August 13, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 49]

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Still standing by the train’s door, Natsume looks at the guy sitting beside her. She realizes that it is Yukito’s older brother because he looks really like the picture that Kotori showed her before on her cellphone. “Even the uniform is the same, so it is really him? But, is this person really Parallelogram? The one who is always hindering me, that Parallelogram. Is this person?” She keeps on peering down at Masaya that Masaya notices her. Masaya looks at her then brightly smiles. After the train had stopped, dropped off passengers, and started to move again, not amused Natsume just continue to looks at smiling Masaya. When the train’s door closes, Natsume looks away and glumly faces the door. Masaya looks at her for a while, before calling out to her as the girl by the door. Thinking that he is trying to hit [/strike a conversation] on her, Natsume asks, ya. She is surprised when Masaya is already standing behind her. He tells her that her skirt got caught between the doors. Natsume looks down and is shock-embarrassed, that it is true. Natsume tries to pull it out but Masaya tells her to not do anything reckless and just standing there so that no one will notice. “It caught a lot [of the skirt]. It’s alright. I’m standing behind you.” Natsume looks at the glass door in front to see Masaya smiling and waving at her. Natsume mutters her thanks. Masaya starts to converse with her by asking if she is from North High because he recognizes her uniform. “What year are you? You look very mature, so are you a second year student? My younger brother is also in North High and he is a first year student. You shouldn’t recognize him, his surname is Kaji. Ah, that doesn’t really matter. Hm? North High also has such a beautiful girl like you.” Natsume thinks that in the end, he is hitting on her. Then, it is announced that the next stop is Sakurazaka. The door opens and Natsume’s skirt is released by the door. Smiling Masaya tells Natsume that this is his stop. A bit flustered Natsume thanks him again. Looking at her, Masaya tells her that is [caused by] his excessive self-awareness [/huge ego], and he isn’t hitting on her.

This surprises Natsume that she looks at him as he got off the train. Masaya looks back at her then waves. The door has already closed. Natsume starts to look really gloomy and thinks, “Parallelogram..” Then, she notices a folded paper on the floor. Thinking that it is something Masaya dropped, she picks it up and unfolds it. It is a flyer from a supermarket regarding sale items. A lettuce with the price 98 yen is encircled with a hand-written note of ‘must buy’. Natsume wonders what that is, is he a housewife. At the fastfood restaurant, Yukito sighs as he is about to change his clothes. Holding [/hugging] himself, he thinks that he can still feel Kotori’s lingering touch on his body that he cannot help but be at a panic and at a loss.. “I didn’t think that Kotori can do that kind of thing.. And, I thought that [we] will really do it. *going out of the room* expression too modest [/yielding]? I still wasn’t able to buy a motorcycle, and I was also frightened by that thing during the day, isn’t it really awkward [/bad]!?” Haruna greets him and asks if he is going home. Yukito lamely says yes. She asks him why he seems to be feeling down. Yukito admits that he is. Haruna asks him about it but Yukito says that it is nothing. He starts to blush because seeing Haruna made him remember how lovely-dovey she is with her boyfriend before. Yukito comments that Haruna is not bad being lovey-dovey with her boyfriend. This made Haruna blush and exclaim what is he saying, what lovey-dovey. To her embarrassment, Yukito tells her that he and Kotori saw the two of them a few days ago. “I’m so envious that you guys can naturally be lovey-dovey.” Natsume looks at him in surprise. She then slaps Yukito’s back hard and asks why he is saying envious and aren’t the two of them lovey-dovey. Yukito asks if they [2 Kaji-s] seem that way, even if while being lovey-dovey, he is still tense [/nervous] and cannot relax, not knowing what he should do. Haruna tells him that it is the same with her.
Yukito exclaims in surprise if that is so, when it doesn’t seem so when he looks at them, because they look especially natural and the mood is quite special. Haruna tells him that she doesn’t know what her boyfriend is thinking so she got closer to him to confirm it, that is what she had been thinking. “It is also possible that it looks natural because the time when we were going steady is longer [than yours].” Puzzled Yukito asks if that is so. Haruna tells her that if it is the first time for both of them to go on steady, then it isn’t necessary to be overly concerned about it. This made Yukito wonder if there is such a thing of wanting to get close because one doesn’t know what the other is thinking. Then, Yukito realizes something. “Could it be that for Kotori, this is also the reason? Could it be that she’s seducing me? *Creepy Kotori [<- Yukito’s imagination] is calling out for him to come closer a bit* She’s seducing me, right? That means, she is pretending not to know anything, but actually, she knows it? Is she feeling me out..? *tense and blush* Not good, I should calm down, do not be impulsive. Even if Haruna is like that, it isn’t necessarily so with Kotori.. If I’ve become impulsive and it didn’t go well, she might detest me. The most important thing is if I do something to make her unhappy, she will once again take precautions against me-- Ah! in the end, my brain is totally filled with bad ideas!” Yukito passes by a computer game shop and overhears a couple of girls raving about the upcoming new release of Doki Memo. They talk about when it will come out, and wanting the limited edition. One girl likes Hikaru while the other one likes the new character. Grumpy Yukito holds one of the Doki Memo games and thinks that there will be a 3 for that game. He wonders if Kotori will also buy it and what’s good about it that it has that many sequels.
