August 2, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 45]

Originally posted @ on  July 29, 2011

And, after the long summer vacation, the second school term starts. And in every year of a high schooler’s life, it is finally the last Panda High’s Cultural Festival. In the classroom, Fumino fiercely exclaims her ‘Welcome!’ to the customers. Her friends say that she is doing it way over-the-top and it should be ‘Welcome, master♡’ The others tell her not to be embarrassed, and her outfit suits her. Fumino blushes and tells them that they are too noisy. Section 3-C is doing a maid cafe. After going around and advertising their store, Kazuma peeks in the room and asks how they are doing. He is wearing a placard on his body about their store. He is delighted to know that they have a lot of customers. Fumino’s friends tell him that is true because there are a lot of cute maids serving the customers. Sayo notices that Fumino is hiding behind them. She pushes Fumino out and tells Kazuma to look, Fumino looks really cute. Fumino blushes over this as she calls out to what Sayo is doing. She blushes even redder when Kazuma smiles and says that it really suits her. Her friends gush over how cute Fumino is to be blushing upon letting Kazuma see her in a maid uniform. Fumino mentally tells them that it isn’t so because she had wore an even more daring maid uniform at home. And, before she left for school, Kazuma made her attend to him by feeding him some strawberries. So, when she thought of that, it made her blush and she angrily kicks Kazuma’s butt. Ken asks Kazuma if he has seen section B’s store. Since they are ‘neighbors’, they have become rivals. Fumino and others look out to see a long line at section B’s butler cafe. As one of the male cooks, Ken says that even if their customers are different but their menu should be more or less the same. While they were wondering why section B is popular, they hear a loud scream. It turns out that a lot of their customers are Shoma’s fangirls. Kazuma smiles and says that Shoma is quite popular. They tell him that this isn’t the time to smile. Kazuma decides to go out again to advertise their store again. Ken gives him a bowl of food for the customers’ free taste of their food. Kazuma likes that idea. After he left, Fumino remembers that in the last year’s cultural festival, she first met Shoma and their relationship in those days is not that special, and she doesn’t know anything about Kazuma. While helping in the kitchen, Fumino thinks that she couldn’t see him because Kazuma is in charge of going out and advertise their store. She wonders if she is too willful to think of wanting to spend it together with Kazuma, her last cultural festival.

At the school grounds, Teppei, together with Ryu and Retsu, arrive and calls out to Kazuma. While hugging Teppei, Kazuma asks why Retsu is there. Retsu asks what is it, can’t outsiders go to a cultural festival. Kazuma tells them to behave while there. Ryu and Retsu are surprised when someone happily calls out to Kazuma. It is Meg who tells him that she’ll walk the customers to their store. Retsu giggles that Kazuma had sneaked in a real maid. Kazuma tells him that she is a student. Retsu is surprised to hear this. Aghast Shoma appears and reprimands Meg for showing off her looks shamelessly. Meg says that it is a festival. While Retsu is praising Meg’s full chest and Meg thanking him, Kazuma asks Shoma if it is his break when it seems that they are very busy. Shoma says that it is quite troublesome but if their performance is worse than section C, it will irritate him. He also says that no matter what, he doesn’t want to lose to his brother. Kazuma tells him that the cultural festival belongs to the student so it has nothing to do with winning against him. Looking at the side, Shoma notices Fumino coming towards them with some food for Kazuma. With a twinkle in his eye, Shoma says that he is right. Quickly grabbing Fumino to him, Shoma says that they as STUDENTS, should enjoy the cultural festival. While Fumino shouts for him to wait and where they are going, Shoma tells her that it is a cultural festival date. He made Fumino toss the food for Kazuma, which was caught by Meg. Retsu asks Kazuma if this is alright. Kazuma says that it isn’t about being alright or not because this is his job. Retsu says is that so. Patting Kazuma’s shoulder, Retsu tells him that in this kind of cultural festival, bad kids will get in so if there are any quarrels, just call him since it is convenient for him to get [/recruit] capable people from there.. “But, right now, if someone has seen your face, they would have been shocked and ran away. *Kazuma is surprised* But, this is your JOB, sensei!” At the hallway, while Shoma is still holding her hand and leading her away, Fumino shouts what’s up with him all of a sudden. Shoma says that they are on a date. Fumino tells him that she still has work. Then, she sees Yoru and Hanai. She asks for their help. Hanai asks what they are doing. To Fumino’s surprise, Shoma says that they are on a date so can he borrow Fumino for a while. Fumino exclaims of course not because they are very busy. She asks her friends to tell Shoma that is true. Yoru had an idea. To Fumino’s shock, Yoru tells her to go and properly enjoy the date. Flustered Fumino exclaims why. Yoru whispers to her to consider this a special task wherein she is not to bring Section B’s brains-in-charge back to his section so that section C will win. Fumino understands it but she is still hesitating. Shoma drags her away and says that they should go for she got permission.

