August 2, 2011

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 23-24 or (25-26 in Chinese)]

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That night, Riko starts to write some lyrics. She thinks that writing it for the first time, she realized that it can be very embarrassing. The next day, Riko shows her lyrics to her friends. Using her hands to cover her face, Riko anticipates their reaction. Sou says that even if he isn’t well-versed with love songs, but he feels that it is quite good. Yuu tells her that it is her style to give a sort of genuine way of expressing one’s feelings. This made her blush but she still asks if it isn’t sappy. Sou says that it isn’t. She asks if it isn’t narcissistic. Yuu exclaims that it isn’t. So, the first time she wrote lyrics, the only thing in her head is, what others will think of it. At the conference room, Soichiroh shot her down by saying that the lyrics are ‘fail’. This made Riko flustered. Soichiro says that it is really awful. He reads it, “like, like, really like, I love you”. Soichiro throws the notebook down and angrily shouts at Riko if she is ‘Ikkyu-san’. [<-This is an old anime. Soichiro is saying that her lyrics are like the opening song of that anime which starts with ‘Suki suki suki suki’. ‘Suki’ also means ‘like’ in Japanese. If you want to hear it, go here.] Riko asks what that is. Soichiro tells her that it is an anime and he suggests that if she has lot of free time, why don’t she go and watch it. After a pause, Riko timidly says that she thinks that she doesn’t have talent to write lyrics. He asks her if she thinks that, only those who have talent can write lyrics without any effort. “Do you think that with only talent, you can smoothly write a good song and then, easily get the fans’ approval, for it to sell big?” Riko looks down and couldn’t answer. Nagahama feel sorry for Riko. After lighting up a cigarette, Soichiro says, “This empty and meaningless [/without content] lyrics, anyone can write that. I did say that you are not to use the word ‘like’. But why do you like him? How do you come to like him? What kind of guy is he? What kind of love is it? *point at the notebook* ..or are you saying.. that the person you are currently going steady with.. is the same as the lyrics that you wrote, is he a very boring guy?” This made Riko teary-eyed in surprise. She then looks determined and exclaims, “ [he isn’t]!” After the meeting and Riko had already left, Nagahama tells Soichiro that Riko cried. Soichiro says that she cried because she has talent. She had suddenly waked up, and knew where she was mistaken so she cried. Soichiro says that the worst case scenario is if she obviously doesn’t understand and yet her lips would say, ‘Is that so’. He asks Nagahama if she saw Riko’s expression when she left, her teary eyes are glaring at him. “She’s so cute.” Then, Soichiro gives Nagahama a business card of songwriter, Emiko Hoshino. Since Nagahama looks surprised, Soichiro explains that it is in case of an emergency [/back-up], even if he has faith on Riko. Nagahama says that he is such a scary man. Soichiro asks if she has fallen for him, and would she want to have fun with him afterwards.

At the streets, Riko is walking really fast. Then, tears start to come out of her eyes again. She covers her face and thinks that she cannot ride the train like that. Riko emailed her friends that the lyrics are rejected and she was told that it is boring. Sou says that if it is boring, why they don’t just use their original song. The two guys complain that Soichiro is making Riko write love songs even if it is hard, and their individuality are disregarded. Yuu also mentions that Sou is also suddenly being forced to become a drummer. Sou tries to laugh it off that it is okay but then, the two pauses and quietly look at each other. Yuu is beginning to have doubts if it is okay for them to continue on like that for their individuality is being erased [/suppress] and are blindly made to go on a path designed by an adult. Sou didn’t reply. He takes out his cellphone and starts writing an email to Aki about wanting to ask him something and can he call Aki right now. Still thinking about writing the lyrics, Riko rides the train and gets off her stop. She sees a Pepsi Next softdrink being sold at a convenient store. She buys one bottle and drinks it. She wonders if people would want to buy it after seeing her drink it. After flashing her train card on the machine, someone calls out that it is the Pepsi ad girl. Riko looks surprised upon seeing Aki, who seems to be waiting for her. She asks why he is there. Holding out his hand to her, Aki smiles and tells her to guess. Riko is puzzled by his hand that Aki tells her to give her guitar for him to carry. Riko refuses and wants to carry it herself. Aki tells her that she is too headstrong for if someone sees them, they will think that he is an awful boyfriend who won’t help his girlfriend in carrying something heavy. Riko insists that is her luggage. So, Aki relents and let her be. While walking, Riko tells him that it’s so quick, he is already at odds [/being difficult] with her. Aki denies it but Riko points at him and insists that it is so. Then, Aki blushes for it is true. Riko laughs over this expression. This made Aki walk ahead. Riko thinks that she likes the ‘at odds’ Aki. Elsewhere, CP’s Kaoru and Teppei are on a photo shoot. At the side, Shinya is reading a book while Shinya is browsing the internet via an Ipad. Shun overhears Shinya sighing that he asks what’s the matter. Shinya says that it is nothing. Shun glances at Shinya’s Ipad and sees the news report that Mush & Co is confirm to be in the Pepsi Next advertisement. Shun asks if that girl is really cute. Shinya says that it is bewildering because the more he looks at her, the more he finds her cute. Then, he reads another news article. Shinya sadly says that it seems that no matter what, Soichiro wants Aki to do it. Shinya thinks that Soichiro deliberately released this news while he isn’t in Japan and Soichiro didn’t mention the surname of the celebrity who will be responsible for the songs. Shinya puts aside his book and lights up a cigarette. Shinya tells him that this has nothing to do with Soichiro’s intention because the crucial point is, she refused. Shinya is surprised and puzzled. Shinya tells him that Aki told him, that he [Aki] took the initiative to ask ‘I’ll compose Riko’s music’ but she refused him.

