August 2, 2011

Kurobara Alice [Chapters 22-23]

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The next day, Alice wakes up, takes a shower and leaves. She returns home. Everyone welcome her back and asks where she went. She is puzzled when they stop talking and seem to look at her. She apologizes that they weren’t able to sleep because they are worried about her. She admits that she went to see Kouya and went to some familiar places. She doesn’t want to go back so she drank some tea at Kouya’s place. The three guys just look at her as she struggles to make an explanation. Kai interrupts and says that it is okay that she is safe. He asks her if she wants to eat something. She says that she isn’t hungry. She apologizes again and says that she wants to go to sleep. The guys just look quiet. Later on, Kai brings in some food for Alice. Alice starts crying and apologizes to him. He asks why. She shakes her head and says that it won’t happen twice. To her surprise, he tells her that she spent the whole night with Kouya and they know what they did because there is a scent which can be smelled by vampires. He tells her that he already told her to go see Kouya if she wants to. Does she like Kouya? He tells her not to breed anymore and go to Kouya. Alice shouts that she is mistaken, and she always realized it afterwards. She liked Kouya two years before but she knows that she is no longer Azusa, and like before, she cannot just only think of loving Kouya since she no longer has that feeling of wanting to abandon everything for him. The current her cannot go back to the past her. Kai says that isn’t Kouya still the same as before. Alice says that she thought that if only Kouya lives, he will be happy and no matter what. He will forget about her and live a happy life. She always believed that what she did is for Kouya but it is a one-sided wish and she did something that, only she, wanted to do, without thinking what will happen on that other side. She belittled Kouya’s feelings for her. If it was the past her, she would have been intoxicated within his embrace but last night, it wasn’t like that. Her conscience is bothering her yet she couldn’t resist and it is a necessity that she takes responsibility. She feels like she has betrayed not only Kouya’s feelings but everyone’s. Whether if it is for whom, why is it that she wasn’t able to do something. Kai sadly tells her to forget it since in man and woman relationships, in this world as to who it is for, in the end, it is for oneself. Everyone is like that. Alice tells him that she won’t see Kouya again nor go to the store again. If he goes to the store, they are to tell him that she returned to her home country. She says that it would be great if everything had never happened. [Then, a couple of pages are missing but from the Japanese scans, I think Kai suggests about erasing Kouya’s memory using a familiar. Dimitri is in bed and looks at the cross-blade necklace.]

At the store, Kai praised Reiji over the fruit cake he made. Reiji seems to say that he forgot something. Kai says that it should be okay since Reiji put in a lot of fruits already. Reiji says that he feels odd like he is stepping on cotton, his body is cold and headache. Kai asks if he is sick but that don’t happen to vampires. Then, Kouya comes back and asks where Azusa is. Kai asks whom he is referring to. Kouya tells him not to pretend being dumb, it is that girl whom they call as ‘Alice’. Kai tells him not to call her in a different way and Alice has already returned back to her country, to Germany. Kouya says that it is a lie since she cannot even say the language. Kai insists that Alice isn’t there and she won’t come back there. Kouya accuses them of locking her up. Reiji tells Kouya to be careful of the things he is saying else, they’ll call the police. He says that they didn’t force him out because they pity him. Kouya exclaims if they think that there is something wrong with him but Alice admitted that she is Azusa. The twins just glare at him. Kai tells him that no matter what he thinks, Alice isn’t there anymore and he won’t see her again, that is reality. Later on, as they lock up the store, Kai wonders what Alice said that made Kouya told them that she is Azusa. He thinks that guy is really persistent in this wild goose chase. Reiji says that from the start, Kouya is like that. He thought that a ‘bewitching woman’ isn’t like a different girl, and Alice is like that, totally bewitching. As they leave, they didn’t notice that Kouya is watching them. Kouya follows them back to the house. At the house, while eating, Alice looks at Dimitri who is watching her. Alice asks him what it is, as if he wants to say something. Dimitri says no, he is only thinking of inviting her out but she might refuse again. Alice thinks that Kouya’s house is nearby and it will be bad if they see each other again. She obviously wanted to say that ‘it is already over’. She tells him that she wants to go to a faraway place. Dimitri looks surprised and asks if it is only the two of them. Alice says that it is okay whether it is him or Reiji. She suggests that maybe separating from the others and having some ‘two people’ time together, she might see ‘something’ in them. The guys look surprise at her. She says that she knows that all of them are good guys so it is necessary that she has an answer for the three of them, as if she is going to do a little test. To Alice’s surprise, Reiji comments that she is like a teacher to say ‘a little test’. Then, the door bell starts ringing endlessly. Kai opens the door and is surprised to see Kouya. He asks why he is there. Kouya says that he followed him and from the people nearby, she is still there. Kai tries to stop him when Kouya starts calling for Azusa and where is she locked up. Reiji suggests that Alice go hide. Kai continues to tell Kouya that no one is locked up and to leave is her wish. Kouya tells him that she has no reason to abandon him and aside from them, there is no other reason. He shouts who they are to her and what have they done to her. Dimitri walks by and tells Alice if this is her type, a passionately sick man. When he was 18 years old, he is already very mature and being pure like that, it’s gone early on. This made Alice flustered. While Dimitri heads to the door and Reiji telling her to hide, Alice tells him that she’ll go make Kouya leave because this is her responsibility.

