July 29, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 19]

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While walking on the streets, Yamaken gets a call from his friends that they were suppose to meet at 1pm so where is he right now. Yamaken says ya, it seems that he seems to be on some road. Calling Yamaken ‘directionally challenged’, his friend says that he better not be mistaken or else they’ll slaughter him. Yamaken denies that he is directionally challenged and tells them to just wait for him. After hanging up, Yamaken thinks that maybe he should just call a taxi. Looking at the side, he looks surprised. Shizuku looks at the side and looks surprised. It is Yuuzan, who is eating a bucket of ice cream, in the car. Title: Perhaps it is a Date Yuuzan waves at her and says that it is a coincidence. He happily says that it has been a long time and would she want to eat ‘this’ [ice cream]. He bought it from a new nearby store which is doing good business so there is a long line. Shizuku thanks him but declines the offer. She asks him what’s up today that he is wearing a black suit just like Haru. Yuuzan perks up and asks if she had met with Haru. He tells her that there is a Buddhist religious service for the first year death anniversary of Mitsuyoshi’s mother. Shizuku looks puzzled so Yuuzan explains that when Haru ran away from home before, he was under their aunt’s care and it is thanks to her, Haru didn’t become a bad child today. Shizuku is surprised when Yuuzan asks if Haru is acting a bit weird today. Shizuku remembers Haru asking if he can kiss her. Blushing, she quickly looks away and says yes, it is true for he is saying some weird things. Yuuzan says that it is because Haru is currently acting very normal that he finds it really boring so on the way home, he deliberately say some things to Haru to make him angry. Shizuku asks him why he always likes to do that kind of thing to Haru. Yuuzan says that it is a so-called older and younger brother relationship. Shizuku asks if that is so but, she has a younger brother whom she really likes and dotes on. She thinks that it seems that Micchan’s mother is dead and probably, that weird time when Haru mentioned about being happy over remembering someone dead, refers to Micchan’s mother. She wonders why Haru went to see her and perhaps she should have run after him. But then, since he didn’t say anything means that he doesn’t want to talk about it. “And, if he doesn’t want to tell me about it.. *heart beats* ..? What is with this uneasy feeling? Is..is it to say.. Rather than thinking of it, I should do what I must do!” Shizuku waves goodbye and tells him that she has something that she wants to buy. Yuuzan tells her that just now, Haru ought to have not told her anything yet. “You want to know, right? Regarding Haru. *opens car door* If you want to know, how about getting in the car?” While Shizuku just stands there, the driver asks Yuuzan about college [<- probably if it is okay not to go to school]. Yuuzan says that it is okay.

Shizuku snaps out of it when someone else calls out her name. It is Yamaken who is watching them from the side of the building. Yamaken walks to them and slams the car’s door on Yuuzan. Yamaken apologizes to Yuuzan and says that they’ll talk again next time. After licking his spoon, Yuuzan exclaims that he wondered who it is but it turns out to be Kenji of Yamaguchi family. This irritates Yamaken. Putting his arm around puzzled Shizuku, Yamaken says that they should go. While Yamaken drags Shizuku away, Yuuzan says that he’s quite cool and calls out to Andou, his driver, if he saw that. Sparkling Yuuzan laughs and exclaims that it is quite princely of Yamaken to take Shizuku away like that. Andou says ya, very manly. Yuuzan exclaims that it isn’t good for Haru since Shizuku might be stolen away. He then realizes something. Then, he [or Andou] says that if it so, it will be troublesome. Somewhere else, Yamaken is hanging on some bars at the playground[?]. Shizuku asks if he is alright, and he was really forcing himself. Still very afraid of Yuuzan, Yamaken exclaims that he doesn’t like being told by her. He calls her an idiot for stupidly going into some guy’s car. Shizuku says that it is because Yuuzan will tell her about Haru. Trying to calm himself, Yamaken tells her that if she wants to know about Haru, she should ask someone other than that person [/ask Haru himself]. Shizuku looks surprised by that. Yamaken angrily thinks that his mood is messed up whether because of this or that thing, he is being stepped on because of Shizuku, even though it isn’t easy to coincidentally meet her on the streets. Walking downstairs, Yamaken bids her goodbye. Shizuku asks if he is already alright. Yamaken tells her to listen up, what he did just now is because of good intention and there is no other meaning to it so she better not misunderstand. Shizuku says she knows and she doesn’t misunderstand it. She thanks him for his good intention. Then, she remembers something and calls out to him. Yamaken shouts what. She asks him if he is free now. Looking surprised, Yamaken says that he is free so what’s up. While walking together, Shizuku thinks that Yamaken is right, even if she decided that she and Haru ought to face each other, she has to do her best. Although Haru’s back is towards her, it is definitely because he is being forced by circumstances. Shizuku feels uneasy by that thought. As puzzled Yamaken looks at her, Shizuku tells herself to change this kind of thoughts. Then, he asks where she bought her clothes. Shizuku says that she bought it from a wholesale warehouse [/hypermarket].
