July 29, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 31]

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Cover page: “Anna and Sou, they finally..!!” Narration: My and Sou’s relationship is currently in.. *Sou said: “In order for us to return to becoming good childhood friends, let’s keep some distance between us for a while.”* kind of situation. That means, we are not to contact nor talk with each other. So it is like that, and when I opened the door in order to pay for the take-out food, the one who appeared before me is.. *Aghast Sou and Anna look surprise and speechless at each other* Why is Sou standing there and he smells of ramen..” Glancing at the address plate which had the surname Kazami, Sou says that he got the address right. Anna asks him what he is doing. After a pause, Sou tells her that he is working on his part-time job. Sou kneels down and put the bowls of ramen on the floor. He tells her that it is two chasu ramen and one vegetable ramen, and all three, costs 1800 yen. Anna looks at him and thinks that before Sou said that he is going to work on a part-time job and it turns out to be at a ramen store. “Could it be that this store is somewhere nearby? Speaking of that, Sou seems to like ramen ever since before, though it is more on cup ramen [<- instant ramen].” Her thoughts are interrupted when Sou repeats, “Miss, are you listening? It all costs 1800 yen.” Anna smiles at him but she is obviously irritated. She says, “Ah, sorry about that. I don’t have loose change so can I give you 2000 yen?” Holding up his hand to take the money, Sou says, “Okay, I receive your 2000 y..” Sou is surprises when Anna immediately holds the money up high. Sou sweatdrops and asks her why she is treating a part-timer like that. With a somewhat crazed look, Anna says, “Wait-- a minute, isn’t it a bit rude to treat the customer this way? A person like that, won’t be paid. *waving the money* If you want the miss to pay you, then give the miss, a smile. Isn’t that fundamental in treating customers?” Sou says that the miss is quite troublesome. Anna shouts, “Look, look, the noodles are starting to become soggy so quickly give the miss a smile!!” Sou tells her not to hinder his work [/the business] and she better be careful, or else he’ll report her. Hearing the ruckus, Hinata goes out and asks Anna if there is any problems in paying. He is surprise to see Anna angrily pinching angry Sou’s face to make him smile. =P Nanoka also comes out and asks what’s holding up Anna, she’s already hungry. Upon seeing Sou, Nanoka exclaims, “Ha!? Why is poop Sou here..” Aghast Sou thinks, “Poop?”, then he says that he’s working on a part-time job. Thinking that Sou is working part-time, Hinata asks Anna about the payment. Anna nervously says that she hasn’t pay yet.

Hinata says that he’ll pay it and she can go bring the food in the living room. After a pause, Sou says that he received the payment in whole. Anna apologizes to Hinata for in the end, he was the one who paid. She offers to pay him later on. Hinata tells her that there is no need and just treat it as returning the favor. While Anna tries to protest, Sou looks at them. Nanoka asks Sou if he is curious as to why Anna is in Hinata’s house. This surprises Sou [/snaps out of thought]. Nanoka says, “Then, let me tell you. The two of them are going steady♥♥” Carrying the two bowls of ramen, Hinata angrily tells Nanoka not to openly tell a blatant lie. Sou casually says that after they eat, leave the utensils [/bowls] outside the door and he’ll just come back to get them. Nanoka angrily tells Sou to at least show some reaction. She scolds him for being boring. Without missing a beat, Sou thanks them for their patronage. Nanoka continues to shout for him to wait. While Nanoka helps him in bringing the bowls in, Hinata tells her that wasn’t that grudge regarding Ayane, already resolved and if she does want to quarrel, she shouldn’t do it over the top. Nanoka says that for Sou to play around with Aya-chan, it is a crime that she won’t forgive throughout her life. Irritated Anna still looks out towards Sou who had already left. She wonders what’s up with that ‘I don’t care’ attitude. “He is always acting quite relaxed by himself and treating me like an outsider. Is it really for us to become good childhood friends again? I actually feel that, on contrary, it has become bad--!?” Soon, Nanoka is sound asleep on the bed. Aghast Hinata says that after eating, she just sleep. “Geez.. what did this girl come here to do.. *turns to Anna* Koshiro-chan, you are going to sleep overnight at Nanoka’s place today, right? When this girl is sleeping, she won’t move at all so today, are you also going to sleep in my house..” He then notices Anna looking depressed. He calls out her name again before Anna snaps out of it and exclaims, “What!? Were you saying something!?” Hinata sweatdrops and says that this is quite unexpected and she seems to be depressed. Anna brightly smiles and laughs it off that it isn’t so. Hinata asks if she quarreled with Sou. Looking aghast, Anna keeps on denying it. Hinata suggests that she rest for the day. Anna tries to protest. Hinata tells her that the pages that they are going to help him with, are already finished, and she can take the picture of the original manuscript tomorrow. He smiles and says, “Thank you for today and good work.”
