then you will give your most precious treasure to me.” Shiori giggles and says that she understands. “Your butler is pretending to be Rihito-san. It seems to be very interesting.. I accept this duel. Please do not belittle me just because I cannot see, okay? Who is the real Rihito, I absolutely won’t make a mistake. Absolutely not!” Mei says that they will begin. “First, the Rihito-san from that side. *gesturing to Shinobu* Okay, please call out Shiori-ojousama’s name. *Shinobu quietly stares at Mei* Please!” Shinobu calls out, “Shiori-ojousama...” Shiori giggles and says that she already knows. Mei then says that the other Rihito-san, please. Rihito looks at determined Mei then says, “..Shiori-ojousama.” Shiori’s eyes widen and she remembers young Rihito. She asks him to say it one more time. Shinobu and Mei are looking very serious. Rihito calls out again, “Shiori-ojousama..” Shiori looks surprised then closes her eyes. Mei asks if Shiori has already thought of it. Shiori says that she does. She stands up and starts walking towards Rihito. She happily closes her eyes. Then to Shinobu’s surprise, Shiori turns away from Rihito and goes towards him. Holding on to Shinobu, Shiori says, “You are my.. true Rihito-san.. I absolutely won’t be mistaken..” After recovering from his surprise, Shinobu smiles and drops the scalpel. Hugging Shiori, Shinobu says, “You are right, Shiori-ojousama.”
Shiori turns toward Mei and asks her, “So..?” Mei looks at her then closes her eyes. After opening her eyes again, Mei happily says that she is right, Shiori-ojousama wins. “He is Shiori-ojousama’s true Rihito-sama.” Rihito is quite speechless surprised by this. Shinobu smiles over it. Shiori also smiles and says that in accordance to their agreement, Mei is to give her precious treasure to her. Mei says, “Then, I’ll give you the name ‘Mei Shinonome’. Even if it is hard to pronounce, you only need to gently call it out. No matter where you are, I’ll quickly fly to your side.” Shiori asks what use is that to her when she already has Rihito-san. Mei tells, to then, call it out on the day when her world ends. This surprises Shiori. She says that she will, if she needs to. Shinobu tells Shiori that it is almost time for her to rest. Shiori asks if it’s so’s really regrettable. She wishes Mei to take care and she’s very happy to have met her. Mei wishes her to also take care and wishes her a happy trip. Shiori falls asleep and Shinobu carries her. Mei quickly turns to Rihito and asks if he is alright. Rihito tells her that to be at ease [, he’s fine]. Mei turns to Shinobu and is about to shout at her as to what is the meaning of this but she stops upon seeing how Shinobu lovingly holds on to Shiori. Shinobu tells Mei that she did some unnecessary things. “Why did you do such a reckless thing? If Shiori-ojousama chose wrongly, do you know what will be the outcome?” Mei says perhaps, she will be killed by Shinobu. Shinobu says that she’s right.
Mei happily says that thing will definitely not happen. “Because it has been four years. Four years! On that four years, Shinobu-sama has always been staying by Shiori-ojousama’s side, acting as her ‘ideal Rihito-sama’, within her heart. So for Shiori-ojousama, Shinobu-sama is her ‘real Rihito-sama’.” Shinobu says is that so. Mei holds surprised Rihito’s sleeve and says that it is like the Rihito-san here, who also stayed with her for around four years already. “So, he is my ‘real Rihito-sama’, right?” Rihito smiles and says that is true. Mei thinks that the two of them are really alike. “But, there is still a little bit that isn’t the same... The reality and happiness that we are chasing are perhaps different.. As well as the ‘ojousama’ being chased after [<- what kind of ojousama they want to be?]” Rihito looks at Shiori who is happily sleeping. Mei tells Rihito that they should go. Rihito says yes. Just as they are going out of the room, Shinobu calls out to Impostor-kun over there. Rihito angrily asks, “Ha?” Shinobu tells him that if he makes a loud noise, Shiori might.. Mei pleads for Rihito to endure it for a while. Smiling Shinobu asks Rihito if he is already going to leave, without asking about those two. Surprised, Mei asks him if he is talking about Xiang and Fei, and does he know them. Shinobu giggles and says that of course he knows them, he was the one who introduced them to Kintaro-sama. Mei is shock by this. Shinobu tells Mei that upon seeing the outcome of her interesting gamble, he’ll tell them, and his mood today is [exceptionally] really good. “..they are two unpleasant kids..” At an airport where there is a helicopter, Fei calls out to Xiang and asks if he is alright. Xiang snaps out of it and apologizes. He tells Fei that he is thinking about something. Fei worriedly asks him if he is tired, and it is best for him to take a rest. Looking up the starry sky, Xiang says that no, he is imagining the future that they are about to welcome. “It has truly been a long and slow journey and you’ve also spent a lot of time [worrying] about it but it will quickly be over.” Fei sadly says that he is still not 100% sure. “Is she ‘genuine’, for is it like before, only a ‘fake’..” Xiang says that if she is a ‘fake’, they will have to once again go on a journey. He thinks, “No matter what.. she will fall into our hands and become the world’s first ojousama’s (raw) ore.”
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