At a restaurant, Shizuku manages to change that train of thoughts after buying an electronic dictionary. Looking at a bag of her newly purchase, Shizuku thanks Yamaken for the many suggestions in buying an electronic dictionary so she won’t regret buying this one a bit. Yamaken angrily complains that it took her two hours to choose that. Hugging the bag, Shizuku says that it is because her budget is limited, unlike him. Yamaken stands up and offers to buy her a hot drink. Shizuku protests that she’ll buy it since he even helped her buy an electronic dictionary. Yamaken says that there is no need for he has no way of accepting [/being paid for] by a girl. While buying the drinks, Yamaken blushes and thinks that it seems like this is a lover’s date. After being told about standing on the wrong place for beverages, Yamaken goes to the right place and thinks that there is no romantic mood at an electronic store. It is the first time, he stayed there for such a long time. He snaps out of it and berates himself for thinking of such things towards a girl who buys clothes from a wholesale warehouse. After buying the drinks, Yamaken thinks that even so her temperament and attitude are quite good. So, if she wears something decent and smiles more, then maybe.. He finds himself lovingly looking at Shizuku who is waiting for him. While walking to Shizuku, Yamaken punches himself and wonders what’s up with him as if his heart is beating fast like a deer’s. Surprised Shizuku asks what’s wrong with him. Yamaken says that it is nothing. Thinking that Yamaken is a weirdo, Shizuku insists on paying for her drink. Yamaken refuses to take it but he is surprised when Shizuku puts the money on his hand. He quickly pulls his hand away from her that it surprises Shizuku. Later on, blushing Yamaken drinks his beverage and curses that he ends up taking Shizuku’s money. To his irritation, Shizuku asks for her change. After a while, Shizuku says that it seems that he had a lot of girlfriends. Yamaken looks at nervous Shizuku. Yamaken wipes his mouth and wonders if Shizuku meant those girls who want to have fun with him. Then, Shizuku asks if he has any kissing type of experience. Nervous and blushing, she tells him that if he doesn’t want to answer that, it is okay because it is a private matter. She only wants to know if there is any situation wherein one doesn’t want to kiss. Yamaken asks if she is referring to Haru, and if he kissed her. Shizuku asks if that means Yamaken didn’t have that experience. It is rather about Haru wants to kiss but in the end, he didn’t. Yamaken asks that weren’t they going steady. Shizuku says no, it isn’t that kind of relationship yet.
Shizuku tries to drop the subject by telling him to forget about it and he should pretend she didn’t say anything. While cursing Haru, Yamaken tells her that maybe Haru thinks it is urgent but suddenly, he chickened out. She asks why he would do that. Yamaken exclaims who knows, and that she should ask Haru himself about that. Shizuku asks could it be because she isn’t too feminine. To her shock, Yamaken says that it is true, if it is about female charm. He comments that it is quite unexpected for her to think of this kind of thing. He asks her who told her to have that ‘It is inevitable that Haru likes me’ kind of attitude and isn’t her self-confidence excessive. Shizuku tells him that she doesn’t want to be told that, by him. She wonders if that is what she has been thinking, that it is inevitable that Haru likes her, and if she is to think of it in detail, from the first time they met, Haru continuously showed his love towards her. “The one who made me the taste of love for the first time.. is Haru. *Haru happily hugging her with a blanket while she is reading a book* Even though that isn’t romantic love.. No matter when, I only have to turn around, he will rush to my side.. Even if my back is also towards him.. *surprise* And I.. what did I give back to him in return?” While Shizuku is thinking of that, Yamaken thinks that in the end, she has to talk with that guy but actually, no matter what he [Yamaken] says, the only one in Shizuku’s eyes is Haru from start to end. So fundamentally, it is meaningless. “No matter how many times she faces me, she won’t even smile.” While Shizuku is walking ahead, Yamaken thinks not only is she a bookworm, she also buys her clothes at the wholesale warehouse, and the person she likes is Haru. He calls out to Shizuku to bid her goodbye. She asks if it is okay to leave him there. Yamaken says yes, he is going to take a ride on the way back. Shizuku thanks him for today and every time she talks with him, her thoughts are all put in order, because every time she talks with her classmates at school, it seems that there is no logic at all. Yamaken angrily tells her not to compare him to Haru and Natsume. Turning to face him, Shizuku says, “..Ya! It’s really great that I’ve met you today! *smiles* I’m really grateful to you!” Yamaken looks surprised and mesmerized by Shizuku.