Dimitri tells Kouya that that he is too noisy when it is his first time to visit someone else’s house, so he should at least-- Dimitri is surprised when Alice suddenly shouts what he is doing there all of a sudden. Dimitri turns around to see Alice looking angry. She tells Kouya if he is sick or something, and is he mistaken over something. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore so she said that she’s going back to her country. She tells him to be more sensitive and he is like a stalker with what he is doing. She grabs his hand and pulls him out of the house. Outside, Alice closes the door behind her. Irritated Kouya asks why her attitude is like that now and isn’t this the same as two years ago wherein she accepted him then for some unknown reason, she wants to abandon him. Clenching his fist, he says that he knows that even if she didn’t say anything, there is a reason for it. But, right now, he won’t be nice and just let her go without a care. He stops his outburst upon seeing Alice serious expression. Alice tells him that she pitied him upon hearing the story of his deceased lover. That is why she wants to comfort him by accompanying him because he is very pitiful. But, she doesn’t plan on always doing that. Why does he think that she is Azusa, and if he calmly think about it, it is impossible so why don’t he wake up. Kouya tensely says that he knows that it is very strange and impossible but at the same that it is possible that she is Azusa since she knows his name and paid attention to his eyesight. Alice says that perhaps she is just being meddlesome and it would be better for him to forget about the past. Everyone lives like that. Whether how one loses so many precious things, so many loved ones, it is a necessity for one to treat them as the past and continue to live on. Time continues to move and the ‘present self’ will become someone who is different from the ‘past self’. Kouya says that Azusa will say that. Alice says that everyone would say that. She tells him not to use that reason and towards someone whom he cannot forget, he had sex with her. Even if he is prepared to be whole hearted about it, in the end, he made a move on some other girl, and got his feelings all mixed up. Kouya denies it but Alice says that it isn’t a bad thing since anyone would have done that. Kouya insists that his feelings aren’t like that. Alice says that this is a good opportunity, to make the past into the past, and continue on living. Kouya calls her Azusa, and says that it isn’t like that. Stern-looking Alice tells him not to call her by the name of someone who is already dead. While Kouya is stunned, Alice bids him goodbye and to take care. Alice goes back in the house. After a few moments, the door opens again and Kouya enters. While the other guys are there, Kouya calls out to Alice and says that he understands, he’ll go back for today but if she gets pregnant, contact him since she doesn’t have any contraceptive. He says that he is just a bit worried about that, and goodbye. Alice and the other guys are shock at what he said. Kai quickly goes to Kouya and punches him down. Kai says that no matter what had happened to Kouya, he is really a despicable guy. “Don’t let me see you ever again!!” Kai then slams the door shut. After some awkward silence, Dimitri heads upstairs. Alice calls for him but he didn’t listen. Reiji also walks back in the kitchen. Kai tells Alice that she should go.

