July 5, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 17]

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Title: Natsume-chan’s Story At school, Shizuku looks at a flyer about a special cram class that will help one’s grades go up by 20%. She thinks that in the end, she can do all the lessons that were given. She originally thought that it will have some special lessons, which is why she signed up for it. She tells herself that she won’t let herself be fooled by it again since it is just a waste of money. Her thoughts are interrupted when Haru happily calls out to her. Shizuku is about to greet him a good morning when she sees Haru carrying a huge snowball. Sparkling Haru tells her that it is snow. Shizuku looks at him in surprise-aghast then quickly walks away as Haru follows after her. Later on, Haru with Nagoya on his head, walks somewhere in the school while carrying a shovel. Narration: “The new school term has just started and Natsume-chan has been quite listless.” In class, Asako is sitting beside Shizuku. Much to Shizuku’s irritation, Asako has been sighing all the time. Shizuku wonders if Asako has something that bothers her, and why can’t she just go sigh on her own seat. Flashback: “I grew up in an environment wherein everyone dotes on me.” People are saying that Asako is very cute like a doll, and she is such a nice kid. She is her father’s darling and she is like a small angel. Deep within her heart, Asako always believed that. Her father dotes on her up to sky above, and the people beside her are really nice. There is a scene of Asako messing up her hair and says that she is doing a lion dance, and the adults will say that she is very cute. That is the kind of environment where she gradually grew up. During junior high, three guys from the window called out to Asako. Asako blushed a bit. A girl exclaimed that Asako is amazing for those are third year students. “When I went to school, I’m still popular with everyone. During that time, I have a bit of father complex, I fundamentally isn’t interested in any of that romantic love kind of stuff...” Asako apologized to some guy regarding his confession. She thanked him for his thoughts, but she is very sorry because the type that she likes is a 42 year old man. “But, I’m too popular.. it truly makes me quite troubled by it.” In the classroom, some girls are talking about Asako being confessed by another guy from section 2 whom another girl likes. They ask why it feels like, this is always happening, and it is the same during first year. They didn’t know that Asako is standing outside the classroom. After hearing what they’ve said, Asako thought that it is that again – from the start, she and her classmates get along with each other harmoniously but afterwards, she gradually drifted apart.

Then, a black haired girl shouted to the others that Asako didn’t do anything wrong. This surprised those girls as they shouted, ‘Maki’. [Invented name based on kanji, 真希] Maki told Asako to also say something to those girls bad mouthing her. Asako is touched by what Maki said. So, for the first time, she made friends. Maki told Asako who her crush is. Asako happily looked at Maki and her crush goofing around. As Asako left, the crush looked at Asako’s direction. Later on, Maki asked Asako if she likes any guy. Asako happily said that she doesn’t have any because she doesn’t like guys too much. If there is anyone whom she has to like, it would be Maki. Maki says that she has been chatting with Saita, [invented name based on kanji, 西田] Maki’s crush. Asako said that she doesn’t like him because Saita is the guy whom Maki likes. Asako is puzzled when Maki asks her in doubt, if it is truly like that. Then, while working on her failed exams after school, Asako is surprised to see Saita blushing at her. Asako quickly tried to run away but Saita grabbed her wrist. When Asako tried to resist, Maki entered the room with her friends. Asako looked nervous and aghast when Maki’s expression darken and looked really angry at her. End flashback. While doing some calisthenics during PE, Asako tells Shizuku and Chizuru that kind of situation happened around 42 times in the span of 5 days that by the end of second year, she had become an eyesore to all the girls in school. Chizuru and Shizuku are shock by this. Asako tells them that she had completely lost hope in the real world that she searched for a safe haven, and that is when she started her journey in wandering around the internet. She asks the two if they want to hear about it because that is the good part. Shizuku falls over and tells her that is enough for today. Shizuku asks why Asako is telling them that all of a sudden. While the boys are outside playing snow and Shitayanagi is peeking at Asako from the door, Asako says that it is because Shizuku asked before why she hates guys. She tells them that no matter who, she won’t dare get close to guys anymore because it is all their fault that she wasn’t able to have any female friends. Shizuku says that she always thought that there is a reason why Ayako is acting that way and no matter how she asked before, Ayako won’t speak about it. Asako exclaims, she knows so she feels that it is for the best that she won’t get involved with guys again. Chizuru looks at her and asks what about Haru and Sasayan. While balancing at the gymnastic bench, Asako says that fundamentally those two do not give her any misgivings. Chizuru says that is great. Then, Shizuku asks what about Micchan. To their surprise, Asako falls down the bench. The two exclaim if she is alright and is there something wrong with her neck. Tilting her head to the side, Asako is nervously sweating and blushing. She mutters, “Mi..mi...miccha.. micchhan.., is already an ‘uncle’.”

