July 29, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 62]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on  July 22, 2011

Thanks Tiny, I learned that this is out in baidu.^^ So, back to where we left, Misaki is hugging Takumi. Takuma apologizes. She asks if he won’t explain and in the end, he isn’t fully conscious that she is his lover. Usui asks to see her face. She refuses so Usui turns around and hugs her. He tells her that he decided to transfer school in order for him not to leave her. Thinking that he definitely thought it thoroughly but it still infuriates her, Misaki says that even if it is so, he shouldn’t decide on it alone. She thinks that she is fed up in seeing him living alone. Usui holds her arms and apologizes again. Misaki tells him that she won’t forgive him. Flustered Usui tells her that it seems that he has to change because he is no longer alone, by himself. Usui kisses her. Hugging her again, Usui says, “..Ayuzawa.. I..” Misaki is puzzled but, Maria enters the room and exclaims that it is so dark. The two quickly act casual. Maria got angry as to why they are all alone there. Misaki explains about spilling a drink. While Usui is glancing at Maria, Maria pushes Misaki out of the room and tells her to change her clothes. Misaki tries to return Usui’s jacket but Maria tells her that she’ll be the one to return it. Usui is angry when he overheard that Maria is sticking too close to Misaki. Usui sighs then squats down on the floor. He is blushing. The next day, while eating breakfast, everyone is chatting and some are talking about love. Misaki has to remind the ones she is with about gathering data for the report that they have to do. Later on, they are riding the underground train. Misaki sees a grandma having a hard time so she goes to help her bring down her bags and luggage off the train. The grandma says that there is still one more bag on the luggage holder on top of the seat. Misaki goes to get it and give it to the grandma. Before she knew it, the train left without her. The other girls, who have seen Misaki, are as shock as Misaki. Grandma apologizes but Misaki says it is alright. She is also concerned with the many bags and luggage that the grandma has. It turns out that station is where Usui and others are walking around. So while Misaki helps the grandma carries the bags upstairs of the train station, Usui spots her. Then, Usui’s classmates notice that Usui is missing again. They are envious of how free-spirited he is. Maria sighs and tells the others to look for him.

Then, Misaki is surprised when Usui calls her name from behind and asks why she is all alone. Misaki tells him about helping the grandma with her bags. The grandma asks if Usui is Misaki’s friend. Usui corrects her that he is her lover. =P Usui offers to help, too. The grandma exclaims that is amazing. Then, there are some scenes on what the others are doing. I’ll skip that. Back to the couple, upon reading a certain place, grandma says that the place where she is going is nearby so she can go on her own. Usui says that it’s great that they were able to help her. Misaki blushes when grandma says that they are compatible ‘lovers’ that it reminded her of her younger years. She tells them that it is really precious, an important treasure, the time spent together with one’s loved one, and it makes her feel envious. After grandma bid them goodbye, Misaki calls the teacher to explain what happened. After hanging up, Misaki asks what Usui’s plans. He tells her that the Kiyomizu temple is nearby so how about they go there. There are a lot of students from different schools there. Misaki wants to take notes. Usui asks her about using the camera he gave her on her birthday but Misaki is embarrassed about others seeing the pictures inside. Usui tells her to bring it next time when they are alone. Misaki asks her if there will be such a time. Usui says that he might not have that much free time after transferring. He adds, that this kind of life will change and even if he doesn’t know what kind of changes and problems there will be, but what will not change is, he will always come to see her even if it is just a few minutes. Even if he is transferring, the school isn’t far away and he isn’t moving so whether it is the school or the cafe, he can go see her. Misaki says that perhaps it is like that. Usui asks if she thought he is going to hide from her and disappear. Misaki blushes and says that it is because he always does that. Usui apologizes and promises to do his best in telling everything that he is thinking, only to her. She asks him why he has to transfer. He tells her that the way he does things before won’t work anymore and if he doesn’t re-examine himself, he will be controlled again and nothing will be resolved. He will be the second heir of the Walker family. So, in accordance to what they want, he’ll go to Miyabigaoka but from there, he’ll find a way to be free.