At the game center, Haru looks down on Natsume who is sitting on the stairs. He asks what she is doing. This surprises Natsume. She tells him that she is playing the ‘pretending as if nothing has happened’ kind of game but today, she doesn’t know why she is a bit hesitating. Haru lamely says, is that so. He proceeds to climb up the stairs. Natsume happily asks him where he went since he dressed up really nice. Haru tells her ya and that’s nice. This surprises Natume. She pushes him and shouts if he is listening to her. Haru ends up hitting his shin on the steps. Furious and in pain, Haru grabs Natsume’s scarf. Natsume nervously apologizes and says that it is his fault. “Who told you to have such a scary expression?” She tells him that she is worried as to whether he hates her or not. This snaps Haru out of it. Haru says is that so. He lets her go and apologizes. Haru assures her to relax for he doesn’t hate her one bit. Natsume is relieved that Haru has returned to normal. Scratching his head, Haru says that he has been thinking of some things. Natsume laughs that it turns out that Haru does think of things. Haru tells her that at times, he feels that she is treating him as an idiot. Natsume laughs and says that it is mutual. =P Haru says is that so. Natsume asks what he is thinking about. Later on, while Haru is sitting on the stairs, Natsume asks if he is saying about conveying his feelings at that moment, to the other. Haru says yes, and before, he would always have that feeling whenever he is with Shizuku. It makes him feel at ease but, it won’t last long and actually, it is there only occasionally. Even so, every time it happens, his empty heart is filled up and that is the feeling that he wants. Natsume realizes that is the reason why he is that attached to Shizuku, and even if she [Natsume] doesn’t quite understand, it should be that. There is a scene of her father patting her head and saying that she is a good girl. She thinks, if it is that, then she should understand it because she had that kind of feeling, and she really misses her father. She thinks if Haru is going to seek out that kind of feeling from Shizuku, honestly... Haru tells her that today, he went to confirm it but in the end, it won’t do. Natsume asks what he did. He says that he told Shizuku that he wants to kiss her. This surprises Natsume. She asks if he did kiss her. To her shock, Haru says no, he stops midway then went home. Natsume shouts that he is awful. Haru says that thinking of it now, if he had known earlier, he should have kissed her. Natsume exclaims that is more awful. Puzzled Haru asks why. She tells him that if it is her, and if Micchan is ever going to do such an intimate thing to her, she will jump off the stairs. Haru becomes nervous and asks if that is true, so what should he do? Natsume tells him to relax and she’ll call Shizuku’s house first. Natsume calls Shizuku’s house. She introduces herself and asks if Shizuku is there. While Natsume isn’t finished talking, Takaya says, she isn’t, then hangs up the phone. Aghast Natsume says that no wonder it is Shizuku’s younger brother, the beat and timing in hanging up the phone are exactly right on the spot. Natsume tells Haru to forget about it for a while since maybe right now, Shizuku is happily shopping. She changes the topic and asks Haru if he only yearns for someone’s warmth. Haru says that there is a difference in that. Natsume says that even so, she has a good suggestion.
