August 29, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 21]

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Title: Sasayan and Haru Narration: “I always think that if I wanted something, I should definitely get it into my hand.. too bad that the far distance is making me anxious.. making me wistful. But, what if.. What if I.. can give someone something..” Micchan has dropped off everyone at the stop. They thank him as the car speeds away. In the car, Haru mutters that everything is re-opening. Micchan is puzzled. Haru smiles and asks if he feels at ease upon seeing him [Haru]. While wondering if something strange had happened with Haru again, Micchan says no, but rather, it is a feeling of Haru always making him uneasy all the time. Haru tells him to stop by at the takoyaki store because he bought some souvenir for the grandma. Back in school, Sasayan and others are changing clothes before they go to class. Shitayanagi happily holds a camera with a picture of Asako on the lcd display. He asks Sasayan to give him a copy of it. Sasayan says okay but each picture costs 100 yen. [<- hehe, businessman =P] Someone says that Sasayan is too vicious while another one asks Shitayanagi what it is. Shitayanagi tells them that Sasayan and others went to ski with Asako. Then, they see a gloomy picture of Haru. They begin to talk about rumors of Haru being scary and always fighting but they aren’t really familiar with him except that he is monster. While going to class, Sasayan thinks about these rumors but in the final analysis, Haru is a monster [/monster = weird] since he will fight over the slightest provocation thus he cannot say he isn’t scary, though actually Haru longs for ‘school’ and ‘friends’. They overhear Haru shouting who dare mess up the chicken coop. Then, they notice Asako with a guy who is asking her out after school. Asako rejects him by saying that she is busy and he isn’t her type, and there is nothing about him that she likes. Glasses guy that Asako has perfected the technique of rejecting guys. Shitayanagi happily says that he likes her stubbornness. Sasayan mentally doesn’t agree to this. Then, Asako is going there way. Sasayan and others greet her a good morning. Sasayan tells her that he had already developed the pictures from the ski trip and even burned a CD copy of the pictures. Asako perks up then walks away saying that she is in a cold war with him. Thinking it is about what happened at the ski trip, Sasayan just sweatdrops over this as his glasses friend asks him about what seems to be a cold war between them. In class, Shizuku is looking at the pictures and tells Sasayan that Asako’s tantrum has started. Sasayan sighs and says that is true, though he fundamentally doesn’t quite recall what they are fighting about, as to why Asako is so angry. Sasayan also mentions that he and the others greeted her and yet, she just snubbed them. Shizuku tells him that according to Asako, when she tries to make friends, the crushes of her female friends tend to confess to her and because of that, she ended up being alone and thus, she hates guys. Sasayan asks why Asako always fall in that predicament. Shizuku says that she doesn’t know. Sasayan thinks that since Shizuku doesn’t know, maybe she doesn’t know what Asako is like outside. He observes that Asako would act very nice towards the people she wants to be friends with and very coldly with the others thus it makes guys misunderstand especially since Asako is pretty. Shizuku thanks him for the pictures and asks how much it is. Sasayan says that it costs 800 yen in total. Shizuku asks him if it okay not to mind Asako who is looking at their direction for some time, obviously interested in the pictures. Sasayan says that she should just come over and look at the pictures together. Shizuku tells him that Asako is considering her tantrum with him so, she ought to not know how to apologize. Sasayan thinks that it is very normal for Shizuku to say that.

