August 2, 2011

Kurobara Alice [Chapters 20-21]

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Kouya enters the cafe upon hearing Alice playing the piano. The twins welcome him but Kouya walks straight toward Alice. Reiji tells Kai that like him, that guy has a mole on his cheek. Alice sees Kouya and becomes intensely nervous. Kouya asks her to play Chopin’s Nocturne no. 20. Alice cannot answer that he asks if she couldn’t understand him. Reiji tells Kouya that she can understand Japanese but the piano pieces that she can play aren’t many. Kouya requests for another piece. Alice timidly apologizes that she cannot play a lot of pieces. Kouya asks her what she can play and it is okay if it is the one she played just now. Dimitri calls out to Kouya as a customer and tells him that Alice is a foreigner who just plays whatever she wants. She isn’t a pianist who’ll play what the customer wants. Kouya apologizes and decides to leave. To Dimitri’s displeasure, Alice calls out to Kouya and asks if his eyesight is bad. When Kouya looks at her, Alice looks away and apologizes that it is nothing. After he left, Dimitri says that it is such a touching reunion for it has been two years since she met Ikushima Kouya. Kai realizes who he is because that was the name Alice called when she kissed him before. Alice asks why he has to wear glasses and is it because of the accident. She starts to accuse Dimitri of not fulfilling his end of the bargain of not leaving any remaining wounds on Kouya from the accident. Dimitri says that he did and does she doubt the power of vampires but it isn’t within his control if something else happens after that. He asks if she wanted to say is she wants him to give Kouya a body check-up every year. Alice looks sad and thinks that the aura Kouya gives is totally different. The next day, Dimitri suggests that she walk around the area but Alice declines because she is not in the mood. He asks her if she wants to go to the store where Kouya might go. Alice denies it. He tells her to just say it because it is written all over her face. He also tells her not to keep things to herself and tell him everything. Alice wonders why Dimitri can still kindly talk to her, is it because she is Agnieska’s replacement. She hopes to be able to pretend that the love he is showing, is towards her. Alice stands up and leaves the table. At the store, Alice is reading some books. To her surprise, Kouya appears and sits in front of her. After ordering a cup of coffee, Kouya asks why she isn’t playing the piano today. Alice says that she only plays occasionally. He asks her name and she says that it is ‘Alice’. He asks her age. Alice replies that it is 16. To her surprise, Kouya asks if she remembers his name. Alice shouts what he is talking about when they only met yesterday. Kouya says that she speaks Japanese fluently as if she is a native Japanese. He asks her if something happened two years ago. Reiji tells Kouya that he is causing trouble. Kouya denies it.

Alice decides to leave but she stops because even if she doesn’t want to be asked, she wants to know what happened to him these past two years. Alice asks what he is doing, is he a college student. Kouya asks if she has become interested in him. Alice says no, it is only he is a suspicious person, so she wants to know things about him. He tells her that he isn’t going to school but rather, he is working at a restaurant for his livelihood. Alice wonders why he didn’t go to college when his grades are good. Kouya confirms that he graduated high school, and his eyesight deteriorated from using the computer too much while he locked himself up in his room. Kouya says that since he answered her questions, it is his turn to ask. He asks her what she is doing, if she isn’t working as a pianist, why is she in that store. Kai tells him that Alice is their boss’ younger sister and since their relationship is good, if Alice has extra time, she would go there. Kouya asks which country she is from. Alice replies, Austria. He asks when she came there. Thinking that she couldn’t say 90 years ago, Alice tells him 2 years ago. Kouya repeats that, and it made Alice realize that she made a mistake since it will make Kouya connect her to Azusa. She thinks that she must act calmly towards him. She stands up and tells him that she is troubled by his presence so could he please not come back again. With that, Alice leaves the store. At the house’s living room, Alice thinks that Kouya haven’t changed in the way he talks in teasing one’s inner heart but then, she already died once and is now living a new life. She is curious how Kouya’s life is without Azusa. Then, Kai comes in to talk with Alice. The twins had closed the store early. After declining a cup of tea, Alice apologizes to him for the strange mood earlier. He thanks Kai for the help regarding her past and she will temporarily not go to the store. She asks him what’s the difference between him as a normal human and when he became a vampire. Taking a sit, Kai says that he doesn’t know and it has been nearly 80 years. For him, it is actually like a blur. She asks him if he and Reiji died at the same time during the earthquake. Leo had mentioned this and he told her that they don’t remember their past. Kai says that is right, he doesn’t quite remember what happened before his death and when he noticed it, his body is already lined up with Reiji. He lived in Mishima, Shizuoka. When Alice asks if he wants to go back, Kai sadly says that he doesn’t know what Reiji thinks, but he doesn’t want to go near the place where he lived. Alice is somewhat puzzled by this. He tells her that he doesn’t think that there is anything wrong if she continues to see Kouya since it is because of Kouya that she is like that right now. He wants her to do what things in accordance to what she thinks. If she forces herself, later on, she’ll explode and things will become more difficult. But, if she can sever it, he hopes that she can totally concentrate on the vampire side and that means, consider Reiji. Even if he cannot say much to her but while they were living, Reiji’s body is weak that he is always lying in bed. And whether it is the past or the present, Reiji is still the same kind person, can captivate a girl’s heart like Dimitri, sincere and pure, etc. He feels that Reiji has a right to be happy this time around and he hopes that Reiji gets it. Dimitri watches the two from the side before walking away.