While walking around holding hands, Fumino wants to run away but she couldn’t. While Shoma is looking at a flyer, Fumino hopes that people won’t be mistaken about them but she already notices that a lot of girls are envious of her and giving her glares. Freaking out, Fumino tells Shoma to let her hand go, and she won’t run away. And also, if his motive is to tease Kazuma, he currently isn’t around. To her surprise, Shoma says that it isn’t, it isn’t his motive to tease his brother for this is his will [/wish]. Puzzled Fumino asks what that it purely because he wants to tease her. This made Shoma crumple the flyer. After a pause, Shoma shouts that is right, he really hates her. Fumino angrily shouts what he just said. At the side, Meg came to check on them. She pouts and wonders what Shoma is doing. Later on, while still walking around with Fumino, Shoma glances at her and asks if right now, she is thinking that if only she is on a date with Kazuma. Fumino is surprised that he knew. Shoma tells her that too bad, in reality, it is impossible. Fumino shouts that it is alright. Then, she wonders if it is an impossible dream. Somewhere else, Kazuma is giving some free taste to the people around. He spots Fumino and Shoma that he quickly hides. Shoma is showing Fumino a huge maze which the other class made. Kazuma grumpily thinks that he had already decided that as a teacher, he isn’t going to be distracted. He decides to greet them when he had calmed down but then, why is Fumino still with Shoma. Then, Kazuma overhears a couple of mothers praising that the maid and the butler seemed to have come out of a picture and it’s really great, the student’s youthfulness. Kazuma feels a bit sad about that. Then, to the mothers’ surprise, Fumino leaves Shoma and kicks away a guy who is harassing Oka. Fumino shouts for Oka to run away. Oka thanks her. Some guys shout what the heck Fumino is doing [for kicking the guy]. Shoma angrily asks Fumino what she is doing. Fumino shouts for him to shut up. While the mothers are saying that they are really young, Kazuma is covering his mouth to stop himself from laughing. Shoma and Fumino had escaped into the maze. Shoma angrily shouts that she didn’t change at all, as compared to last year because she is still violent when she kicked him away, the first time they’ve met. Fumino shouts that he should feel guilty for looking at her chest, and he didn’t change at all either, he is still a playboy. This irritates Shoma. Fumino tells him that no matter what, those guys are after her so she should separate from him first. She wasn’t able to finish talking when Shoma holds her hand and says, “..Not so. It isn’t so. I’ve already--”

