July 5, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 21]

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Narration: “In the palace, the Han family and the Ryu family are opposing each other. The Wolf king’s bride had gone to Han Kouju’s private residence. So onto what happened to the unofficial visit-- or rather, we should call it, running away from home.” At the palace, Jun is screaming his head off that they should quickly get Yuulin back or perhaps, they should fire her. “What the heck is that silly girl thinking!?” Reading a scroll, Reishou tells him that the Princess just went to her friend’s house and this has nothing to do with those two’s dispute. Jun exclaims if that is so, then what happened. Jun is speechless over seeing Reishou looking aghast -> setback/a blow. Reishou tells Jun that Yuulin said that she’ll come back after calming down and this time around, it is his fault. He also tells irritated Jun to not mind about it this time around. Shaking in anger, Jun mutters as to what the heck happened. While Jun is screaming for Yuulin, Yuulin suddenly felt a chill. Sitting at the living room of Kouju’s residence, Yuulin looks aghast and thinks that it seems that she had just heard Jun screaming in anger. Trembling, Yuulin thinks that of course he would be angry. Since Kouju came to see her before and mentioned about the invitation, Yuulin decided to quickly write a letter and left the palace after getting Reishou’s permission. “But that is because.. Because such a thing had happened, I no longer know how to face His Majesty. His Majesty is only drunk! It is only an ‘act as the Wolf King’. When he sobered up and become normal, His Majesty had properly apologized *that morning, nervous and aghast Reishou went to see her and kept apologizing* --but, CHOMP *remembers Reishou biting her nose* The Wolf King is such an idiot-- *holds head and blushing really red* Even if he is unhappy but would one normally bite--!!! What kind of drunken way is that-- *remembers Reishou telling her that even if she isn’t aware, do not tease [/challenge] him.” Yuulin is trying to shoo away those thoughts of being bitten on the nose by Reishou. She thinks that she must calm down for right now, there is no way she can act like a married couple with Reishou. She mentally apologizes to Jun and Reishou for disregarding her work. “After I erased that memory, I will really go back to work--!!” She is surprised when a beautiful long-haired guy offers her some tea to calm herself down. “Do you like to eat sweets?” Holding a cup of tea, Yuulin says that she likes them. While mesmerized by the guy’s beauty, she wonders who this very beautiful guy is. The guy offers her some sweet snacks from a box.

Then, Kouju arrives and says, “Suigetsu-ani, you came here today. Geez- you are taking the servant’s job again--..” Suigetsu tells his younger sister that he makes better tea than the servants. Kouju admits that is true. Yuulin watches the two and thinks that guy turns out to be Kouju’s older brother and the Han Family is really amazing because everyone are beautiful. Kouju introduces to Her Highness, her eldest brother, Han Suigetsu, who holds an office at the palace but currently is on a work leave. As she says is that so, Yuulin wonders about if it is because Suigetsu’s health isn’t good and isn’t she meddling into other people’s business too much. Suigetsu looks at Yuulin and asks if she is the ‘Princess, Her Highness’ of His Majesty. Yuulin looks surprised. She thinks that of course, Suigetsu would be shock since she suddenly came to visit. While Yuulin is mentally apologizing to Suigetsu for she just needs some time to calm down, Suigetsu asks if she is the one whom His Majesty would often say to the ministers as ‘I do not want to part with her even for a short period of time’. “She is that Princess?” Yuulin looks at him in surprise then blushes really red. Kouju happily says that is right, and also, Yuulin is the ‘there is no other one in my eyes except her’. Or perhaps, it is ‘It is such a loss that I wasn’t able to know her early on because she is such an existence I love dearly.’ Or this, ‘I do not want others to know, what makes me love her quite affectionately.’ etc. “Right now, there is no one who doesn’t know about THAT Princess whom His Majesty dotes on from head to toe.” Aghast and nervous Yuulin blushes redder than red. She wonders what that guy is saying everywhere, outside the palace. Trembling Yuulin thinks that even if it is for him to avoid people from getting too close but isn’t it too much to say those things like a matchmaker. “And even if it is an act, it’s getting more and more exaggerated. Then, there is also that biting incident of the ‘Wolf King’, geez.. I couldn’t believe it.. and, I have no way of keeping myself calm.. I couldn’t repress it..” Kouju looks at Yuulin and says that even if she doesn’t know what happened at the harem but Yuulin can leisurely pass time at her residence. Kouju smiles and tells Yuulin that occasionally, it is also needed to separate [from each other] to let the heart properly rest a bit. Yuulin is moved into tears by what Kouju said. She thinks that Kouju would help her even if she didn’t say anything. She also thinks that Kouju is also quite considerate even if she sensed that she and Reishou quarreled. Kouju tells Yuulin that she can stay as long as she wants. While Suigetsu looks at her, Yuulin hopes to quickly calm down so that she can go back to her work as the Princess.