Misaki says that it is what she thought. He asks then why did she specifically, asked him about it. She[?] asks if he is provoking her. Usui[?] apologizes. Then, they overhear some students fussing about. When the people are asking if they are from Seika, Misaki goes to them to reprimand them. It turns out that they wrote some of their wishes on wooden plates [ema] about going out this summer, find what he wants to do, and work together with his father. Misaki is amazed over that. Then, they reach the water fall where there are three channels of water falling down the pond. The three represents health, school graduation and marriage [<- for some, it is health, wisdom and longevity] that they can drink on for luck. Usui asks which one will Misaki drink for she cannot drink all three. After thinking for a while, Misaki chooses health for without it, the other two won’t happen. She tells him to hurry so that they can line up. Then, noticing that Usui seems hesitant, she asks if he wants to drink that one. Usui says no, he is amazed that she didn’t falter. Just when she is asking him what he meant by that, Misaki spots Sakura with Kuuga. While Misaki hides behind Usui, they follow the two. Then, they notice Sakura clinging on Kuuga’s coat. After a while, Sakura and Kuuga are holding hands. Misaki smiles over this and tells Usui that they should go. Someone says that since it is rare, they go and pray there. Usui asks her if she wants some protective charm. Misaki tells him that if he needs it, he can go buy it but she will protect her love by herself. This surprises Usui. He says that she will be fighting by herself then, and perhaps in this little way, they are similar. This made Misaki realize their similarities, using alibis to hide their feelings and they could have lost something important.

To Usui’s surprise, Misaki holds his hand. Misaki whispers to him that this way, everyone will know that they are going steady. This surprises Usui. He says that is true but is it alright with her. Blushing and perspiring, Misaki says that it is. Usui says that maybe not, since she is perspiring too much, so let go while no one has seen them yet. Misaki tells him that it is even worse to hide it. “I’ve already.. do not want to waste anymore, the time that I’m with you..!” Usui smiles over this and says, “Me, too.” Then, some guys see them and ask if it is some mistake. To their surprise, Hinata tells them that it isn’t, those two are going steady. They were saying that it is impossible but they stopped upon seeing Hinata’s expression. The trip is over and now, they are busying souvenirs. Sakura buys a lot of stuff. She tells Shizuko about having fun yesterday. Then, Suzuki bumps into them but Shizuko doesn’t recognize him without his glasses. It turns out that Shizuko likes his glasses. ^^;; Ikuto is making a ruckus about a place that he wasn’t able to visit. While buying souvenirs for Kanou, Yukimura notices Misaki, together with Usui and asks if she already bought souvenirs. Some guys quickly pull Yukimura away and tell him to pay attention at the mood between those two. Then, some girls are gossiping about the rumors about Misaki and Usui, to Sakura and Shizuko. Sakura notices Misaki smiling at her. Usui asks if it is alright and she might regret this. She tells him not to talk nonsense or could it be that he’s regretting. Usui says that even if he is sorry for her, but it is an amazing feeling. Blushing Misaki smiles and calls him ‘Stupid Usui’, they will almost be going back now. Narration: “In order not to lose that important thing again, the two finally faces [it] together.” And, that’s it..50 pages. What can I say but..FINALLY. =P Scans by 红莲汉化组


  1. It is a shocker that this post has no comments...
    The special chapter of KWMS has been released in Japan and it has yet to be put online. The manga isn't even published in my country, so while waiting, I was re-reading the manga, as I have done several times in the past. I fell in love with the characters all over again... after three long years (or should I say, two, since I only stopped re-reading it in 2015 *sighs*). I had been following it since 2009. While reading it today, I came across this panel in chapter 62 where Usui squats down with a very troubled expression. I was just wondering what thoughts must be running through his mind, so I came here to read the summary, ah but~ no guesses anywhere~
    Anyhow, thanks for this!

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