Holding a flyer about a renting a ski villa, Natsume suggests that they go skiing during winter at a mountain villa. Then, she will be with Micchan, and Haru can be with Shizuku. Haru asks if she came here today for that. Natsume denies it. Then, Yamaken’s three friends arrive and complain about those girls who are really evil. Mabo sees Natsume and calls out to her. Tomio asks Haru why he is dressed that way. Putting his arm around Natsume, Mabo happily walks in the store. Natsume is shouting for him to let her go. Tomio asks Haru where is bookworm. Haru says that she isn’t there. Upon seeing Micchan who says that it is good that they are quite lively, Natsume greets him and quickly pushes Mabo away from her. Natsume blushes when Micchan greets her back. Holding the flyer, Natsume tells him that she brought this today and she would want everyone to go there. Micchan says that activity can be burdensome on the pocket money of a high school student, and does she want him to accompany them. Natsume is relieved that Micchan is treating her, the same as before, and he can always give her that feeling of security. Natsume watches Micchan ruffling Haru’s hair while telling Haru to change his clothes upon returning home. Natsume thinks that if there is someone like Micchan in between Haru and Shizuku, they will definitely progress smoothly than now. Mabo complains that the group [blind] date today isn’t good and Joji sang that ‘masquerade’ song. Natsume mutters what kind of song is that. Mabo calls out to Haru to buy them a drink. Haru says yes. Natsume shouts at him to quit extorting Haru. Mabo exclaims that it is troublesome to get coins out, and they are ‘brothers’ with Haru. While that is happening, Tomio gets a call from Yamaken. Tomio reprimands him for finally calling, and why is it that he turned on his phone only now. He then asks why bookworm is with Yamaken. Then, Tomio gives the cellphone to Haru. While holding some juice cans, Haru is told that it is his phone from bookworm. Haru answers the phone. When Shizuku calls out his name, Haru says that it is good that she is still alive. This puzzles Shizuku. He tells her that he wants to tell her that after a while, he’ll go see her at her house. While thinking that she doesn’t know why she feels a bit relaxed now, Shizuku says ya, but she is very busy. She asks him why it is noisy at his side. Haru tells her that Natsume wants to go on a ski trip. While Natsume is still arguing with the others about making Haru pay for them, Haru asks Shizuku, “So, how about it?” To his surprise, Shizuku agrees to go and didn’t she tell him before that they’ll go to a place where he wants to go. About the expenses, she’ll save money from now on so there won’t be any problem. “Let us go ski! There.. we are going to have lots of fun.. until it hurts.. together with everyone!” Haru smiles and says, “..Ya!” Shizuku blushes as she hears Haru telling the others that Shizuku will be coming. Someone asks if Shizuku ate something wrong. Shizuku wonders what kind of expression Haru has right now. “Ah.. hearing his voice, it seems so far away.. I really feel.. like I really want to see his face!” Blushing Haru tells her that he still wants to go and see her right now.
Just when Shizuku is about to say something, Yamaken takes the cellphone and tells her not to use someone else’s phone to talk, for such a long time. Haru goes into shock that it is Yamaken. Shizuku apologizes to Yamaken. Yamaken tells Haru to say, what he has to say, and he [Yamaken] won’t yield again. Then, before hanging up, he calls Haru a wuss who won’t even dare kiss. Looking at the flyer, Mabo asks what it is. Tomio asks if it is a ski trip and how much money does it cost. Mabo asks whose villa is this. Natsume exclaims what kind of dream-like thing he is saying. “How can you say ‘whose villa is this’! This is an activity wherein a high school student should burden using one’s own pocket money.” To Natsume’s surprise, Mabo says if it is a villa, his family has one. “Do you want to go?” Sweating nervously, Natsume asks if they have a villa. Mabo happily tells her that if she is coming, please invite some girls. “My villa also has a ski ground.” Tomio tells her that Mabo is super cool for he is among the richest young master among them. Joji nods in agreement. Meanwhile, Haru is still freaking out over Yamaken being with Shizuku. To Yamaken’s surprise, Shizuku tells him that regarding what he said, actually, she has already been kissed by Haru, but she just forgot. Then, that night, Haru cannot endure it that he went to see Shizuku at her house but Shizuku is already busy studying. In her pajamas, Shizuku is holding her new electronic dictionary. She asks in irritation, what’s up, since she is currently busy with back words [<- it seems to be a vocabulary function]. Omake 1: Shizuku plan to ask Yamaken to teach her about the electronic dictionary but it ended up with Yamaken accompanying her to the electronic store. Shizuku gloomily thanks him for accompanying her in choosing the dictionary but if he keep on getting lost, how can she buy something. Yamaken refuses to admit that he got lost. She angrily tells him that if he is lost, he should just stand still and do not keep on walking around. Yamaken insists that he isn’t lost. A note says that Yamaken got lost twice before they arrive at the store. =P Shizuku angrily turns to the side and mutters that she told him earlier not to accompany her. Yamaken is furious that she is showing that kind of expression. Omake 2: Yamaken decides to go home. Shizuku realizes something. She holds Yamaken’s sleeve and tells him not to go far away from her. Yamaken ends up follows her. Then, at the electronic store, when Shizuku isn’t careful, Yamaken got lost inside again. So, Shizuku has to use the internal PA [public announcement] to find Yamaken. =P Omake 3: Natsume is in a pinch over her desire, and not wanting to be with Mabo and others. Mabo asks her what her decision is, it is a free of charge villa where they can have fun and there is even an onsen [hot spring] inside. Though, freely accepting someone’s care isn’t that good. [<- probably about extorting Haru before, but now, she will be using the villa for free] Natsume is totally speechless as she covers her face with her hair. In the end, she quickly surrendered because she really wants to go to a snowy mountain.
Scans by kiri for BW

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