To everyone’s surprise, the lights are turned off. An announcement says it is a deliberate 30 minute blackout. While adjust his eyes to the darkness, Shoma asks Fumino if she is alright. To his surprise, she is gone. It turns out that Kazuma had whisked away Fumino to one of the black curtained walls. He used a black cloth to cover themselves as a camouflage. Kazuma asks her if she is having fun, and why is she with Shoma, it’s making him jealous. Blushing since he is too close, Fumino says that she was told to stop section B’s business. Kazuma realizes that she is to hinder Shoma. Then, it is announced that in 2 minutes, the lights will be back on. Kazuma tells her that he ought to be going and it will be good if they are ‘classmates’ so that he can justly snatch her away from Shoma and those delinquents..and also the cultural festival.. Kazuma has placed his hand on top of Fumino’s. He says that he also wants to stroll around with her. Kazuma kisses her closed eyes and tells her to remember to call him. Fumino thinks that she knows that it is wish that cannot be realized. When the lights are back, Kazuma has already left. Fumino only finds a black cloth. Patting her face, Fumino thinks that she should reflect on her being willful and violent for even if how many years had passed, their age difference still won’t change. Then, Shoma goes to Fumino and asks what she is doing there. Fumino thinks that if age cannot be changed, then she should change herself. Outside, Fumino and Shoma look around to see if those delinquent guys are around. Fumino insists that he go back but he doesn’t want to. Then, Oka in her school uniform goes to see Fumino. Bringing a bag with her, Oka tells Fumino that she changed her clothes from the maid uniform in order not to catch attention. Giving the bag to Fumino, Oka suggests that Fumino also change her clothes. Fumino thanks her. While waving goodbye, Oka bumps into some guys. Grabbing Oka’s arm, the guy tells her that she’s responsible for breaking his shoulder. [<-typical gangster’s excuse to extort.] Trying to get away, Oka apologizes. Some other guy catches Fumino and says that she is the one who kicked one of them. Fumino realizes that those guys have other companions and they are wearing the same uniform. Shoma quickly rescues Fumino and tells her to call the teacher. The other guys are furious at Shoma for acting cool like a hero. They want to gang up on Shoma. Fumino tearfully thinks that they are a lot of them. Then, she remembers what Kazuma told her about calling him. Fumino shouts, “Sensei--!!” But a Bunny man in a school uniform appears. Carrying what seems to be a net [<-used in tennis], Bunny man wraps the delinquents in it to entangle them. Bunny man holds Fumino’s hand and gestures for her to ‘shh/secret’. Shoma is about to call Fumino but she had ran away with Bunny man.

Ryu, together with Teppei and Retsu, has arrived. Retsu rescues Oka from the man harassing her. Ryu gives Teppei to Shoma and tells Shoma to take care of him while they clean up the rest. Teppei asks Shoma to accompany him to the toilet, even if Teppei can actually do it by himself. Shoma protests to no avail. It seems that Oka is wowed by Retsu. Retsu is kicking the rolled up delinquents and asks if there are any unemployed guys there who has strength in doing their work [<-Retsu recruiting]. On top of the roof, Fumino cannot believe that Kazuma really did appear when she called for him. Kazuma removes the bunny mascot head and tells her not to laugh for he knows that it doesn’t suit him. Fumino covers her face and says that he’s so cute. This made Kazuma blush. He asks how she could say cute when he acted rashly like a kid towards Shoma and he is childishly angry that she is still wearing a maid uniform. Fumino remembers the bag she is carrying. To his surprise, she calls for him to wait. She goes out then, comes back again but this time, she is wearing her school uniform. She apologizes to him for the wait. She thinks that like that, they are like classmates. Fumino asks why he changed uniform. Kazuma says that it is from the acting club. She is puzzled when he asks if he can change the way he talks. “Just now, thank you for calling me, ‘Kaji’.” This made Fumino blush. She tells him that she should be the one who should thank him. Feeling embarrassed, happy and her heart is beating fast, Fumino also tells him that she is always apologizing and afterwards, she absolutely won’t be that violent again. Kazuma holds her hand and says, “It’s alright. Just like this, call me. I will protect you. ..Kaji, please go steady with me.” Narration: “On the last cultural festival, I heard a confession for the first time.” Fumino says, “..yes. Kazuma-kun..” They stand close together while holding hands. Kazuma says that it is great that before she graduates, he was able to confess to her. Fumino thinks that surely, next year they will be closer with each other. “Not at school, but on the next stage. Definitely, I will like you more than I do right now.” Later on, Fumino joins Shoma, Meg and Teppei. Ryu flashes a v-sigh to Kazuma. Retsu gives his business card to some of the delinquents. And in the end, section B lost while section C won. Some of Shoma’s crying classmates why Shoma returned after such a long time that the girls didn’t come since he isn’t there. What were they to do without him? Shoma apologizes but tells them that they should do their best more. They call him strict.

Scans by nyxstudio.

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