August 27, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 46]

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Shoma is shock when scantily clad Fumino tells him that she actually likes him. Backing away, Shoma asks what she is saying and what about his brother. Fumino asks him if he hates her..well, she always liked him more than sensei.. Then, Fumino attacks him. Soon, Shoma wakes up to reality from the alarm. It was just a dream. Shoma mutters that this is really bad. After the cultural festival, as a third year student, it is time to prepare for the exams. Fumino is reading a book while eating breakfast that Kazuma and Teppei tells her not to do that. Fumino apologizes. Kazuma says that even if he is happy that she is studying but she should properly eat to get her stamina up. She and Kazuma had become busy lately. Putting on his coat, Kazuma tells Fumino that he will be going to school first so can she help him tidy things up. Giving him his bag, Fumino says okay, and be careful. Kazuma says yes. He pauses, and then he takes the bag from her. Fumino notices that he blushes, before he kisses her forehead. After Kazuma said that he is leaving, Fumino thinks that lately, Kazuma has become shy when he’s in front of her. Before, he would just instantly squeeze her and say that he’s going now, so how about a kiss. Reading a book while walking to school, Fumino thinks that she couldn’t get used to it now since it makes her really embarrassed. Then, there is a loud squealing of girls. They are raving over the arrival of Shoma who looks better in personal than in the pictures. After the cultural festival ended, the rumors, about Shoma acting as the cafe butler, have spread so everyday, it is lively because of the girls from other school who want to see him. Like before, Shoma will darkly tell them to get lost. Shoma’s freezing power has reached level 5. Meg tells Fumino that Shoma’s mood had been very bad since this morning. Fumino agrees with this. Shoma stops walking when Fumino greets him a good morning. Shoma blushes that it made the other girl wonder who Fumino is, that made Shoma react like that. Shoma starts slapping his face then he has an idea. While Lao and Kazuma are guarding the gate, Shoma calls out to the girls and pulls Fumino to him. He tells them that he is going steady with this girl so if it is okay, can they just go their way. Everyone is shock but Lao breaks the crowd by shouting, which students are they from and won’t they be late for school. Fumino is freaking out over that lie.

During lunch, Shoma tells Fumino and Meg that he did it because it is troublesome and this way, he can be more relaxed in going to school. Meg asks why Fumino and not her. Shoma says that it is because Fumino is the nearest one to him. Meg starts screaming about wanting to replay what happened this morning, because she wasn’t standing beside Shoma during that time. Just when Fumino is saying that what he is saying is right but.., her necklace gets entangled on her hair. Shoma helps her remove it and to her shock, he takes the necklace, along with the ring as hostage for Fumino to continue on pretending as his girlfriend before she can get it back. Fumino angrily shouts that he is a devil but Shoma walks away and thanks her for the compliment. Meg mutters that Shoma is cruel and yet, a poor [/pitiful] boy. After school, Fumino ends up walking together with Shoma while holding hands. The other girls are freaking out in disbelief over it. Fumino decides that she has to do this to get her ring back but she finds the girls scary. Then, Shoma notices Kazuma walking at the outdoor hallway, looking at their direction. Shoma smiles and suddenly turns Fumino to him, to hold her close. He tells her that tomorrow is a free day so how about they go to the library to study together. The girls are going wild in shock over this. While Fumino tries to tell Shoma to let go, Shoma looks at the hallway again and Kazuma is no longer there. Shoma wonders what this feeling is. He then stretches Fumino’s hand up in anger while holding her. Shoma feels very fretful. At home, Kazuma is furious that Shoma used the ring as hostage. Fumino apologizes. In hell Kazuma mode, he shouts that idiot dare treating that prohibited thing rudely, and right now, he is going to beat up Shoma until he is satisfied. While both she and Teppei thinking Hell Kazuma is cool, Fumino holds Kazuma back and assures him that Shoma will definitely return it back. Kazuma hugs her and whines why she is protecting Shoma. Fumino exclaims that it is because he is angrier than her but she definitely thinks that Shoma won’t do something to make him [Kazuma] angry. Kazuma asks why. She tells her that it is because Shoma likes him. Just when Kazuma blurts out that he doesn’t like him but rather, ‘Fu..’, Teppei jumps on Kazuma which made Kazuma stop what he is saying. While Kazuma tells Fumino to just be careful, he wonders if Shoma realized his feelings for Fumino and up to when is he going to play around with Fumino.