After school, the foursome are walking home when Asako freaks out upon seeing Micchan, who walks toward them and greets them. Haru and Shizuku tell Micchan that they are going to eat okonomiyaki with everyone and talk about the picnic. While Micchan are talking with the others, blushing Asako nervously wonders if this is ragnarok [myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evil. Source: Free Dictionary]. She thinks that from that time on [New Year] she would always avoid Micchan and she didn’t think that she will suddenly meet him there today. Sasayan is looking at her. She also thinks that if she went steady with Micchan, but towards guys, she.. A note says that Asako didn’t think of the possibility that she’ll be rejected. Asako looks nervous when Micchan is looking at her. Then, Micchan asks what happened to her neck. Her neck is on a brace. Asako says that she wasn’t careful during PE that she fell down. Micchan says that it must have hurt but it is good that she is in good spirits because before the New Year, she is quite listless which made him worry about her. He asks if she had already made up with that youngster. Wondering who that youngster is, Asako happily laughs that it is thanks to him. She tells them that she is going ahead because she suddenly remembered that she is an expecting a package that is going to be mailed to her today. They bid her to take care on her way. After she leaves, Micchan is puzzled why Sasayan is looking at him. Haru and Shizuku seem to be arguing about a place to spend winter break[?] wherein Haru wants it to be near a water side but Shizuku refuses since it is winter. They were interrupted by Micchan who tells Haru that it is okay for them to talk about the picnic but Haru should remember about that thing for next week. Haru says okay. Shizuku is a bit puzzled by Haru’s expression. Elsewhere, Asako is drinking juice while sitting in a box at what seems to be the PE equipment storage room. She is really relieved that what she said had flown out of Micchan’s ear. Flashback: While on the internet, someone comments about how funny the Rusty Iron Mask Superhero is. Asako is about to answer back in agreement about it when her cellphone rings. It was an email from some guy named Mohai [guesswork name based on 蒙沛], wants to meet with her or rather date her and be GorbesaGolbez’s* source of strength. [*Asako’s internet name; guesswork name based on the kanji 戈爾貝薩..in Chinese.] Asako’s hair stood up in disgust over that. She exclaimed that it is this again, she doesn’t want to meet but then, Mr. Mohai is a good guy. She thought that some guys are truly weird and they obviously don’t understand her. Lying sideways on the bed, Asako felt uncomfortable.

Then, the scene changes to some guys are cheering when a guy confessed to Asako during junior high. Asako nervously thought that don’t be like that, everyone is watching. Then, she saw Maki and friends glaring at her then Maki looked away. This made Asako shout that the guy is too troublesome. While the guy and friends are surprised, Asako quickly ran up to the roof. Remembering the fun she had with the girls before and the guys are laughing, Asako burst into tears. “Why am I always alone? Why can’t I have friends? Everyone have that ordinary thing yet why is it unattainable for me? It seems that my heart is being pierced by numerous needles, and it’s like I’m going to die!” End flashback. Teary-eyed Asako remembers Micchan telling her that being in love makes one mature and Micchan asking about her neck. Asako blushes really red and rumples her hair. In the classroom, Shizuku looks out the window and notices that it is snowing. She notices that Haru is making something in the snow. She wonders if he isn’t cold and why does everyone like the snow. As she continues to write, Shizuku thinks that Haru’s mood became good after vacation but then, maybe it is because cram school has ended. Then, Shizuku remembers Yamaken who is always paying attention to her bento box and wonders if he likes to eat. [<- this is in the chapter 15’s omake; Yamaken wanted to take the opportunity to invite her to eat but Shizuku always brought her own bento box. =P] Then, Asako, carrying a lot of juice drinks, opens the door and enters in. Shizuku says that she finally came to class. She asks Asako where she went the whole day yesterday. Asako tells her that it is nothing, she only jumped into a box and thought of some things. Shizuku asks if she has been drinking too many juices lately and shouldn’t she control herself a bit. Drinking again, Asako exclaims for her not to mind her for there are times when a girl needs to have her sugar. Shizuku lets her be and continues to write. Asako then tells her that she have something to tell her. Shizuku waits for her then, she gets fed up that she exclaims to Asako what it is. Blushing and looking nervous, Asako tells her that during New Year, she had made a confession to Micchan. After Shizuku made Asako repeat it, Shizuku becomes confused for yesterday, Asako just called Micchan an ‘uncle’ and is that a ‘confession’ like boy to girl type of confession. Asako says that she also doesn’t know why it is like that, and maybe it is the New Year’s mood. Asako admits that what Shizuku said is right and yesterday, after seeing Micchan for the first time, even if Micchan said those things to her, but she wants to make him know of her feelings. Asako asks Shizuku if she is troubling Micchan. Shizuku looks flustered over being asked by this. Then, she tells Asako that perhaps, and if Asako is bothered by it, she should go ask Micchan about it. Asako exclaims how she can do that. Shizuku asks why she can’t, doesn’t she like Micchan. Asako feels faint that she exclaims that is weird and she knows that during junior high, she is the public enemy of all the girls in school.

