July 29, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 89]

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Tsubaki’s mother asks Tsubaki what’s up with her. Holding a booklet about a beauty academy, Tsubaki tells her that after graduating from high school, she wants to go there because she wants to become a hairstylist. So, she had withdrawn from going to the cram school which is already unnecessary. Her mother asks how she can do that so easily when the guardian’s permission is required. [There is a blank speech bubble here but I’m guessing that Tsubaki took her mother’s signature seal and used it without permission.] Her mother is flustered over how could Tsubaki use that at will. Then, she slaps Tsubaki. While Tsubaki holds her slapped face, her mother asks if Tsubaki knows what she is doing. Her mother scolds her for suddenly betraying her trust. Tsubaki shouts that she also doesn’t want this but she has no choice but to do it, because she [mother] won’t properly listen to her. Tsubaki apologizes for wasting her money unjustly for fees of the cram school this half year, but she will work to slowly pay her back. Her mother is puzzled when she mentioned work. Tsubaki tells her that she has been working at a beauty parlor last month. Her mother asks how can that be, so Tsubaki has been coming home late is not because she is self-studying at the cram school. Tsubaki tells her that in order to become a hairstylist, she is studying at that place. Her mother suddenly pushes her down on the floor that they are now both kneeling on the floor. Her mother asks what’s wrong with her and she isn’t this kind of child. Looking away, Tsubaki says yes, for she is a child who always acts in accordance to her mother’s wishes [/expectation] that she doesn’t think for herself. Her mother looks surprised over that. Her mother protests that being like that, Tsubaki cannot go to college. Tsubaki tells her mother that she simply wants to do something that she likes doing, and she doesn’t want anything else except for hairstyling. Her mother insists that she go to college and she might regret it later on. Tsubaki says that it is the same, vice-versa, if she doesn’t become a hairstylist, she might also regret it. Teary-eyed and flustered, Tsubaki tells her mother that even if she regrets, it is okay because this is the path that she had chosen. Her mother continues to plead to her but Tsubaki remains firm. Soon, her mother stands up and leaves the room.

The next day, Tsubaki’s mother is on a strike that Tsubaki has to make breakfast for everyone. Sleepy Sakura asks where their mother is. Their father says that his wife said that she’s not feeling well so, he is a bit late. Flustered Tsubaki wonders if it will be alright. At school, they are preparing for the school festival. Everyone is busy with the preparations. While sewing, listless Tsubaki sighs and wonders how she can convince her mother. Then, she pricks her finger with the needle and shouts out loud in pain. This surprises Miho who asks her if she is alright. A couple of girls come in and show the costumes that they are wearing to the others. To their irritation, a guy comments that it seems that nothing much has changed, as if something is missing. It is like the face is still overpowering the costumes. The guy suggests that they do something about their hair. Tsubaki quickly offers to do it for them. Soon, the girls look really pretty with their new hairstyles. Tsubaki tells them that she changed the hairstyle a bit but it is now compatible with the costumes. The guy exclaims that no wonder Tsubaki is the ‘shadow’ responsible for the school festival. Tsubaki blushes over that compliment. Soon, the others talk and decide to endorse Tsubaki as the one who’ll do their hairstyles [/be in charge] on the school festival. At *parfait salon, Tsubaki is washing Hiro’s hair. Tsubaki tells him that she will be the one in charge for tomorrow’s school festival. Their class’s store is ‘wearing all sorts of outfits [ = cosplay] and take a picture’ photo studio. Hiro says that it is quite nostalgic, a school festival, and he did that before. He tells her that he helped his classmates with the hairstyle but it is his first time in doing it for customers, so from the start, he is a bit nervous yet excited. Tsubaki blushes and says, ya. Hiro looks at her and suggests that she invites her mother. Surprised Tsubaki accidentally put soap on Hiro’s eyes. Freaking out, Tsubaki apologizes for being careless. After wiping his eyes with a towel, Tsubaki asks why she has to invite her mother. Hiro tells her to let her mother see her enthusiasm and at the same time, she can make a hairstyle for her mother. After a pause, Tsubaki says that she thinks that even if she invited her mother, her mother won’t come.
