July 5, 2011

Akuma to Love Song [Chapter 88]

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Cover page: “It is only when I’m together with you, my heart would felt warmth.” Maria is singing her version of Ave Maria. Then, slightly flustered Maria pouts. At the school’s computer lab, Maria is watching her music video which was posted on Youtube, on a laptop computer. Maria complains that there is still no comment from Shin.

She obviously put in a lot of feelings into that song so would it kill Shin if he contacted them. “I want to see you. Hey, Meguro, how are you doing? He’s definitely filled with confidence, and doing his best to get well. Conversely, just to see me again, this teeny-weeny wish definitely can’t work out.” Maria mutters out loud, “How embarrassing.”

Then, to her surprise, someone asks who is embarrassing. It is Yuusuke who asked her if she’s feeling down. He excitedly tells her that there is one comment that can help cheer her up. After searching for the comment, Yuusuke tells Maria that it is this one. It reads, “I’m very depressed because I had been jilted, but this person’s song healed me. It made me cheer up that I felt that I can once again continue on doing my best starting tomorrow.”

Yuusuke happily tells Maria that isn’t really amazing for she unexpectedly helped cheer up someone whom she doesn’t know. When Yuusuke is telling her about making that person continue on doing his/her best tomorrow, Maria interrupts him by saying that honestly, she cannot see her own future.

While walking home, Maria tells Yuusuke that she went to see John earlier and she was told to do what she likes to do. On contrary, it made her not know what she wanted to do. Yuusuke says is that so. Maria asks Yuusuke if he has decided on what to do in the future.
Yuusuke says no, he hasn’t decided yet but his father would want him to take over the temple and would make him take an exam into some university on Buddhism.

Yuusuke exclaims that he won’t obey that for he doesn’t have any feeling [/interest] for god or Buddha nor does he have the knowledge on teaching other people. Yuusuke complains that everyday, he would have to wake up early in the morning, sit for 5 hours and eat simple home cooked meals daily.

During Obon*, one would be so busy that it can kill someone. [*It is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one's ancestors. Source: wiki] And also, he has to listen attentively to the worries of the donor...

Maria smiles at him and says that he really knows his father’s work in detail. This made Yuusuke blush. He looks away and says that he knows pretty much but then, knowing and wanting to do it are two different things. “And isn’t this what you’ve said! It is necessary to look for something one would want to do! How about singing? Just now, wasn’t there that comment?

...*excited* That’s right, become a singer! Your voice can make people happy and this is something that only you can do!” Later on, at her apartment, Maria is busy reading a book on how to become a singer. She reads out loud that 1. audition, and 2. give your demo tape. Maria wonders if it has to be a demo tape and won’t a PV do.

She then searches her drawers for some data that Yuusuke gave her. Maria thinks that even if she doesn’t quite understand it but upon hearing Yuusuke say the word, ‘singer’, she felt that this way, she can be closer to Shin. At Yokohoma Music Company, the receptionist asks Maria if she is visiting and sorry, if she doesn’t have an appointment..
To the receptionist’s surprise, Maria apologizes for boldly going there but does she have time to look at these for a while. Putting three USB memory sticks on the table, Maria says that she brought that much and she can even leave them for her. The receptionist tells her that one is enough. Then, someone asks who that person is.

A couple of guys look at Maria and seem to recognize her. While the receptionist apologizes to the guys that she already told Maria.., the men say that it is alright and ask Maria to sing some lines. The receptionist is surprised that Maria is going to sing there. Thinking that she can walk in the same path as Shin and be together with him, Maria starts singing.

The two guys look surprised then the older guy thanks Maria and says that is enough. To Maria’s surprise, the older guy tells her that she is singing for someone but for a so-called singer, it is necessary to move a lot of people’s hearts. He also tells her to come back when she already has that kind of thinking. Maria thinks that she didn’t thought about that before. She remembers Shin telling the music teacher before, that for Maria, singing is her way for her to express her feelings.

At Sakuragichou JR station, Maria looks up and mutters Shin’s name. Flustered she thinks that regarding this current situation, she really doesn’t have the face to see Shin. She remembers her friends telling her about their plans for the future. She thinks that everyone is advancing and only she is being left behind.

Maria looks determined and then, she thinks that there are a lot of strangers there so, she’ll sing.. She starts singing as some people are looking at her. Maria hopes that filled with feelings, she can convey.. Then, she remembers Shin. She stops singing and mutters that she couldn’t sing to a lot of people.
Sitting down on the ground with her head bowed within her folded arms, Maria thinks that she obviously couldn’t even convey the feeling of ‘want to see Meguro’. Then, a guy stands in front of her. He asks if she won’t sing anymore. Maria replies that it is to no avail even if she sings. The guy asks, “No avail?”

Maria tells him that she couldn’t convey it so it is also meaningless to keep on singing. Maria is surprised when the guy says, “That’s not true. At least, it made me, want to really, really want to see you, and come back here. *Maria looks up* Thanks to your song.” Maria’s eyes widen in surprise for it is Shin.

Smiling Shin holds his scarred right hand to her and tells her to come. With mouth open, Maria looks really flustered in disbelief and she starts to cry. Shin pats her head and calls her silly for what’s up with her. Shin bends down to Maria and pats her head to comfort her.

Crying in joy Maria thinks that it is Meguro, and she was able to convey it. “The song bearing my feelings has been conveyed to him--”

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