July 23, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 48]

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The two Kaji-s are quiet as they hold each other’s side. Kotori wonders what to do afterwards. Yukito wonders if during this time, he should take on the lead and finish it. Kotori thinks that actually right now, she particularly wants to try touching a bit, but she subtly feels a bit awkward. She is very nervous about exerting herself and because of the armpit, she couldn’t get closer but.. Yukito is surprises when Kotori starts moving her fingers and touching his side. Then, blushing Yukito goes, “※△X☆□!?” Yukito groans while trying not to laugh. Blushing Kotori tries to act normal. Yukito wonders if this means that it is okay. To Kotori’s surprise, Yukito starts pressing her side with his fingers, too. Kotori goes “!? △※☆★◎” Kotori also stops herself from laughing. She looks at Yukito who also acts as if everything is normal. Kotori decides to try something else. She pokes Yukito’s side with her finger. This made Yukito scream out, ‘Ah..’ He looks at Kotori who just blushes. Then, he gets back at her by pressing his fingers again at her side. This made Kotori go, ‘Ah..stop’. Kotori starts tickling him and he tries to tickle her back. Kotori shouts that it is ticklish. Yukito exclaims he doesn’t care. Someone shouts not to touch him/her in a lewd way like that. One of them shouts to stop poking, while the other shouts to stop scratch the armpit. Soon, the two Kaji-s are tired from tickling each other. Kotori says that they should go home and she feels a bit tired. Yukito agrees with her. The two glance at each other then holds hands, as they walk.

At 20:42, Kotori texted [/sms] Natsume about what happened. Natsume texts back that she doesn’t know if it is good or not, that they just tickled each other and it’s over. “For you, doesn’t it feel a bit subtle?” Kotori thinks that perhaps it is. She looks at her hand and thinks that during that time, her want to touch Yukito has been quite intense. “Could it be because of seeing Haruna and her boyfriend being lovey-dovey with each other, but.. do I actually also want to be like that with Yukito? Is this what I’m truly thinking? Wanting to touch Yukito more, and also wanting Yukito to touch me more, is that what am I thinking.. *inhales and holds blushing face. Giggles. Hugs pillow* No, no! I cannot imagine myself and Yukito doing that thing! I don’t have an idea about that future thing! *falls on bed* Does Yukito think this way? I want to know what Yukito feels about this. I want to know if last time, he really want to touch my chest and why does he want to. I want to know a lot of things! But, these are the things that I couldn’t ask Yukito, himself! Then, who is going to tell me~~ *realizes something* Ah. Isn’t there someone like that in front of me.” In his room, Kotori’s brother tells her girlfriend that her voice sounds forever cute. Then, her girlfriend tells him no, his voice is cuter. They talk about this back and forth as to whose voice sounds nicer then, a good night kiss ‘chu’. Kotori closes the door again and thinks that she should forget it. Then, her cellphone rings. Natsume texted her suggesting of the possibility of Kotori making the first move in touching Yukito and maybe, she can understand her feelings more. Kotori is open to that idea. Sitting on his bed, Yukito tries to re-enact the feelings of tickling Kotori. He gloomily thinks that it ended after they tickled each other. He falls on his bed and curses in frustration for at that time, Kotori obviously has that kind of thinking and yet it just ended. Then, he knocks on Masaya’s bedroom. While studying, Masaya just asks what it is. Yukito says, “Bro..ther..” This surprises Masaya that he turns around to see blushing Yukito. Masaya suddenly bursts into laughter over being called ‘brother’ by Yukito. After laughing, Masaya glumly looks at Yukito and says that is gross. Yukito exclaims that it is something serious so he’s nervous. Masaya asks if he has complaints about the bento he makes, like the type of food he cooked. If so, he won’t take any of that. Yukito says that it is about love, and he wants Masaya to teach him a bit. Masaya looks at him in surprise and asks, “Ha? Love?”
Flustered Yukito says that even if it is about love, the girlfriend..rather, it is about his friend’s girlfriend who is quite problematic that he [friend] asked him [Yukito] for an advice. Masaya asks in disbelief, “Friend’s..girlfriend?” Yukito insists that it is a friend’s girlfriend but Masaya still doubts him. This made Yukito decide to back out from asking his brother and tells his brother that he isn’t really going to ask something. Preparing to leave, Yukito says that he thinks that his brother is quite popular so he wants him to teach him a bit but forget it. Masaya shouts for him to wait. Soon, Yukito is sitting by the bed to talk with Masaya. Yukito tells him that his friend and girlfriend’s mood is quite good yet his friend doesn’t know how to progress things so he wants to ask Masaya’s advice about it. To Yukito’s shock, Masaya suggests that the friend to temporarily restrain himself. Yukito protests how can one suddenly do that kind of thing, is he joking and before, because of being afraid of doing it..no, his friend has failed before in that. Masaya asks how would he know it will work or not, if it isn’t tried. Yukito thinks that it seems that his brother will do that. Masaya says but, fundamentally, since the two are going steady, it should be enough to determine the mood. He asks Yukito if this had happened. Blushing Yukito wonders if it is like that, he couldn’t determine the mood. Masaya smiles and asks if the mood cannot be determined. Yukito looks away and says that his friend is like that. Sparkling Masaya asks, “Up to where, is your and Kotori’s progress?” Yukito smiles and says, “Kiss.” Then, Yukito blushes in surprise for he slipped that out. Masaya tells him that it seems like Kotori is also very pure so it isn’t easy to progress but even if he is to compare it with others, Yukito shouldn’t use that as reference. He advises Yukito to just grab the opportunity [/timing] and when the mood is appropriate, he can directly ask Kotori or try it a bit and see up to what degree she will allow him. Yukito thinks, ask directly and try it. Yukito says that it feels really subtle [/delicate] and he knows about opportunity so doesn’t Masaya have any other suggestions. Masaya smiles and tells him to just wait until he can naturally know. Yukito says is that so. He thinks that Masaya is really happy when he is in trouble.