Yukito goes into shock when the two girls start muttering that he is also been playing Doki Memo. Yukito angrily shows an X-rated cd to tell them that is what he is looking at, and that is what he wants. The two girls exclaim what’s with him, weirdo, and is he a newbie in striking a conversation [/hitting on girls]. Flustered Yukito thinks, “But.. Doki Memo..” At her bedroom, Kotori is moving her fingers and thinks that it felt warm during that time. “I still haven’t touched Yukito a lot. Unexpectedly, his body doesn’t have much flesh. No, it isn’t that. I didn’t notice it before, but I didn’t think that he has always been working out his muscles. *hugs pillow tight and giggles* Before, I had seen him half-naked. *blush* Uh-oh! I’m starting to imagine. *calms down* Natsume told me not to force myself.. I’m not forcing myself, right? It is alright that I also don’t hate that kind of frolicking? I like Yukito. It looks alright, right?” The next day, at school’s hallway, Natsume looks at Parallelogram’s data on her cellphone. Info: Main level area = Fighting regiment head. A guy who can cook. A considerate older brother who takes care of his younger brother ♡ To those who doesn’t want to accept me as the regiment’s head = Game is a game. If you are frustrated then come at me at once♪ [<- last line is guesswork since it is too blurry.] End info. Pouting Natsume quietly looks at it. Kotori calls out to her and asks what she is looking that because she had such a scary expression. Natsume forces a smile and says that it is nothing much, it’s just that so early in the morning, she read an idiotic ‘brief introduction’ and it is making her a bit twitchy. Kotori is puzzled by what Natsume meant. Then, Abe, together with Yukito, greets the girls a good morning. Natsume darkly looks at Yukito and thinks that he is Parallelogram’s younger brother. Yukito notices this and it made him nervously wonders what is it, did he do something wrong. “Could it be because of Kotori? But I didn’t do anything, basically..” Natsume looks away and looks down.
Yukito blushes when Kotori happily greets him a good morning. He looks down and thinks that he couldn’t dare face Kotori. Puzzled Kotori calls out to him. This made Yukito look up and greet her back. At what seems to be their usual place to eat lunch, Yukito opens the bento box and sees the words ‘Love’ in English and kanji, with starts and two little chicks. Blushing Yukito says that she made it beautifully today. Blushing Kotori tells him that she was quite enthusiastic when she did that. She quietly looks at him. Then, she looks at the right and the left [to see if anyone is there]. To Yukito’s surprise, Kotori puts her head on his shoulder. Blushing Yukito thinks that it is this again. “So, she is seducing me, right? Is she saying it is okay? If it isn’t, how come this happened so many times.. Which is it!?” He tries calling her name when Kotori suddenly sits up again and exclaims that he told her before that he will consider cosplaying for the school festival. “So, have you decided on it?” Nervous Yukito exclaims in surprise and tells her that ever since that time, he hasn’t thought of it. Kotori gloomily tells him that if he is still hesitating, how she can prepare a very suitable costume for him. To her dismay, Yukito refuses to do Doki Memo. He asks her what about her, does she want him to be the victim of the ghost. Pointing on her forehead, he asks that as an earth bound spirit, will she put a triangle [cloth/ hitaikakushi] there. Kotori tells him that she won’t be an earth bound spirit, she wants to be a cute gorgeous super ghost. This made Yukito sweatdrop and asks what a super ghost is. Then, they quietly look at each other. Kotori tells him to quickly eat his lunch. She is surprised when Yukito suddenly grabs her hand and holds it. She looks at Yukito who isn’t looking at her. Blushing, Yukito asks, “What do you want to do? What are you thinking? What do you want to do with me?” Kotori blushes and repeats, ‘what [do you] want to do’. He looks at Kotori and asks, “ understand, right?” This made Kotori look in surpise while looking at him.
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