At a different room, Nanoka is sound asleep on a futon. Beside her, Anna is sitting on her futon. She sighs for making Hinata worried about her. “Really.. if it is only a quarrel, it will be okay if I go and apologize.. What’s more, what is with that ‘temporarily keep some distance’ and up to when is that ‘temporarily’!! How many months, days or weeks?!” A note says: childish. Anna angrily lies down and pulls up the blanket on her. She thinks that she also cannot be relaxed with just waiting. “Sou..you idiot--..” The next day, Anna wakes up and looks at her cellphone. She thinks that it isn’t 7am yet and she is already awake so maybe she cannot sleep very soundly in other people’s houses, even if Nanoka slept like a pig. Anna goes out of the room with her camera. She thinks that today, she’ll definitely take pictures. She wonders if Hinata is still sleeping. Anna peeks into the room and sees Hinata working. She wonders if he is already drawing or could it be that he didn’t sleep at all. She starts to wonder if Hinata will be alright since he obviously didn’t seem to have slept yesterday. Then, Hinata puts down his pen. Anna watches him intently when Hinata looks at the drawing. He puts the paper near him then far away from him. Then, he smiles and sighs in relief. With a smile, Hinata stretches his arms. Then, he freezes to find Anna taking his picture. As Hinata goes into ‘!!?’, Anna exclaims that his concentration is really amazing for he totally didn’t notice that she has already entered the room. Hinata nervously wonders when Anna came in and was he thinking aloud [/talking to himself] then. Anna asks him if he had properly slept for it isn’t 7am yet. Hinata is surprised and says that speaking of that, he hasn’t slept at all. Anna exclaims if that is something can be forgotten, he’s like a berserker. Hinata says that he got too excited. Holding the manuscript, Hinata happily says that it is good that he isn’t that tired anyway, and he is already finished tracing [/scanning] it. “What’s left is drawing the background. I don’t use much screentones so I can quickly finish it up.” Blushing Anna looks at him and thinks that he really looks happy.
Putting the papers back on the table, Hinata tells her about eating breakfast and is bread okay since that is what they have. Anna tells him that it is totally fine for she belongs to those who eat bread during morni.. She didn’t finish for she sees Hinata looking really dizzy. Then, he falls down on her. This made Anna scream. Rubbing her eyes, Nanoka goes in the room and asks what that noise is, that woke her up. Her eyes widen in surprise to see Hinata lying on top of aghast Anna, who is lying on the bed. Anna tells her, “Wait.. Nanoka.. get me.. Kazami-kun, he..” Nanoka angrily shouts, “Hinata, what are you doing! You, filthy guy!!” Anna exclaims, “Huh!? No..it isn’t like that!!” Soon, it is already Monday. Walking together with Hinata at the hallway, Nanoka angrily says that it is really unreasonable, she obviously helped him to finish the manuscript quickly and yet, while she is sleeping, he would secretly attack Anna. Hinata says that didn’t he tell her already that it is because of anemia from not sleeping two nights straight and speaking of that, she actually didn’t help much. While Hinata is saying that even if he wanted to start as the tsukkomi [/straight man in a manzai].., Nanoka exclaims, “Anna doesn’t like this kind of Hinata!! It’s like some despot wanting to have his own way [<- sexual assault]..it’s so shameless!!” Aghast Hinata exclaims for her to listen to what someone is saying. He asks her why Nanoka is so angry, he doesn’t understand it. Walking behind them, Anna sweatdrops and thinks that those two are still quarreling. Anna greets the two. Nanoka exclaims that it is better for Anna not to get close to Hinata and she should be more defensive. Anna just laughs and asks Hinata if he managed to give the manuscript this morning. Hinata says yes, and it is thanks to her. While congratulating him, Anna notices a familiar back [of a person], walking in front of her. It is Sou. Flustered Anna thinks that it is.. Looking ill, Nanoka leans on Anna’s shoulder and says that she always thought that compared to Hinata, at that side, Nagase-kun feels more reasonable. “How rotten.., is this some sort of grave illness, Hinata. *shouting at Sou* Hey, listen up, Nagase-kun--!! Yesterday, while taking advantage of Nanoka sleeping, towards Anna, Hinata..!!!”
