July 5, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 18]

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A woman in a lab coat told young Haru, who was surrounded by books, “Okay then, Haru! I’m going to cast a magic on you!” Title: Dubious Day Off At the game center, after telling Asako that with her on his side, he’ll feel at ease, Micchan finds himself in trouble. He quickly exclaims for Asako to stop. Puzzled Asako backs away from him. Nervous Micchan apologizes that it seems what he said isn’t appropriate and actually, that isn’t what he meant by what he said. Flustered Asako exclaims if he just deceived her. Micchan nervously tells her that he isn’t deceiving her but rather, what he said doesn’t have that kind of meaning. Micchan keeps on apologizing to Asako for he misunderstood what she said. Sasayan thinks that the more he listens to it, the more it feels like he’s justifying -> ‘I also didn’t know how I got in this situation’. Yuuzan happily tells someone who is looking for Micchan that Micchan is currently in a critical moment. Flustered Ayako dreamily tells him, “Then, let me tell you again one more time! I like Micchan..please let me be your bride.” Micchan is shock over how direct she said it. He nervously says, bride..how can he say this..their age gap is huge. Ayako exclaims that is okay for from today on, she will have an ‘uncle fetish’. Micchan goes into shock over this. Then, he looks at Ayako who is waiting for his answer. Micchan apologizes to her for he still cannot return her feelings. Ayako looks at him and turns away to say that she knows. To Micchan’s surprise, Ayako apologizes to him for not thinking of his situation. Micchan apologizes to her again that it is his fault, he shouldn’t have said those kinds of things which will make her misunderstand. Ayako says that it is because she suddenly went there and she had startled him. She smiles and tells Micchan that she will do her best because the love between them is about to sprout. Micchan nervously says, is that so, about to sprout, huh. Ayako happily says yes, ‘I like you’. Sasayan looks at the two while Micchan nervously wonders what’s going on. While taking his bicycle, Sasayan says that it is quite unexpected for he thought that Ayako will be very depressed after Micchan rejected her. But then, at some level, he does understand her. Ayako asks him to please not talk about that embarrassing thing and didn’t he earlier on, noticed about her feelings for Micchan. Sasayan tells her that in just one look, he already knew. While walking together, Asako tells him that because she hasn’t encountered this kind of thing before, she felt that it is a waste if she just gives up like that. She adds that Shizuku had also told her that it is okay for her to like Micchan. Sasayan laughs and asks what’s with that, why would she need someone’s permission to like a guy. Sasayan looks somewhat serious when Ayako says yes, for her, it is truly need. Asako tells him that this is her first time to confess to a guy and it is also her first time to have this feeling. It is also her first time to be told ‘do your best’ by someone. “Ever since before, I wondered what it feels like to like someone [/guy]? It turns out to be such a happy feeling.” Sasayan says, “Ya, okay, I know. Then, I’ll also wish you ‘gambatte’ [/do your best].” Asako looks at him then happily thanks him. Sasayan tells her that if Micchan won’t answer her confession, she should annoy him to death and never let go. Asako laughs and says that is like the story of the Konaki-jiji. [It is demon that seems like a baby until it is picked up, it becomes an old man. It clings on the victim while increasing its weight thus crushing the victim. Source: Monstropedia]

In the classroom, Asako and Sasayan are shock when Shizuku tells Asako that she didn’t wish her ‘gambatte’ and Micchan has already rejected her. She advises Asako to be more prudent else she’ll cause trouble to the other. Asako nervously exclaims that it isn’t so, because Micchan is just startled and if there is a 1% probability of it becoming successful, she should seize it and try it out. While Haru is playing with a Rubik’s cube, Asako asks Sasayan if she is right. To her shock, Sasayan says ya, Micchan had already rejected her. When Ayako is nervous asking him that didn’t he wished her to ‘do her best’, Haru looks up and asks the three what they are talking about. After recovering from the surprise, the trio tell each other that is right, the one closest to Micchan is here and it is really amazing that he still doesn’t know anything. Asako freaks out over how blunt Shizuku is when Shizuku tells Haru that apparently, Ayako likes Micchan so what’s his opinion about it. Haru’s expression freezes. After a pause, Haru says that if they get married, he and Ayako will become relatives. Outside the school building, Haru tells Sasayan that he was really startled. Sasayan asks if it is about Asako. Haru says that it is quite unexpected that Ayako likes Micchan even if Micchan is actually an okay guy. Sasayan asks if that is so but then, he can understand that, but he wonders why it feels like that everyone is deliberately choosing on something hard to do and why not just like someone whom one can mutually like, and be happy. Haru says that he is amazing and does Sasayan know which person would like oneself. Sasayan says that he doesn’t know quite well but that is what he felt [<- gut feel?]. Sasayan asks if that is true with Haru towards Shizuku. Haru says ya. Then, Haru asks if what Sasayan is talking about is about him and Shizuku. Sasayan says yes. Sasayan looks puzzled when Haru seems to be lost in thought. Flashback: A woman in a lab coat told young Haru, who is surrounded by books, “You fundamentally do not know.. about the warmth between people when one touches the other. You should not know what this warmth is! So, I’m going to cast a magic spell on you!” End flashback. At the benches outside the cemetery [which seems like a building], Micchan is thanking the visitors for coming. Yuuzan comes and tells Micchan that he did a good job. [<- ‘good work’ greeting]. Sitting by the benches, Micchan lights up a cigarette. Yuuzan apologizes to him since he is the only one who went there because in the end, his stubborn father won’t come. Micchan tells him to forget it and it is enough that his uncle went to the funeral last year. Yuuzan comments that Micchan’s heart is really wide and the things that a popular guy says are really out of the ordinary. Micchan sweatdrops over that. He then changes the topic by asking if Yuuzuan saw his mother just now during the cleaning of the grave, he [Micchan] saw her faintly. Yuuzan says that he did more or less, and he still doesn’t know how to get along with that person. Yuuzan asks if Haru knows about this. Micchan says that he didn’t tell Haru about it and it’s too troublesome. Haru is already always quite irritable and if he is to let Haru know, who knows when Haru will suddenly blow his top [/driven mad]. Yuuzan laughs and says that it is such a thorny problem. Micchan tells him that it isn’t because of Yuuzan that Haru became like that. Yuuzan tells Micchan that he’s going ahead for he has to go to class. Just when Yuuzan is leaving, Micchan tells thanks him for coming today. Yuuzan waves back and passes through the building.