In her room, Alice mutters Dimitri’s name. She becomes flustered when Kai says that is right, her taste in men is really bad since she liked that kind of guy. She tells him that from the start, they aren’t the cause, it is her mistake. Kai says that when one grows up, they will encounter all sorts of influences. Meeting good people, then it is a good influence. If it is bad people, then it is bad influence. In front of other men, Kouya would even say such things to the person he likes, he isn’t a decent man. “No matter how you cover up for him, I hate that person. No matter what happens, it won’t change. Throughout my life, I won’t forgive him.” After a pause, Kai says that a vampire’s ‘life’ is quite long so he’s saying it ahead. Alice sadly smiles then says that in the end, it would be good if she had confessed to everyone about what happened on that day. This is the worst way for them to know about it. Kai tells her to forget it since they had already vaguely noticed it. Alice says that it isn’t the same with hearing it from Kouya. Kai says that she mentioned about a little test. Even if it is different from being alone together like she has mentioned, this is also a test. ‘What one will do, after a mistake made by the girl one likes and some other man.’ Kai asks her what those two guys would do. Alice says he’s ruthless. Kai says that the vampire’s breeding is also very ruthless and there is no harm in this kind of test. Alice asks if that is so. In his room, Reiji is feeling really ill as he remembers what Kouya shouted earlier. His head hurts and he is breathing hard. He remembers saying, “-Kai, why.. I’ve trusted you.” Then, Reiji is startled by a gun shot. Reiji wonders if it is a memory. At the living room, Kai serves some food to Alice and tells her to quickly become a beautiful woman and how could a queen-sama be ugly. Alice says that she isn’t a queen. Kai says that didn’t she say that she will test liking them and talk about love with them so she should just think that this is a new start. While watching them, Reiji remembers the memory earlier. Then, he remembers someone saying, ‘Reiji. I’m sorry. But..’ Reiji is surprised that there is a gun shot and a splatter of blood. Then, he ‘sees’ himself holding a rifle, while Kai is bleeding on the floor. Reiji looks at laughing Kai, then he quickly turns around and goes upstairs. He bumps on Dimitri but he keeps on going upstairs. Dimitri is a bit puzzled. Alice sees Dimitri and says that she has to apologize. He asks why. Dimitri is surprised when Alice says that she knows that this body is very important to him, it is someone he loves, the body of his beloved Agnieska, and yet, she had stained this body. She should have considered his feelings. She doesn’t want him to forgive her, and she can only apologize. Dimitri interrupts her and says that she startled him. He didn’t know why she is apologizing and she unexpectedly says those things. He says that of course that body is very important but ‘Agnieska’, why is that. Early on, he felt that her reaction is very strange so it turns out that she is always acting as Agnieska for him. He asks her what she wants to do after she apologizes, is she prepared to do something to compensate him. Dimitri holds up his hand to her and says, “Come here, Agnieska.”