At the palace, a man reports to Gikou that Her Highness went on a private visit to the residence of Han’s daughter. The man asks if it is possible that Her Highness wants to meddle with the issue about the Spring Banquet. Gikou comments that the Princess still likes to act on her own initiative. “—I really hope that she’ll consider her position a bit..” Elsewhere in the palace, Shisei smiles and addresses Reishou. Shisei says that he is extremely surprised that His Majesty would call him, His Majesty’s humble servant. “—His Majesty apparently has some worries. ..everyone said that today’s mood at the palace makes them frozen stiff. *Reishou looks at Shisei* Is it because of that thing regarding Her Highness? It is truly an honor that Her Highness and my daughter have a deep friendship-- And of course, Her Highness will be given the highest level of reception..” Reishou interrupts him by saying that the Princess didn’t went to Shisei’s main residence to see him but to his daughter’s private residence. “..there is someone who’ll report to me whatever treatment Her Highness receives which includes happy [/leisure] things as well as OTHER things. .. Pass these words to your daughter. ‘Properly consider being discrete in your words and actions, and be attentive in providing for Her Highness.’ What I want to tell you are only that.” Shisei bows and says, “As Your Majesty’s commanded.” Shisei thinks that he should first let His Majesty drop the topic [/do what Reishou wants] and since this is a rare opportunity, he fundamentally wants to use this to entice [/get involve] His Majesty. Back at Kouju’s residence, by the lake-side, Suigetsu is playing a flute for the two ladies. Yuulin says that it is such a beautiful sound. Kouju proudly tells Yuulin that her brother can play any music instrument really well, and he is the one who taught her to play the zither [guqin]. Blushing, Yuulin is really amazed for Suigetsu’s talent is not an ordinary one because the sound of his music seems to have come from the heaven. Yuulin mutters that it is very beautiful that she would also want His Majesty to hear it. She thinks that after hearing it, it might actually make Reishou’s tiredness disappear and Reishou had been feeling fatigue lately. Yuulin says that since he is currently on a work leave, then will Suigetsu go back to work in the near future. Yuulin quickly covers her mouth and wonders if she’ll make him unhappy again -> She remembers Jun telling her that workers should only do as ordered. Kouju giggles and says that will be a bit problematic. Yuulin asks why. Suigetsu sadly smiles and tells her that he really dreads His Majesty. “Just being look at by His Majesty, it would seem that my body has frozen. It’s as if His Majesty won’t allow anyone to escape--..” Yuulin thinks that is what everyone thought in their hearts about the ‘cold-hearted Wolf King’.

Suigetsu continues to say that His Majesty is such a scary and cold-hearted king, that aside from him, he [Suigetsu] has never met anyone else who is like that. Yuulin thinks that it is obviously an act but everyone really fears Reishou and she, obvious knows that man’s true nature. Suigetsu says that is why he won’t even get close to the palace, even for a little bit, to assume his official post. Just when Yuulin wonders if that is the reason why.., Suigetsu adds that he also honestly doesn’t want to go to work. Confused Yuulin sweatdrops and mutters if the problem is he wants to work or doesn’t he want to go to work. Suigetsu tells her that he doesn’t want to get up early in the morning. Yuulin says no, no, even if he looked at her with a pained expression, she also cannot do anything about it. Kouju laughs and says that her brother really makes others troubled. Yuulin still looks shock and wonders how she can explain it, he is such an incomprehensive person. “Nobles are really hard to understand..” In her room, Dai comes in and exclaims that it is such a nice house and as expected, the security is tight. Yuulin calls out his name and says that he really appears and disappears unpredictably. Dai asks her if she isn’t going home yet. Yuulin didn’t answer but she thinks that she wants to go home. Then, Dai says, “Even if I don’t know what happened, but it is only a bite so just forgive him.” Blushing really red, Yuulin exclaims that he obviously knows about it. Puzzled Dai asks if she has to be that angry, how troublesome. While waving away any thoughts about the bite, Yuulin shouts that she isn’t angry, she only needs to calm herself. Yuulin thinks that at that time, the drunk Reishou is really scary and even if she wants to run away, she couldn’t escape. “It seems that I am not myself.” Flustered Yuulin tells Dai that about this issue, she will quickly calm down and until then, she’ll go back. Yuulin thinks, “I obviously know what I should do but being in front of the Wolf King, I couldn’t control my heart.” Dai says that she is a peculiar and special exitence. Yuulin asks what he meant by that. Dai smiles and asks if it isn’t so, because it is so interesting that she has been really making Reishou feel troubled. As he laughs, Yuulin wonders why Dai said that.