Inside the building, Yuuzan sees Haru. Haru just quietly walks away. Yuuzan tells Haru that he is amazing today for he didn’t suddenly run away after seeing his [Yuuzan] face and besides, Haru fundamentally has no way of properly greeting their relatives. Yuuzan tells him that he still won’t give Haru a passing mark. Haru replies that Yuuzan must not to misunderstand for he went there for Micchan’s mother. After looking at Haru’s back, Yuuzan irritates Haru by telling him that it must be tiring to Shizuku that Haru still has that revolting behavior. Haru angrily shouts that he cannot mention Shizuku’s name. Yuuzan tells him that he is still like a kid for being so possessive. “Are afraid that she’ll be snatch away? ..you do that, at all costs [/as if your life depended on it].. and you still weren’t able to trust her.. right? Let me tell you! Because in your heart, you are the only one who is the most important, so regarding other people, you won’t believe [them] a bit! And, there is also no one who can accept that kind of you! The proof of that is, right now, she.. definitely doesn’t have a thing that can make you attain contentment, right?” Haru grinds his teeth in anger. Then, Micchan hits Yuuzan’s head. While Yuuzan exclaims that hurts, Micchan tells Haru not to totally believe what Yuuzan said to be true for Yuuzan is only thinking that it is fun to see how Haru would react after hearing those words. Holding his head, Yuuzan says that he is just giving Haru an advice. Haru sadly says okay, and then, he turns to leave. Flashback 1: Drip. Drip. The faucet is dripping into the sink. Blowing her bubble gum, a woman opened the door and asked a boy sitting by the window if he is Haru. The woman greeted him and said that she, his aunt Kyouko, will be responsible for taking care of him from today on. She apologized about before, it took such a long time for her to come back because she is busy preparing her thesis [/research paper]. Kyouko said that she remembered for some time that he should already be in junior high. She asked him what happened, why did he fight with those guys. Bruised Haru said that it is all those other people’s fault, for who told them to give him a disgusted look. Kyouko asked if that is so, then for him, that is his defensive reaction but from the news that she heard, Haru is the first one who attacked that boy who usually treated him in a friendly way. “Why do you hit him until he cannot even stand up? Is it necessary to attack him that way? And, ..why are you crying right now? Are those tears of regret? Or are you grieving over his injuries that you’ve caused? Even if it is like this, at that time, why would you hit him? Or is it that you, yourself..” Haru threw a book towards her and shouted that she’s annoying. Kyouko popped her bubble gum and said that this is a thorny problem. She wondered how she handled Mitsuyoshi [/Micchan] in those days. Later on, Haru had just turned over a bowlful of milk and cereal. Kyouko said that it is quite wasteful when that cereal is obviously delicious. She asked him what he is unsatisfied about. Haru complained as to who can endure eating that cereal everyday. Kyouko asked if that is so, for she ate it everyday yet she doesn’t get tired of it. Much later on, in a room filled with books, younger Micchan asked his mother who that brat is. While reading something, Kyouko said that he is Haru, her elder brother’s son. Haru seemed to be afraid of Micchan. When Micchan is saying, so he is Yuuzan’s younger brother, Haru punched him on the nose. Micchan’s nose is bleeding. Then, the two started to fight that Kyouko shouted for Mitsuyoshi to stop.