Back to the couple, they are now walking at the esplanade, Aki glances at Riko’s Pepsi and asks if they gave it to her. Riko tells him that she bought it and who would give it to her. Aki says that it is strange for they aren’t giving the product to a spokesperson, so maybe it has changed. Riko asks if such a thing really happens. Aki says that he heard that she won’t be able to drink all of it... Aki stops midway then become silent. This made Riko looks flustered. Riko wonders from who did Aki heard about it. [<- Most probably Mari.] Opening the bottle, Riko says that it will be nice if they give her a year’s worth of Pepsi. Aki asks if she likes to always drink it. Riko says that there is a bit of lemon taste which she likes. This seems to surprise Aki. He watches her drink it all up. Riko says that there is indeed that taste. Then, she licks the bottle. Aki slightly bends to her and kisses her. Aki says that it is true. Blushing Riko says ya, she isn’t lying to him. Just when they are near Riko’s store, Riko tells Aki that it is okay for him to walk her until there. Just when she is about to leave, Aki calls out to her and says that he heard that she has problems with writing lyrics. Riko blushes and becomes thoughtful. Aki says that he has an idea. “Will you.. go out on a date.. with me tomorrow?” In her room, Riko writes on her notebook that at times, she feels that he is very mature. “But, because, after he said the word date, and his face is blushing really red, I also felt that he is the world’s cutest person. And, after the kiss, I also like the embarrassed him.” Narration: “So, on the second time I’m writing lyrics, what’s on my brain is all him..” Change scene to a room where fake eyelashes are put on one of Riko’s eyes. Also looking at the mirror, her friends say that it is like magic for it looks as if her eye has become bigger. Riko says that it doesn’t look like her. Nagahama says that she’s so cute so why not try wearing it on both eyes. A guy puts another eyelash on Riko’s other eye. Afterwards, Nagahama tells the three to go to that side to change clothes. Looking at a room filled with clothes, the three sweatdrops. Yuu asks if they are doing to wear all of that. Soichiro tells them that trying out the clothes will help them determine on how they are going to package them so it is very important. He quickly motions for them to quit dilly-dallying and quickly try out those clothes. Holding a camera, Nagahama tells them not to be nervous and just naturally pose. In casual clothes, the trio pose with v-signs. Soichiro muses that it is too casual. Then, the trio is wearing plain white clothes. Soichiro says that it is like being a layman [/amateur] so maybe, they don’t suit wearing such clothes. He tells them to wear something flashy. They wear European clothes and ends up like they are cosplaying. Soichiro rejects that Alice in Wonderland look. While they are in some 60 or 70s[?] fashion clothes, Nagahama says that it seems like some sort of deja vu.

Lighting up a cigarette, Soichiro says that it gives him a headache for even if Riko looks naturally pure, but currently, it is already in the past [not a trend] to wear t-shirt and jeans. During Ozaki[Yutaka?], Tamio [Okuda?] and aiko, upon opening the television and it isn’t Western outfit, it is night wear, and celebrities then, like wearing jackets. Walking at the street, it is eyecatching to wear Western clothes. At the time, wearing t-shirts have a special meaning. It represents as a prominent showing of one’s individuality as a critique to the masses [/pop culture]. But right now, it is the opposite, for t-shirt has already become very ordinary. In this era, a t-shirt is ordinary, common, and no individuality so it is necessary for them to find a different route. Meanwhile, Aki looks at his closet and wonders why 80% of his clothes are t-shirts. [<- I lol at that.] While looking around in his closet and talking to himself, Aki says that he is already 25 years old, and it has been 5 years since he became an adult. Looking at a suit, Aki says that he cannot wear such a formal outfit. He then asks to whom is he talking with. He returns it to the hanger and says that if he wears something too formal, it will shock Mush. [<- From the raws before, he calls her ‘masshu’ from ‘masshuruumu’ = mushroom. I hesitated calling her Mush and opted for ‘masshu’. But, from their band’s name, I guess I’ll go with Mush. ^^;] But then, he also doesn’t want something too casual. In the end, he chooses a fairly dependable dark colored [Ralph Lauren] Polo shirt. While wearing it and preparing his bag, Aki says that he hopes that she will understand his feelings as well as his sincerity. He then laments why it sounds like some dubious salesperson. He checks his things in the bag. After that, he slings the bag around his shoulder, ties his shoes and off, he goes. At the conference room, everyone is in deep thought. Riko glances at the clock and it is already around 1:03pm. Soichiro asks why she keeps on looking at the clock. Riko says that she has a private appointment. He exclaims that work is priority. Riko timidly exclaims, yes. Lighting up a cigarette, Soichiro says but right now, it seems that they cannot decide on it. He tells Nagahama to tell the stylist to get some more youth-oriented clothes because the ones there aren’t suitable and they need new trademarks that will suit with Mush & Co.’s style. He then tells them that is all, the meeting ends there.