Alice is tense but she walks to him. She holds his hand and they are about to kiss. Dimitri asks why she come when the one she called is Agnieska. This surprises Alice. Dimitri asks if she thinks she is Agnieska, and does she think that is how he sees her. So, that is how she has always been thinking about him. Dimitri slaps her hard that she falls on the floor. Kai shouts what he is doing. Dimitri tells Alice what is this about ‘staining’, it doesn’t matter for that body fundamentally, isn’t a virgin. He tells her that the first time he had sex with Agnieska, others will know. [<-Hm..I think it is missing an ‘if’, because I don’t recall them doing that.] And no matter what, he won’t hit Agnieska because she is nobility and he is a wanderer [/gypsy]. “I’ve done my best to give up on her, and come to like you but it seems that I wasn’t able to convey this to you, even for a little bit. There will be no second time for this kind of thing!” Dimitri goes upstairs. Kai tries calling him to no avail. Alice is still stunned while her face still stings from the slap. Kai goes to Dimitri’s bedroom and says that he is too cruel for throwing a childish tantrum to that degree. Kai tells him that he is such an awful guy. While packing his things on a luggage, Dimitri says that he knows that from the very start. Kai asks where he is going since he is packing. Dimitri says that he will live that place and given the situation, he might not be coming back. Whatever happens, they can stay there and just do whatever they like. Kai exclaims what he is saying and where he is going. Dimitri says that he’s going to Hokkaido. Before, he had made a promise with a girl at Otaru, and if she grew up peacefully, she would be of the appropriate age right now. Kai asks if he is abandoning Alice. Dimitri says that he is doing this for everyone. As Dimitri heads out, Kai chases after him and asks if he is serious. And, what’s with that Hokkaido, it is so sudden. Alice overhears this and a door slamming. Alice goes out and asks what’s with Dimitri. Kai nervously says that Dimitri is going on a trip and soon, he’ll be back. Kai tells her that Dimitri is having a childish tantrum that he suddenly said that he had a girl whom he promised with, before, at Hokkaido. This made Alice to quickly run out and call to Dimitri who is already out the gate. She asks him if he is really going to Hokkaido, why and is he coming back. Dimitri asks how could he, for the possibility of breeding successfully isn’t zero if things turn out smoothly. Alice exclaims that she knows she made a mistake for committing such a sin. She already regrets it, can he please forgive her. He is surprised when Alice starts crying and still asking for his forgiveness. This softens Dimitri’s heart. He asks her how could he not forgive her, he already did. No matter what she does or say, he’ll forgive her. But, it is still better for him to leave that place for her and for Kouya. Dimitri tells her that he has the ability to kill someone even without touching the person. He’s different from the twins and it is a hateful ability. At that time, he was really furious that he almost had used that ability on Kouya. Dimitri admits that if Kai didn’t hit Kouya, he would have already killed him. Kouya might come back and he might not be able to control his anger so it is for the best that he leaves and go to a far away place, or else, he will really kill Kouya next time.

Dimitri tells her that if she likes Kouya, she can go with him. Tell Kouya everything and he [Kouya] who had successfully found her will live happily together. Kouya will die anyway after some years and she can just come back here again to breed. At that time, the twins will definitely still stay in that place. She asks about him. Dimitri tells her that he is popular and he made a lot of preparations if it is about breeding. Alice tries to tell him about what she thinks of Kouya but Dimitri keeps on interrupting by telling her to do what she wants and become happy for it must have pained her that she was snatched away from that side. Holding her face, Dimitri says that this isn’t for her, but he will be more relaxed by saying this, because he is satisfied with living. While Alice is trying to tell him that she actually.., Dimitri kisses her. Alice cries and holds his face. After kissing, Dimitri hugs her and says, “I like you, Alice. ..farewell.” He turns to leave and Alice calls out to him. Dimitri just walks away. Later on, it starts to rain and Alice is still standing in front of the gate. Kai goes out and tells her to go in the house else she catches a cold. Kai notices that she is crying. He asks her what Dimitri told her. He assures her that Dimitri will come back. Alice covers her face and bends down to sob. Kai gives her a hug. From the window, Reiji looks at them with a dark look. Later on, in the room, Kai asks Alice if she is alright. She mutters that it seems that the place had become quiet after Dimitri left. When Leo is gone, there is also that silence but this time around, the silence is strange that she feels jittery. This made Kai burst into laughter that it made Alice think that this is the first time she has seen him like that. She sadly says that Reiji has always been avoiding her and couldn’t forgive her but that is inevitable since he has always been doing his best ever since she came there. Kai says that Reiji is like a kid even if he will be 100 years old soon. Alice smiles over that then looks sad again. Kai tells her that since Reiji is that angry, that is proof how much he liked her, after some time, he will definitely forgive her. Kai suggests that they think of some preparations to handle Kouya for if this goes on, he will definitely come back to bother her. Alice says that she knows and she has been thinking of what she should do. In bed, Reiji remembers his past. Flashback: A plain girl lovingly fed Reiji some food. Reiji apologized to Akane [guesswork name based on kanji 茜] for giving her trouble everyday. Akane asked if Kai is arriving late again and is it okay. Reiji laughed and said that it is okay, Kai isn’t a child. Reiji told her that lately, Kai has been selling the drawings, he made on his free time, to a hotel. The owner bought it. Akane said that it is amazing. Reiji said that the price isn’t that high. Akane praised him over his nice drawings and intelligence. Reiji told her that he would want to get well soon to show her that he can earn more money than drawings. Akane giggled. He told her that when their father is still alive, they would go hunting, and he can shoot the gun, better than Kai. Akane asked if that is true. Reiji said that it is. He smiled and told her that he will definitely be healthy, before he becomes 20 years old and afterwards, he’ll make her his wife. “Do you want to?” Akane smiled and said yes, it is a promise. They held each other’s hands. End flashback.