This surprises Anna and Sou. Hinata is freaking out that he shouts that Nanoka is the one who is really sick. Angrily pinching Nanoka’s cheek, Hinata says that it is too late now, he is going to tell Ayane about this. While Hinata pulls her away, Nanoka says that this has nothing to do with Aya-chan. Sou watches them leave. Anna tries to stop them from going ahead and just leaving her with that kind of mood there. There is a silence. Anna is mentally calling out to Nanoka. She is surprised when Sou says, “And then..? *turns to Anna* ‘towards Anna, Hinata he..’ what?” While looking straight at Sou, wide-eyed Anna takes a notebook from her bag and starts to write. She angrily shows him what she has written. “Sorry. It is Nagase-kun who told me not to talk with him so I’m not going to answer back.” While Sou thinks that she is so not cute, Anna turns around and exhales. While walking away, Anna thinks that when he is curious, he would ask her what it is. “Yesterday is like that. As well as today. Incomprehensible!!” She stops walking and turns to look back. Sou is being called by his friend about bringing a [game?] disc. Anna thinks, but obviously, if Sou is to ask her about it one more time, she would have properly answered him. “The me who think like that, is really incomprehensible.” At the computer lab, Chiaki happily exclaims to her three students that they took really good pictures. They are looking at the pictures on a computer except for Anna whose imagination is going wild. Anna is thinking that she should have properly told Sou about it and isn’t she the one making their relationship bad. Then, she is surprised that Chiaki mentions that she specially likes this picture that Anna took. She comments that it seems that Anna really likes to take pictures of people. Anna says that possibly, it is like that. She explains that even if it is quite moving to see how he finished drawing the manuscript but what catches her attention is Hinata’s change.. and it seems like he is a different person in school. “When drawing the manga, he is very serious that it seems that he is very happy and very cool..” Deadpan Nanoka interrupts by saying that Hinata is just an otaku until death and she also doesn’t think he’s cool at all. While Aya and Anna are speechless over that, Chiaki tells Nanoka that she is so strict. Anna wonders what’s up with Nanoka, who is acting strange since yesterday. Chiaki happily tells them that the pictures are better than she imagined and possibly, they can pass the preliminary and join the final competition. The girls are excited over this. Chiaki apologizes for making them anticipate it but she really thinks that the pictures are really good. Anna is really happy to hear this.
While walking home, Anna texts [/sms] someone on her cellphone. “Commanding officer! Mission is progressing without a hitch! Will continue on (‘∀’)ゞ” Holding up her cellphone, Anna happily says, “Send☆” There is a chibi Mashiro laughing and saluting. To her surprise, Hinata is calling. Anna happily and loudly answers it, “Moshi moshi!!” Hinata says that she’s quite lively. Anna tells him that her feelings [and mental state] are on a high after going home from the photography club. Standing outside the balcony of their classroom, Hinata says, “Ah.ah.. Photography club..” Anna looks sideways at her phone in silence. She thinks that Hinata will always become silent when they talk about photography. “Could it be because he doesn’t want to mention about the issue with Mari-chan but I.. *Chibi imaginary Anna telling Hinata that she heard from Mochiduki-chan that he and Mari-chan sensei are in the same high school and also in the photography club, so why didn’t he tell her..* Even if it is me, I also clearly know the reason, that is making the air feel heavy but..” Anna tells Hinata, “..today, while we were choosing the pictures for the preliminaries of the Photo Koshien, the teacher said that those pictures can get us pass through the preliminaries. I’ll absolutely go into the finals so *shouts* You and the others in the photography club should also go into the finals!! Together with Adviser Mari-chan!!” Hinata looks surprised over that but he didn’t reply back. Anna thinks that the air has really become heavy. “So what! I’ve already anticipated this kind of silence!! Because I already know.. *closes eyes* If I were to keep pretending not to know, then nothing will also..” Anna blushes when Hinata says that at times, she is really amazing. “I’m sorry for not telling you much. With you, I’ve always.. wasn’t able to say it..” Anna asks why, is it because she said some cruel things before. There is a flashback during the summer festival. “That ‘wake up’ type of stuff.. I’m sorry, that is if you really like sensei..” Hinata says, “That’s not right. The one I like is not sensei. *Anna looks surprised* This time around, during the finals, I’ll really tell you everything.” Narration: “‘[I] like is not sensei’ up ahead.”
Scans by all★wink汉化组制作

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