Preparing to study, Shizuku tells him that if he finds it troublesome, why he doesn’t break off ties with her. Thinking that he feels that there is something a bit wrong about it, Sasayan sweatdrops and asks how he can do that. Sasayan then remembers that it is about Shizuku and Haru that he had a quarrel with Asako. Shizuku thanks Sasayan regarding the ski trip and thanks to him, she manages to achieve her goal, because Haru said he is very happy. Using her electronic dictionary, Shizuku says that this time, she can concentrate on her schoolwork. Sasayan asks him if she is satisfied with only that. Then, Haru enters the room through the window. He happily greets Shizuku. Shizuku greets him back. Sasayan asks Haru if he manages to catch the culprit who destroyed the chicken coop. Haru says that he hasn’t but he will prepare a trap. While Sasayan wonders why no one is shock that Haru came in through the second floor window, Haru exclaims to Shizuku that she is very enthusiastic in studying so early in the morning. She tells him that there is a question that she couldn’t answer since yesterday. To Shizuku’s shock, Haru tells her the answer. Shizuku darkly says that it is strange. Haru asks if she is thinking how he came up with the answer and does she want him to explain it to her. Shizuku says that’s why she said that it is strange. Haru says that he doesn’t feel a bit happy. Shizuku shouts for him to then quit smiling. Sasayan sweatdrops over this. At section 1-A, Sasayan is showing the pictures to Chizuru. He asks why those two are always running on the opposite direction, as an observer, he thinks that both Haru and Shizuku always use simplistic ways that they can’t move forward. It is quite baffling for him as to why they are doing that. Thinking that she knows, Chizuru laughs and says that is true. Sasayan tells her that there is also Asako crying around that it makes him feel that there is something wrong with him. Chizuru exclaims that it isn’t so, and is Asako still angry. Sasayan tells her that Asako is still snubbing him as if he is some stranger. She comments that it seems that Asako has become someone else, and she thought of that before when Asako mentioned about making a plan to make friends with her [Chizuru]. A guy called Hasegawa [長谷川] interrupts to ask something from Chizuru. It turns out that Sasayan knows the guy and they started to chat about Shitayanagi’s plans after school. Chizuru watches them then later on, tells Sasayan that she thinks that it is quite good that, among Haru and others, they got to have Sasayan as a friend. Even if she doesn’t know what happened but it is Sasayan who managed to stop Haru from going amok, thus it made her feel that he is amazing. She tells him that she thinks that Haru should thank him. Sasayan smiles and tells her that he feels more at ease from hearing her say that. While walking back, Sasayan thinks that Chizuru really likes Haru but Haru has eyes only for Shizuku. He wonders if this is quite unbearable for Chizuru yet she always has that kind of expression..he really doesn’t understand. Then, he is surprised to meet with Asako at the corner. Sasayan calls out to her but Asako looks flustered and angrily shouts that anyway, it is his fault. Sasayan looks dark and irritated over this. While sweeping the leaves, both he and Haru mutter that it is really baffling. [<- hehe, girl problems] Sasayan laughs and asks that Haru has a problem, too. Haru says that Shizuku told him to always smile so he did so but then, she gets more and more, vile to the point that she told him not to be around her. Sasayan says that it is because he failed from the start when he stepped on Shizuku’s land mine without even knowing it. Haru asks Sasayan why he always knows these kinds of things. Sasayan says he doesn’t, he just so happen to know about it. Haru curses that it is that kind of knowing so Sasayan is amazing that he wants to be like him. Haru asks him if there is anything that he doesn’t know. Sasayan says that it is Asako, he cannot understand what she is thinking that it makes him wonder why things ended up this way. He then remembers Asako telling him he doesn’t understand because there are a lot of people around him. Haru asks Sasayan if he likes Asako. Sasayan says no, he feels more relaxed with ‘the guys’.
From the window, Sasayan’s friend calls out to him and reminds him about what they will do after school. Haru is jealous of Sasayan having ‘going out with the guys’. Haru asks Sasayan what they normally do. To Haru’s surprise, Sasayan invites him to go with them. After school, Asako is shock that Haru is going with Sasayan and the guys when Shizuku is studying in the library and Asako told Haru before that they are going to some place. Haru apologizes and says that it is a guy thing. Sasayan invites her to come along but of course, Asako couldn’t. She ends up shouting that Haru is a traitor when he said ‘let’s go tomorrow’. Haru tells her that she did a fast break before, so didn’t she also betray them. At the library, Shizuku looks out the window. She stretches and thinks that the weather is good today. At Master Donut, Haru and Shitayanagi happily look at a white mouse in its cage. Haru says that it is so cute and does Sasayan and others always do this kind of thing. Sasayan says that it is only today because Shitayanagi wanted to own a pet. Shitayanagi says that ever since he saw a drawing of a mouse when he was young, he