August 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 90]

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And so, Meio School Festival starts. Wearing a panda hat, Nishiki happily invites a couple of girls to try out in ‘becoming someone unlike oneself’, wherein they can dress up as as a maid, wear a cheongsam [Chinese dress], or even doll, all sorts of outfits then they’ll take a picture. While holding a board of sample pictures, Cat-outfit Haru tells them that not only that, they will also fix up their hair to suit the outfit. He raves that the skill of their hairstyling is at par with a professional’s work. The girls are interested in it. So Nishiki happily calls out that they will have two customers. He is interrupted when someone is shouting that it hurts. A female customer angrily shouts at apologetic Tsubaki as to how many times she had told her not to pull her hair [to clip it]. “It’s enough! Give my money back!!” While Tsubaki tries to pacify the customer, Nishiki notices that their two potential customers had already left. Nishiki shouts at Tsubaki as to what’s wrong with her that the customers had run away. Tsubaki just apologizes. She thinks that she couldn’t concentrate and be driven about it. “The bracelet that Tsubaki-kun gave me. I unexpectedly left it at work... What if it is accidentally thrown away while I had swept the floor [with hair]..” At the door, Hiro, who is wearing a hat and glasses [to disguise himself?], is holding the bracelet. He mutters that this is really serious for Tsubaki has already lost her state of mind just because of not being able to find an important thing. “It seems that the bracelet is necessary for her willpower. Obviously liking [each other/Kyouta] that much, then why did [they] separate..” Hiro then hears someone says, “I see. In the end, it totally won’t do at all.” Hiro looks at the side and sees a woman holding a complimentary ticket. It is Tsubaki’s mother. Some of the guys tell Tsubaki’s mother that she is holding a complimentary ticket so why doesn’t she come in and what kind of outfit does she want to wear. Tsubaki’s mother says no, she came to see her daughter. Hearing the noise at the door, Tsubaki looks out to see that her mother came. While trying to curl the customer’s hair with a curling iron, Tsubaki is trembling and nervous. She tells herself that this isn’t the time to be upset [/agonizing about it]. “In order for mama to approve of letting me become a hairstylist, it is a must that I get to show mama my good side--” Tsubaki lost her grip on the curling iron when she had accidentally let go of the pressing lever and it hit her thumb. She panics as she sees the curling iron about to drop on the customer’s bare leg.