Shizuku apologizes and says that she isn’t too clear about what happened to Asako in the past but what does that have anything to do with her liking Micchan. Asako exclaims that of course it has, and in the end, it is definitely will be that [/happen] again. Not only will she hinder some other person’s love, she might also carelessly hurt someone. Shizuku looks at her and bluntly tells Asako that, that thing is that and this thing is this, they are fundamentally two things. Flustered Asako angrily tells her to please not negate someone’s past with just a sentence. Shizuku tells her that didn’t she said before that that it is natural to have that special kind feeling to someone who is near oneself. Shizuku confesses that she is always afraid that after being attracted to Haru, she has always been changing but right now, she wants to bravely accept the changes in her. Then, Shizuku angrily mutters that even if she wants to actualize that, why is it always like that, she felt like blowing her top about that thing on the day after tomorrow, it really makes her feel impatient. Asako nervously asks what she is talking about. Shizuku sees Haru finished making a huge Nagoya snow structure. Shizuku says forget about that. She advises Asako to let go of that past and there is nothing that is binding her. Asako seems to be moved by what she said. Asako tells Shizuku that Micchan told her that love can change a person and make one mature. She admits that she is always envious of Shizuku and Haru. “If..there is a guy who can totally accept the real me, then it would be great! ..and right now, I really hope that person is Micchan..” Shizuku asks if she’s saying that she likes Micchan. With a dreamy look, Asako says that is true, she likes him, or perhaps, she really likes him. Asako looks flustered-surprised by that. Then, to her surprise, Asako screams loudly that upon saying that, her heart is beating really fast. She happily says that if it is Micchan, she won’t be an obstacle to anyone. Shizuku sweatdrops and says that is hard to say and she should ask Micchan himself about that. Asako thanks Shizuku and exclaims that she’ll do her best. After Asako runs out of the room, Shizuku thinks that she had lost to Asako. Seeing Asako confessing earlier, Shizuku felt something pressing in her heart that she couldn’t breathe. Shizuku opens the window and calls out to Haru. Haru tells her that he just saw Asako running really fast and she is really weird. He asks her if she wants to buy something since he is going to buy something to drink. Shizuku tells him that she wants pickled cabbage bread/bun. Shizuku thinks that she always felt that it seems something is wrong.

Micchan enters the game center and greets Sasayan who is practicing his swing on a baseball bat. Sasayan happily tells him that he finally bought a MY fishing rod. Micchan says that’s great and would he want to go again. He tells him that if it is convenient, Sasayan can schedule it with the others. Sasayan chews his gum and looks at Micchan. Sasayan asks if that is okay, because if Asako also come, don’t he be very troubled. Holding a picture frame and putting it on his desk, Micchan asks why he said that, pretty girl Natsume is a nice kid. Sasayan scowls and asks him if Micchan did that deliberately that other day or he is really naive for he is making him [Sasayan] confused. Puzzled Micchan looks at him and asks what about pretty girl Natsume. Swing his bat, Sasayan says that it is nothing and perhaps, she won’t go there anymore. To Sasayan’s surprise, Micchan says that Asako is there. Asako peeks in and says that she’s there. Micchan welcomes her and asks about her neck. Asako exclaims that because of love, it has already healed. Sasayan sweatdrops and thinks that he cannot take it anymore, he doesn’t understand those two. When Sasayan thinks that it has nothing to do with him, Asako asks what’s with that picture on the desk. To their surprise, Micchan says that it is his mother, it will be her first year death anniversary. Last year, during the funeral rites, he wasn’t able to use a descent photo. Later on, while he is tidying things up, he found that picture from an album so he decided to bring that picture there to make his mother see the situation of his store. He is surprised when Ayako tugs his sleeve. Micchan apologizes and tells her that she shouldn’t mind that too much. Flustered Ayako tells him to cheer up. “I..I will stay at your side and protect you! I absolutely..will not let you be alone by yourself..” Micchan and Sasayan look surprised. Sasayan looks tense when Micchan smiles at Ayako and says, “..is that so! Ya! With pretty girl Natsume by my side, I would feel at ease.” Ayako looks surprised by this then, she quickly hugs him. Then, Yuuzan enters and tells Micchan about next week’s Buddhist ceremony for his aunt [Micchan’s mother], in the end, his father has no way of going.. He stops talking when he sees Ayako hugging Micchan. Yuuzan points at Micchan and says that he pronounces Micchan guilty. Blushing and nervous Micchan tells Yuuzan to wait. Then, he turns to Ayako that it turns out that is what she meant. Speechless Sasayan looks at them. While walking home, Shizuku continues to wonder that something is wrong. Haru says that about Micchan, that guy is super slow-witted. “Before, he got dumped by his girlfriend and it took him exactly half a year, to realize it!” [<- Lol]. Omake: Before going home from, Haru got Shizuku to sit in the Nagoya snow figure he made the whole day.

Scans by kiri for BW.

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