August 27, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 63]

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Upon return from the field trip, Satsuki is eager to know what Misaki and Usui did. It somewhat makes Misaki uneasy. Of course, at school, it is much worse with everyone talking about the rumors of Misaki and Usui being a couple. It has been a week already and it is still quite intense. Her friends ask if Misaki is alright but Misaki says she is and anyway, she cannot do anything about it. Then, Usui appears and puts his arm around Misaki. He says that this is what they hoped for but Misaki slaps his hand away and tells him to act properly at school. Usui mutters that she’s cold. Sakura reprimands Misaki for acting like that because it is making everyone think that it is just a rumor. The guys start muttering their disbelief about Misaki and Usui going steady..she is a demon, not a girl, and there’s no way Usui will choose her. This made Sakura blow her top and shouts out in defense of Misaki about they are being rude for talking like that regarding a girl in love. Soon, everything becomes complicated and it has been decided that there be a a challenge for Usui to receive chocolates for Valentine’s Day from any girl who likes him or even fans. It seems the guys don’t want Usui to be with Misaki so this challenge is for him to choose someone else except for Misaki, or remain single. Misaki is totally embarrassed about doing it [<- give choco] in public but she has no choice because it is only way for them to tell everyone about their relationship. At the maid cafe, Misaki got the others to help her in making chocolates but apparently, she doesn’t even know how to even melt them properly.

On February 14th, it is the day of the battle. A lot of girls brought their choco. The guys start first by offering choco to Usui in hopes that he remains single. To their shock, Usui doesn’t like that brand of chocolate. Later on, some girls offer their choco but Usui apologizes that he cannot accept them. Then, a guy offers his sister but Usui rejects it, too. Soon, after 30 minutes, Usui rejects all of them. The only one left is Misaki. After some thoughts and light chat with Usui, Misaki shouts, “I like you, Usui!! Accept it!!” While everyone is shock by that, Misaki offers him the chocolates. Misaki is embarrassed when everyone is whispering if it is a confession. To their surprise, Usui takes the chocolate. Inside the box, it is some awful looking chocolate. They start bad mouthing as to what that thing is but Usui eats a piece. He says that it taste amazingly good, no wonder it is a choco made by his girlfriend. Putting his arm around Misaki, Usui tells everyone that he also likes Misaki, they mutually love each other. And, since they are lovers, he cannot accept any other person’s feelings. They are all surprised by it and for the first time, they saw the president blushing really red. Then, Hinata’s friends mutter that Hinata isn’t around, and luckily he is at work. They find him amazing for never venting out in anger. There is a scene of Hinata busy at the gas station. Later that night, Suzuna made a V-day cake. Hinata praises it. Her mother suggests that they quickly eat it. Hinata asks about Misaki not at home yet, shouldn’t they wait. Suzuna says that her sister will be late and will he be waiting for her. Hinata says no, he apologizes for disturbing them and he’ll finish it all before going home. She salutes and says understood, she is now going to cut the cake. Walking home, the couple takes the longer route back home. Misaki blushes when Usui says that he is really happy today. Then, they continue to walk while holding hands. Last scene, the three idiots are gloomy because that day is Misaki’s day off from the cafe. Next chapter is on Sept 24th. And, the author seems to have a horror story for Sept 9th in Black Lala.
Scans by 红莲汉化组

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