wanted to have one as a pet, and tonight, he is going to eat muffins. Haru happily laughs and says that is good. Then, some other guys say that it is mouse, how filthy. Haru becomes angry and asks, “Huh?” Sasayan and others try to calm him down and say that he cannot do that. Shitayanagi tells Haru to look at the mouse’s worried eyes. Scary people, hard realities, etc, it[/he] won’t face it but rather, quickly get the opportunity and run away, that is how they normally live. Haru comments that he learned something important. Glasses friend tells Sasayan about his amazement on how Haru can blend in. Sasayan laughs and says that he said before that Haru and Shitayanagi can get along. While drinking his beverage, Sasayan is actually surprised that Haru would go with him and others, rather than with Asako which he normally does. At the game center, Micchan laughs that Asako couldn’t help but say the OS[?] within her heart before running out, she really hasn’t changed. Asako timidly says that it is because Sasayan said that, fully knowing that she will absolutely not go with them. She also knows that her behavior isn’t good at all. Micchan thinks to himself that it turns out that Sasayan is a high schooler for it seems that he is inexperienced. Asako tells him that regarding Haru, she thinks that it is enough for only Shizuku to come to understand Haru. And, among a lot of people, it is most important that there is one who can come to understand oneself. This is something Sasayan, who is good with people, cannot understand. Micchan says that he doesn’t think that it is enough for Haru to only have one friend like Shizuku. For him and maybe for Shizuku, if Sasayan agrees to expand Haru’s world then he [Micchan] welcomes it. Asako pouts and says that everyone is siding with Sasayan. She sighs and says that she knows, and anyway, that is all just her wish. Micchan notices Asako looking glum. She asks him if she is causing trouble for everyone. Micchan gives her a drink and says that it isn’t so. Later at the park, two of Sasayan’s friends are playing catch with their baseball. Shitayanagi is feeding his mouse. Sasayan and Haru bought some meat buns from the store. Then, they notice a couple of guys of whom Haru reminisce that those two are wearing their junior high uniform. Sasayan asks Haru what he did when he isn’t in school then. Haru says nothing much, he just read books and went to the university. When Sasayan is shock by this, Haru tells him that Micchan’s mother has a research room within the university where she had taken care of him. And, every time he sees those students wearing his school’s uniform, he would want to flatten them on the floor. Wondering what would have happen to them if they weren’t careful with Haru, Sasayan comments, that is quite scary. Haru says that is why he gradually detests himself, who thinks that way. There is a hateful person inside him and he has no way of stopping him..and he forgot how many times it has happened. When he snaps out of it, it always make him feel regretful that actually, he always want to become a bit decent person.
Sasayan stands up and says, that’s right, that isn’t good. Pointing to himself, Sasayan smiles and says, uniform. Haru smiles and says that Sasayan is such a good guy. After thinking of something, Sasayan tells him that he remembered that during junior high, he wanted to join the baseball club and there is an irritating guy, who is of the same year, as he was. During that time, the one who extended a helping hand to that guy is Haru, and he [Sasayan] won’t help that guy. Sasayan smiles at Haru and tells him that the one who is such a good guy should actually be Haru. Sasayan calls out to the others to get their meat buns. Haru calls out to Sasayan and says that the incident a few days ago, it is the first time that it made him totally think of it meticulously and because Sasayan stopped the wild that, he [Haru] is there right now. Sasayan smiles and tells him that is enough. So, Haru continue to hang out with Sasayan and others. Asako dreamily looks at Micchan while he works. Shizuku peacefully studies in the library. Soon, it is dark. Asako is shock to see Sasayan walking home together with Haru. Haru happily greets Asako while Sasayan thinks that he forgot of the possibility of Asako being there. Sasayan decides to apologize to Asako even if he fundamentally didn’t do anything wrong. Just when Sasayan is about to apologize, Haru is telling Asako about Shitayanagi but Asako shouts to Haru that she doesn’t want to hear anything about Shitayanagi. Sasayan tells Asako that he doesn’t like to tell her off but please don’t talk that way to someone’s friend. Today, they took the initiative to greet her and yet, she pretended not to see. It is fine with him but she shouldn’t act like that to Shitayanagi and others. It is because she is like that, she would sink and get lost in the internet world and she would even say some strange lie. Asako shouts that Sasayan talks as if he knows all about her life. Sasayan says that it is because that is the truth. Haru asks if they are quarreling. Asako tells Sasayan that fundamentally, it has nothing to do with him and she obviously doesn’t want to get acquainted with other guys who show love [/interest to her] without authorization, because that just troubles her. She isn’t like him who can blend in with anyone. Sasayan says that her way is just lumping everyone into one type, and isn’t