At the school hallway, Yukito is bidding a friend goodbye. Kotori approaches him from behind. Remembering Natsume’s advice to be proactive, Kotori reaches out her hand to Yukito but she stops when Yukito senses someone and quickly turns around. Kotori greets him. Yukito says that it’s her, for he thought it is someone else. Holding a bento box, Kotori tells him that she wants to ask where they are going to eat. Yukito tells her that they go to the usual place. Kotori tells him that they go to a different place once in a while. Yukito is surprised and says, okay. At the staircase leading to the roof, Kotori tells him that today, she had meticulously made this bento box. Holding the bento box, Yukito says is that so, then he’s very excited. He opens the bento. To his surprise, there is the word ‘Into’ [<- pour into/inject] then there are heart shapes around on the rice. Yukito nervously says that it is amazing, and Abe will be happy if he sees it. On the other hand, what does it mean. He is surprised when Kotori touches his back and starts caressing it. Yukito asks her, “Huh..?” Kotori asks him if he is feeling okay, is he comfortable, is he feeling unwell. Puzzled Yukito says that no, he is okay. He is surprised that Kotori is staring at him. Then, she suddenly grabs him then scratches-tickles him. Yukito exclaims what she is doing. He wonders if Kotori is telling him to do it there but obviously, there is no mood there and, does she really want to do it in that place? Kotori closes her eyes and continues to touch him. Yukito is shouting no, what she is doing, don’t scratch there. Yukito ‘sees’ Kotori like an ‘evil ghost’. Yukito freaks out and thinks that if this continues on, he will be attacked by Kotori. Yukito has encountered a virgin crisis. =P Later on, at the hallway, standing by the window, Kotori sighs. She thinks that in the end, they had once again tickled each other until the end. Based on Yukito’s reaction, it seems to be no good. Even if she had touched him a lot to realize [/know] something but she still doesn’t quite understand it. She does feel that something is wrong but anyway, she had fun in doing that tickling stuff. Someone hugs her from behind and asks what she is sighing about. “If you always have such a melancholic expression, I might kiss you.” Kotori looks surprised at the unknown boy talking to her. The boy touches her face and says that he’s kidding. Kotori blushes and exclaims who he is. The boy laughs and says that he is testing a bit, a new character of Doki Memo. “Could it be that it is a success?” Kotori goes “!?” then exclaims if he’s Natsume.
Removing her wig, Natsume winks at her and says that she’s cosplaying. Kotori asks what’s up with that cosplay. Natsume tells her that their female classmates asked her to act as a girl pretending to be a guy for their Hell cafe so she tries using Doki Memo as a model. Kotori praises her for being super cool, cooler than ordinary guys. Natsume thanks her for the compliment and asks her if she is thinking about some affairs of the heart. Kotori admits that she is. She tells Natsume that she did what Natsume suggested, she touched more of Yukito’s limbs and in the end, it seems like they are teasing and playing. “It feels that something is wrong.” Natsume freaks out and asks what did Kotori do..could it be..already.. Kotori exclaims that no, no, she only tried like before to get closer to him but it still didn’t progress. Holding Kotori’s shoulders, Natsume says that is only an analogy and Kotori shouldn’t force herself. Kotori wonders if she is forcing herself or not, but then, at that time, she really wanted to touch Yukito. Natsume tells her that it is her first time so it is impossible for her to easy understand [/know] it. Kotori agrees with her and says that is true, one could say that, and she can still try a lot more times. Kotori apologizes to Natsume for always making her listen to her [love] problems. She then asks Natsume if she likes someone. Natsume smiles and tells her that right now, she isn’t interested in that kind of thing. Kotori says that this is quite unexpected, but why. Natsume says that she feels that it is too troublesome. She tells her to drop the topic and they should go. On the subway, Natsume is playing a ‘Head of the Fight, Dominate the World’ game, using the name, Hikaru from Shibuya. Natsume wins the fight against Minato*’s Cold Tofu. [*a place in Tokyo] She is currently overall ranking at 3rd place in the whole country. Displeased Natsume thinks that her ranking fell because she cannot play at school. She wonders if she should collect more money [/pay money] to advance more. “And, speaking of that, it is this Parallel-something from Shinjuku, who is number one again. This person has always been my hindrance in going up the rank. And, what’s up with that name. *looks at the side to a guy sitting* Eh?! Could this person be Parallelogram!?” [It is a bit blurry but] on the guy’s phone, there is written, winner and probably about being still in first place. Natsume looks at the guy again and thinks, “—ah, no way, this person is..” It is someone who looks like Hikaru and of course, that person is Masaya. =P Blurb: “It turns out that it is Masaya who is the expert of the game which defeated Natsume..!?”
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