To his surprise, Nagahama and Riko shout for him to wait. Soichiro tells Nagahama to say what she has to say first. Nagahama tells him that the mushroom is already finished. She shows him a lot of Riko-mushroom inspired button pins with different expressions and notes like “Hee hee. So what? Hello.” She tells him that those are souvenirs for the debut and she wants to distribute it among the stakeholders [/anyone related to them]. Looking at a pin, Soichiro says that it really makes one stand out from the masses. Nagahama smiles and says that she asked a factory to make them. Soichiro angrily asks why he wasn’t consulted on this. She tells him that he said that it is urgently needed so she made some gifts. Soichiro tells her that he only meant about the band’s logo. Nagahama apologizes and tells him that she doesn’t do her work half-heartedly. While Riko and others are looking at the pins, Soichiro sighs and says that even if it is really cute and very exquisite, but aren’t these things something that only girls will like. When Nagahama seems sad to hear this, Sou quickly exclaims that he likes it and he’s already wearing it. He shows Nagahama that he had put a pin on his bag. Then, Nagahama looks at Yuu. Yuu looks nervous and ends up putting two of the pins on his bag. Sou exclaims to Yuu that he likes it. Yuu smiles and says, of course. Holding a chibi Riko topped pen, Nagahama says that she also made a pen. While moving the pen left and right, she tells them that the hands also move. She demonstrates it to the others. After a while, Riko starts hitting the desk with her hand and shouts that she wants it. Soichiro says that he didn’t expect Nagahama to be a shoujo [young girl] or perhaps, she is a virgin. Pushing up her glasses, Nagahama admits that she is, so does he have any objections to it. While the trio is blushing even if they don’t know why, Soichiro holds up his hands and says no, okay, he understands, and he is into the ideology of believing virgins. [<- I’m not too sure on that but it seems like he trust virgins ^^;] Then, he asks what Riko wanted to tell him. Riko takes out her notebook and gives it to him. She says that she has re-written the lyrics.

At Starbucks Coffee store, Aki is listening and reading a book while waiting. Then, he notices Riko is standing beside him with a somewhat glum look. After taking off the headphones, Aki asks what’s up with her and when did she arrive. Riko says that it is only just now. She bows to him and apologizes. Aki says that it is alright for when he came, he has been preparing himself [/his feelings]. Then, he looks at her and asks if she just cried. This made Riko blush and cover her face with her bag. Aki asks if that guy made his girlfriend cry. Riko tells him that it is she, herself, wants to cry. Trying to pulling the bag from her, Aki says he prohibits her from recklessly crying at will, next time, and if she wants to cry, she is to do it in front of him. Riko refuses because she snivels when she cries. Aki smiles [to disguise his irritation?] and asks her why she cried. Still covering her face with the bag, Riko says that Soichiro only has to say the words ‘fail’, when she thought that what she wrote this time is pretty good. “How frustrating..” Aki tells her to show those lyrics to him. Putting the bag down, Riko screams, “Absolutely, no way!” Aki says there it is again. He tells her that she likes to say ‘no way’ [/no] and she would always say that to him. Riko tries to protest that it isn’t so. Aki says that it is so and he’s sure of it. “You do not want me to see your lyrics. You do not want me to see you cry. You do not want me to carry your luggage. You do not want to be engaged with me. You do not want to hear of my past..” Riko mutters that he has always been nursing a grudge. Aki asks if he really loves nursing a grudge. [It seems that] Riko tells him to keep on nursing a grudge. After taking a sip from his coffee, Aki tells her that honestly, he also doesn’t want to be told ‘no way’ by her. “Understand?” Then, at the Narita airport, Shinya is back in town.

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