Reiji looks at his hand which held Akane before. Kai knocks and comes in. He asks if he is feeling well. Reiji didn’t answer. Kai asks him up to when he is going to act like that towards Alice. She is hurt and during this time, he should be at her side in order to show his kindness. Reiji asks isn’t Kai more competent in that. Clenching his fist, Kai asks what he is saying, he isn’t suited for this and he is only.. acting as Leo’s replacement. Reiji says that it is a convenient role. Kai tells him that in the end, Alice didn’t choose Leo. Reiji says that after Leo is gone, Alice realized how important he is, it is such a convenient role. Pretending to cooperate and in the end, stealing behind one’s back. Kai is surprised when Reiji says that it seems that this had happened once. Kai tells him that he isn’t thinking of that and Reiji shouldn’t say strange things. Kai goes out of the room and closes the door. Flashback: Akane closed the door to leave. Kai had just returned home and thanked Akane for accompanying Reiji so late at night. He stopped talking upon seeing Akane crying. She asked him if Reiji will really get well and would she really become his bride. Kai looked a bit sad about that. Reiji says that if it is about money, he’ll get the best treatment for Reiji and this way..he’ll definitely.. Crying Akane protested that Reiji’s condition is getting worst and he is already that thin. She is surprised when Reiji suddenly hugged her. Akane pushed him away and apologizes for losing control. Akane bid him goodbye and left. Then, Kai went to see sleeping Reiji. Reiji welcomed him back. Kai asked if he waked him up and did he eat already. Reiji sat up and told him that Akane fed him. He started to cough that that Kai told him to lie down. Kai told him that he brought some food and they can eat tomorrow. Reiji said that he will eat properly or else he will let Akane down. Kai doesn’t look happy about that. End flashback. Kai is quietly standing outside the room. Lying in bed, Alice remembers Dimitri telling her that he is doing his best to give up on Agnieska and like her [Alice], yet he wasn’t able to convey it. Alice reflects that it is because she fears of being tricked that she believed what was written in the diary that Dimitri cannot love any other girls except Agnieska. She believed something that was written 50 years ago rather than the Dimitri who is currently at his side. She thinks that Dimitri could have change as time flows by, and she didn’t ask him anything because she doesn’t want to believe and doesn’t want to be hurt. In two years, her feelings have changed so it is also inevitable that Dimitri’s feelings won’t be the same like before. She remembers Dimitri telling her to go to Kouya and live happily with him who had successfully found her. Alice thinks that Dimitri didn’t notice that her feelings had changed. And he just decided on it on his own without formally asking her. But, it doesn’t matter anymore, she will properly use her mouth to clearly tell him. After Dimitri comes back, she’ll properly do that and before that, she is going to sever with her past.