The next morning, Alice is standing in front of the school where she used to work. She recalls her past memories there. Someone calls her ‘sensei’. She turns around and is surprised to see Kouya there. She asks him why he is there. He asks her why she turned around when he called out ‘sensei’ and asks why she is there. Alice says that her house is nearby so she just passed by. He asks again why she turned when he called out ‘sensei’. Alice exclaims that one will naturally turn around if one hears someone calling and why he called her ‘sensei’. Kouya says ‘when you are born’ in German but Alice doesn’t understand it. She is caught since Kouya says that Austrians use German language. Still calling her ‘sensei’, he asks her to correct his German accent since it might have caused her not to understand. He tells her that the more she sees her, the more curious he is because her personality [/facts about her] is different from her appearance. Alice tries to leave but he holds her hand and insists that she answer his questions because he answered hers. Alice looks really tense and tells him to let go. Kouya tells her that if she runs away, he’ll chase after her and does she plan on riding a taxi again. He says that it would have been better if they died together and if someone is to be saved, he wished that it was her, and does she know that it is better if he was the one who died. Alice asks what he is saying and don’t say such strange things. He tells her that he is isn’t living because he wants to live but rather, he doesn’t have the strength to die since he is an immature guy. Alice calls him Ikushima-kun and tells him to stop kidding around and not to talk anymore. Then, Kouya tells her that he isn’t kidding around. She called him Ikushima when he didn’t even once tell her of his name. Alice insists that he said it and maybe he has forgotten. To her surprise, Kouya tells her that he didn’t register his surname and he isn’t Ikushima. His mother had already divorced and since he is with his mother, his surname is changed to ‘Shiraishi’ [白石; guesswork name]. He asks her who she is. Alice looks really tense then she faints. Back at the house, the twins go to Dimitri who is looking out his favorite window. =P They tell her that Alice is missing and probably went out without saying a word. Reiji asks him to use a familiar to look for her. Without turning around, Dimitri says that he’s too noisy when she is gone for a while and won’t she be coming back soon. Reiji asks why he isn’t worried since there seems to be something between them and if Alice sees him, she might waver. Dimitri tells him about letting Alice do what she wants and if not, what does Reiji want to do, keep her in like a dog or to have a familiar to see wherever she goes. He tells her that it is okay for them to choose that method but would Alice like it. The twins cannot answer.

Somewhere else, Alice wakes up on a bed with a wet towel on her forehead. Kouya gives her some water and says that it is probably sunstroke but she did shock him. She asks if this is his house. He says yes. She asks if he lives alone. He tells her to drop it. She is thinking that he has a house near the school then remembers that his mother had divorced. He tells her that he doesn’t go to school because he doesn’t want to go out. His parents will always have poker face as if they were quarreling and in the end, they divorced. He planned to stay with his mother but he ends up renting a place. It is natural to ‘do something while living’. He then starts telling her about her romance with his teacher. Then, they quarreled over something and she rode a taxi. He went with her and there is that accident. He blames himself for that. Alice exclaims that it isn’t so, and anyone would know that. He says that if he didn’t chase after her, she wouldn’t have ridden on that taxi. He goes on with this self-blame and wished that he died. Alice thinks that it is her fault and it wasn’t easy to save [him] and yet he would think like this. She shouts for him to find happiness and live on, forget the past. He tells her that everyone says that. Alice says that it is because he is saved and that person [Azusa] would have also thought so, too. He tells her that he doesn’t believe it and it is better to die then everything will be over. Living hurts and he wants Azusa to teach him again. She is so awful that only he is living forever in this hell. Alice is stunned by that. Kouya apologizes for saying such things to her when it has nothing to do with her and it will just cause her trouble. It is because he thought that it is his teacher playing the piano when he heard her play. Of course, it is impossible and he is all alone in this world. He doesn’t believe in reincarnation and even so, her age is too big. He had always thought that his teacher will come back and it seems that there is something wrong with his head. He asks if her body is alright and won’t there be any trouble on her way back. Trembling, Alice says she is okay. She apologizes for not being able to help. She bids him goodbye and heads to the door. He then says that even if she is someone else, can he say a couple of things. Regarding what Azusa said about waiting for two years, he would have said that it is okay for it isn’t suitable for her to be with a child like him. He would have wait no matter how many years for he wants to become a better man than anyone else, so that she would still choose him. So, he wants to say, ‘it is okay to break up now’. Kouya notices that Alice has break down crying. He asks her why she is crying. Alice keeps on apologizing and mentions Kouya’s name. Kouya calls her Azusa and she looks at him. He asks if she is Azusa. This surprises her. He tells her that he waited for two years and this time around, can she trust him. He kisses her and pushes her gently down on the floor. Remembering Dimitri, Alice shouts for him to stop and let go for she is no longer Kikukawa Azusa. But, Kouya won’t stop. Soon, it is night. While Dimitri is still looking out at his favorite window, Kai asks him if it is really okay not to use a familiar and if he is worried, he should use it. Dimitri asks if he is going to do it, he might see something that he doesn’t want to see. And unluckily, he isn’t a guy who has a huge tolerance. Reiji seems to be lost in thought when he cut a piece of orange in half. And in Kouya’s room, he had sex or rather raped Alice.

Scans by 動漫花園S組

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