she the one who is ruthlessly dumping guys. She is all alone by herself is her own doing. Asako looks surprised, then she turns to say that she’s leaving. While walking away, Asako tells herself that it is okay, forget it..she fundamentally isn’t interested in this thing called men. Also, Sasayan cannot understand her feelings, and someone like Sasayan, she basically.. Haru holds her arm and tells her not to go home alone by herself. Asako starts to cry and ask why things turn out like that when she is only a bit jealous of Sasayan. Surprised Haru asks why she is crying. At the game center, Sasayan looks really nervous because on his way home, he got Asako’s email, wanting to make up with him and she apologized. Micchan tells Sasayan that this is a good opportunity for him to tell Sasayan something important. That is when in front of a girl who is in a bad mood, he is absolutely not to say any opposing view otherwise, there is a 90% chance that things will turn out worse than before. Aghast Sasayan tells him to please let him be alone for a while. At the playground, Asako wipes her nose. Hiding behind a tree far away, Haru asks Asako if she had calmed down and don’t cry anymore. Asako tells him that she is okay and please do not stand so far away because it makes her feel like a fool. She asks him why the two of them are always useless. Haru tells her to please don’t always drag him in with her. She tells Haru that honestly, she wants the current situation to always continue for Haru and Shizuku are people who she really likes. It wasn’t easy for her to establish a place for herself that she won’t destroy it nor would let anyone destroy it. Haru says that’s right, perhaps if only everyone is together then things will be very easy but he wants to become someone who is needed by others. He tells her not to cry anymore and if she got into some trouble, he will help her. Thinking that perhaps she is the only wants to maintain the present situation, Asako thanks him. Haru sweatdrops since Asako is crying again. Asako tells him that he should tell those things he said a while ago to Shizuku but Haru says that Shizuku will only be very perplexed.
While walking his bicycle, Sasayan meets up with Haru. Haru asks if he is going home. When Sasayan saying no, he notices that Asako is timidly standing behind Haru. Looking at Asako, Haru tells Sasayan that he wants him to make up with Asako. Soon, Haru happily waves goodbye to Asako who waves back. Asako is riding together with Sasayan on his bicycle. Sasayan glances at smiling Haru and thinks that he knew before that Haru will be in his school during the opening ceremony – Haru is called out as the freshman representative. He wanted to know what kind of person Haru is but after the first day of school, Haru got suspended. Afterwards, he came back and there are rumors about him being a monster so Sasayan always thought that he should have no way but to make friends with Haru, *remembering Haru telling him that he won’t be there right now if Sasayan didn’t stop him* but.. Sasayan tells Asako that Haru has changed a lot. The time when Shizuku brought Haru back to school, he was very worried but seeing Haru and Shizuku smiling together, it made him feel more at ease. So between two people, if they don’t talk with each other, one would not be able to understand the other. Asako happily says that is right and does he finally understand that for Haru, Shizuku’s existence is a necessity. Sasayan asks if she is talking about that again. Asako tells him that it is alright, for Haru is not only strong but he is also very kind, he is a hero within her heart, and Shizuku is a superhero for her. This made Sasayan pout and mutters why it feels like he had lost again. [<- I think he unconsciously feels inferior to Haru in regards to the position in Asako’s heart] Asako asks what he meant. Sasayan says that it is nothing, he is talking to himself. The next day, Shizuku is unfazed and continues to read her book even as Haru greets Shitayanagi and Asako hesitantly greets Shitayanagi and others a good morning. This shocks Shitayanagi and others as they wonder if it is an illusion. Sasayan thinks that things seem to have changed a bit and he thinks that Shizuku had it hard that she is liked by Haru..or perhaps, Haru is the one who had it harder. Then, Haru catches the culprits who messed up the chicken coop. While walking with his friends to their next class, Sasayan spots Haru picking up a flower and going to see Shizuku by the window to give it to her. Sasayan thinks that today, he wishes that things would go smoothly for the two of them [H&S] soon. Omake 1: Haru and Shitayanagi happily talk about how Haru knows about what mouse eat. Haru said that he used to take care of one in the research room until one day, it ended up in the snake’s stomach. Omake 2: Shitayanagi happily says that Asako is really cute. Haru asks if he likes her, Shitayanagi says that he really likes. Then, Haru looks dark at Hasegawa [who talked with Chizuru earlier]. Hasegawa invites Shitayanagi to come to his house and Shitayanagi accepts the invitation. Sasayan explains to Haru who that guy is. Shitayanagi happily says that guy’s older sister is really cute. Haru asks if he likes her. Shitayanagi says that he super likes her, and today, he might see her. Haru is puzzled that Sasayan tells him that it is a different kind of ‘like’.
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