To Tsubaki’s surprise, Hiro sits up and calls out to the other guy, Shima* to please shampoo him. [島; I’m guessing the name based on the kanji] Hiro claims to be in a super bad mood and he won’t allow someone, who doesn’t have perseverance, touching his hair. Trembling Tsubaki shouts that she will definitely give it all her effort and invite her mother so, please let her practice on washing hair. Hiro says is that so. While Tsubaki is washing his hair, Hiro says that it hurts. Her bracelet has entangled on Hiro’s hair. He tells her that even if it isn’t prohibited to wear jewelry but in practice, things that are a hindrance at work should be removed. Tsubaki apologizes and removes her bracelet. Hiro is glancing at the bracelet. When Tsubaki is putting it in her apron’s pocket, Hiro says that he doesn’t have work tomorrow so can he also go to her school festival. This surprised Tsubaki that she got careless and didn’t put the bracelet in her pocket properly. The bracelet is half-way dangling outside the pocket. Tsubaki exclaims if that is true, and don’t joke around. Hiro says that it is true. As the bracelet falls down on the floor, Hiro suggests that it isn’t a bad idea to cut the line for Tsubaki to give him a hairstyle. Shima exclaims that if he is going, he will, too. Tsubaki exclaims that regarding that, please don’t steal her customers. This surprises the two guys. Hiro slightly blush then smiles. He chuckles and says okay, okay, then can he go? Shima sweatdrops at how amazing Tsubaki is to act like that with Hiro. Tsubaki finally says that he can go. Then, Hiro asks her that during that time, if it’s convenient, can she introduce her boyfriend to him. This surprises Tsubaki. Hiro says that he is curious as to what kind of guy her boyfriend is, who would like an arrogant girl like Tsubaki and give her a bracelet. Tsubaki is shock for being called arrogant. Shima says that he also wants to see, and someone like him has not yet received anything [from a girl]. Tsubaki tells Hiro to forget about the introduction, her boyfriend can only go to school after the festival. Hiro is puzzled. Tsubaki explains that her boyfriend got into a grave accident at the end of the second year and until today, he is still at home for rehabilitation. “And right now, I’m separated [/keep distance] from him.”
This surprises Hiro and says that she did well. Tsubaki exclaims no, it isn’t because of this, but on contrary, it is for her to find her own path with her utmost strength, and until she can do it, they are going to separate first. Tsubaki tells him that she’s now going to blow-dry his hair so go to that side. Hiro smiles and says, is that so. Hiro sits up and notices Tsubaki’s bracelet on the floor. He picks it up and mutters, being young, even if they are separated, he believes that they will go back to their original state [/together again]. Gesturing to the chair, Tsubaki didn’t seem to hear this that she calls out to Hiro for him to sit down. Hiro glances at her and says okay. Then, he puts the bracelet in his pocket. The next day, at school, everyone is busy preparing for the festival. Tsubaki is not herself that a girl has to ask her if the hairstyle she is making really okay. Tsubaki is surprised that she made four protruding braids on the girl that she looks like a flower. Tsubaki apologizes and tries again. She thinks that there is still 15 minutes before the festival starts and what is she to do. She couldn’t find her bracelet. She remembers removing it and she [probably] had forgotten to take it out from her apron. Teary-eyed and flustered, Tsubaki thinks that she wants to quickly go to the beauty parlor. Outside the school, in his car, Hiro looks at Tsubaki’s bracelet that he is holding. He thinks that right now, Tsubaki should be thinking about that bracelet. He decides to return it to Tsubaki for he is a super nice guy. Wonders where the parking is, Hiro continues to drive on. Then, Hiro’s car passes by Kyouta. A girl calls out to him and invites him to go and rest up at her classroom. [<- seems to be a restaurant]. Kyouta asks what she is talking about, of course, he is going to go to his classroom first. It turns out that Sakura has emailed Kyouta that Tsubaki will be busy doing hairstyles and she is nearing her goal. Sakura suggests to Kyouta that he should definitely go to school and see Tsubaki. The girl finally lets Kyouta go. Another girl gives him a free ticket. Kyouta looks at the ticket and says that what one wants to do, one could definitely do it well. At the Hibino residence, Tsubaki’s mother is sitting at the dining table. She looks at a letter and a school festival ticket on the table. Tsubaki wrote that she will be at the school festival making all sorts of hairstyles, so she hopes that her mother can go and see her. Her displeased mother takes the ticket and crumples it. Then, Meiou school festival officially starts. Kyouta is walking towards his classroom while obstructed by his fangirls. Hiro had just parked his car. Tsubaki is still struggling in making hairstyles. Blurb: Next, there will be a very huge plot twist. Next chapter will be out on August 5th.
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