Reiji is looking out the second floor window, [near the stairs I think]. Kai asks him if he had seen Alice. Reiji says no. Kai wonders if she went out. Kai asks Reiji what he prepared for today since it will be time to open the store soon. It would be better if they live normally like before but Alice.. Kai is surprised when Reiji says that he didn’t know that Kai likes her that much and even if it is like that, it would have been okay if he told him. “Why would you do that little thing behind my back? Isn’t it okay for you to get her afterwards because anyway, I won’t live that long?” Kai looks surprised. Reiji shouts if Kai thinks that stealing her that way, doesn’t matter, and the consequences after it, won’t matter. “Is it because I’ll be dead soon enough?” Flashback: There is an earthquake. Kai wake up then looked at the dining room. Thinking that there are a lot of earthquakes lately, he picked up the broken glass. Then, Akane came in and asked if the twins are okay. Kai told her that it is late and she came barefooted. Akane said that it is because she is very worried that is why she ran there. She said that the earthquake is strong and is everything okay. Kai told her that some things broke but everything is okay. Akane asked about Reiji. Kai said that even if he didn’t go in his room, but he thinks that Reiji ought to be okay if nothing fell and Reiji must be in deep sleep. Akane bent down and offered to clean the glass. Kai lusted blushed at her upon seeing her partially naked chest. It seems that she had hastily put on her robe to get there. Akane told him that that there are a lot of earthquakes that day and it might be like the earthquake 7 years ago. But today, she thought of a silly thing. If a huge earthquake comes, she would want to die with Reiji and then, she won’t worry about that thing she fears the most. She really feared of Reiji dying in front of her eyes. Standing up and calling herself stupid, Akane sought Kai’s assurance that Reiji will get. Kai told her that Reiji can no longer be saved, and there is nothing else can be done for him. What Kai fears the most is for Akane to become like this, after Reiji dies. He wants her to give up on Reiji else, she’ll regret it. Kai confessed that he is always looking at her and he likes her. Even if Reiji dies, there is still him and he can love her more than Reiji does. He can treasure her more that Reiji does so.. Shock Akane asked what he is saying. Kai told her that Reiji can no longer do anything for her. Akane shouted that she didn’t ask Reiji to do something for her and it is okay for him to just get well. Kai shouted back that is just said that is impossible. Then, there is another earthquake that Kai hold on to her. Akane quickly turned away. Closing her robe with her hand, she told him that she is going home but she’ll go see Reiji first. Kai grabbed her sleeve and told her to wait. Kai saw a bit of her chest again. He wasn’t able to stop himself that he hugged Akane tightly. Against Akane’s will, Kai kissed her. While she pleads for him to stop, Kai raped her. End flashback.

Kai nervously asks if Reiji had regained his memories and when did it happen. Reiji tells him to answer his question first, when did he betray him. “When did the two of you started to betray me!” Kai nervously shouts back that no, Akane didn’t do anything wrong. Never once did she betray him, and it is only he, who had betrayed Reiji because from the start, it is always him [Reiji], and the weak him [Reiji] lying there has taken her. “I felt that it is too unfair so I always want to change everything. Even if I had used force, and if only I’ve acted, then definitely it can change. In a flash, that is what I thought..” Flashback: Reiji is walking around the house and saw the messy living room. In the bedroom, Kai apologized to Akane but this feeling is his everything. He will seriously consider it, marry him. Procreate with him and have a family. What Reiji cannot do, he can fulfill. He will stay at her side throughout her life and he will definitely make her happy. Kai caressed crying Akane’s hair. Then, Reiji saw them. Kai said, “Reiji, I’m sorry but..” Reiji had quickly run away even as Kai called him. Akane continued to sob. He told her not to worry, he will explain things to Reiji because she isn’t at fault so leave it to him. Kai heard her muttering. He is shocked to hear that she wishes to die. Spaced out Akane covered herself with her robe and started to walk away. Reiji had come back. She looked at Reiji and started to cry. She said, “..Rei-kun, sorry, I..” She didn’t finish because Reiji had already shot her stomach with a rifle at close range. Kai is totally shock. He went to Akane and called out to her. Kai asked Reiji why he killed Akane. Reiji said that he hit her stomach because if she got pregnant, it will be really bad. While Kai is calling out Reiji’s name, Reiji muttered that he is good that shooting. Trembling and crying, Reiji called out, “-Kai, why.. I’ve trusted you!!” Then, another gun shot rang in the air. Scans by 動漫花園S組.

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