Much later on, in what seems to be a school-type building, Haru is reading some books on the sofa. Carrying a monkey, Kyouko in a lab coat, came in and said that Haru had come in there again. Haru perked up and exclaimed that it is a monkey. While making some coffee, Kyouko told Haru that it is the baby of a gorilla and its name is Yuka [invented name based on kanji 百合]. Kyouko asked if Haru likes it. Haru happily exclaimed that he really likes animals. Kyouko smiled and said that he is a silly boy for humans are also animals. Haru [/Kyouko?] exclaimed that it is an old way of thinking to say that ‘humans are living things with spirits’. Some other night, Haru is still reading books on the sofa. While getting some water to drink, Kyouko asked Haru what he thinks humans are. Haru replied that they are spinal animals, belong to the family of mammals, of the primate order, and yet at the same time, they are also the most baffling creatures on earth. Kyouko told him that is right but there are other things, too. She asked him as humans, what other things they can do. Haru answered that they can teach, talk [/speech], do things and also love. Kyouko exclaimed that Haru doesn’t know love therefore, he isn’t a human. Hiding his face inside his book, Haru muttered that of course, he knows love, it is that thing between a male and a female.. Holding up her glass of water, Kyouko asked Haru to think whether it is cold or it is warm. Haru exclaimed that of course, it is cold. Kyouko asked him how come he knew it is cold when he didn’t even touch it. Haru looked surprised by this. Kyouko told him that he has to exchange the things he knows with the things he doesn’t know and if he can do that, he can widen his experience. Haru is surprised when Kyouko waved her hand in front of Haru. She told him, “It’s vexing, isn’t it? So for you, ‘others’ will hurt you. Thus, the ‘peace’ within your heart, is always affected by uneasiness. ‘Warmth’ is just a word. Coldness has affected your heart. *slight smile* ..Okay then, Haru! I’m going to cast a magic spell on you. One day or perhaps, in one moment, this hand will make you feel the feeling of warmth. And, perhaps, it will allow you to attain some thing.. and make you feel content.. Until then, I believe.. you’ll definitely become an extremely happy person!” End flashback. Flashback 2: While sitting below the window of the practice baseball hitting area, Haru heard Shizuku telling Yamaken and others to be more sincere in being friends with Haru. Then, while Shizuku walks up the stairs, crying Haru followed her from behind. Shizuku walked down to him and gave him a hug. At that time, Haru remembered Kyouko’s words that ‘one day, perhaps in a moment, this hand will make him feel the feeling of warmth.’ End flashback 2.

At Shizuku’s house, Shizuku has finished vacuuming the floor. There is a flyer on the table on electronic dictionaries. One of the model is encircled with a pen. After dressing up, Shizuku calls upstairs to Takaya that she is going out and lunch is already ready on the table. Holding a game pad, her younger brother asks where she is going. Shizuku says that she is going to buy something which will take around two and a half hour. Takaya tells her to take care on her way. While walking outside, Shizuku thinks that it is such a bright day today so when she gets home she is going to gather the clothes that are already dried by the sun. And then, she is going to prepare dinner. Afterwards, while her father isn’t home yet, she is going to carefully study the instruction book, and after that, she is going to study. In high spirits, Shizuku thinks that today ought to be a very satisfying day. Then, she stops on her tracks when someone calls out to her. Shizuku thinks that scheduled plan will now be messed up. She turns around to see Haru sitting on the bars by the stairs. Thinking that she has already gotten used to her scheduled plan being messed up, Shizuku asks him why he is there. Haru somewhat smiles and says that he came to see her. Puzzled Shizuku asks what it is. Haru says that right now, there is something he wants to ask of her. Shizuku is surprised and puzzled when Haru starts patting her head. Sweatdropping Shizuku calls his name. Haru asks her if he can kiss her. Shizuku blushes really red over this. Haru looks at her with blank eyes. After recovering from her surprise, Shizuku says he can. Haru touches her face. Blushing Shizuku nervously closes her eyes. Her heart is pounding fast and loud. Then, after waiting, Shizuku opens her eyes. Haru is no longer there. Shizuku is stunned then she falls on her knees since Haru startled her [or was he tricking her]. She looks down to see Haru walking downstairs. She then thinks that perhaps something has happened. “I feel that he definitely came to confirm something, so he came here to see me.. I obviously know that.. I should chase and call after him.. and then ask him.. ‘Did something happen?’ ‘Do you have any problems?’ But, at this moment, my feet.. why won’t move a single step? Haru is like that. I am like that.. why.. would we carelessly stop making a step?” Shizuku stands up and pats the dirt off her. Then, she walks at the opposite direction. In the streets, Yamaken is walking..lost again. ^^; He thinks that he wasn’t careful that he ended up in some strange place so maybe he should go call a taxi. He decides not to and just continue find the way. As Yamaken continues to walk at the corner of a building, Shizuku is heading his way. And, there is a car blowing its horn. Omake 1: While reading a book, Micchan asks Haru if he thinks of him as some sort of ‘uncle’. After a pause, Haru asked if this is a so-called mind reading. Micchan says ya. It seems that Micchan is really bugged over that ‘uncle fetish’ that Ayako mentioned. Omake 2: Haru reads a book then looks at Micchan then goes back reading the book. Haru then exclaims that he really cannot imagine Micchan and Ayako doing that kind of thing. Micchan tells him to just think of that within himself and not say it to others.

Scans by kiri for BW

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