The next day, at the library, Shoma checks Fumino’s answers. To her delight, Shoma tells her that she got it all correct even the hard ones. Shoma suggests that it is okay for her to try and get in a higher level college but Fumino refuses. She tells him that he is talking nonsense when he suggests that she go back with him to the United States next year [to study]. Then, the librarian catches a couple of Shoma’s fangirls and sent them out. At the side, stalker Kazuma, along with Teppei, is also watching them. They are soon joined by Meg. Kazuma asks her how is Shoma lately. Meg says that even if she thinks that he hasn’t quite changed but Shoma is a bit fretful lately. Kazuma asks if Shoma had confessed. Meg says no, because.. Kazuma asks if it is because he knew the answer and Shoma is afraid of being hurt. Meg says that there is a high possibility that Shoma doesn’t recognize this fact that he likes Fumino but in the end, he will be more hurt by it. Shoma is looking at Fumino and remembers that in his dream, Fumino is also not wearing the necklace. He notices Fumino looking surprised when she unconsciously touching her neck for the necklace. Seeing her sad that it is missing, makes him want to bully her more. The three stalker-fans are displeased when Shoma starts to hold out his hand to Fumino. He snaps out of it when Fumino calls his name. This made him blush really red. While wondering why he is treating her nice, Shoma angrily shouts that he’s going to the toilet. After running away, Fumino wonders if he isn’t feeling well. Then the fangirls confront Fumino. Sitting somewhere, Shoma wonders what’s up with him that he doesn’t understand himself. Holding the ring and necklace, Shoma thinks he doesn’t know but his heart does, from the day that he wanted to kiss her. Then, he looks out the window to see his fangirls surrounding Fumino. They are asking her if she is really going out with Shoma. Thinking it is troublesome, Fumino says that it isn’t good how they think. And, since they are quite spirited about all this, won’t it be better for them to just confess to Shoma.

While Shoma is running towards them, the girls shout that they already know that so just answer their question. Fumino asks them if she is really going steady with Shoma, will they give up, or will they continue to bully her. She tells them that it is quite lamentable on how they trample on the feeling of ‘like’[/love]. Shoma overhears this and wonders if compared to that time, he [like] Fumino even before then. The girls got irked over Fumino lecturing them that they push her down to a pond. The fangirls freak out when Shoma comes to Fumino’s rescue, and he has seen what they are doing to Fumino. But, Shoma accidentally flings away the necklace while grabbing Fumino to stop her from falling. While asking if she is okay, he is surprised when Fumino tells him to let her go, the ring. Shoma stops her from jumping in the pond to get the ring but Kazuma has already jumped in to get the necklace. Fumino blushes and is teary-eyed. Meg exclaims that Kazuma is all wet. Fumino exclaims about getting towels. Teppei will go with her. Meg will buy some hot drinks. As Fumino runs off, Shoma clenches his fist because she is at his side yet he cannot convey to her his feelings. Shoma holds his hand to Kazuma to help him up but Kazuma pulls him in the pond. When Meg arrives, Kazuma is flashing a v-sign and telling Shoma that is punishment for taking Fumino’s ring. Shoma thinks that even if it is so, he can no longer turn back. He calls out to his brother and says that he likes Fumino. Kazuma says, really..I know. Later on, Fumino and Teppei bring the towels and wonder why Shoma is also wet. While on her way with her family, Fumino shouts for Shoma to be careful and not catch a cold. While drying Shoma’s hair, Meg says that about being ‘hard up’ [/embarrassed] must have described this scene. Shoma angrily shouts for her to shut up and he knows. Meg sadly smiles and says that she also likes that kind of Shoma. While thinking that his reactions of blushing, being fretful and embarrassed, could be love, Shoma tells Meg that she is a really strong woman. Blushing a bit, Meg asks if he knows about it only now, welcome to the world of unrequited love. Shoma angrily calls her stupid because he was praising her. Somewhere else, Kazuma puts the ring on Fumino’s finger. And, because of what Fumino said to the fangirls, they are taking turns to confess to Shoma who rejects them, thus their hearts are broken, one by one.

Scans by nyxstudio

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