Later on, back at the lakeside where Suigetsu is now playing a pipa [pear-shape kind of Chinese guitar], Yuulin praises him by saying that just by depending on his talent, he doesn’t need to worry about food and clothing [/basic needs]. Suigetsu says that to be praised by Her Highness is an immeasurable honor. Yuulin thinks that normally, if someone is to say ‘I do not want to work’, she will absolutely not forgive him but right now, this person’s situation is similar with hers – can’t work because [they are] afraid of the Wolf King. And, she also incomprehensively even took this step [of running away to Kouju’s place]. Yuulin is surprised when Suigetsu asks if she has calmed down a bit and did she quarrel with His Majesty = staying there not for leisure. Thinking that she has been exposed, Yuulin admits that is true. Suigetsu says that it’s really amazing that she quarreled with His Majesty and could it be that Her Highness isn’t afraid of the king. Yuulin tells him that even if she’s afraid, but the king isn’t the type of person who is being oppressive [/tyrant/bully] others without a reason. Apologetic Yuulin tells him that this time around, it is her fault and he shouldn’t also be that afraid of the king that he cannot go back to his post. Yuulin thinks, “Even if we quarreled, no matter where, ‘the Princess’ will always support His Majesty--” Suigetsu tells her that from the start when he heard that she is the ‘Princess’, there is no way for him to make a connection of her and His Majesty. He smiles and says, “..but, I think I understand a bit.. Her Highness likes him even if he is scary and cold-hearted.” Yuulin’s eyes widen in surprise. She thinks, “Wha!? Is he talking about that thing? No no no, right now isn’t the time to be unmoved, right!? As a ‘Princess’ in this situation, there is only one answer.” Blushing really red, Yuulin says, “—Yes. Really li..ke.. Li..” Suigetsu is puzzled when Yuulin wasn’t able to finish what she is saying because she cannot take it anymore that ‘her brain exploded’. ^^; She thinks, “Wai.wait.wait! I want to quickly calm down and return to the palace!”

At the palace, Reishou is sitting at his office when someone is calling out, “Your- Majes- ty” Reishou quickly turns around and throws a small knife at the direction of the voice. Dai stops moving as the knife flies past him and gets stuck on a wall. [<- that can kill someone ^^;] Reishou darkly tells him not to come near him in a quiet manner [/do not sneak behind him]. Dai nervously smiles and thinks that was really frightening and Reishou is really in a bad mood. While twirling the knife that Reishou threw with one hand, Dai reports that everything is quiet at that side and that pretty girl’s residence doesn’t seem to have much spy intelligence[/don't have anything special to report]. Dai tells him that the Han family should also not cause any trouble on their own family domain. Reishou tells him not to let his guard down. Reishou says that the effect of using the name of ‘The Wolf King’s Beloved [/Doted one]’ to shield Yuulin is quite good but it also attracts unnecessary attention. “In short, everything aside, Yuulin’s safety is the number one priority.” Dai says yes, yes, he’ll go back to guard her. Dai thinks that if Reishou didn't let Yuulin out of the palace then it isn't necessary to guard Yuulin secretly. Reishou asks, “By the way, how is Yuulin doing?” Dai says that she is doing fine and is still quite energetic whether she is angry or apologetic. Reishou gloomy says is that so. Dai thinks, “Hoho..there is a dejected [/listless; not energetic] guy here.” Reishou glumly asks Dai on how much time is needed for Yuulin to calm down. Dai says that regarding that, he also doesn’t know. A bit flustered, Reishou says that bluntly speaking, even if Yuulin still hates him, can Dai get Yuulin to come back quickly.. Narration: “And so, the king cranes his neck in anticipation of the Princess’ return, the Princess herself.. has actually fallen into a deeper perplexing problem.” Yuulin holds her head and remembers, ‘I like the Wolf King’. “As the Princes, that is only an act..an act..an act.. *thoughts of ‘bite’ and ‘like’ swirl around Yuulin’s head* Nnnnoooo! My brain won’t stop going over those things again and again--!!!”

Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.

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