Hiro immediately runs forward and tosses the curling iron away with his bare hand. Tsubaki calls out, “Hana..hananoi-san!? Just now..hand..” Hiro apologizes to the customer for startling her and asks if she wasn’t scald by it. The girl says no. Then, she shouts in surprise since she recognizes Hiro. Suddenly, a lot of girls come out and go to them. Pushing Tsubaki aside, they are shouting if it is really Hananoi, that hairstylist who is always on the magazine. “Why is he in our school!? Me, me, me, I want to ask you to fix my hair!! Me, too!” Tsubaki shouts for Hiro to quickly rinse his burnt hand on running water. To the girls’ dismay, Hiro apologizes for today, is his free day and if they want, he can be at his store to wait for them. “Do not be too disappointed. *smiles and puts his hand on Tsubaki’s head* Instead of me, my most anticipated disciple will fix everyone’s hair.” Tsubaki’s mother is still watching them. Tsubaki accompanies Hiro at the sink to wash his burned hand with some cold water. Tsubaki apologizes to him that it is her fault that he injured his important hand. Hiro tells her that it is great that girl wasn’t scalded. Tsubaki timidly says that she really didn’t expect that he will come today. Hiro asks why, of course he will come to this place and see his most anticipated disciple show off her talent in an open exhibition. Embarrassed, Tsubaki tells him to please stop teasing her about being the most anticipated disciple since she is only working at that store. Hiro tells her that he isn’t joking around because even if she is currently working now, but one day, she can do it. “That is what I think, prior to seeing your awful expression today.” While bandaging his right hand with her handkerchief, Tsubaki explains that she lost her precious thing the other day. “It is so important that I currently would want to run out and find it. No matter what, I couldn’t concentrate on hairstyling.” Hiro asks her, “That important thing.. is it more important than making your mother approve of you becoming a hairstylist?” This surprises Tsubaki. She tells him, no, it isn’t something that can be compared. Hiro says, “But, I think it is better for you to quickly choose. If that thing which you lost is more important, then leave the school and don’t give a care about leaving your mother here. It is better for you to go and look for it. If you want to say that it is more important to persuade your mother, then you should temporarily let that important thing go, and put all your effort in doing this school activity well. With these two opposing situation, the worst case scenario is not getting even one, at the end, right?” Tsubaki looks thoughtful. She thinks, “It is exactly as Hananoi-san said. But at that side.. about persuading mother, there should be another opportunity to do that. But, if I don’t quickly go and look for the bracelet, I feel that I won’t be able to find it anymore.. If I don’t have the bracelet, I would feel that the distance between me and Kyouta is very far away..” Thoughtful Tsubaki tightly holds her other wrist.
Meanwhile, poor Kyouta has not made much progress in going to his class’s store because of the girls selling him food and inviting him to their stores. Then, Kyouta overhears a girl telling her friend in going to that cosplay photo booth. Her friend says that she had heard that hairstyles done in that place is really awful for one girl got her hair pulled hard and another girl was almost scalded with the iron curler. This surprises the girl and decides not to go there. This made Kyouta wonder what [the heck] Tsubaki is doing. Then, before he can move a step forward, a girl slings her arm around his arm and tells him that their class is over there. Kyouta is gloomy that he is being dragged away. Back to Tsubaki, Hiro asks her if she had already chosen. Tsubaki says yes. She holds up both hands and slaps her face hard. Tsubaki winces in pain and Hiro sweatdrops. Looking determined, Tsubaki says, “I can forget about the bracelet and concentrate on in doing the hairstyles..” Hiro looks at her in surprise and asks if that is okay, since it is a gift by her boyfriend whom she’s proud of. Tsubaki exclaims that it isn’t good and of course, after the school festival, she’ll go look for it. “But if I currently prioritize in looking for the bracelet, he will definitely be angrier.. (I cannot trample on the importance [/reason] of separating with Tsubaki-kun.)” Hiro smiles at her and tells her that her mother hasn’t left yet, so quickly go. Tsubaki exclaims, “Yes..!” Hiro asks if right now, she can properly do it. Tsubaki exclaims, “Yes!” Hiro tells her that if she is still spacing out with the next customer, he is going to take over and replace her in helping the others in fixing the hairstyles. Aghast Tsubaki exclaims that she won’t let him do that. Just when Tsubaki is about to leave, Hiro laughs and says, “You’re back to your original self. I specially came to give back your valuable lost item.” Tsubaki turns around and asks, “Huh?” Holding the bracelet with his left hand, Hiro tells her that she dropped it at the washing hair station. Relieved Tsubaki sits down on the floor. Waving the bracelet, Hiro tells her that it is alright, thank you gift and, at anytime can.. [<- this part is in short phrases that I’m slightly confused if he is saying that it is alright not to thank him and she’s welcome anytime, or he’ll get the thanks later on, anytime.] Tsubaki gloomily calls out his name. Hiro laughs and apologizes for always not having a chance to return it to her. Teary-eyed Tsubaki smiles at him and thanks him very much for picking it up for her. This made Hiro blush.
Hiro tells her that is enough, she should quickly go to her class for how long is she going to make her mother wait. “Quickly stand up.” Tsubaki stands up and says, “Yes..” Holding out her hands to the bracelet, Tsubaki says, “Then, the bracelet..” To her surprise, Hiro pulls the bracelet away from her. Tsubaki exclaims, “About that..!?” Hiro tells her that he told her not to wear it during work and, what will she do if it got entangled on the customer’s hair. He also tells her that she is always in a rush and is very busy, does she want to lose it again. “I’ll keep it for you, for a while and go concentrate on enjoying yourself in making hairstyles.” Tsubaki exclaims, “Yes! I’m sorry. Back to making hairstyles!” Hiro wonders if she’ll be alright. And so, with a smile, Tsubaki makes a nice hairstyle for the customer while her mother is watching her. As Tsubaki uses a mirror to show the customer her hairstyle, the customer happily exclaims that it is amazing. Smiling Tsubaki smiles and thanks her. While she continues to observe Tsubaki, Tsubaki’s mother is surprised when Hiro says that her daughter has such a happy smile among her expressions. “Are you Tsubaki-chan’s mother?” Tsubaki’s mother apologizes to him for the trouble that her daughter caused him just now, and offers to compensate him. Hiro declines her offer and says that it is alright. She asks if he is a hairstylist. Hiro says he is, and he is working at parfait parlor. He gives her his business card. While Tsubaki’s mother is holding his business card, Hiro tells her that her daughter, who is fully devoted to work, has been such a great help. “And, apparently you oppose to her becoming a hairstylist..” Holding her hand up, Tsubaki’s mother says, “, I’m actually not rejecting this profession, of being a hairstylist. It’s only that child.. Since from the start, that child is very timid and afraid that she will cower away from formal situations. She’s only good at sincerely studying.. Then, that child would unexpectedly want to become a hairstylist, that extrovert type of job. Don’t you think that it is inevitable for me to think that she isn’t suited for it? Getting into a good university is absolutely for the good of that child.” Hiro admits that flexibility and the ability to communicate are must-haves for a job as a hairstylist. “But, look at her today. No one is thinking that she cannot take customers. In the end, to become a hairstylist, what’s really important is secretly doing one’s best while firmly planting one’s feet on the ground [/being realistic]. Don’t you think that with just constant perseverance [/great effort], your daughter is suitable for this profession..?”
Tsubaki is taking her picture with her customers who requested it. The customer says that she will keep the hairstyle for the whole day. After Tsubaki thanks the customer, she notices Hiro is bowing to her mother as they bid goodbye to each other. Tsubaki quickly runs to her mother and calls for her to wait. “About.. today..” Her mother tells her that she asked her to come and yet from the start, it has been quite a mess. “At this state, do you still want to be a hairstylist?” Holding her wrist, Tsubaki says, “..the current me is still not that mature, and it may seem that there is no improvement anywhere but I absolutely won’t falter [/become weak]. This is the only thing that I wanted to do..!” Tsubaki is surprised when her classmate calls out to her that there is a customer waiting for her. Tsubaki tries to tell them to wait but her mother tells her to go. Tsubaki tries to protest but her mother asks if she is still thinking of giving everyone trouble. Thinking that she cannot persuade her mother today, Tsubaki lamely says, yes [I’ll go]. When Tsubaki is about to return back, her mother says, “I haven’t noticed it until now. When did it start that you have become quite calm in receiving customers even if it’s the first time you’ve met them.. *turns around to Tsubaki and smiles* Continue on doing your best [/gambatte].” This made Tsubaki teary-eyed and flustered. She thinks, “Ah, Tsubaki-kun, I’ve decided to walk on the path of a hairstylist. So, finally the day has come when I can go back to your side.” By the stairs, Kyouta sees Hiro holding the bracelet that he gave Tsubaki. Next chapter blurb: “Finally Kyouta vs Hananoi!?” Next chapter will be out on Aug. 20th. Scans by 水银工作室.

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